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She was engrossed in her busy but jolly life. She wanted to be on the top of the world and expected to have her own name and fame. She had seen lots of ups and downs since childhood and was expecting to get herself on the top and make all her near and dear ones feel proud. “Oh…what is Piya going to do in life? Just play around? I guess your daughter is just good for nothing…We hope she get’s a good life partner too. Not sure, whether she would get one also.” all the neighbors and family friends laughed on the parents and her. She never liked people underestimating her and she used to shout- “You laugh today and tomorrow will be my day. I will be on the top and my parents too. We don’t need your concern.”
A bubbly little girl who loved dancing and sports was usually found playing different games with her society friends Payal, Karan and Ayush. Payal was a simple girl who wanted to finish her studies and get married to a nice guy. Karan was a dedicated and a sincere person. He wanted to be a higher authority man in any field and always wanted to own a company of his and Ayush was a totally different personality. He was smart and a happy go lucky person. He too was dedicated to whatever he wanted to do, but, the problem in his life was, he could never decide what he wanted. He was always confused about everything; be it selecting a simple thing or taking a big decision of his life. The more options he has, the more he is confused. But, he was very clear about one thing in life which was his passion. He loved music and singing for all. Whenever he was free, he was found playing different musical instruments and singing for the other 3 friends.
They had just completed their high school from the best school of the city and they were busy in their own life. Piya had filled her admission forms for graduation in one of the best colleges. For that she had to go to another city leaving her family and friends. Her dad was not ready with her decision as they were from a middle class family and couldn’t afford the expenses. But, she was very firm with it.
“Daddy…! Please let me go. I will manage to stay in the hostel or with grandparents” said Piya.
“No, you are a young girl. And it is not safe to stay there where you don’t know anyone. The students, the boys- Oh how will the crowd be! And the food, God knows how everything will be there. And on the whole you don’t keep well also.”
“But…! Please Daddy.”
“No- means no. I hope that is clear.”
Oh! He was also very firm on his decision. She cried a lot. She was very upset. She was surrounded with the weirdest of thoughts in her mind of her dreams crashing down. She asked her siblings and mom to talk to him. Suddenly one morning- “Piya...”
“Yes Daddy”
“What is the last day of paying your fees in the college?”
Piya was surprised. She stood still. She almost skipped her beats and replied “5 more days Daddy”
“Ok. Let me know when you would like to travel, so that I can give you the money for your fees and other miscellaneous expenses.”
“Yes Daddy” said Piya.
“Daddy, I need to leave tomorrow only.”
“Ok start packing. But, you would be staying with grandparents as they want you to be with them and not in the hostel. I hope you take care of yourself, grandparents and study properly.”
“Yes Daddy”. She couldn’t stop blushing.
“Daddy” Piya said slowly. “Thanks a lot. I love you. Thanks for trusting me and allowing me. “
She was extremely excited and left for the nearby town.

Today is the first day of her college. She was not at all nervous and thus, entered confidently. She was wearing a blue jeans and a cute pink t-shirt. The first class was completed and soon after her class, she made friends. Suddenly she was in a nice group of boys and girls. She was very naughty and bold but, as soon as Rohan was around, her beats increased. And her eyes were always looking out for him. He was wearing blue denims, a checked shirt and a cap. Rohan was introduced to Piya by one of her classmates Mona. Piya always felt attracted towards Rohan. Days passed and they all came very close. But, she felt more comfortable with Rohan and Kavita. She spent most of the time with Rohan and had become close friends. They could not wait to share their talks whatever they might be. Rohan was also very mischievous. He loved teasing people, flirting with girls and fighting with Kavita. And Piya always dropped all his naughty plans by disclosing them. It was time for a 5 days short trip from the college. In that trip Rohan was attracted to a beautiful girl named Shaina. She was Kavita’s first cousin and elder to him by 4 yrs. Rohan started spending time with her and they had lots of fun. Shaina also flirted around with him. He decided to propose her. While returning back, on the station Rohan asked her.
“Hey, Shaina how are you going back? Shall I drop you?”
“Oh No…! Thanks Rohan. My husband is coming to pick me up.”
“What?” asked Rohan surprisingly
He confirmed this sentence by asking Piya.
“Piya, who is the person standing with Kavita and Shaina?”
“Oh! He is Shaina’s husband.”
Rohan was shocked listening to Piya’s positive reply. He felt as if his world had come to an end and everything breaking into pieces. Piya had seen everything that had happened to Rohan. She knew that Shaina was married. He tried to tell Rohan, but, she could not disclose that truth to him and could see Shaina playing around with Rohan’s feelings. She felt very bad and helpless. But, he had to face it once. “No, Piya! You are lying right?”
“No Rohan. This is a fact.”
Next day Rohan was quiet and started roaming around in the college all alone. Piya went to him in a mischievous mood, thinking she would change his mood and get back her old friend.
“Hey! Hi Rohan! What’s up?”
But, there was no reply from his side. She understood what was going around in his mind.
“Thinking about Shaina?”
He was surprised by her direct question.
“Yes! I did not expect this from her.”
“Oh come on Rohan! She has just played around with you and your feelings. Look, she is married and that’s a fact. You need to accept it and get back to normal by…”
“By- having a cup of coffee and concentrated on the present life!!”
“Oh Yes…!” Said Rohan
He took it positively and his mood was changed. He was back to the original Rohan moving around with Piya and flirting with girls. And oh! Piya was so happy. She had her Rohan back. They had come pretty close to each other. They also studied together at home. In the classroom they used to sit together on the first bench and played innocent pranks and were always their teacher’s pet. Rohan did attend the college regularly, but never had his notes complete. So, whenever it was time to submit the notes or when the exams were approaching near, he was always found buttering Piya for her notes or asking her to complete them for him. And, the bribe was always- different types of chocolates for this chocolate fan. This chocolate fan would do all your work happily if you bribe her with them. And, that is what Rohan used to always do.
Rohan was the only son of his parents who was born after many years. He was rich and smart but never had that pride. He was extremely caring and understanding especially for Piya. Nikita was also among their group. She was also the only child and so considered Rohan as her brother. “A pampered brother of a possessive sister.” She had taunted Piya lots of time about her friendship with Rohan. And, she had also created lots of misunderstanding between the friends. She used to say- “Rohan is a rich boy and he would always prefer a rich girl for himself.” This sentence was just for the middle class girl Piya. She felt very bad, but, she preferred to trust Rohan rather than Nikita. She always neglected these things.
They had completed one year of your college.

This was the year when Piya had lots of ups and downs. She had a nice vacation, and the college also started again in July. All were back to studies and fun. Rohan had also planned a nice vacation. He was supposed to take a part time job in Mumbai during the vacations. But, he could not manage to go there. And so on their days went on. Days and months passed. They were all busy in their life.
Suddenly Piya stopped attending the classes and Rohan kept on waiting for her for hours and hours outside the classes, but, she did not turn up. When he called her up she never received the phones. She started passing her time all alone and ignoring all of them. Kavita was also busy with her cousin Shaina. So, she was also not around. She was in total depression. And, the problem was- her father was not keeping well. He had lost his job and she was helpless. She wanted to tell Rohan and Kavita, but, she was scared to disclose that to her friends, thinking their behavior would change towards her and she would lose them.
It was time for another trip for 5 days from the college. Rohan and Piya came close to each other. Both of them always wanted to be together in the trip. Rohan also started taking extra care of Piya. Piya had a habit of sleeping on the shoulder. She was sitting next to Rohan in the bus. She tried not to take support of his shoulders. But as soon as Piya fell asleep Rohan took her head and rested it on his shoulders, supporting it with his hand. It was extremely cold and Piya was shivering. Rohan took out his shawl and covered both of them with it. While returning back Piya was extremely upset and unwell. She did not have her food nor did talk to anyone. Rohan was noticing her and could not see this. He went to her and asked her what the problem. Piya controlled herself, but couldn’t do so. She burst into tears and hugged Rohan tightly.
She started softly- “Mummy had called up. Daddy is not well. His office has closed down and he is jobless.”
He consoled her. He did not understand what to do next. He did not have words to speak. He just explained her not to lose hope and have faith in God. Everything would be ok soon. He knew she was highly affected by that and was extremely upset about it. But, soon he changed Piya’s bad mood, by cracking jokes and imitating people. He changed her mood totally. The next day Piya went to the college. She looked out for Rohan, but could not find him. She was worried and scared with Rohan’s behavior. She waited for him for more than half an hour in the classroom and there she heard a voice- “Piya… Hi… How’s everything?”
Oh! How relieved she was hearing his voice.
He was not changed. Their life went on again in a bubbly way. Piya had started accepting the problems and changed her lifestyle slowly. Days passed by like before. The same pranks were applied to all. Rohan started keeping in touch with Piya a bit more.

This was the time when Piya started getting attached to Rohan. Both had started getting close to each other, only difference was Piya was emotionally attached and Rohan physically attracted. Piya had a mentality that Rohan also liked her the same way she did and so he was trying to get closer to her.
One morning at 8 am there was a doorbell at Piya’s house she was wondering who was at her place early in the morning. She opened the door and at her surprise, it was Rohan- a person who is always found sleeping till at least 10am. And he was at the door.
“Oh Piya… Yesterday I saw a girl of Fine Arts. She was so hot and sexy. I am going to propose her. Arey Yaar!! Please help me out.”
“What?” exclaimed Piya “Are you going to propose her? Are you sure?”
“Yes, very much”
“But, you don’t even love her. You just find her sexy. You have just seen her once and you want to propose her?”
“Yes! Come on Piya, grow up. Love is a secondary thing. I can always propose her for a date.”
“Yes you can. And I am sure; your date will turn out everything except love. Right…?”
“Right baby… Just think beyond your philosophies. You are so clever.”
“But Rohan that’s wrong. You propose her for a date, get involved and what if she falls in love with you. This thing doesn’t end up only for a physical relationship. I think you should grow up. I am sure you are matured enough to think about her future also.”
“Please Piya, keep me out of it…And, there are girls who just want a boyfriend for that satisfaction and to show off” explained Rohan.
“But Rohan, there are some girls who value their love a lot and they prefer to have a boyfriend who loves her in return and give proper commitment. You cannot just play around with anyone. You are wrong according to me and I won’t be helping you for this. Because, at least I am a person who…”
“Oh…! Yes, I know you believe in love, a proper commitment and would only indulge with a guy whom you like… Right?
“Yes Rohan you are absolutely right. And now, come and sit. I will make some tea for you, may be you can think of something.”
He had the tea and “Oh! Thanks a lot for the wonderful tea. You always make my day and I’m sure today also it’ll be in my favor.”
“So, what have you decided Rohan?”
“What is there to decide babes…I am going.”
“Are you going to Fine Arts?”
“Naturally sweetie…I will get her along in the eve at our adda and you will see her.”
Rohan left for Fine Arts. Piya was scared with his decision. She started thinking all kinds of stupid and unwanted things.
In the evening, Rohan also came down to meet all the friends. Piya was staring at him with a big question mark. She was looking out for Rohan’s new girlfriend, one of those girls whom Piya always hated. She never liked to be heard Rohan with other girls. They were best friends.
“Oh! What a surprise. Rohan was alone. No one was with him- especially a new girlfriend” thought Piya. Later, when she asked him about the new girl, he had a reply for her- “When I went to her, I found out that she was taller than me. And naturally it is a shame for me- going around with a girl who is taller than me.”
What a stupid excuse it was for Piya. Rohan was lying, and Piya had come to know. She had noticed it from his reactions. The truth was that the girl was already going around with 2 other boys. And that news our Mr. Rohan did not like. He wanted the girl to go around only with him. But, the girl was very forward. So, Rohan came back without a girlfriend. He told Piya in an apologizing manner-
“Thanks Piya”
“For what Rohan”
“Well” he was ashamed to tell her the truth and so, he changed the sentence.
“For the wonderful tea in the morning; and you made my day today as you did always.” And he gave her a big hug.
“Crazy” Piya murmured
Piya was once again very happy as Rohan was not indulged in any such physical commitments. Time started passing by very soon. And suddenly Piya had a phone call from her place that her father had a major heart attack and was in the hospital. She was very attached to her dad. She was told that he will have to be operated. For her, the world started stopping again. At the same time her grandfather with whom she stayed also had a mild heart attack. What was going on with her life? It seemed as everything was going on wrong in her life. She wanted to go to her father and be with him. But, she also had her grandfather to take care of. It was not possible for her to leave her grandparents but, she did go to meet her dad. It was only for 2 days that she could stay with him. But, she had to be satisfied with 2 days also.

Piya entered the hospital with heavy legs. She was very eager to see her father. Her aunt was at the reception waiting for her. She was handed over the pass to meet her dad. She went on the 2nd floor where the ICCU rooms were there. Her mom was also waiting for her. She requested the nurse to let Piya go inside his room.
Piya’s legs were not moving from her place. She was shivering of fright. The nurse allowed her to meet him. The bed no. was 5. She started walking towards his bed. The curtains were closed. She was asked to wait out for some seconds as they were changing him. Those seconds were passing as hours for her. She wanted to see her dad. The curtains were opened and she was allowed in. His eyes were closed. A small pipe was attached to the glucose bottle. The breathing nozzle was attached on his face. And next to him was a small television where she could see the graph of his heartbeats. She controlled herself a lot. She had decided that she will not shed a single tear.
“Daddy…!” she said with shiver.
“Piya, you have come? I was waiting for you. I was so anxious to see you. I wanted to talk to you.”
“Yes daddy, I am here.”
“Listen dear; if tomorrow I am not there, it is your duty to take care of your mummy and family. You are the eldest and you are confident enough to complete all the tasks you want to. I trust you. You are the one who can manage everything if I m not there with you all.”
“No daddy, please don’t say that. I can’t do it alone. I won’t do this also, because it is you who have to do that, I would just assist you. I want you to be with us. God can’t be so harsh with me always. I will pray to him, fight with him and will not let him do anything harsh. He can’t do this.” Listening to Piya’s such words, tears rolled out of his eyes and he started crying bitterly. Piya could not control herself now. She also bursted in tears and consoled her dad that he would be fine soon. She did not want to leave her dad’s room, but she had to as no one was allowed to be near him at that moment. She stayed at the hospital the whole day and let her mom go home.
Days passed and Piya was back to her grandparents. She was very upset with her dad’s health. After some days her dad’s condition became critical. An emergency operation was to be done. But, the doctor was supposed to come as he was busy in a seminar in some other city which he came down within a couple of hours and the operation was to be done. They were all set to take him inside, but, suddenly they were informed that they won’t be able to perform his operation as they couldn’t pay for the operation at that moment. Piya was also tensed about the financial problems they were facing as they did not have enough money for it. Luckily, all the family friends collected money from each other and got the operation started. As soon as the operation started, her dad’s blood pressure increased and the doctors had to stop the operation.
It was 9 am and the doctors were there in the hospital for the operation. Her dad was taken to the operation theatre. It started at 10am and it ended at 2pm. Piya was at her college. But, she had already called up at the hospital twice to check out how was everything with him. But, both the times she received the same reply that the operation is going on and the patient is critical and it is difficult to say anything right now. Piya was very nervous. She had not eaten since 2 days. She went back home at 2pm. And meanwhile all her friends were there to support her. But, as soon as she reached home, the phone rang. She picked up the phone slowly. Her hands were shivering.
“Hello…!” said Piya
“Didi, daddy is fine. The operation is successful.” Oh what a relief. Tears rolled of from her eyes. She told her grandparents about it and called up Kavita and gave her the news and then called up Rohan. She was so happy for it.
Now everything was fine with Piya and college was again on its swing. And there was a dinner party at Nikita’s place. And all of them met each other again. They enjoyed a lot. Rohan was busy flirting with other girls and Piya did not like that. She was sitting and chatting with another friend of their group- Dutta. She was talking to him but her attention was towards Rohan. They all had a gala time at the party with lots of mischief and finally bid good bye to each other. Rohan and Dutta stayed back till a little late. The next morning around 9am Piya’s phone rang.
“Hello” said Piya
“Hi…So, what are you doing today??” Rohan on the other side
“Nothing great... The same schedule”
“Well, are you free right now?”
“Now…? Yes why?
“I would like to meet you.”
“Rohan, have you gone crazy? When have you started taking permission to meet me?”
“Actually I wanted to talk to you”
“Me? Regarding what?”
“Well, it’s about me, something personal”
“Personal! I guess…1 more girlfriend. What is the matter? Tell me fast.”
“I can’t tell you on the phone and it is not about any other girlfriends. It is something different.”
“Ok. Any time; come in”
She kept on thinking about the matter. Rohan comes within half an hour. He was behaving very weird and impatient. She offered her water and to her surprise he had 2 full glasses of it. She asked him, “Rohan, what happened? Why are you so impatient?”
He did not reply anything just hugged her tightly. She was surprised by his behavior.
He said slowly, “Piya, I have fallen for you.”
She was reaction less. She just kept on staring him.
“Yes Piya, would you like to go around with me? But…” “But, as you know I cannot commit to you. It’s just…hmmm… I hope you understand me what I mean. “
Piya just stared at him. She had never expected him telling those stupid talks to her.
“I like you a lot. You are so sexy. I don’t know why I ran after others when my best friend is there for me.”
“Rohan, me…?? I hope you know what you are saying.”
“Yes Piya, of course. I know it is wrong for you, but you will also start living with it. Why can’t we be together till we get serious and get married to someone else?”
Piya was shocked and zapped. She did not know what to say. She felt like slapping him. But, she controlled herself and just asked him to leave. She cried lot; thinking- do guys just need sex? She did not go to the college also that day and when Kavita called her up, she told her about Rohan. Kavita decided to talk about it to Rohan but, Piya stopped her and they just decided that she would not be talking to him. The only solution was to ignore him and not to keep in touch. He might be alright then. Days passed and Piya stopped talking to Rohan. He tried contacting her but in vain. It was time for their final exams of the last year and all of them were busy in studies. Rohan and Piya used to always study together, but now they aren’t. On the whole, Rohan was busy flirting with other girls. Exams were over and Piya moved out of the city to find a good job. Kavita too moved to the US for further studies and Rohan just vanished.

She moved to another city as she wanted to earn big money to get all her parents debts cleared and release her family from the financial problems. She had moved out with just 200rs in hand. She put herself in a small guesthouse and started moving around the whole city looking out for a job. She visited every single place, but nothing was in favor. She was falling short of money and so controlled on her food expenses. In those days she suddenly received a mail from Rohan. It was an abusive mail for her. He had started spreading rumors about Piya, saying she had all dirty relations with guys. He portrayed her character as a playgirl. She was highly affected by it, especially when she met some of her old college mates and they started questioning her weird questions. She felt like running away somewhere. She went to her favorite temple there and prayed that she gets a job there so she is away from all those dirty stuff.
After some months of struggle she finally lost hope and decided to return back to her hometown and at the same time her old friend Ayush called her up after ages. Piya was really happy to get in touch with him after 3 years. They started keeping in touch regularly. They used to talk for hours and hours on the phone though they were in different cities. They laughed out on all the mischief and pranks they 4 used to do. She asked him, whether he still played his musical instruments and sing or not. He did do play but, initially he was confused to decide on which instrument to master. He was still the same confused character; Piya started laughing and told him, “You are still confused about everything.” He was working with a company and was enjoying it.
One day suddenly she got an interview call in a good company and thus was very happy about it. She informed Ayush about it. The next morning she was all set to go for it. Lot’s of things came into her mind, “Will I get this job? How much will they pay me? Where will I stay then? Hope everything is in favor.” She reached the office and introduced herself. They took her resume and asked her to wait in the waiting area. The boss’s secretary came to her and asked her when she would like to give the written test and she replied, “Right away”. And she was handed a thin booklet of questions. She fared it very well, and then was asked to wait till the boss comes. She waited for him and soon after 10 minutes, she was called inside his cabin. She knocked the door and there he saw a good looking middle aged guy. He was so smart. He looked like an NRI. He started his interview and Piya very confidently replied to all his questions, though some of them were tricky. He was very impressed by Piya and asked her to join in 4 days. She was happy as it was a wonderful company and they were going to pay her good too. She moved out of the office and went to her best friend- the temple which was just opposite to her office. She then called up home and spoke to her dad that she had got a job and she would be coming home the same day to take her other luggage. She said she would find her accommodation also the same day. She fixed up her accommodation at one of her friend’s pg. She left back for her hometown and started packing her bags to return back in 2 days. She also met Ayush before leaving her hometown. He gave him some good contacts in Mumbai in case of any emergency. All of them at her place were very happy for her.

She reached back and got herself settled. The next day she had to report to office. She couldn’t sleep that night in sheer excitement. Next day she reached office and when she entered, she was introduced to all. All of them welcomed her with a big smile. She adjusted there very nicely. And everything went on smoothly. She was given more work after some period of time as the boss was very happy with her work. All her clients also got used to her and always wanted to talk to her. Her friendly and mischievous nature had won everyone’s heart. It was going great at her professional front and she also started sending money home. On the other side Ayush and she had come closer to each other. Suddenly, Ayush had vanished for some days and there was no contact between them. She did not like that and was very worried about what was wrong with him. But, his phone was continuously switched off and unreachable. And later on after some days, suddenly he called her up. She just lost her cool.
“Where were you Ayush?”
“I am so sorry Piya; I was fixed up in some problem and so couldn’t keep in touch.”
“But, you could have at least called me once. I was so worried for you.”
“Yeah I know, but I am really sorry.”
Piya was really surprised why she reacted in such a way. She kept on thinking about it- “Have I started liking him? Oh…no, I haven’t.” And their friendship continued as the same. She was very well aware that Ayush would never think about committing or getting married to anyone till some years. He wanted to concentrate on his career as well. He was always confused between everything. He had already rejected all the marriage proposals that his family brought for him till now.
It was time for Ayush’s official picnic for 5 days. And he informed Piya, that he might not be able to keep in touch during that period. 2 days passed and on the 3rd day she started missing him a lot and was thinking to give him a call. And her phone rang suddenly. It was Ayush on the phone. He was missing her and so had called her up. They spoke to each other for a long time. Slowly they realized that they had fallen for each other. But, both of them were scared to confront it. They realized that they had started missing each other more every day. They had fallen in love and were just confused what was in the other person’s mind. Days passed by and they started getting closer and finally they decided to meet up to confront their feelings. Both of them were excited but scared at the same time thinking what the other one thinks. They met up and finally disclosed their feeling after talking full crap and out of the blue talks for half an hour. Both of them were so happy about the new feelings and emotions jumping around inside them. They started meeting up at regular intervals by visiting each other in either of the cities for weekends.
Everything was going great between them, but the only thing that was eating her up was- what next?? What if my family asks me to get married, what will I say? Will I tell them, that I love someone who loves me a lot but would not marry me as he doesn’t want to till he has a settled career or just that he is confused with all his decisions and is not able to decide what he wants in life? Will I be able to tell them that the person I love is none other than Ayush? Will they understand me? Oh God! Please help me.” She loved him a lot and she knew Ayush too did and was committed to her, but, she decided to call off her relationship with him. She thought a lot about it and finally decided to talk to him.
“How will talk to him? I can’t face him. I think I should write a mail to him. That would be better. I am sure he would understand me.”
She opened her inbox and with lots of guts she penned down everything whatever she felt. She was mentally prepared that she was going to lose him forever. She was very upset. She had written a mail to him and waited for his reply. It was almost a week now, but there was no reply, message or a phone call from him. She also checked indirectly through her sister to find out from Ayush’s mom where he was. But, she couldn’t as they had shifted to a new house. And one day he suddenly called her up at night. Her hands were shivering to pick it up.
“Hi Piya…I am so sorry.”
“Why are you saying sorry?” said Piya
“I vanished again for so many days without informing you. In fact, I am not in touch with anyone. And above all my email is hacked. It is making me so upset, I lost all my emails. I don’t even know what all has come since last 10days.”
“Your email is hacked? Oh…That is really sad.”
He was so normal in talking to her and told her that he is coming to her town for a week for an official training. He sounded very excited about it as he was getting a chance to spend more time with her.
“Piya, what happened? Why are you quiet? Is everything ok?”
“Yes. I am”
“Aren’t you happy that I am coming?”
“No… I mean yes very much.”
She was so confused with whatever was happening. “God, what is this? I tried to tell him, but still the message did not reach him. What is it that you are trying to tell me? What indication is this? Please help me.”
He came down the next day and reached his guest house. He gave her a call that he was already in town and would be meeting her in the evening. She was very excited to meet him. But, at the same time was scared about the future. They were getting closer by every day. She was very lost the whole day which everyone in the office had noticed and did keep on asking her about it but, she just laughed it out. In the evening they met up and went for dinner and so on were their daily plans like freaking around everywhere. She introduced him with some of her local close friends. He gelled up very well with them. And many times some of them used to ask him in a mischievous manner about his plans of getting married and he always changed the topic as he was not sure for what he wanted and Piya was left confused all over again.
It was time for him to leave back. Both of them were low as they wanted to be together. But, they were helpless as they had to. Time passed by in the same way, talking on phone, messaging, emailing and so on. Suddenly, one day her sister called her up that daddy wants you to get married now. It is high time that you ignore this topic. She was quiet. She tried to explain her sister about her situation. Her sister told her straight way, if Ayush is committing we are fine with it or else you will have to get married to someone else. She was broken. She cried a lot as she was in a big soup. She did not understand what to do. She spoke to him but his reply was that he wanted to concentrate on his career now and is not prepared for marriage and commitments. He tried to think a lot when he was alone, what he exactly wanted. But he was not sure. He wanted Piya to be with him and also settled properly professionally for which he needed to get a good break. She was ready for this reply but, still thought that he would have given a positive response. Her father wanted to come back home now and seriously look out for guys but she kept on ignoring him. She kept on telling them, “Daddy, I still have to achieve a lot in life. I still have to go further. I need to give a reply to all those people who have always underestimated me and thought I was a failure in life. I am sure daddy, I am not a failure. I will show this to everyone.” Her father did agree to her thoughts but kept on asking her how long was she going to wait for that? She also needed to settle down. She did not have anything to explain him. She wanted to earn big money. She wanted to be successful in life and wanted to marry Ayush.

Her life was turning out to be normal after lots of struggle. Still she did not lose hope and one day suddenly she decided to speak to Ayush in regards to their relation. They decided not to keep in touch with each for a certain period of time, so they can understand each other’s worth and they have enough space to judge themselves whether they really love each other or not. It was not an easy decision for both of them. But, both hardheartedly moved on with their own ways hoping for the best. They did miss each other a lot but controlled themselves a lot. It was almost more than 6 months they were not in touch. She was doing well professionally also. One day when she reached office and entered the door, she had no guts to walk in till her desk also. She was freeze. She slowly went in to one of his seniors and said slowly, “Maria, Who… are… they…?”
“Good question, Piya. You are seeing them for the first time, right? He is “ROHAN” our boss’s only son and the girl with her is “NIKITA” Rohan’s so-called sister.”
Piya was lost. “But, never saw them before over here. What are they doing here now?”
Maria replied, “They was studying somewhere else and now have returned back. Rohan is totally spoilt brat. His only passion in life is Girls and Money. Boss tied to change him, but no one could. Nikita also stays with them. She is Rohan’s partner in crime. From today, Rohan would be our manager and Nikita is in charge of our department. Hope God blesses our office and us. So, Piya, we have to report Ms. Nikita and Mr. Rohan now, who doesn’t even know the ABC of this company. Anyways, let’s get back to work. See you for lunch.”
Piya was shocked to hear it. She had run away from Rohan, Nikita and those olden days and now where she ended up! “Oh God…! Why me? What will happen now? He will ruin my career. Please be with me God. Please guide me.”
She was very scared that day. They had not seen her yet. But, they were smart enough and they already knew that she was working there. They had checked the attendance sheet of the company. Soon after some time, Nikita walked down to her desk and said witchingly, “Hi Piya…So, you work here. We are really happy to see an old and sweet friend of ours. We will really take care of you.”
She was so upset but, she was helpless and so couldn’t leave her job too. She started continuing to work. Almost a week had passed. She had not yet faced Rohan.
One day suddenly Nikita called Piya in her cabin and told her, “How are you Piya? Hope you are enjoying working with us. So, did you find someone for yourself or still single?”
Piya was very annoyed by her but, controlled herself. She did not reply to any of her questions. She just kept on listening to her quietly. After all Nikita was her boss. “Piya, yes, of course I know, you are still the same old middle-class girl but, Rohan is still waiting for you. If you want you can still change your mind and with Rohan, of course you would get a promotion too. So, the choice is in your hands. A happy professional life which can clear all your debts or just the same old lonely life with some bits and pieces in hand.”
Piya had lost her control and spoke up, “Enough Nikita…! This is more than enough. First of all, you need not worry about me. You mind your own business. You might be my boss now, but you have no right to speak shit. And, about your great brother- Mr. Rohan; please inform him that I am not interested in either him or the promotion given by him. So, me sleeping with him- is just impossible. And I hope that both of you keep that in your mind and keep away from me.”
She walked out of her cabin. She was so upset about it that she took a sick leave and went home. She knew this was going to create problems for her. She had to get out of this place. The next day when she came back to office, it was that all of them were staring at her in a weird manner and talking among themselves. She was confused about what was happening. No one was talking to her. After some time, Maria came over to her and told her that all of them in the office are talking about her. Rohan and Nikita had started playing their dirty games once again. They had already informed that Piya had studied with them and had portrayed her wrong once again. She tried explaining them that they are playing games against her and what Rohan wanted from her. But, the staff was helpless as Rohan was their boss. She had nothing to say, but just give in her resignation and walk out.

Piya was broken once again. She was missing Ayush a lot. Both of them were looking out for a new job that time. One day Piya met Karan in a mall. She had a glow on her face to see him after a long time. They spent time with each other for almost an hour or more talking about their good childhood days. Karan told her that Payal had also got married and was very happy. He was an owner of one of the famous companies in the city and he just happened to ask her what she was doing those days. She told him about her work profile and also added that was looking out for a change. He was very impressed by her capabilities and confidence and offered her a new job in his company. It was a big name. She was very happy but, told him straight forward,” Than you so much for your offer Karan, but, I would like to make it clear that you would be giving this job to me only if you find me capable for it and not that you are a good friend of mine.” He was impressed by her statement and replied. “Of course Piya, I never mix professionalism and friendship. Don’t worry about that. You will have to come for an official interview in my office and meet our human resources manager. The position you coming for has a vacancy in this city as well as another city too. If you get through the interview, you can select the city you would like to. So, wish you all the best. See you tomorrow. I am sure you will do your best and join us soon. We need employees like you.”
Piya was very happy once again. It was a famous company. If she got through it she would be almost reaching her goals. She wanted to share this with Ayush. She was missing him very much.
At the same time, Ayush also received an email. He got an interview call from a well known company for a high post in the same city. He had to come back where Piya was there for an interview. He was also very happy about that and was missing her as he wanted to tell her about it. It was a wonderful co-incidence that both of them were having interviews on the same day around the same time but in 2 different areas. They assumed as both of them were wishing good luck to each other and are always there for each other.
Piya entered the office and she was so amused to see it. The interiors, the status- she had never been to such an office before. She was thinking, “Oh God! Have I come to the right place? Is this the place where I have to work if I get a job? Will I get a job here? I am so simple and they are so hi-fi.”
She walked inside and went to the reception. “Good morning madam. Hello. I have an appointment with Mr. Saxena the HR Manager.”
“Yes. Good morning. Can I please have your name?”
“I…I am Piya. Piya Arya.”
“Hmmm…one minute please I will check it out. Piya…Piya… Piya… Yes…Piya Arya. You have an appointment of 10am with Mr. Saxena. He is in a meeting right now. He would be free soon. Can you please wait for a couple of minutes till he is done?
“Oh yes sure. Not a problem.”
She waited in the reception and was just noticing the people there. She was highly impressed by them. After 5 minutes, she was called and was guided to the cabin.
She knocked and walked in. She was quite confident. He had already reviewed her resume and then took her personal interview, which she fared very well. She was told to wait for some time and he would tell her about the result. She waited out. The time was not moving on. She kept on thinking about Ayush, her family, Rohan, Kavita and everyone whom she knew till now.
The other side, Ayush reached the new company for his interview. He was also very confident and excited about getting a job in the company. He reached the reception and inquired where the interviews were taken. He was guided to the room. He was called in and they took his interview. They liked his experience and capabilities a lot. They had asked him to wait for the results till the other candidates were done.
“Piya Arya…”
“Yes…It’s me”. She walks to the reception.
“Congratulations Piya. You have got the job. This is your joining letter. The salary and other details are all mentioned in it. Please have a look at it and sign the duplicate for us. You have to let us know by tomorrow which city you would like to join us.”
“Thank you so much. Yes sure. I will just read and get back to you.”
Oh My God! Wow. I can’t believe it I am an employee with this company. And the package- wow! Oh… I am so happy. I still can’t believe this. She went back to the reception and asked them for the duplicate to sign it for them. She was so happy and excited that she couldn’t sign the paper properly.
“Ok Piya, today being a Friday, you have to join the office on Monday. So, see you then.”
“Yes… Yes, see you on Monday. Thank you once again.”
She left the office and moved towards the temple.
“Mr. Ayush Malhotra”
“Yes, that’s me.”
“You are asked to wait for some more time. The boss would like to speak to you. Other candidates can leave now. We would contact you again if there are any more requirements.”
Ayush was confused; why he was asked to wait and why would the boss want to meet him.
“Mr. Ayush…the 2nd cabin on the right is where you have to go.”
“Yes madam. Thanks.” He walked in towards the 2nd cabin. He knocked in and he found 5 people sitting in. He was surprised.
“Hello sir. I am Ayush Malhotra”
“Yes Ayush. Please come in. Please have a seat.” He asked him some questions and lastly asked, “So, when would you like to join us?”
He was quiet. He was selected. It was like his dream coming true. He replied.
“Sir, I need at least a week to join you as I have to settle down things in my old office too. I won’t be able to join before informing them officially.”
They were impressed by his reply and dedication. They agreed and handed over his confirmation letter and asked him to sign the duplicates which were with his secretary.
“Ok Ayush, welcome to our company and hope to see you soon.”
“Yes sir. I will be here next week. Thank you so much.”
He read the joining letter and all the documents. He couldn’t express his feelings and excitement. He was missing Piya very much. He wanted to tell her, be with her. He also started moving towards the temple they always visited there.

“Oh…Such a big line today in the temple; God knows when would I get in.” thought Piya
“Finally I could visit this temple after ages. Oh my God, such a big line.” Murmured Ayush
It was almost an hour now they were in the line. And finally Piya reached inside. She was standing in the corner in the temple and suddenly she was moved by a little push. She got a little annoyed and turned behind. She stood still.
“Ayush…!” “Piya…!”
They were reaction less. They couldn’t express the feelings; just stared at each other for some time. Tears rolled off Piya’s eyes. Ayush took her hand in his and pulled her a little towards him and hugged her tightly. They were so happy to meet each other in the temple and they sat there for hours talking about everything in that period they had faced. Piya was also very happy that Ayush would be staying in the same city.
Ayush was staring at her continuously, as if he wanted to tell her something.
“Ayush, what happened?”
“Nothing... I am just confused.”
Piya knew why Ayush was confused. He was not sure whether to commit to her in life. She decided not to tell him, but select the 2nd city for which she was offered as if she stayed there, she would get attached to him once again and the same problems would repeat. Ayush kept on thinking, “I love her a lot. Should I propose her now or still wait for some time. Now that we are in the same city and am settled financially also, I should give it some more time.”
“Ayush, I am leaving tomorrow.”
“Where…? Piya”
“I have got a job in other city and I will have to leave for that.” She did not tell him that, she had got a job in Karan’s company and had an option of selecting the city.
Yes Ayush. Well, if you want we can meet up for dinner tonight. Karan is also here.”
Ayush agreed for the same. Piya informed Karan that Ayush was in town and had a wonderful job. She also told him that she would like to change the city and have got her tickets reserved. When Karan asked her the reason for the change, she told him about her relation with Ayush. He was very happy for them, but on the other hand was angry with Ayush for letting her go once again from his life. He decided to talk to Ayush at night after dinner when Piya would leave. They met up for dinner and had a gala time together. Though Piya and Ayush seemed very happy, but, they were very upset within; which Karan was aware. After dinner, Piya left for her place and Ayush and Karan had a long chat together. Karan asked Ayush what the problem was and why he seemed so upset. Ayush told him everything. Karan explained him not to let go of Piya once again. Karan made him realize that how lucky he was to have Piya as his life partner. He told him how committed she was to him and today when they have met once again, he should not let her go but propose her before he lost her for the 2nd time.
Ayush told him, “Karan, but, she has got a good job now, for which she always had dreamt and she is leaving tomorrow. I cannot stop her.”
Karan just smiled and said, “Ayush, you don’t worry about that. She will not go anywhere and will also continue with her new job.”
“But… how? Karan”
“You leave that to me. I will handle the professional part. You handle the personal part. She will reach the station at 9am tomorrow. You have to stop her now anyhow or else you have lost her.”
Ayush reached Piya’s house at 8am, but, she was not there. He asked her neighbors and they told him, that she has gone to the temple.
He rushed to the temple before she left that place. He reached there in time. There was a line, but he managed to get in and looked out for Piya. He saw her standing there. He went to her and stood besides her. Piya had not expected him to be there early morning.
“Ayush, what are you doing here?”
“Piya, of course I am doing the same thing that you are doing. I am praying.”
Piya smiled and said, “I mean at this time?”
Ayush took her on the side and started, “Piya, I want to talk to you.”
“Yes, tell me”
“Hmmm…” Ayush was confused as always.
Piya smiled and said, “Ayush, I am sure you are confused.”
“No Piya. Not any more. I am not confused any more.”
“Then, what happened?”
“Piya…I love you. Will you marry me?”
Piya was zapped. She had nothing to say. Tears rolled out from her eyes and she turned towards the god’s idol.
“God…! I don’t know what do I say and how to say. I would just like to say, I am extremely happy and lucky. Today you have fulfilled all my dreams. After a lot of struggle, I could prove myself. I am working with one of my dream company and would be spending the rest of my life with one of my dream boy. Thank you so much god.” And she hugged Ayush.
They moved back home and informed their families about the 2 great news. They also called up Ayush and he was also with them. Ayush had also informed Payal and she also came down later as a surprise for them. Both the families were extremely happy and decided to tie them up with each other forever.

Pinal Chauhan


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