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(((sorry guys, i'm jumping forward right now, in this portion, dek is experiencing "dreams")))

Dek had a dream.... people were chasing him every which way, no matter the direction he turned, he couldn't escape them. He saw a manhole in the ground that had no cover, so he jumped down into a modern sewer. When he plopped into the sewer he was immersed in slime and shit... "nasty" he said aloud, and only the echo of dark tunnels replied... I refuse to become part of this refuse..... dek began walking, with only the slimy walls of the sewer to guide him.. about forty five minutes into his walk, he noticed a faint glow up ahead... walking towards it, watching the dim light get brighter, he thought "thats odd, who's shining lights down here?" Dek got a few feet away from a turn in the tunnels and could see that the light was coming from just on the other side of the tunnel branching off, carefully he peeked his head into that tunnel... to his amazement there was a carnival going on, bright lights and rides, clowns and all... dek was impressed. "who could have built such a grand carnival down here in these sewer tunnels" he said in a whisper... ME! said a voice from behind him, dek jumped and spun around to face the speaker.... the man was about six feet tall, with a long goatee and clown makeup on his face, there was no other trace of costume on him. His clothes were ragged, black slacks with holes revealing dirty hairy legs, and on his chest, an old tank top that may have been maroon, with the words "I heart NY" barely visible anymore, inscribed across it, but a brand new business suit jacket, his breath smelled of gin... Dek was astonished to think such a scraggy old man could have built such a thing... "how'd you do it" he asked... "why, its easy as pie in a dream!" said the man... suddenly dek realized he must be dreaming... wondering about the chambers he knew he was resting in, he felt a wave of shock, everything went black and he woke up with a headache.....

sitting up quickly he slammed his head into the top of the half open wooden sarcophagus and blacked out again…

Dek woke up in a smoky room, the walls were covered with a purple curtain that appeared seamless, and the floor was wet and muddy…”this must be a tent” he thought…looking around, he noticed many odd trinkits, magickal toys… there was a circular table in the center of the tent, with a large crystal ball sitting on a golden stand. The table was covered in tarot cards lain haphazardly round the crystal ball…there was a four foot tall statue of shiva against the said of the tent which had the only seam in it, reckoning that this must be the door, Dek walked to it and pulled the curtain to the said, what he saw made him gasp… all around him was blackness, deep velvety blackness, and bright stars. He was standing in a tent in space! “Shit!” he screamed, stumbling back into the tent… “Shit is right” replied a womans voice… dek spun around to see who it was that had said that… across from him sitting where he had just been standing at the table, in a rose covered big upholstered antique looking chair sat an old crone looking woman with big black eyes and blue tinted glasses. “Come, sit, I will tell you what you came to find” the woman said, and at this, another chair, somewhat smaller and upholstered with a dark burgundy cloth, appeared across the table from her, in front of him. Dek was feeling a little nauseous from the expansive space beyond the tent, and carefully pulled the chair out from the table to sit down… As he got himself situated, the crone waved her hand over the cards on her side of the table and muttered something he could not understand, the cards on the table all jumped up, as if alive, and began to organize themselves into a deck. They shuffled themselves in midair, as dek took a closer look at the woman he was now speaking to. Her face was old, and had lines of wear on it that seemed to stretch from one side to the other, as seamlessly as her tent. Her nose was elongated, and pierced twice in the left nostril with golden hoops that looked like they were made for the ears of a very rich and lavish woman, and still, with their weight, her nose held itself firmly. Her hair was covered in a pink, translucent scarf, which revealed beyond itself jet black hair that could have easily been dreaded, and maybe was, Dek couldn’t tell with the dim lights available in this small space. Beyond her, and in a corner of the room that he hadn’t noticed before he looked outside, he saw a large white pedestal, which seemed to hold a skull, except it wasn’t human, almost alien. The pale grey skull had two long fangs holding it upwards on the table, as if it were looking at the ceiling. In each of it’s nostrils there stood a candle, one rich black one, almost oily, the other a pasty white one, which seemed to be made of bone itself. “Do you like my candles?” the woman asked in her raspy voice… Dek didn’t have a feeling wither way butto be polite, he said “Yes, I do ma’am”… The cards had finished shuffling and were laying before Dek facing down. The woman spoke…

“I can see you have troubles”
“surely we all have troubles” dek replied
“yes, surely we do, however your troubles come of your own head, you cannot understand where you are, where you have been, or where you are going…”
Dek wondered about this woman, was she a fraud, was she cold reading him….”I believe I am dreaming” dek said to her. “I believe this is all a dream, and when I wake up, I will know who I am and whats really going on”
The woman lit up a cigar which had appeared out of nowhere, with fire that came directly from her fingertips “we are all dreaming… you are no different… when you decide who you are, then all that you have done or will do will align itself with that decision, and you will feel whole” she ashed the ciger in a silver tray which floated up apparently from beneath the table, and sat flatly by her hand, hovering in midair.
“but wouldn’t that be a lie?” dek questioned her “if everything aligns backwards from where I decide to go, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of building up from what I start as?”
“your question is a tough one” replied the witch “but this is all a dream, you don’t know where you are going until you get there, and once you get there, you define everything else against the new idea of who you are, in that sense, isn’t every dream before the one you are creating now just a lie, bringing you to the truth of you, which only you decide?”

As she finished speaking, the crystal ball in the center of the table began to cloud up with a blue gray fog… they both began to stare into this fog.. the formless smoke began to take the shape of a toad, in the cryatal sphere the toad seemed to be hopping towards something, it looked as though he was hunting…suddenly his tounge popped out of his mouth and caught a fly, pulling it into his mouth. Upon eating the fly this toad became very ill, and started shaking, collapsing onto the ground, the toad again became a hazy fog…

“what does that mean?” asked Dek, puzzled…
“honey, I don’t ever know what the picture means, all I know is that there is a picture, and it is sometimes beautiful, and sometimes not so… either way, I do know that the pictures appear, and I know they will appear when the fog moves in the crystal…”

Again the ball started to get smoky. This time, a fly appeared… the fly was sucking on some goo on the side of a tree, seeing a toad sitting at the base of the tree, the fly buzzed into the air to get away, but the toads tongue was too quick… the forms became formless again and the crystal ball soon was clear…

Still confused, and now a little frustrated with this cryptic woman, Dek said… “Ok so first we saw the toad, now we saw the fly… if these images mean something, do we look for it in the toad or in the fly?”
Putting out her now butt of a cigar the old hag coughed loudly and said to Dek, “first you were the toad… then you were the fly… either way you were fucked and in being fucked you can be either and both.” At this the old woman began hacking up a lung, soughing and laughing at the same time… dek stood up and said, “I am done with this silliness, how do I get out of here?” The hag replied… “no sweetie, you are far from done” all fo a sudden the room began to fade away from Dek’s view and he became sick with dizziness, it seemed like he was floating in the space which he had seen earlier, stars shining brightly around him… Dek realized he wasn’t breathing and started to panic… ahead, what seemed like a large shooting star was aimed right for him …… great… he thought…. If I don’t choke to death I will die from the impact of this ball of flames…. Almost instantly the star was upon him, and the impact felt like he had fallen from a mountainside into a bed of sharp rocks… he realized he was on fire, and as soon as this hit him, he also realized he was still falling…. Dek blacked out… his mind all he heard was “am I dreaming, am I dying….”

"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." ~Thomas Jefforson

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The following comments are for "Dek (nov 6)"
by roach

Very free-form
Maybe stream-of-consciousness,even but it worked for me and of course,the whole old witch/tarot connection was intriguing as all get out!


( Posted by: AsharaYvonne [Member] On: November 7, 2009 )

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