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Another Tale Of The Giant And His Lady Deleeya:
The Passing Of Ages!


In another time in that landless land beyond dreams and time and space in another age beyond this world of life there lived a great Hero and Champion of mortal man and he was a Giant as well. His name was Erick and his wife was the Lady Deleeya and they did live in a great Keep by the crystal lake known as Elysiumm.

Now they were not intruders into the world of man for they were as Heroes and they did lead by example, for they never used their powers for dark causes or to become masters of the land. Rather they used their powers and skills to help all of the mortals that exist within the world, and they did become much loved and respected by the mortals.

One day Erick and his Lady Deleeya were mounted upon the great stallion Vivatar and watching the children from the King's castle playing in the green meadows and by the brook. Erick smiled quietly and his Lady Deleeya laughed for she too was greatly amused at the antics of the children.

"Erick," she said quietly "Youth and innocent is wonderful to behold...Oh to be so very young and naive and have a long and happy life ahead of one's self!"

"How so my Lady?" Said Erick as he stroked his chin thoughtfully!

"Erick when I searched for thee---My Lord, I looked long and hard, and I experienced many perilous adventures some of which I would rather not have had!"

"Some tore at mine own heart and injured my soul and my own body was injured and pained greatly, only my magics and my spells of power held my body and mind and soul together. Many are the tears that I wept looking and searching for thee, I almost gave up all hope finding thee ever within this cold empty life!"

"Nay…My lady! Thy faith and courage were sorely tested then?" Asked Erick.

"Yes My Lord they were tested beyond the limits of mortal man I was very close to surrendering my life unto death when upon that fateful day when I came upon thee!" I never told thee My Lord that I looked deep within thy heart and soul for I fully expected a soulless black-hearted monster to be staring back at me!"

"I used mine own powers to look long and hard and I also delved deeply within thy heart and soul, and I found the quiet dignity and nobility of a King---a Hero waiting to be born! Thou wert so very alone and I felt all of thy emptiness and thy pain from the many years of solitude, torments and sorrow!"

"Every day that thou didst live thou hast endured an incessant aching to be a part of something greater then thyself, and yet thou lived on day by day never giving up hope and faith that one day thou wouldst have a true and real life!" Lady Deleeya told Erick as she touched his face lovingly and gently for she was consumed deeply by the fire of his affections for her.

"When I reached within thy Heart and Soul we became as one....within thee I found that at the core of thy being there was a true and noble man of great strength and courage and honor. Yet the sadness and loneliness of the ages transcended thy soul the pain and cruelty that pervaded thy spirit and had injured thee horribly almost beyond repair. But yet thou never once gave up thy faith and hope that it would change despite the torment—the hurts of the ages!"

"My Lord truly thou art truly a remarkable man for thou hast endured what others could naught! And in the darkness of the night shadows we found each other!" She told Erick as she looked longingly into his eyes.

Erick looked into her eyes and replied, "My Lady each time that I look into thy eyes and gaze upon thy wondrous face it is as if I am looking at thee for the first time, For thou hast made my life matter and become important as never before. Thou hast given unto me a life and a love and a direction in this life that I have never known before!"

Because of your fiery spirit I have become this great Hero and Champion of mortal men, and it has made my life more important as I have now become a leader and a true friend to the mortals whom I have learned to love so very well!"

Erick gazed upon the children playing in the meadows and he did smile at the thought of their playing games and just being children without cares in the world for tomorrow. "My Lady what didst thou perceive within me that thou so desireth to join with me for all eternity?"

"My Lord I felt you deep within this lonely heart of mine as well. I felt that thou wert incomplete and when we were together and I touched thee deeply at thy core of existence---I knew it was thee within me and I within thou and we became as one in that instant! I felt thee as thou art truly a man----yet a child lost and lonely and confused—but always alone and unloved and unwanted!"

"My lady then thou didst feel all of that within my lonely heart and thou hast freed me from an empty and cold existence, and now my life is full of adventure and change and now I am as I always should have been--alive and free and HAPPY!"

The great stallion Vivatar trotted slowly to the children and he suddenly spoke, "My Lord and Lady the children are playing shall we stop and amuse them with tales and music of bygone ages?"

Erick laughed and said aloud, "Only if ye thinks we should great steed, rather let them be children and play and enjoy a life unfettered by adults and Giants with tales of yesteryear!"

Suddenly they noticed a great shadow that blotted out the sun passing slowly over the land moving towards the children playing upon the meadow. "DRAGONHAWK----AND IT HEADED TOWARDS THE CHILDREN!" Growled Erick in a low yet deep voice!

Erick urged forward the great stallion Vivatar, "Quickly my friend gallop towards the children and ride true and fast---Quickly lest the children be harmed by this creature of nightmare!"

Vivatar galloped quickly covering the ground easily as the Lady Deleeya hung onto the saddle forward...ever forward they rode until Erick reigned the great horse and he did leapt from the saddle unto the ground. He then sighted the DragonHawk as it flew lazily towards the children’s position.

Erick grasped his great spear and sighted the DragonHawk as it flew to the children and they unknowingly played on without any reason to know fear.

He hefted the great lance easily for its balance was perfect for a moment he stood and acquired the target of the ghastly DragonHawk as it was hunting the children. Erick hurled the great lance with all of his might and it flew true and straight and it did pierce the heart of this great enemy of mortal men!

The great and terrible animal let out a scream of pain and rage and fury as it fell to the ground a good distance from the group of children playing still without notice as to their peril.

Erick mounted the great steed behind Lady Deleeya once more, "Vivatar ride quickly to the direction of that beast lest it attempt to harm others even though' it is mortally wounded!"

"Yes My Lord," said the mighty steed as the stallion's hoofs pounded the ground fiercely and soon they arrived where the creature lay writhing in pain upon the ground it wings fluttered incessantly. "Vivatar protect the Lady Deleeya from this creature should I fall," Eric shouted as he leapt from the stallion. “Yes My Lord I would protect the Lady Deleeya with my very life,” replied Vivatar the mystical stallion as his eyes seemed to blaze forth with flames and his breath emitted fire!

Erick drew his great sword Talonnor and stood his ground, the light of the sun glistened from his Gold and black battle armor as he hurled his great cloak away from him! The steed moved away from the fray he galloped a short distance to protect the Lady Deleeya seated upon his saddled back. Globes--spheres of white hot light and power appeared around the Lady Deleeya's hands and the very air crackled as her power became manifest and her very eyes became as orbs of pure crimson. She watched the DragonHawk carefully ready to unleash her power should the creature harm Erick. Suddenly the three great scars upon Erick’s face became as scarlet from his great rage and anger at the thought of injury to innocents under his protection.

Erick approached the creature cautiously for it was a beast of nightmare part bird and part dragon with wings that beat even though the creature was pained from the great lance that pierced its heart! It looked at him with great hatred and the desire to kill him before it died. With great fangs gnashing and a great scream of rage and fury it looked upon Erick with burning eyes of fury and death! The DragonHawk let out a great scream of pain and fury as it grasped the great lance that was protruding from its breast with its clawed forearms. Steel and wooden shards exploded in the very air as the great spear splintered and broke apart.

Now Erick was learning the full extent of his powers and abilities and he knew that he was the “Lord of the Storm.” With a nod he unleashed a bolt of Lightening that channeled through the great sword Talonnor that he pointed at the monstrous creature. The bolt of lightening struck the creature and seared the monster and the very ground it stood upon and it fell heavily onto the ground!

The DragonHawk regained its footing and stood up once more and said in defiance, "Come forward little Giant and face me let me tear the flesh from thy body as my last desire before I die this slow death!"

Again Erick used his power and unleashed another great bolt of pure lightening that struck this great creature of nightmare. Full upon the breast did this energy fall and again it scorched the very ground and the very air sizzled from the powerful release of force.

Erick paused a moment and then set his teeth and silently he leapt God-like at the creature and stabbed at the beast with his great sword. It penetrated the creature's neck and black blood spilled upon the ground and the creature screamed again.

"Foul Giant that thou wouldst ally yourself with these petty mortals, who hate thee and fear thee as much as they do those of us called the demons of the night."

The large beast fell upon the ground breathing heavily for it was mortally wounded unto death itself. It lay upon its side with black blood pooling all about the ground and it breathed laboriously for death was near! It great wings stopped fluttering.

Erick moved forward and prepared to destroy the creature from Stygian darkness, and he set his swords edge upon the neck of the monster. It looked upon him and said, "Fear naught small Giant for I will be free from hunger and from my own instincts upon this death of mine. Free me from this sad and lonely existence noble giant for I am the last of my kind with my passing there are no more!"

Erick looked upon the DragonHawk with awe that it could address him as such. The great stallion Vivatar moved closer now at the prompting of the Lady Deleeya. She had heard the words of the beast, "My Lord is this true that this creature can speak and is it aware of life?"

"Yes My lady it can for it uses words to trick and to bewilder others with its evil for its own ends. Beware not to be seduced by its words for Dragons have a great power even this close to death!"

"Yes gentle lady I am Asgalon the Black and I am the last of my kind I welcome death for I am the last DragonHawk in this land. Let my death be a warning unto both of thee and thy husband Erick that thy days are numbered amongst the humans. Yes Erick I know thee well for thou hast slain many of my brothers and my mate as well---I welcome death from this sad and painful existence!"

“I did not wish to truly harm the children….I only sought a destroyer to end my existence within this long and sad lonely life of mine own for I have lived too long and I desire an end to the pain of a life of nothingless!”

"Free me from this life of loneliness and emptiness for I can bear the pain of this cold life no more!" Asgalon said with tears welling up within his eyes. "Let me join my brethren in death and thus be at peace once more!"

"Erick I fear death no more as I fear living a life alone more…..then thou wouldst believe, please my lord free me, free me once more that may I soar upon the cosmic winds and join my brothers and my mate in that unknown ether of space!"

The Lady Deleeya gazed upon Asgalon The Black with great sadness for she understood that he had been alone many years with only sorrow and death as his companions nothing more mattered to him now. "Erick Please grant him what he wishes and make his demise swift let him know no more pain!" She implored of Erick.

Erick looked at the Lady Deleeya for a moment and he nodded his head in agreement with her wishes. "Asgalon at first I thought to slay a terrible Stygian monster from the depths of hell; that would have harmed the children of mortals. Now I find myself giving a death blow out of sympathy and mercy to a bold yet thoughtful creature that is without hope or life!"

"Pardon my hand in this instance noble beast for I salute thee, may thou be free amongst the cosmic winds of space for I set thee free from a long and lonely life!" With that Erick's sword pierced the creature’s neck and in that moment Asgalon breathed his last breath and the light faded from his tear-filled eyes and his voice said softly, "Thanks be unto thee Brother!"

The Lady Deleeya looked away and a great sadness filled her heart and her eyes misted with tears for this brave yet sad monster that chose this noble death rather then an existence of eternal loneliness for DragonHawks if left alone are immortal.

Erick cleaned his sword silently and then sheathed the blade within his scabbard. He looked upon the dead creature and then mounted the great horse Vivatar behind the Lady Deleeya.

Suddenly the body of the DragonHawk began to shimmer with thousands of pinpoints of a bright light and then it vanished as if it had never existed and the field was empty once more.

"My Lord and Lady he is at peace now and the children are safe," said the great steed, "Let us go to them and make certain as to their safety and their joy and let us amuse the children with wonder and awe-filled tales.

Erick sighed for a moment for his heart and soul were greatly troubled by his actions, "I thought that I was slaying a beast of the shadows and instead I found that I slew a fellow being dying of emptiness alone and more unloved in his sad life then ever I was!"

"My Lady Deleeya, that creature could have been me years ago if thou hadst not rescued my heart and soul all those many years ago." Eric shook his head as his emotions and his heart grew heavy. "My Lady Deleeya did I slay a monster or did I kill a creature similar to mine own heart?"

"I know naught, but I am filled with remorse for I never meant to kill and destroy wantonly. I only thought to rid this world of Demons and Eldritch Gods from forgotten ages, and free mortals of the night terrors that they themselves could not kill!"

Erick rode quietly upon the great stallion and came to a rise above where the children were playing their games and they were laughing and singing obliviously to the dire events that occurred not far from them. He looked upon the gentle children and he did wonder upon his place here in the world of mortals.

The Lady Deleeya spoke to him and in a stern but low tone of voice, "Erick let not thy heart ever be troubled rather rejoice that the children are happy and free from another monster! Although this creature was sad at the end of its life this creature was a destroyer early in its life. For I have heard of this Asgalon the Black and he was truly a slayer of the sons of man!"

"Yes, thou mayest be remorseful of his destruction for he was truly the last of his kind for many years, I feel he was searching out for thou or someone such as thee to slay him and end his lifetime of loneliness for what creature upon this earth seeks to be alone?" His existence was a mistake here upon this land, for he was created by the Dark Lord many long ages ago and truly these creatures ruled the world at one time."

"Thine reward for freeing the land of these foul beasts is there upon that green glade of grass by that clear blue brook of water. My Lord listen to their voices raised in laughter and song watch the children and the mortals as they learn to live and create a life within this bold new world that they are living within!"

"My Lord be happy for thou art a good and brave and noble man of great conviction; My Lord let us speak to the children and let them know thee as both Hero and friend unto moral man!"

Erick looked upon the Lady Deleeya's visage and smiled and he did pause and laugh deeply. "My Lady Deleeya always dost thou know the words to calm mine own troubled heart and ease mine own doubts and fears!"

"Thou art correct in all ways again my Lady for I am thine in this life of strife. Come let us go to the children and speak with them and amuse them with great stories of the days long since passed." The Lady Deleeya looked upon the scarred visage of Erick's face and she used her power to heal his heart and make him forget the memory of the creature's words for she so loved this gentle and noble giant! As she touched his face she knew that she would never leave his side for he needed her presence within this life as much as she needed him!

And thus the foul creatures of night known as DragonHawks passed into memory and eventually became legend and tales passed down from the ancients.

Of the Children that laughed and played that day they were entertained and bemused by the Great Hero and Champion Erick and his Lady Deleeya. For they never forgot his leadership nor his gentle manner with which he cared for all of them and loved them as a father loves his sons and daughters!

As ages passed the mists of time and space gather and the age of man unfolded and the mortals became the masters of the world in the fourth age of Man! Of the powerful Giant Erick and his beautiful Lady Deleeya although' they too passed one day from the world of man, the tales of their great courage and great love never ended. For truth and nobility like Love and Beauty endure for all eternity forevermore!

Knights Code of Chivalry:
The Knights Code of Chivalry and the vows of Knighthood
Described in the Song of Roland:
• To fear God and maintain His Church
• To serve the liege lord in valor and faith
• To protect the weak and defenseless
• To give succor to widows and orphans
• To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
• To live by honor and for glory
• To despise pecuniary reward
• To fight for the welfare of all
• To obey those placed in authority
• To guard the honor of fellow knights
• To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
• To keep faith
• At all times to speak the truth
• To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
• To respect the honor of women
• Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
• Never to turn the back upon a foe

The End

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The following comments are for "The Passing Of Ages"
by Artorius

My Lord
I wasn't going to comment because you already know what I thought. But some folks just don't get it so I guess I'll have to start...

I know that you have re-written this just for me and you've plucked the words right from my heart..cause You know it's how I feel for You in each and every part...Your passion stirs my heart and soul ..unlike anything i've ever felt..and I am the most lucky one....because I have Your Heart!

( Posted by: rlwhodges [Member] On: October 14, 2009 )

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