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The Empire Strikes Out
by drsoos (Member) - published: October 18, 2004
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Category - Editorials
© Copyright by drsoos

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"The Empire Strikes Out" or "How to Gain Funds & Influence Peddlers"

God save us from the incompetent imperialists.
These clowns must have thought Iraq would be firmly in our control by now to serve as a base for subduing Iran.

With control of Mideast oil China would have no choice but to accede to our desire to neutralize North Korea's "nucular" capabilities, thereby defeating the "Axis of Evil".

As the sole superpower, with control of precious oil, we could attack terrorists wherever they may hide, and silence anyone who dared to complain.


Unfortunately this plan was riddled with flaws obvious to the average "RISK" player.
Iraq could not be rebuilt & re-molded "on the cheap" with the minimal number of troops deployed, who proudly achieved a lightning-swift military victory but lacked the numbers or the training to enforce the peace as an occupying force. Our sons & daughters, untrained for the “nation building” scorned by the Bush 2000 campaign, were cynically used by Bush & the neo-cons to assuage the American publics' need to avenge 9/11 while pursuing their conspired dreams of empire conceived long before the Saudi terrorists attacked us with our own hijacked airplanes. Their well-planned invasion was followed by confusion & disappointment that Iraqis did not embrace the “liberators” sent by the son of the man who encouraged them to overthrow their oppressor & subsequently abandoned them for domestic political reasons to be tortured and executed. Bush 2 resolved to remain resolute in his resolve to depose Saddam, refusing to allow facts to interfere with his resolute resolve, which is hard work for a man who is all hat & nothing under it.

Bush 1(George Herbert Walker) had the foresight (and good advice from people like Colin Powell) to realize that removing Saddam without a more compliant replacement thug would leave a power vacuum which Iran, now radical Shiite since the fall of the Shah, would quickly move to fill, while the Sunni triangle minority would violently resist a role reversal from dominator to dominated, and the Kurds would seek their own way.

G. Herbie was not the first president to have to deal with one of “our” thugs going “off the reservation”. Most presidents have found thugs to be useful tools of American foreign policy, far easier to control than a democratic majority of foreigners who may disagree with the policies you wish to impose upon them. Particularly during the Cold War, the flourishing of world democracy was secondary to the defeat of Communism, or perhaps we were fighting for capitalism instead of democracy. Eventually, however, our thugs are either deposed by their understandably angry subjugates or must be removed for their overly-publicized brutality &/or failure to comply with our wishes & needs. Unfortunately, the harm to our interests caused by their downfall (the extremists of the side we opposed often win control) may exceed any gains realized by supporting them, as well as generating ill will towards us amongst those subjected to the thuggery. (Recent examples- the Shah of Iran, Marcos, Batiste, Pinochet and Noriega come readily to mind.) By publicly vilifying those whom were quietly supported previously, most presidents limit any political damage & win the enthusiastic support of an ill-informed electorate. G.H.W. Bush vilified Saddam as comparable to Hitler, and there was no outcry at the hypocrisy of our supporting & supplying his killing of Iranians while subsequently condemning him as evil for killing Kuwaitis. Now only thirteen years later his son can condemn the killing of Iranians by our local thug using U.S.-supplied bombs with his father’s encouragement & blessings and nobody questions it. (Wherefore art thou, liberal-dominated press?) We’ve done some bad things in the world, George, often for reasons that seem (or seemed at the time) good. It’s not just our high standard of living that much of the world hates us for- it might be the nasty deeds done, allegedly for democracy & freedom. Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it- while remaining ignorant of doing so.

Bush Sr. was playing Iraq against Iran in a grand game of “let’s you & him fight” to prevent either side from dominating the region. When Saddam used chemical weapons against Iranians & Kurds the Bush 1 administration protested publicly while quietly dispatching young Donald Rumsfeld to reassure Saddam that we would continue to supply him with weapons. Rumsfeld offered Saddam more & bigger American bombs as a more efficient & more acceptable means of killing than chemical weapons. Saddam was apparently convinced, as there is no credible evidence that he used WMD's since then & none have been found. Perhaps this experience caused him to believe our warnings against invading Kuwait were simply for public consumption as well. He was our pet thug until he went astray, and Bush 1 was masterly in selling an oil war to the public as a battle against an evil dictator for Kuwaiti freedom. (Kuwaitis are once again free to be ruled by royal decree. Talk of democratic reforms quietly died in the post-war euphoria.)***UPDATE 9/292009 Kuwait can wait for major reform as a new parlament mutters & clears its' throat frequently.***
A true coalition was possible with the much higher stakes of interruption of a huge portion of world oil production at risk (Saudi, Kuwaiti, Iraqi) compared with Iraq’s recent output, as well as Bush 1’s willingness to share the spoils of war with our allies.

L'il Bush's campaign packaged him as a "uniter" who would work with allies & the U.N. for non-violent solutions to world problems. To reassure an uneasy public he surrounded himself with moderate advisers from his father’s administration, such as Colin Powell (now kept muzzled in an undisclosed location until a “voice of reason” is required to sell their latest pack of lies) yet turned out to be a Wolfowitz in sheep’ clothing, fooling almost half the voters & was nearly elected before polling irregularities that would embarrass a third-world country occurred in the state governed by his brother, providing a pretext for the Supreme Republican Court to appoint him as president.

After his appointment to commander-in-chief we learned that this "compassionate conservative" conserved his compassion (in the Halliburton fashion) for his rich and powerful friends & supporters. He stumbled, bumbled & mis-spoke his way through the early months of his term while tossing distracting “issues” such as school prayer, gay marriage and flag-burning like raw meat to his rabid-right supporters, and dazzled the gullible with $300 tax cut checks while giving billions to the rich. Petty wedge issues and tasty sound bites were served up to cover his ineptitude while he ignored repeated warnings since before his term began, until we were actually attacked by citizens of the country ruled by his family’s great friends, the House of Saud. His administration turned a deaf ear to warnings from members of the outgoing administration, his own advisers, & the CIA of the imminent attack on America that he used as a pretext for the long- (but poorly)-planned effort to dominate the Middle East. By his failure to act he invited, whether unwittingly or knowingly, the attacks he used to justify a major assault on a minor pimple on America’s ass, committing the bulk of our nation’s available forces to his private and fatally flawed agenda. Meanwhile the search for Osama & Al-Quiada was delegated to a ragtag band of Afghan warlords, many of whom were Taliban supporters, who proved incapable of suspending their internecine tribal disputes long enough to find a seven-foot tall man dressed in white dragging around a dialysis machine from cave to cave, with only a small number of American troops committed to a futile effort of leadership akin to herding cats.

This sorry excuse for a leader has embarrassed our country for four years too long already, beginning with his rejection of the Kyoto global warming treaty (billions of dollars of timely hurricane disaster relief to brother Jeb’s critical Florida voters but no recognition of the fact that the damage is due to warmer ocean temps & will likely continue to worsen) and has continued to poke his middle finger in the eyes of our allies who shared our tears & outrage after the 9/11 attacks & would have supported an all-out war on terror if only our president had proven capable of leading the free world in a credible & appropriate effort. He instead continued to pursue his pre 9/11 agenda of subduing Iraq for the benefit of the Bush family’s corporate allies, excluding any non-American companies from the anticipated post-war bounty, thereby excluding most of our would-be allies, who must answer to their own corporate sponsors as well as the electorate. In pursuit of the mastermind Bin-Laden, who provided the excuse to invoke his half-baked plan, he dispatched a token force whose hands were tied by rules of non-engagement in consideration of our “ally”, Pakistan, who sold nuclear materials & secrets to our real & growing enemies upon whom our attention should have been focused & who now openly declare their nuclear intentions with the knowledge that we are powerless to intercede due to our present unfortunate commitment in Iraq.

The man who in 2000 campaigned as a “uniter, not a divider” has managed to unite radical Islamists against us and alienate most of our would-be allies. He termed the war on terror a “crusade”. He has bolstered the credibility of our enemies & revealed his true priorities by protecting the Iraqi oil ministry from looting while leaving sacred Islamic shrines and the ancient irreplaceable treasures of museums unprotected. He has created a new breeding ground for the recruitment & training of terrorists in the country he sought to dominate. He has made our country appear weak & impotent beyond the dreams & means of the terrorists, allowing Iran & North Korea to pursue their nuclear agenda while American strength & lives are squandered in pursuit of a dream that he cannot admit has become a nightmare. Iran will likely continue its “peaceful” nuclear program until it gains atomic weapons while consolidating the power it already exerts over the Shiite majority of Iraq, while Sunnis & Kurds wage a civil war to escape Shiite rule, with our troops dying as Iraq disintegrates, as Bush 1 feared & therefore avoided. North Korea’s Kim Il-Jung, the only world leader more belligerent and less sane than ours, will continue to thumb his nose at us without fear of reprisal.

This country cannot afford four more years of certain resolve despite the facts. We must admit that the wishful thinking of many following 9/11 did not suddenly turn Bush into the competent leader we craved to see & follow. 9/11 simply provided his radical advisors with new packaging that a frightened & angry public was eager to buy. It’s time to admit, as he cannot, that we made a mistake. This product doesn’t work as advertised. It has failed to remove terrorist threats, has stained our reputation and has weakened our nation’s fabric. Let’s not buy it again.


"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesman and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do."

- Ralph 'Where's Waldo' Emerson

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like. And I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
- Bilbo Baggins



"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesman and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do."

- Ralph 'Where's Waldo' Emerson

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like. And I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
- Bilbo Baggins

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The following comments are for "Prescience: I Told You, Dammit! 10.18.04"
by drsoos

therein lies the truth
Dr. Soos,
As near as I can tell, you have nailed the events of the last twenty years fairly accurately. Alas for the uninformed electorate. We all have to do an incredible amount of critical reading, mostly between the lines, to gather any real information. So, how do you see things now?

( Posted by: brickhouse [Member] On: August 30, 2009 )

Average rating? I think not...
Yep, this is right on good stuff;-)


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 30, 2009 )

! The Illusion of Choice !
Last line: "let's not buy it again".

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.
Looks a lot like this to me:

( Posted by: thetesticularprancer [Member] On: August 30, 2009 )

A well informed, accurate, if somewhat skewed, rant. But, for me,like looking at the exposed part of an icberg. Oil is at its center but the choices and politics are a carry over of British and French machinations. By putting a western thumb on the Muslim world and forcing borders and countries on a religious system that doesn't want borders - just for the purpose of 'civilized control' - was never going to work. Since Sunni and Shiite differences, on who was 'legitimate' to run the faith, caused centuries of hatred and turmoil.Tribal and religious strife has been around since the death of the Prophet. We in the West meddle and blunder, wondering why we can not make 'those'people compliant.In fact, our meddling is the only unifying force. "Ah yes I hate you-you infidel- but I hate the great satan more.'

I agree that the Bush's had problems - those left over from the protracted war between the USSR and Afghanistan (Being big boys too the Russians wanted to meddle as well.) According to many Afghan's it was the US (CIA) and the Pakistani equivalent that created the twisted version of Islam that created the Taliban.(We are now fighting against weapons we supplied them) That the Taliban have turned, like Frankenstein's monster, on its creator is gruesomely ironic. Every thing you have written here is probably true - will this handsome ,young, idealistic, President masterfully - with a delightful Walt Disney wave of his 'I'm for choice' hand- do any thing different, or for that matter intelligent -I doubt it. Not because he is a bad man any more than I believe both the Bushs were bad men (though it easier to demonize from the right or the left than admit that the world is being run by politically crazy pot smokin' caterpillars and a plethora of elected and appointed power-mad white rabbits. (Sorry, I found the criminal stupidity of both Parties fascinating in Florida -lets all tell the truth, if it had been a Liberal Court Gore would have been the President and a whole new insanity would be written about today.) For the record I am not a Demonut or a Rebublanut - I am a mostly sane person living in a great country in an insane asylum world run by lunatics who believe what they think and have the power to act on it.I am a man of faith, I have to be, God save us all.

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: August 30, 2009 )

a ? for Dr Soos
I agree with...most of this. As a service member my views on the whole thing would surprise most people. Even at the time you wrote this I agreed with it. I didn't vote for the fucker, (speaking of GWB) That being said, I have to point out one thing in this rant I don't agree with at all.

"Unfortunately this plan was riddled with flaws obvious to the average "RISK" player.
Iraq could not be rebuilt & re-molded "on the cheap" with the minimal number of troops deployed, who proudly achieved a lightning-swift military victory but lacked the numbers or the training to enforce the peace as an occupying force. Our sons & daughters, untrained for the “nation building” scorned by the Bush 2000 campaign....."

Now here's my question, Did you serve during the invasion of Iraq? If you did, and you felt undertrained, then I guess thats your opinion and your entitled to it. If you didn't serve during that time, if you werent there...I'm sorry, but you don't get an opinion about our training. I was there, for the entire invasion, and twice more as part of the "untrained nation building..." blah blah blah blah......My training has saved my life countless times in combat.

If I've missed something and you werent talking about...I don't know, if I'm wrong, the please tell me I'm wrong. Like I said, I agree with the rest of it. I really do, bush was a.....well, you said what he was more perfectly than I could ever dream of it. So please, don't take my comments as an attack, but this is a subject I am very passionate about. I agree that the training soldiers have recieved during the last four or five years is not up to par at all, but thats a whole different rant, but back then, at the begining when you wrote this, we were trained damnit and if you werent there, that was an unfair statement that you made.......

Again, please take this in the spirit is intended, a differing veiwpoint, and nothing more. This was well thought out and put together in every other since. I agree with the rest of it.


( Posted by: HeRoCoMpLeX [Member] On: August 31, 2009 )

RE Prescience & hindsight: HeRo et al
Dave/HeRo: No, I did not serve in the military; although I was offered seemingly abundant rewards by a variety of recruiters, including college education & $$$ bonus, but this was 1976, just post-Vietnam, and I declined these generous offers. In hindsight, I recall perhaps Grenada & Panama as our only overt military actions during the time of my would-be service. I would likely have survived this period while gaining the benefits of military training, ie how to fight effectively, useful for self-defense, as well as self-motivation- a continuing character defect, as well as the college benefits. Having an aversion to death &/or injury, I chose not to serve. I admire those, then and now, who served their country, by choice and by force (draft or 'extended deployment'). I merely contend that our military was, while well-trained and more than able in combat, lacking training in nation building or long-term occupation of foreign lands. If I am wrong please correct me. My opinion is based upon both first-hand communication from others such as yourself who were there as well as reliable news sources, so as a USA citizen, whose rights you have sworn to defend, I DO get an opinion in spite of my lack of military service. Again, if the government was indeed as well prepared for the aftermath of victory as you deserved perhaps your inside view would belie the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. "Mission Accomplished"? Hell yes, regarding the invasion, but you guys got screwed in the chaos to follow. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful and informative comments.

Jonpenny: I agree that covert USA CIA support at the least fed the growth of the Taliban by making them seem blessed by Allah in their ability to vanquish the great USSR. Tons of Stinger missiles and other goodies we left behind along with any support for the new and fragile Afghan government or citizenry led to resentment of our abandonment of their nation. Our abandoned hardware begged to be used- eventually against us. The Wahhabi of Saudi Arabia also demand our awareness, as Osama bin Laden as well as a majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from there. The only planes in the sky in the days to follow were carrying Bin Laden family members and other upstanding Saudis homeward, or perhaps Paris. I appreciate your interest and your response.

Ttprancer: Time will tell. I hope otherwise.

Lena: Thanks yet again.

Brickhouse: No prognostications at this point. I think we've got the right guy to send a message to the world that we aspire to use our unique strength in cooperation with other nations to promote peace, battle terrorists, and work to improve the human condition worldwide- but he's already rather busy just now. Our own experience, from Revolutionary birth to Civil War declaration that states shall not secede from the Union might temper our attitudes toward Honduras and Russia. Our NATO allies could be more supportive regarding Afghanistan. I hope for increased cooperation and peace, but conditions beyond our control seem to be conducive to increased conflict as international demand for limited resources continues to rise, exacerbating intercultural tensions.

Thanks to all for reading. I hope I made you think. Thanks for all comments, food for my thoughts.


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: September 3, 2009 )

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