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(((I'm still here!)))

Dek woke up to a strange new landscape, the foliage around him was pink, not green. The air tasted sweet, like candy, and the clouds above him were lavender. “Is this heaven?” dek wondered, and wonder he did, because this place was beautiful. Far out to the left he could see a waterfall, pouring crystal waters into a lagoon.
Dek walked towards the lagoon. On the way over to the waterfalls end, Dek looked around in awe at this amazing world. There were bulbous trees, like palm trees back home, only with many branches jutting out towards the sky- up and down their trunks, and multicolored autumnal leaves. The grasses were a dim pink color, as were the bushes dotting the ethereal landscape. As he walked up to the pool of water fed by the crystal falls, he noticed that the crashing of the falling waters into the lagoon didn’t make the same thunderous sound as it does back home, these waters made an angelic harmony, like rubbing your finger over the rim of a fine quartz wine goblet with a drop of wine on your fingertip. The harmonic tunes of each droplet of water combined into the whole to compose a symphony of heavenly song.
Dek was bewildered….”this must be heaven” he thought. “I am dead!” he said out loud.

No sooner had he spoken then there was a rustling in the pink bushes near the bank of the lagoon where he stood. Not able to be afraid, really, in such euphoric surroundings, he took a slight, cautious step backwards. “Who is there?” Dek said aloud.
“Oh, we have a visitor…. Jarnice, we have a visitor, come quick!”
“What is it Danes, a visitor, we haven’t had one of those in a while.”
“I know, look he’s so tall…”

Dek looked around, but noticed nobody, he was beginning to think he’d lost his mind.

“Hey you…” The first voice, who the other called Danes said… “I’m right here, no down here…”

Dek looked down at the feet of the bushes before him and noticed for the first time a pale blue bunny twitching his little nose towards him.

“You’re a tall fella aren’t you?” the bunny said to Dek. “Hello, what are you?”

Dek was taken aback, this strange world suddenly got even stranger. Dek obviously looked bewildered because the next thing the bunny said was “Don’t get all wound up, you live in a tomb! C’mon, your best friend is a serpent and you open doors with magickal symbols. All right then? Come with me, the missus will get you some carrot juice.” Dek came to the conclusion that this was just a dream, albeit a strange and fascinating one, and as he enjoyed this one more then any of the previous dreams, he decided quickly to follow the bunnies and see where it lead him.

Dek followed Danes through the bushes. Right next to the lagoon just beyond this shrubbery there was a small bunny path, leading up to one of those bulbous trees. Unlike the other trees, this one flourished as if basking in the fresh moist sunlit air of springtime. The tree had a huge round base of interconnecting roots, which seemed to be ready to move the entire tree. The front of this rooty monster tree was intertwined in such a way that it seemed to have little windows of unusual shape and size surrounding a bear sized open space. The part of the tree facing Dek had a dog house sized opening, revealing the “inner windows” and a beautifully decorated interior.
“Jarnice, get this thing some juice, would you?”
“Oh my, why yes, sure… I don’t think we have a cup his size though Danes!”
“Dag-nabit woman, bring a cup, would ya? Bring two, I think were gonna need one as well”
“Two cups of carrot juice, coming up…” Janice ran to the back of the tree, looking back at Dek and motioning with her light blue paw. “come in, sit, sit!”
Jarnice stood upright, something which again took Dek by surprise, and when she motioned for him to crawl into the tree his face went blank.
“Ha ha” Danes chuckled, “Just get in here!”
Imagining a very tight sitting space, but feeling obliged to these bunnies for their kindness, Dek got on his hands and knees. The cool muddiness of the green dirt which was beneath his hands and on his legs now made him notice the slight chill spreading in the air. Dek looked up at the sky and saw it turning dark, the lavender clouds which were just floating in the silver sky had become dark and foreboding signs, and electric shocks sparked between them as they angrily began to slam against one another in erratic behavior, as if the currents of the winds themselves were about to be fighting for position.

“Well, come on in!” Jarnis said in a robust squeak! “Don’t be afraid, the storm isn’t gonna be that bad.” Dek quickly scrambled under the tree, and as soon as he had crossed the threshold with his knees, he tumbled with a loud thud onto a much larger floor. Feeling woozy and disoriented, Dek yelled with frustration “What the cosmos bunny man?” Both hopping creatures giggled with amusement, as Dek realized they were bigger than he was. “Oh shit, I’m dinner.” Dek whispered to himself, which only made the huge bunnies giggle more furiously, making Dek that much more nervous.
“Don’t be afraid little man, were plantetariens…. We only eat fresh plants, sweet and or bitter, ha ha ha!” Jarnice’s voice now almost boomed, the light squeeking was replaced with a low booming of fractalized tonality which sounded both melodic and unharmonious at the same time. Somehow this extra bit of over the top strangeness comforted Dek, and it reoccurred to him that this was only a dream, and so far these bunnies had been kind.

With this realization, Dek decided to formally introduce himself to his hare-iffic captors. “Umm, my name is Dek.” The bunnies looked at each other, for a moment their faces towards each other, it seemed they were smiling, but he couldn’t be sure cause bunnies don’t have great facial expressions. “Who are you guys?”
With this second question, Danes and Jarnice both hopped slightly towards him. “He’s Danes”, said Jarnice, the lighter blue of the duo. “And I’m Jarnice, and here, have some carrot juice.” She handed Dek a wooden cup which could have been a very very large acorn at one time, which was filled with carrot juice. Pulpy carrot juice, no less. Dek took the cup from her bunny paw, which had an extra opposable digit, making her paw seem to have a soft hairy claw, and thanked her….

"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." ~Thomas Jefforson

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