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"Open the door" he said. And with a simple runecast the door was opened. At first glance, the striped border appeared to move errily in the dim light of the torch, hanging left of the opened enterance. With closer inspection, however, Dek could see that the border was a supernatural being. The copper and ghost white stripes were groups of scales, a camoflauge for the serpent who so magickally clung to the edge of the entrance to the king's chambers. "This is where you will rest. Goodnight, friend." he said, and walked away. Dek inspected the room. The bed was shaped like a mummies sarchophagus, made of all wood. In far right corner were the remains of a kings treasure, buried long ago and pillaged by robbers and vagrants. The torch in this room hung on the left side of the far wall. Grabbing the torch, Deck glanced over at the bed. Rough place to sleep, he thought to himself. Out of the cobwebs clinging to the dark ceiling, suddenly came three large spiders. Dek got nervous. Better get these out of here. After stomping on the first one, and noticing several more coming at him, he cast a blazing white and blue flame from his palms, to encompass the entire room. Two of the spiders were burned in the heat of the fire, and the other one scattered. They are gonna come back with friends Dek thought. Guess I should put up barriers. With a quick turn and sharp focus, he faced the east wall and cast a blazing red solar cross on the wall with his arm. Turning to face each wall counterclockwise, he did the same, until all walls held the magickal sigel. That wont be permanant, he reckoned, gotta go talk to that snake..... Somehow, Dek realized that the snake may just know how to cast more effective symbols than he, I don't even know where the hell I am... He thought to himself.

Dek had been sleeping, at least, he thought he had slept. He couldn't remember. I cant remember. I think I was dreaming, or am I dreaming now? My mind is muddled, this may not even be real, but if thats so, then who am I? Where did I come from before this? I know I had to come from somewhere. Dek wondered. I must be asleep somewhere, but where? He went back to the door to question the serpent. Cautiously, reverantly, he lifted his eyes to the snakes head above the ancient doorway. "Serpent" he spoke aloud, amazed at the power of his voice, the tones and depth... This must be a dream. A new voice invaded his thoughts at that moment, What is a dream but another world, another life to live, a gift? The snake had started to move, it turned it's head towards Dek and slithered towards him a bit, sticking it's forked tongue out as if to taste the stale air. Feeling the world around it in senses Dek could somehow understand, vaugely. "And a life to live anywhere is worth living, yes?" The serpent must have heard his thoughts. I am your thoughts.

Dek jumped back a bit, frightened by these new senses of awareness. "Serpent" he repeated, "I want to ask you a question, that maybe you can help me in this place." Of course... The snake only stuck out his tongue. Must be dreaming... Dek thought..or at least, he thought he was thinking. "I just cast solar crosses on the walls in there to ward off spiders and the like, but I know they will not last long, and I fear being overtaken in my sleep... imagine waking to darkness and creeping beasts... can you explain to me another, stronger cast, which I can use to enter and move about in these arcane tombs?" But you know already..... Suddenly, Dek could remember how to sign his own name, his own, very powerful name... all three of these can be used.... all three of these can be strong. The serpent slithered back to his place on the door and moved no more. Dek felt sorry for the snake, occupying such a dark and dismal place, with nothing, likely nothing even to eat for ages. I should try the first one. He considered, and with that, he focused on a room filled with mice... focused and created in his mind, as he superimposed this reality, projected it over the world as it was, and with fluid motion almost memorized, strangely enough, he cast the first letter, the powerful creator, and with a great flash, mice appeared to swarm the room. Thank you friend, I am in your service. Sure that this was the snakes reply, Dek walked back into the chamber, feeling more sure of himself now. The snake ate the mice.

Feeling more sure of himself and his ability to create, Dek wondered what he should attempt to make here, now that he knew he could make things. Lacking any form of divination, he decided on making an onyx scrying mirror. In his mind he imagined a gold rimmed plate of onyx, about five feet tall and two feet wide. He saw a dark onyx, polished to a shine and reflecting more than colors, in his minds eye. The golden rim around this mirror shone brightly, and was shaped like a woven ribbon. In perfect form, his arm raised and cast into the air first, the same symbol cast before the serpent. Automatically, after the first symbol, he cast another symbol adjacent to the first. This was the second letter. As he cast, in the corner of the room to the right of the door on the inside, there appeared his mirror. Like a fog at first, but with the second letter drawing to a close the fog coagulated into a solid form, and before him, stood his mirror. Dek was pleased. Looking into this new creation, he attempted to see what was coming. Out of the dark gem two misty faces appeared, faces covered with what seemed to be skulls, one bright ivory and the other ebony. Dek stared, a little frightened as the images slowly began to fade from his view. Suddenly he heard a noise come from the doorway.

“DEK” Called two strong voices from the door. Dek’s head turned to face the strangers. “We have seen the energies of this room change again, moving about in the darkness. We are aware of the emptiness which has so long inhabited this chamber, and we knew you would come. Now, with these stirrings of energy, we have come to see what you will do.” Dek was tired, he had learned much in these last few moments, or were they hours. He replied to these two “I am weary, let me rest.” The two stared at him, then said. “Rest, but know before you walk through the annuls of this temple, you must speak with us.” And they began to move, as if to leave. “How will I find you?” Dek questioned the figures. “Just call for us, I am Set, and this is my brother Ra. By your name we shall be commanded” With that the two vanished from view, and Dek puzzled over the meaning of their names. I know these names. He thought to himself… How do I know these names?... Dek lay on his bed in this tomb, and fell into a fitful sleep.

Dek woke up and noticed the cold. The room was frigid, and the torches were almost out. I’ll need a more lasting source of heat and light. His mind went into creative overdrive… How to form heat and light… what do I do….. Suddenly inspiration hit him…Crystals. With magickal will and his arm ready to cast, Dek visualized the ceiling full of jagged crystals. Ancient technologies sprang into his mind and with now sure force and technique he cast them into being. Like a star exploding, the room filled with light. Looking up, he could see the beautifully intricate web of illuminated crystals he had just created. Glittering like diamonds and emanating a soft warmth, they clung to the ceiling, covering it entirely. Dek called Set and Ra.

In a cloud of steam like smoke, before him appeared the two. Silently and without a warning they began to move towards the side of the room opposite to Dek’s mirror. This corner he had somehow not even peered into, otherwise he would already have noticed the large door, carved out of metallic rock, and designed with precise magickal symbols his mind could not comprehend. “How do I get in there?” Dek questioned the two, who were now standing on either side of the great door. They didn’t answer.

Dek quickly walked to his mirror. Staring deeply into it, he saw himself create the mice, he saw himself create the mirror, and finally the crystal ceiling, and he knew how he could open the door. He walked to the front of the thing. Using first the first rune, and then the next, he attempted to fit his energy in like a key, but the lock wouldn’t turn. Into his mind popped the third letter. D-E-K. With single purpose he energetically slammed the door magickally, establishing the fullness of his key in this third letter. The door crumbled. Dek peered inside.

Light crept into this vast room from the tomb where he stood. He could make out what appeared to be bookcases, and in the center of them all, a large square table made of solid polished wood. How has this table survived… Dek thought I wonder if any of these books are in such good condition… Dek tried to make a lighted ceiling, but with no luck. With his mind, he caused the bookshelves to move, a small space appeared on each wall between the shelves, only about a foot or so wide, but this was all he needed. With determination he cast his magick and into these four spaces crystals appeared. The room became illuminated.

No sooner had he lit up the room than Set and Ra sped over to the two far corners of it. With vibrating words Dek could not understand the two corner shelves sunk into the floor. The two positioned themselves on top of these shelves, which were now buried into the earth. “These texts you are not ready for.” He heard them whisper. “For now be content with the vast stores of wisdom available on the other cases. Know that as you read each book you will soak in its knowledge and be capable of using it. Everything from ancient history to the highest magicks is stored in this vault, and if you want a book, just call for it, it will come to you.” With this, the two became pillars of stone, robed and masked, guarding the forbidden knowledge. Dek decided it would do him no good to ask any questions.

Looking up to the ceiling, he realized why he was unable to create the same crystal lights up there as he had in the other room. This chamber opened up to an ocean. He peered up into the vast blue sky above, and saw that it was not leaking into the library. Dek wished he could jump up into it and swim around, and realized there was nothing stopping him. A rush of power swept over his body, he felt alive.

"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." ~Thomas Jefforson

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The following comments are for "DEK pt 1"
by roach

new storyline
after mulling over the last storyline, i decided to write this novel instead. I believe it will be an easier finish, and maybe it will inspire me to go ahead with the other plot I had developed... comment!!!!

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: November 1, 2009 )

Good dramatic scenes, nice description of the setting, snake and mirror. Quite a contrast to The Day After.

Dek seems to have discovered these great powers but I wonder what is his Achilles heel? Will he use these powers for good or greed? How do Set and Ra fit into this? I'm sure all these questions shall be answered by November 30th!
I'm hooked.
Good writing!

( Posted by: sandra [Member] On: November 1, 2009 )

my two cents
First,its TERRIFIC you are participating and posting.
And I'm going to carefully reread everything today but... I like this much better than the first presentation (no offence,honey : )


( Posted by: AsharaYvonne [Member] On: November 2, 2009 )

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