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What do you need from me? I'm always ready! LOL!!!!!!! I have a treat for you, my latest novel is about a serial killer called Prey of the Scavanger, I'm including the prologue


After so very long, I have awaken once again. I feel my lungs, as they breath. I can see again, after ,my eyes haven't seen in such a very long time. I feel the blood as it pulsates. But most importantly, I feel a beating heart, a heart I haven't been aware of for quite some time. Looking around, I see, I am within, familiar surroundings, I see the jars that are on the surrounding shelves, containing the things I desperately need, if I am to continue my work. Jars roots and herbs, other jars containing things that have to be kept in formaldehyde, the stench is very recognizable. I do remember the work, I have always done, the work that makes me feel in control, the work, the results make me feel like a man.
Being aware of my awakening, I don't know where I have been, or for how long. I look down at the olive skinned hands, that have performed many horrific deeds, I needed to do for my sanity. Curiosity totally engulfing my soul, in this small room, my rituntual room, I frantically search for something to tell me how long I have been asleep this time, as I have suffered these kind of mental lapses before. Feeling around my pants, I discover, there is no wallet. So I start searching through my pockets and to my surprise, I find a receipt from a store. It has a date. It says August 1968.
This floors me, the last year I remember is 1958. Ten years, WOW! Hard to believe! But, here in my hand, I am holding documented proof. Scratching my head, I have no idea where I have been. I just wish the cobwebs would clear from my mind, so I could figure this thing out.
As I try and remember, memories from the past fill my mind. Just like a video in my head, I start reliving the past in my mind. I can visualize my mother, a woman that was a native here, in the state of Louisiana. She was Creole, and was a very active high priestess of hoodoo. She was known as a root doctor. She was in very big demand, because of her status. She was a very demanding over bearing woman, that really help mold what I turned out to be.
My mother was known as Doctor Marisa. Her parents were white, but my father was Creole. He was a drunk that used to severely beat me. He never said he was sorry or admitted he was wrong. He fought his own demons. His demon was in a bottle. His drink of choice was Crown Royal. When he ran off with another woman, he left several cases of this demonic drink behind, This turned out to be a very good thing. Because in my work, which I learned from my mother, the velvet bags associated with this liquor, I use for mojo bags. A bag in which I use for my roots and herbs, when I practice my work, it helps me cast the spells, that I need to do, to remain in total control.
My mother, after a while, had her own demon. But hers was in a syringe. She did her root work, but a lot of the time she was high. In her drug imposed stupor, at times she sexually molested me. She was always in control, especially of me. She finally choose her drug over me. Suffering a drug overdose, she abandoned me, leaving me a ward of the state.
Soon, I was in and out of several foster homes, most treated me very bad, like I was intruding. These strangers were always in control of my life. My last foster parents, would sell me to others for sex, them always making money off of me. Treating me no better than a stray dog. Soon, I remembered the hoodoo, I learned from my mother, making me in control. In my work blood is the major representation of power. So, I figured out how I would be the one in control.
The first blood offerings I did, I did when I was sixteen. After coming to the home of my foster parents after school one day, I decided it was time for me to take control. I lay in wait, in the silence of a house, where they would become my first sacrifice, I needed their blood.
My foster mother was the first to arrive home that day, from the shadows, I made my presence known. She saw my face, as I strangled the life from her, after I knew she was dead, I started the work, that I knew for the first time in my life, I was in control. After her death, I slashed her throat, then I let her bleed out. The blood was everywhere. Blood being the ultimate source of power, I ingested some of the power, and it felt so good.
The feeling I got from this act, I just couldn't' felt describe in words. One could say, in a way it was sexual. With the first sacrifice done, I lay in wait of my second victim, anxiously awaiting my foster father, so once again I could achieve, that over whelming feeling of pleasure that I, as I was in complete control.
I knew my foster father would be harder for me to overcome, so as I waited for him, I started thinking and devising my plan. I made sure I had committed my first sacrifice in a place, in which my foster mother would not be seen, that way my next victim would not be caught off guard, by what he would have seen. After a while, I hear the front door as it opens and then I hear my foster father calling for my foster mother. After his calls not being answered I guess he figured, his wife was shopping or something.
My foster father not expecting anything, I decide it is time to make my presence known. I'm in a closet, I try being very very quiet as I quietly ease the door to the closet open. My foster father does not hear me as I sneak up from behind. I have to be very careful as I overcome him, making sure I do not mangle my intended sacrifice. The Gods like their sacrifice to be in tact, as much as possible.
In my hand I have a vase, and with the vase I quietly, from behind, I hit my foster father on the head. He falls to the floor, unconsience. Then I slit his throat, allowing his life force to flow from his body. I remember, I even kept some of his blood, kind of like a trophy of sorts. Him lying on the floor, I leave the mojo bag beside his body, I then say the magical words, hoping the Gods were satisfied with my sacrifices, allowing me to keep this completely awesome feeling of being in control.
I then decide I have to flee, because the police force just wouldn't understand, the impact of the sacrifices. So I put on some gloves, go over to the dead body of my foster father, feeling his pants, searching for a wallet, I feel it in one of his pockets. I then bend over the body, taking the wallet from his pants. Looking inside, there is only a couple of hundred dollars. Just enough to get me started on my long journey of trying to stay one step ahead of authorities.
I then remember in my foster parents bedroom there is a safe, but I need the combination. Rummaging through the wallet, I find a piece of paper, and written on the paper it looks like a combination to a safe. I figure why not give it a try. I go into the bedroom, find the safe, trying the combination, and to my amazement, the safe opens. Inside there is jewelry, papers, and cash. I leave the jewelry because that could be traced, but the cash, there is at least three thousand dollars.
After finding this money, there is a choice, I must make. To stay here and face the consequences of my actions, which was totally necessary for my beliefs or flee the scene, because I felt I had done no wrong. I choose the latter. I decide to take the money and fleer.
I decide to make the murder scene, look like a robbery gone very wrong. Only one thing, I must leave the velvet Crown Royal bag, the mojo bag at the scene, to complete the ritual, but I hide it in the floor, hoping it will be overlooked.
I decide not to take the family car and I take no personal possessions with me, in hopes the authorities will think, hopefully I was taken against my will. With money in hand, I walk about a mile to the highway, my gateway to freedom. I start to hitch hike, leaving New Orleans behind me, the place of my first sacrifices.
I am picked up by a truck driver. After I get into the truck the driver asks me where I am headed, I tell him, I am headed to La Fayette, I was going here to visit some relatives. We keep on going north, talking about nothing in particular, until we reach the city limits of my intended destination. I thank the trucker, and get out of the truck, stepping forth into a new life that was most importantly chosen by me. I'm in control for the first time ever in my life.
As I walk into freedom, I have never before experienced, I figure the first thing I must do is find some kind of lodging, as I am walking up the road, I see a big house with a sign saying, Rooms for Rent. So I figure I would give it a try. So I walk up on the porch and knock on the front door. An over weight older lady answers the door. She seems to be very nice. I tell her I saw the sign and I wondered if she had any vacancies? She tells me yes and to follow her.
I walk into the big gothic looking house, noticing how clean it is. We walk up a staircase, to the first room on the right at the top of the stairs. She opens the door, to a simple but very clean room. She tells me the room is a hundred dollars a month, and I tell her I will take it. She mentions the fact I have no luggage with me, I tell her I left it at the bus station until I found a room, so my next step is to buy some necessities with the money, that had once belonged to my foster parents, a shopping spree of sorts.
I ask my new landlady if there is a shopping center close by, Mrs. Foushee, tells me yes, about a mile up the road. I thank her, then leave the boarding house, headed toward the shopping center, walking. I notice clouds in the sky, dark clouds. I smell rain in the air, so I hasten my pace, hoping I beat the rain.
I let out a heavy sigh, as I see the shopping center, and I have beat the rain. To appease my landlady, I decide after buying the necessities I will also buy a cheap set of luggage, to keep up the facade, I am traveling by bus. Now I have to be very careful, so no one will have any reason to suspect me of anything Entering the shopping center, I am met by the smell of freshly baked doughnuts. I see a doughnut shop to my right, everything is very bright within the shopping center, there are people scurrying all around, as they go about their business.
The first store I go to is a clothing store, here I but shirts, pants, underwear, all the things I don't have, but I desperately need. This store has everything. I also buy stuff like shampoo and the likes, I also buy a cheap set of luggage. At the checkout, I ask the clerk to put everything I have just bought inside the luggage, so it will be easier for me to carry.
I start thinking I need to find a place, to build an alter to carry on my work, a ritual alter, a place to worship my Gods. It then occurs to me, it is time to find my next sacrifice. Since I'm in a public place, I figure I will choose my next sacrifice. As I leave the department store, I am carrying to big suitcases of new things I just purchased, I notice all my surroundings and especially the people. I start watching the employees in certain places. I figure I will target employees, that way if I find my next sacrifice at their job, they will have to return to this place everyday, because it is their job. Walking around, it occurs to me, I need to find a job and buy a cheap car. I noticed a used car lot as I made my way to the shopping center, I will have to go there to buy a cheap car, that way I will have the transportation to find a job.
I find my way back to the doughnut shop and then I see her. She looks to be about seventeen. She is a blond, very petite and very pretty. I walk up to the counter and I hear the words," M ay I help you?" Startled back to reality, I tell the girl, two chocolate doughnuts, as she bends down to get the doughnuts, I can't help but notice I can see down her shirt. I notice she is causing me to have an erection, I then decide on my next victim and I have to claim her sexually also.
I just happen to notice, the hours of operation of the little doughnut shop. It closes at 9:00 P. M., looking at my watch it is 3:00 P.M.. I have plenty of time. Next thing I must do is find myself a cheap car, so carrying my luggage, I go to the used car lot, I saw on my way to the shopping center.
Walking onto the lot, I spy an old Studebaker one that is black and white in color, and a salesman makes his way to me. I ask about the car in question, and with what he thinks are persuasive ways of salesmanship, he says he will let me have the car for six hundred dollars. I tell him sold. He goes back to his office to prepare the necessary paper work. After all the business is taken care of, I put the luggage into the car and drive back to the boarding house. Exiting the car, with luggage in hand, I make sure the landlady sees me, especially since I have the luggage Going to my room, Mrs. Foushee says," I didn't know you had a car, just buy it?" I tell her yes and she tells me to make sure I park it in the back of the house. I agree, then spend the rest of the day getting my room in order.
Around 7:00 P.M., with a little daylight left, I noticed some woods in the back of the house, I think what a perfect place for an alter, so I go exploring in the woods to find a place for my alter. I stumble upon a large rock, totally enclosed by tress. What a perfect place, I think, and consider myself very lucky to have found this place. By now it is getting dark and it is almost 8:30 P.M. I know I must go back to the shopping center to acquire my next sacrifice.
I drive back to the shopping center, get out, go to a place I can watch the doughnut shop, making sure I stay within the shadows, so I don't be seen, especially by my intended victim. From the shadows, I can smell the distinct aroma, of the doughnuts, and I have a clear view of the intended. But then I see something I hadn't bargained on. It seems someone is there to meet my intended. It is a blond woman, forties, possibly my victim's mother.
No problem, then I notice another young girl, blond also looking to be about fourteen, possibly my intended's younger sister. I watch from the shadows, as my intended closes the doughnut shop, the others seem to be helping her. In my possession, I have a handgun, I stole from my first victims, it is a nice gun, a forty-four magnum.
From the shadows, I make my presence known. I think to myself how convenient, instead of one sacrifice, I will have three. I walk up behind the older lady, smelling her perfume as I do so. I grab her around the neck from behind, sticking the gun in her ribs, telling the women they must do just as I say, if they want to live.
All three females, seem to be caught off guard by my presence. I can see and sense the fear, the three females seem to be showing and feeling. I tell the females to start walking toward the door, that will take us outside into the darkness of night.
Once outside, I direct the three females to the back of the shopping center, where there are no lights, , and the only word for the darkness of night is total blackness. There is a wall here, where what I have planned will totally be hidden from view. Here we all come to a stop. On my person, over my shoulder I carry like a gym bag, but in this bag, I carry all the things necessary to do my work.
Showing the gun, that I will not hesitate to use, I tie the three females, up, with hands behind their back, I demand they all sit down. Then the one, I call my intended, I order her to the other side of the wall, where she is hidden from the view of the others. Here with the gun at here head, I savagely rape her, It was like all my primitive instincts came forward. My intended fought me all the way, squirming and screaming. But I know it is late enough, that no one can hear her pleas. After a while of having my way with my intended, it is time to silence her, permanently. So without a word, I hold her head back, slitting her throat. As with my foster parents, I watch as her life force flows. Bending down, I collect some of her blood, the ultimate source of power, I can offer to my Gods
Going back to the other two females, I hear their cries of fear, through the tape across their mouth. I know they know what happened to my intended, because there are no more screams from her, only the silence, of the very dark, moonless night. I must eliminate, the other two females, as they have seen my face. I can't let them live. They are victims of circumstance, they just got in my way.
I always wear gloves, so no finger prints can be found. I then motion the older female to stand up, then I motion her to go to the other side of the wall. I know she sees my intended, as she lets out a sound of horror, from her taped mouth. Not wasting any time, I walk up behind the older lady and slit her throat watching her life force flow.
Going behind the wall one last time, I deal with the youngest of the three. In a way I feel really bad for what I must do. She has such a quality of innocence about her. I get her to her feet, I don't go to the other side of the wall, as I want to spare her the horror of seeing the others. I know she knows she is about to die. Under her taped mouth, I think she is trying to say the Lord's prayer. But that doesn't stop me. I walk up behind her and slit her throat, and then I watch her life force flow from her body. I really feel bad, because I had to kill some one so young. I take time to pose her dead body, as if she were lying in a coffin. I then leave my mojo bag within plain sight.
I have blood all over me, but I see an outdoor water hose. I use this to wash the blood off myself. Then I silently walk away from the three bodies, that had become a part of my handy work.
After I finished my work, I quickly returned to my car, hidden on the side road, adjacent to the shopping center, this way the car remained in the shadows Upon reaching my car, I get in and drive back to my boarding house. Upon reaching my new home, I quietly walk in the house, go to my room and retire for the evening, with no guilt in my soul.
The next morning, after a breakfast of ham and eggs, I go to the woods behind the boarding house, I find the place, I choose for my new alter. Here I set up and place the things I need to appease my Gods, so hopefully, I will always remain in control.
After I finish with , my work here, the time has come for me to find a job, I still need to make some kind of living. I go back to the boarding house, to take a shower, change my clothes and make myself presentable, especially since I am going to try and find a job.
I noticed a higher classed seafood restaurant, right beside the shopping center, where I had committed my last sacrifices. After I reach the shopping center, it is very clear the authorities have discovered my handy work, as I see, the area has been roped off, evidentially as a crime scene. I feel very proud and totally in control.
Upon reaching the seafood restaurant, I go inside, go up to a very pretty girl, that is evidentially the hostess. I ask her for an application, as I would like to apply for a job. I sit down at one of the many tables to fill out the application .I have to be very careful as I answer the many questions, as I lie on most, especially about my age. I say I'm twenty, everyone has always told me, I always look older than my sixteen years. I smell the aroma of freshly cooked fish. It smells so good.
I am startled by a male voice, it is the manager, he introduces himself to me and sits down with me at the
table. He takes the application, I just filled out, looking it over, shaking his head in a positive way as he does so. I would say the man is in his thirties. I even gave him a fictitious name, as I want to keep my true identity hidden.
The manager tells me the only job opening he has, is that of a waiter. He explains the job has a high turn over, but if you are good, you can make a substantial living. I tell the man I will take the job. We then stand up, shaking hands as we do so, and the manager tells me I can start tomorrow.
A couple of months fly by, in which I live my life with no incidents. I go to work each day, and being a waiter, I make really good money. Still, I have no social life, not like I wish. So I decide, my Gods must want another sacrifice of blood, to strengthen my connection to having the power I need, to be in complete control of my life.
In the woods behind the house in which I live, I have constructed a very primitive alter to the Gods, I believe help me control I my destiny. In the boarding house in which I live, in my room, in my closet, I store the roots and herbs I need to be known as a root doctor. Some things I need are stored in formaldehyde, having an aroma, that would bring tears to the eyes of anyone.
On this particular day, I hear my Gods talking to me telling me they want more blood. In my mind, my Gods want this sacrifice, to prove to them, I am worthy of their help in guiding my life. I go to the make shift alter in the woods, the air is very cool, as I get closer to the alter, I can make out every detail, from the sun light as it is filtered through the many trees surrounding the alter.
Walking up to the alter, I can see the many unlit candles, sitting upon a crude piece of wood, that is now an alter to my Gods. Bending down I light the many candles, signifying, to always see the truth. There are several gifts on the alter, I have left for my Gods, to show my appreciation, for what they do for me. Most of the gifts on the alter are things I leave in the mojo bag I leave at the scene of a sacrifice.
After lighting the candles, I repeat to the Gods, incantations, I learned from my mother when I was a child. As I chant, it is like I go into a trance, this way I am sure of what my Gods want. The main God I worship, named Mati, it is he, I must remain subservient to, in order to have the gift he gives me, of total control of my life.
In my warped mind, I think I hear Mati, telling me what I should do next. I hear him telling me he wants another sacrifice. A sacrifice that will undeniably prove my allegiance to him, proving to him I am his humble servant. I think Mati is telling me this sacrifice has to be different, not just a sacrifice of blood, signifying the power I so want, but a blood sacrifice of the innocent. Blood that is pure, blood that hasn't yet been tainted by the redderick of mankind. I know he wants the ultimate sacrifice of blood. I perceive Mati wants the blood of a child.
For just a moment, I hesitate at the thought of this horrific deed, but I know I must comply in order to stay in complete control.
After learning what I think Mati is telling me what he wants, within my warped mind I know I must comply. I have to go to work, working in a restaurant, I figure this will be the perfect place to choose my victim of innocence. After I leave the chilly woods, I go to my car, start the engine and head to work.
I reach the restaurant, walking in the door, I smell the aroma of cooking seafood the restaurant is infamous for. I make my way through a sea of people as I make my way to the time clock. After clocking in, I start my shift, looking for the sacrifice, Mati told me he wants. I find the manager so he can tell me the section of the restaurant he wants me to work. Upon finding him, he gives me my assignment of three booths and two tables in the non-smoking section.
My first customers, are an elderly couple on one of the three booths. As I am taking their order, I notice that one of my tables is being seated with a family of five. It dawns on me the three children, these children would make the perfect sacrifice that Mati wants.
The three children, I would say range in age from ten to fourteen, just the perfect age, so their blood will not be tainted. In my mind, I figure I will have to kill the parents also. They are just victims of circumstance. I must figure out a way to lure the family back to the restaurant, without them being suspicious of anything. I walk up to their table to take their order, trying to engage them in small talk, as within my mind, I am already making the necessary plans to do my work.
Talking to the parents, I find out day after tomorrow is the birthday of the youngest child, that will be turning eleven. With this information, a door opens, giving me an idea. I treat the family like they are really special. I come up with what I think is a brilliant idea. I write a ticket for the family to come back here day after tomorrow for a free meal to celebrate the young girl's birthday
I tell them when they come back to ask for me Dillon, as I will have to pay for their meal, but I think what a small price to pay, to make sure I will have the sacrifice that Mati has demanded of me. I take their order and throughout their while meal, I treat them like royalty, and the whole time, within my mind I am making my plans.
I figure upon their return, I will sprinkle one of my many herbs that make then sluggish, making it easier to over come the family. The ticket I gave them, I made sure I put a time on it, that it could only be used, near the end of my shift, so I could follow then outside, and then make my move. Near the end of their meal, I am told to go on break, making sure before I leave them, I touch base with them making sure they will be back day after tomorrow. The father thanks me for my kindness, then hands me a twenty dollar bill as my tip, the father showing how much he appreciates my good service. I am at a loss for words and thank him for his generosity.
Going on break, I pick up a newspaper and I notice the headline, no leads in the murders committed by the scavenger.

I sit down at the cluttered employee break table at the back of the restaurant. I an having a simple fish sandwich and coffee as my meal. I open up the newspaper, to the lead story. It is an in depth account of my first five murders, but the police have no leads. The paper has dubbed me the scavenger, saying I'm like a vulture waiting on my prey, for their blood. I feel very flattered, the newspaper would exclusively name me. Talk about the ultimate flattery.
The newspaper article tells me the authorities are just one step behind me. So I figure after my next sacrifices, I will move on. But first I will give Mati the sacrifice he wants. After I finish my break, I go back to work and as I do, the whole time, I'm devising my plan.
The next day, I am off work. I spend my day in the woods, the cool crisp air, makes one really aware of their surroundings. The filtered sunlight, it seems to give everything an aura of sorts, making everything have a hazy look. I spend most of my day chanting and talking with Mati, making sure of what he wants from me. In my mind, Mati instructs me to carry out my plan.
The next day, I go to work, knowing what I must do. I can feel the adrenaline, as it makes it's way through my body. After a few hours at work, I see my intended victims, walk in the restaurant, my heart starts racing as excitement fills my very soul, as I know what lies ahead of me. I must act like nothing special is going to happen, as I wait on my intended victims.
I go to their table, take their order, turning it into the kitchen. I brought the liquid of boiled oleander leaves with me. This I spread over their food, after it comes out of the kitchen. This will incapacitates my victims, so I can total overcome them. In my jacket, I have my gun, that will help me in my endeavors, about to transpire.
I treat the family much as I did the last time I waited on them. After they finish their meal, I and the other wait staff, even sing happy birthday to the little girl. As the family gets up to leave, I notice the children seem to be staggering as they make their way to the front door. Now is the time to make my play.
This family were my last customers, so I grab my jacket, clock out, following my intended, into the parking lot. I decide I will go up behind the mother, putting the gun in her ribs. The others are happy to comply, so I won't hurt her. I tell the father to go to his car and get in and we are going to take a little trip.
We get into the family's car and I tell the man to start driving west outside of the city limits. We come to a dirt road and I tell the man to pull in. By now the children are starting to panic, like they know they will never again see the light of day.
I then kill the entire family, much like the other murders. The children first, I did not want them to witness the death of their parents, after I committed my horrific deeds, I make sure to gather blood of the children, to present to Mati. I leave the bodies where they lay, hoping they won't be found until I totally make my escape.
I was smart, I parked my car near the scene, making sure I parked on pavement, so I would leave no tire tracks. After I get to my car I head toward the boarding house. Any blood that was on my person, I washed off with water I had put in my car. Upon reaching the boarding house, I act like I'm just getting off work, so no one would suspect anything out of the norm. I pack what few things I have, then make my escape. Earlier in the day, I made sure I dismantled the alter to Mati, and I burned everything in hopes of leaving no evidence.
That was the last memory I have until right now. I can't believe I have had a lapse in memory for ten years. I have had memory lapses before, but nothing like this. I decide from now on I will keep a journal, by doing this I hope to know what I do, when I suffer a lapse in memory .I decide I won't use ink, as a tribute to Mati, I will write my journal in blood, the blood of my sacrifices. Looking around I still don't know where I am. The only thing I am really aware of, is I must continue my work, to appease my God, Mati, because in my mind this is why I am in total control of my life.
I know my name is Dillon, but I don't know my last name, so I will continue my work and will go through my life, sporting the name Scavenger. I know no other

Lanaia Lee


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by abbey74

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