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By Moonlight Skywriter ©2009

He walked into the real estate office with his head held high into the clouds. Hello Sir, Hi he said. Oh I am sorry my name is Clem. Clem was a farmer in the next state. He saw that the old Millers Farm was for sale. As he drove up to this town the big black sign read For Sale. He wanted to inquire about it, the one with the steel top roof attatched to the barn. The windmill on the top of the hill. And the jingle jangles of the wind chimes.

Sit down here sir. This is Melinda she will help you with that place. Hello Clem.
Hello mame, I am looking at that house the one with all the funny stuff attached to it. It says itís for sale. Yes it is. The only stipulation we have is that you must live in it for one year then you can have the entire house and land for free. Free? Yes. The house was dedicated to the old timer who used to live there Mr. Miller. Before Mr. Millers demise he told others that he wanted only the serious buyer for his land. He wanted to not sell it, he wanted to give it away but in order to do that he wanted the right person, a family someone who can stay in the house for one full year.

Can you do that Clem? I sure can. Have you ever lived in harsh weather sir? Yes, I have. I have been living around the world alittle snow cannot hurt me. Although he wanted to eat his words right there and then, he could not.
Clem thought it over the papers were signed. He would go into town to get a U-Haul for his furnishings at his old place and bring in his shotgun. Most people would bring their bed and tables and their pets. Clem had no pets, no bed just a shotgun and a table with one chair, one pot, pans, and one glass and a set of silverware. Nothing else. Maybe he would come into this place with some clothes. He had a recliner chair for when he would just read his daily newspaper.
The phone rang. It was Melinda asking Clem to come down and get the land deed and to turn on the electricity for the property. He did just that.
He said that the house would go to his next of kin in case he does not fulfill his obligations. But Melinda said no it would not, that it will retain the rights back to the Miller estate. He could not understand. He explained that he wanted his house to go to his daughter who lived in Germany. They tried to explain to him that the house has to still be under the Miller estate until you stayed and lived there for one full year. Now he understood this.
Clem signed more papers and started to move in. the cobwebs were all over the house, for the last forty years no one has lived in this house. No one could outlive the harsh winters out there. The house really needed some cleaning. Clem drove his big blue four by four down to the town. Millers Pond Road he past the one exit it says, Home of dearly departed. Clem thought of what is that all about. He met a man by the name of Bert and his wife, Gert. Hi is there any cleaning stuff I can get off cobwebs with and floor cleaning? Yes, there is sir. Arenít you new in town sir?

Yes I am. I just purchased the Millers home up the hill. Oh no one ever lives there, do you know about the harsh winters there? Yes, I heard all about it. I heard that Mr. Miller died of the harsh winters up there. We do not get many of them over here we are in the valley and it stays pretty warm here. Have you met our daughter? No I cannot say her name is Pamela. Hello Pamela. She is kind of a shy girl. She can cook and clean for a small stipend fee. No thank you mame.
I can do it all myself. How old is she anyways? She is sixteen. She needs some money for college so she wanted to know if she could help at the new place that you just acquired. No thank you mame. I think I have it all under control.
Do you have any freezers here? Oh up the street at the hardware store its Romalas he has lots of freezers there. Why freeze anything when the snows come you can use the snow to freeze all your food? Nice joke Bert, but I prefer the long kind the one that looks like a coffin the kind you bury yourself in so that when itís time to defrost for the spring, there is enough food in there for the entire neighborhood.
You thinking of freezing yourself mister? No actually my food is. I like fresh new stuff, but when you freeze it, and thaw it out, it comes back to life. All right you boys, let Mr. Clem go see Romalas.
Romalas was the only hardware in town. He came from Germany that is why Clemsí father told him to see him. He would have the best meats and hardware products in town.
Clem walked in a pretty blonde haired lady walked over to shake his hand. Hello I am Emily and your? Clem I am here to see Hans. Oh that is my father I guess you are looking for, or my brother? Hans please miss. Clem looked around the store as Emily went to bring him out and her baby sister Heide was also by her side.
Hans this is Clem. Remember me? Your dear old friend from Germany? Yes I do. How are you? What brings you to Millers Pond? My dad told me about some land up here that was for sale and I wanted to buy it, but they told me that I could not.
No one can Clem. Itís a stipulation from the old world that anyone who can relive the old estate can have it for free, but you must spend one full harsh winter up there. And no one as far as I can remember living here for the last twenty years has ever stayed that long. By the first frost and howling winds of the snows the first family left and never returned. Who was that you all? No actually it was my sister.
Emily? No, it was my older sister Rajel. She had baby in tow, new Amish husband and a farm to keep up she could not do it so they moved down by us. What is this with these Millers? Who was he and why does he want someone who can take over his land?
Mr. Miller was an old kook he wanted to make sure someone could live in his house and stay there to take it over. He was very protective of his land. He comes from Germany like the rest of us, and he loved his privacy. Unlike us, we love to be near family and friends. He like the gloominess of being left alone. He was a writer and a playwright and he wanted to create his stories up there. Similar to what you do Clem.
I do not think that I will have any trouble up there Bert. Well, suite yourself. Then what can I do for you Clem? I need a bed, fireplace wood, matches and a long coffin like freezer for all my meats, cookies and bread.
Cookies, breads? What about water? I need some of that too. All right. Let me have the boys bring in the firewood by your truck. Bert how many children you have son? I have eight kids, one in the oven now. Itís another boy, good for you. We have four girls now, but we chose to have another son to help with the farm when we are old. That is a good idea.
This is Heide she is six, and Rajel she is sixteen, and Emily they are twins and Pamela she is twenty two. No husband yet? No not yet. Would you like to declare her Clem? No actually, I do not need a wife right now. I have a lot of work to do. Trying to survive the winter. Well if you need anything just ring the phone to 513.

Chapter 2 FREEZER MAN Moonlight Skywriter

That is our only number up here there is no seven digit phone service all the calls come down to us. Like the olden days. See you in a few days. Come around and have dinner with us Clem. We love to see you. I may take you up on that this week thanks. Why not Saturday night today is only Wednesday so the Mrs. can prepare something from the old world. Like cabbage, beans and potatoes? All right you broke my thumb I will be there, around seven or so.
Clem brought into his truck all the products on his list. He forgot one thing. He forgot some shells for his gun, but he is back to Bert and Gerts on Saturday. Nothing would happen in a few days. He scrubbed the floors and removed all the cobwebs. Soon Pamela drove up her truck to see him. It was Friday evening around eight. The bell rang. Hi mame can I help you? Iím Pamela remember me? Oh yes I do. I am sorry I did not recall your name. Can I come in? Well sure. Can I fix you a coffee or iced tea? No, I just wanted to talk to someone other than my father.
How long have you known him? Since childhood. He used to be my best friend in Germany when we were kids, then he moved to the states to help his folks and I was still left in Heidelberg with my family on a the farm. In addition, He wanted more in his life whereas I was happy being on the farm raising horses and cows and writing my stories.
What kind of stories do you write Clem? I write about family life on the farm. About chickens? Yes, some of those too. Mostly about how, my life differs then the next generation. My mother was a hard worker in the mill so was my dad. He owned the local mill in town along with my brother and sister who are long gone now. Gone where? Oh, they died in Germany. My brother had the farm got his hand caught in a wind chopper and my sister died of child birthing her son. My parents left just before all that was happening around here. I am the only one left. So you never married? No, actually came very close but chose not to, I guess not met the right girl, I guess I do not know. I am the right girl Clem. Actually no you are not Pamela.
I choose not to have a female in my life right now, can you understand that? Why are you gay? Gay? What does that mean? Are you a homosexual? No! I am not but I feel that I am just not ready for a woman is that a crime Pamela? No it is not. I have to go, just wanted to make sure yourí settled into your paradise place.
See you on Saturday wear a clean shirt mom dislikes men in old dirty shirts. Wear this one it matches your green eyes.
Clem drawn her close to him, he looked passionately into her eyes and said to her all right I shall wear this one. Not for you but for your mother.
She walked away. She knew she caught him in her web, unlike charlotteís web of the character she knew she had to have him one day, and it had to be soon. She was nearing the menses time, she wanted a baby so much and a husband to care for her. Being twenty-one and no husband the sexual desires were coming in so fast she was about to explode into his arms. But she held steadfast unto the winds of the west, and she put her love aside into her own back pocket for another day.
Thanks for stopping by Pamela itís always good to see you! You do not really know me Clem do you? No I do not but in time we shall be good friends. I hope we can. Thanks bye see you on Saturday night! Yes I will.

Chapter 3 Freezer Man by Moonlight Skywriter

Clem went back into the house. Sat on his new recliner and dazily went off to sleep. He dreamt of him and Pamela as a family but he really did not want that to ever come true. He had other plans for the rest of his life. He awoke and the front door was ajared. He looked around no one seemed to be in the house, but he noticed some black smoke coming from the back yard. Who was lighting a fire back there, the place was a blaze. He phoned 513 Bert rushed over with the fire dept and they placed out the blaze in the back yard. What was that Bert? Oh that happens a lot up here, the sun catches the grass and hay on fire when it gets too hot up here. Why does it do that? I thought that Pamela had come back here. Pamela was up there? Well no she came up to see me. For what? I guess to talk. Talk about what? I dunno. You would have to ask her Bert. My sister knows better not to visit single men. Why is that Bert. My sister has some problems, I can not discuss this right now, but you have to trust me friend. I do thanks, if she comes back here send her home alright? Yes I sure will, she did not come onto you did she ? No. she did not. Alright.
I am care taker of her since my father died and my mom is elderly now. Thank you for the warning though.
Clem always wanted to know what happened to the pretty girl much younger to him, that he always had an eye for. Clem brought over his families favorite recipe of Apple and Raspberry Cobbler that he made as a child he knew the recipe and they have not tasted the way he made his cobbler before. The dinner was grand. Pamela was not there. Clem asked for her. Her brother says she is mad at us, but we had to reprimand her for setting the fires. She has problems and you must know what I mean Clem. I sure do bro. Just after dinner and the fellas sat outside to the balmy air, the sprinkles of rain started to form. Look over there Uncle Clem a Rainbow!
Yes, son itís a rainbow it means good luck my dad says. It sure does. Maybe we will have a good winter. Well thanks for dinner. Say good-bye to Pamela for me.
I sure will, see you this week, keep in touch with us, do not forget us down here. We hardly have visitors because we are so far from the nearest city. I wonít. thanks see you soon.
Clem prepared his nightclothes, put the kerosene lamp on and started to read his book. He heard a thump, but no one was there. He decided to retire for the night. He brushed his teeth, washed his face and put cream on his face and went to bed.

Chapter 4 FREEZER MAN Moonlight Skywriter

The bed was very cold but he said it was refreshing that he needed his sleep. During the night the bed became warm, with a presence of a woman, close to his body. A body was next to him. It was of a woman naked by his side. He could not see who it was, but thought that it could be Pamela or was it a dream. She placed her lips on his and put her hands around his waist, and fell asleep. He knew it was not a dream but did nothing. He did not touch her, he woke up there was no one there. The doors were locked as he left everything inside the night before. Who was that strange woman? Tonight he thought that he would leave the night light on, maybe he could see who she was.
Clem continued to make his place his own. He met the mailman who brought in his mail by carriage. That is only way to get up the hill, no truck can get up there unless you were a mule. Unless you had a truck like Clemís or Bertís.
Clem fixed lunch and then took his nap, again the same woman came into his room. Was it a dream of the woman that I have been dreaming for the last few years?

He dressed, took out the old trashed burned out back and went back into the house rearrangeing his freezer for the next frost.
By this time, it was nearly eleven oíclock at night. He took his shower and this time slept in the naked. Maybe in the night that someone did come to visit him and he wanted to be ready. He has never had a woman in his forty-eight years of his life, he never been able to have his body touched. He was afraid. From being taught as a child that the body was dirty and no one would ever love him because of his beard he looked so much like Santa Claus, with a dark black beard. Clem pulled the covers up to his neck and turned over to the right side of his bed to lie down still.
He kept on dreaming the same dream of a woman who came to him. She has long blonde hair and streaks of brown from the sun taking it over, a rainbow of streaks.
He felt her this time. It was a woman a silhouette of a woman he made up in his mindís eye. She pressed her body close to him, she gave him a passionate kiss on his lips and thrusted his body onto hers. He had relations with her non like he ever experienced before. He tasted her breasts, although he thought he had or was this a bad dream? And as he turned to the other side of the bed she was gone.
Was this a ghost? He turned the lantern brighter no one was there the doors were locked and the windows shut. Was it Pamela? Was she a ghost?
That did not stop Pamela. She would stop by his house on a daily basis, for the last few weeks. He would mention to her have you been over in the night? Night? No why? I am afraid of the dark, are you? He clung onto the sweater he was wearing that night and did not want to show that he was afraid of her. He just smiled at her and walked inside the house. Asked Pamela if she was interested in some homemade apple cider that he made from the trees that were growing from his trees. She declined and stated she needed to be home soon.
She thanked him gave him a bear hug and left. Clem did not know what to say and did not say anything. The night was getting quite cold. He went out of the back of the house to get some more firewood and out in the back was a willow looking frail young woman, well he thought that this may be the woman who comes to him each night, but as he turned to see her face she was gone. What is going on around here he thought? Who is she? The nights were getting colder by the minute and he thought of what am I going to do with that freezer? What kinds of food will I store there for the entire winter. Being a sciencetist what am I supposed to do?
Clem thought of the times his former employers told him that he was from a different generation and wanted to very much go back into time to when he came of age but was afraid to do this. This time he had nothing to live for. No family, no wife no children nothing to keep him back, but he still had this fear of dying.
The next day he went to see Bert and Gert to tell them he was going away for a few weeks to look onto the place once a week usually on Saturday nights when he thinks that the neighborhood kids would abuse his place. They agreed. So was Hans. He said he would send over his children to check it out and see whatís new there.
Clem had other ideas on what he was going to do. He dressed in a simple overall outfit of blue jeans and plaid long sleeved shirt, cut off his long brown beard and shaved off his moustache, took off his earring and left his left ring on his hand. He gave himself a shot of venom to put him totally out of it for at least 2 weeks to see if he could really do this, as he did before. He stepped into the freezer and shut it tight. He fell deeply asleep.
The days have gone and the years too. The house was in cobwebs and the windows broken again. He opened up the coffin like freezer and said I can really do this. He tried to contact his friend Hans but he was away farming in the next town. Pamela married the local tradesman she was a mother to her fourth child, it was nearly four years since he left. No one has seen or heard of him. Bert has passed away since then and Gert was the only one in town. He walked in. Where have you been young man? I was home where have you all been?

Chapter 5 FREEZER MAN Moonlight Skywriter

Do you know what time of year this is son? Yes its nineteen eighty-seven. No itís not son. Itís two thousand and seven. Two thousand and seven you joking me? No I am not. Where is Bert? Oh son he passed away while you were away. Away? Yes! You told us you were going away for a short time and soon you will be over here to see us, then we could not find you. Your truck stood in the driveway for nearly twenty years. Twenty years? Has it been that long? Yes, it has. Where is everyone? Everyone you say, they have all grown up except you. Your face is still the same, your hair is still the same and your voice is too. But we have gotten alittle older except for you.
I have no clue what happened to me. It is now spring and the blossoms will soon come up from the ground. Will you be staying all summer? Yes, I will Gert. Do you need a job; since Bert died, I have no one to help with the heavy goods. Will you do me the honor or working with me? I will pay you. All right. I will be there tomorrow around nine? That sounds great. See you there.
Clem did not know what happened to him. The serum worked really well, but to be thawed out twenty years later was so outstand to him that he did not know what to make of it. Maybe I can do this again when the snows start again.
A letter came to him while he was away. It read, since you proved to us that you can live on this small house on the hill that we grant you to stay in this for life and here is your deed. Signed Rupert Miller, The State of Montana.
Gert wait did you see this? Yes we saw it a long time ago. Mr. Miller wanted to know where you went. I said we will see you shortly, that you went to see your new niece for a few weeks. Tell him I have him a letter that he accomplished to stay at the old Millers Pond and he can own it now. That was twenty years ago. Mr. Miller has gone since then, but we saved all your mail. Since you did not come home for some time we turned off all your lights and kept the freezers on so you do not thaw out your food. We could not understand what happened to your truck it was up at your place and how did you leave us? A cab came to get me. Oh that is right we keep on forgetting around here.
Whatever happened to the rest of the brew, the rest of the neighbors. The ones over the other side of you their children married and moved back into the city. More action there I suppose. My children are grown and left here, Hans children all married except for one she chose not to marry. Was it Pamela? No she is long gone she has four children of her own. Its Rajel she said she wanted to take care of her momma, since Hans has also passed. Two weeks apart from my Bert.
I am terribly sorry, but I will see you tomorrow then nine am comes really quickly around here. It sure does. I shall see you tomorrow bye.
Clem wrote in his journal what he has found and seen after the ďbig thawĒ that the world has changed since he left. He also wrote that he really never left town. He was just hiding in the freezer. The experiment worked, but did it really? I wonder If I shall do this again when it freezes again. I will work with Gert at the store this summer and we shall see what the winter brings this time.
Clem worked hard the entire summer. Stocking shelves, picking up bales of hay for the new foes and horses in town and delivering corn and wheat to the neighbors. He was a big help for Gert and her older children. He met up with Pamela, along the way with three baby strollers in tow. Hi Pamela remember me? Oh yes, Hello Clem. How you been? Did you go see your family members? Yes I did, how are they? They are all fine. I did not see you for some time. Bert said that you left because of the cold weather. Nah the cold is not that bad, I left because my sister was ill and I had to be with her. Are you leaving again this winter? I may, it depends on what she wants me to do, since she is a widow now. Her husband has died in the war and we family members must stick together now since she has no one. No one? You are someone right? Yes, I am but she has no children. Her only son died in Iraq and her daughter died at birth so you see she has no one but me.
That is a tragedy. Will you come to see us. Who is us? I married Spooner. Remember him the older man with that house on Market Street? Across from Gerts place, the grocery store. I have noticed you used to work there. Yes I do, wonít you come in and see me. Not with the children you know, its suspicious you know, the neighbors may talk. I can bring up the baby by your place next week if you do not mind, if I have the baby Spooner will not mind me visiting folks. Its only when I am alone he worries. Why is that? Are you cheating on him? No I am not but I am lonely.
How can a beautiful woman like you be so lonely, four children a man who gives you gold, silver and love? How can you be so lonely? I just am Clem.
Well you come over next Sunday after church or before and I will make you breakfast. No why donít I come over on Friday evening. Spooner goes to his menís weekend and my other children go to their friends homes, my son is a Marine and my daughter is a nurse in Millers Hospital in Maitland and my other twins go over to their grandmothers and I told my mother already I needed a break this weekend to take the kids. I will be over to have a glass of sparkling red wine with you and we can reminisce of the old days on Friday night. Is that all right with you?
Yes, that is fine. How bout I make dinner for the both of us at eight pm? Yes that is fine I love to have dinner with you.
Clem did not realize that Pamela became a woman, she was soiled, she had four children but lacking was the love the caressness of a manís touch, her soft lips needed kisses and her body needed love.

Chapter 6 FREEZER MAN Moonlight Skywriter

He dressed in his Sundays best, his shoes were even polished. She rang the bell. Ringing the bell? Just walk in. She removed her wrap, and had the prettiest dress, with a low cut showing her fullness of her bosom close to his chest. Clem gave her a big bear hug, and lightly kissed her forehead. Is that all you can give me Clem? After twenty years? What you want me to do jump on you right now? No not quite. Clem, did you know I always thought I was going to marry you. But when you went away to see your sister, it was frugal that my dad Hans said you were not coming home. He said he remembers you going away for sometime over the years that you go places and not to return in a couple of years. I did not know how long you were going to be away.
Being a way I did not think I was gone that long I thought I was gone just a few hours. Honestly. Well, next time you will have to take me along promise? I cannot make those promises Pamela. You then will have to leave Spooner. Is he not a good man? No he has been a great man, but Ö. But what? He does not show affection. He is fast at making love and does it and moves on. I want passion, I want love I want affection, and he has none. Itís not like when I was with you.
Was with me? You were with me? When? Remember long ago when you first moved into the house? Yeah that was twenty years ago, you bought a new freezer Hans helped you along with Bert to get it into the corner and you said you felt a hand in the middle of the night behind you, the naked body of a woman holding your waist? Remember that? Go back in your mind and do you remember it Clem?

I thought it was a dream. It could have been a dream but there was no one there. Was that you Pam? Yes it was me. I left before he came home. He came home? Well Dad came home, I was only a teenager and dad would not approve of me coming in the door at seven am with sweat and red faced. I get red faced after sex, it makes my blood boil.
So now you know who I was? I could not figure out who that was. I used to dream of a woman by my side but that is long over now.
Sit by me, rest your head on my lap. We got to have dinner. Dinner can wait. Itís done. I can reheat it later. Have a glass of wine with me. Sure.
She sipped the glass of red wine that she loved, she placed some across his bright red lips and placed some on his forhead. She took her pointer finger and placed some more on his lips to swish it around. Then she told him to get up she needed to adjust something that he was wearing. He stood up, she went closer to his face to lick off the wine that was dripping from his lips and forehead. Hey this is funny, it feels funny. Funny? Yes its funny that the wine is dropping. Why is that itís called gravitity. I know it is that silly.
Then she gave him a passionate kiss, she pulled off his long sleeved shirt and took off his tie and placed it on the back of the golden rod chair. She undressed him. The two of them in their under garments. Lets place spin the bottle. Or strip poker. Nah I do not like games Clem said. Why not then I can do to you what I wanted to do to you long ago. Nah I do not think so. Youíre a married woman now.
I do not want my head to be on someones night stand as a light! You will not trust me.
Come on Clem do not be so old fashioned. He said only once. She spinned the wine bottle and it says towards the bedroom she went in there to give him lots of kisses and nibbled on his chest hairs. She went lightly down to his toes. Leaving him all aroused. She got up and went to sit on the floor in the living room. Whatís wrong Pam? Nothing you feeling guilty? No. She exclaimed. I feel lonely thatís all. I have to be the one to do it all, All? All what? Initate the love.
No you donít I will do that for you. When? Right now. He pulled her long blonde hair away from her pretty blue eyes and placed her down on the cot bed that he had he underdressed her with his teeth and lightly embraced her lovely pure and white body to his, he suckled her small dark nipples into his mouth and then gently entered her as she gave a squelched of desire. She wanted more, she craved more. Unlike what Spooner did for her. The love that Spooner gave was so fast she could not enjoy herself. This way Clem made her feel like a woman. He took his time with her, she had multiple orgasms and he did too. The two of them laid down in each otherís arms forgetting the dinner that he prepared that evening. She jumped up and said she is going to leave Spooner for him. He said No you are not. I am NOT getting married anytime soon. Donít you want me? Actually, No I do not. You wanted to come to me, I did not force you. You wanted to visit me. Then the doorbell rang, Where is my wife that tramp? You come home right now. I know you are having sex with every man that walks this earth. Sonny you stay away from her, you understand or I will come back and kill you too.

Chapter 7 FREEZER MAN Moonlight Skywriter

She grabbed her clothes, left her bra and panties on the floor in his bedroom and left with Spooner. She was crying and Spooner took his shotgun and fired one bullet killing Clem dead. Or that he thinks he was dead.
Clem went into the kitchen and grabbed a hold of the injection he made for himself just before he returned and placed it into his heart and fell deeply asleep inside the coffin like freezer. He went asleep again.

Several years have passed and the year is two thousand and forty five. Pamela is an older woman and mostly everyone in their town is dead, except for Clem he still looks the same. Pamela has white hair, alittle heavier than when he last saw her. The freezer thawed him out because the electricity has been broken for several weeks. The humidity has become so warm and the earthís core has been changing.
Clem came out of his hibernation, wearing the same clothes when he was shot in. The blood froze up and now his leg is very sore. He placed compresses on the sore leg but he did not lose it after all. He just had a slightly indentation in his leg but no bullet.
Spooner has since died and left the girls with Pamela who now is a woman who can hardly walk or speak. She is alone. Her children have gone to the big city to have their own lives. The world as they know it in Montana is not the same. Never was.
Clem changed his clothes drove up his pickup truck to the town. Everything looked so old. The gas station was no more. The postal office was also gone and so were the Berts and Gerts Hardware and Grocery store.
He spotted a woman. What happened in this town mame? Where have you been sir?
Been? I was away, my sister got sick again and I had to leave. The town has really changed, where is Gert? Gert? Yes you remember her with her husband, the grocery store and hardware? Oh them, she has been gone nearly twenty years and her husband died thirty years ago. Her children all moved away. What happened to Hans Millers children? They moved on, and gas station. There has not been gas in this state for more than twenty-two years. We use wind barrels to support our vehicles. Wind barrels what are those?. We set up this to our cars and trains and we get them to get us up to the next town enough for groceries, we buy them with a card we get from the govt. For every child we get a few extra ones to live on. If you have a wife but no children you get a smaller amount. Why do you ask have you not seen any? Does the govt buy your food for you? No but they allow you to buy three proteins a week, So for instance , if I wanted to have chicken this week I would have to request this the following week. You get two beef dinners two fish dinners and two chicken dinners and one pork.

Chapter 8 FREEZER MAN Moonlight Skywriter

No wine, no alcohol and no sodaís only, Milk, bread, eggs and cereal. The cookies have to be baked into the house by using grain and flour that you only grow.
Cookies, candy and cake are a treat around here, we cannot live on that, itís not allowed.
Allowed? What do you mean? You are stipend on what you can buy according to how much you have in the bank. By whom? The govt has tacked us on this way for nearly five years no one has complained about it especially living in the mountains as we do. The children complain, but they seem to be all-happy though.

Then he thought about it what have these people thought I was all these years on the moon?
Clem went into the town saw Melinda and asked her what has happened here. She said that there was a fall out, wasnít it by where you were at your sisters house? A fall out what is that? Your family wasnít affected by it? Melinda said No. We have a bunker under the ground. We lived in it for nearly eight months and all our pets too. It was kind of hard to go to the rest room but we all managed it. Hansí family did not make it, they are all dead. Where were you when this all happened Clem?

I was far away I guess. Did the entire world or our nation get this effect? Yes the entire United States was effected. Those who survived are picking up the pieces now. The most devastated was California the bomb hit that place first and the radiation hit mostly all the western states, we got alittle but mostly all Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska South Dakota got it the worse, they lost half of their population the rays incinerated most of the people there . It happened just at Labor day celebration when the Koreans decided to take a test again this time it was tested on us. On US the United States and the president did nothing about it he was away with his family overseas. Do you mean that our president did nothing? Yes, Nothing. He did not lose his farm, he did not lose his milk and bread and eggs. Half of this country is gone. Will you like me to take you to see the damages? How? I have a small plane. Meet me tomorrow at nine am in front of Deli Giants they are a new chain of groceries in town the one with the big Yellow flag. I will drive you to the plane. Alright. How about my sisters place and her family? Where do they live? In Florida and Tennessee and Georgia. Nope they were not hit but some radiation got there but no one sick.
Wait till tomorrow so I can show you what really happened. Alright tomorrow then.
Clem called his sister and his niece and spoke to them on the phone. Everyone has been trying to call you where have you been Clem? Far away in another country.
Have you heard? Yeah I did. Is Rita all right and Ruby, and Skip? Yes, Everything is alright here. The boys have asked how is their uncle and so are the girls.
I am all right what actually happened here? The news announced that this was going to be a sweltering heat wave just before the end of the day. Someone screamed outside our house. The entire earth rumbled. You can see the smoke billowing above our heads. Someone on CNN says to stay in doors something bad is going to happen. The news announced that our country was hit by a radiation bomb set off by the Koreans. And it hit Calif, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona, Everyone perished.
The news said that those people never had a chance and never knew what happened to them they were like French fried potatoes. That is terrible. Is my girl alright? Who? Rita? I have not heard from her in so long. I do not know Clem.

Chapter 9 FREEZER MAN Moonlight Skywriter

No one has heard from Rita in many years. Where have you been? I went out to northern Canada and I just returned. Canada what is in Canada? Ruby said. I went to see a client got caught up and stayed there. I miss Rita. I wish she would call.
Clem was worried all these years over his past sweet heart Ruby, not knowing that his best friend Skip married her and they had four children. Hey Skip, whats it going on man. Where have you been? Who me? Yeah you! Skip said.
I have been around, the world you may say. Clem guess who I married fourteen years ago? Who? You would never guess in a million years? Cathy? Nope, Noel? Nicole? Nope give up? I guess. Ruby Wellings. My Ruby you married MY Ruby?
Yeah Why? She thought you left her so she got lonely and we hooked up and married. We have four kids now, mostly boys but one girl who is eight the youngest.
That is why my sister said she has not seen Ruby in a long time. Hiding her out in the farm huh? Nope we moved from the farm we live in Andover Rhode Island now,she wanted a quiet place near the Atlantic Ocean a quiet place so she can write her books. She is a writer now, she never was with me. Well people do change Clem.
They sure do. I never knew that my favorite buddy took my wife from me. I did not take your wife Clem, she and I just hooked up she waited nearly four years for you but she said that you were not coming back and you never returned her letters so she gave up on you.
I never got her letters, sure you did, they were all sent back to her, Return to Sender. I guess you living in the mountains of Canada they do not have mail where you were.
Actually Skip, You want to know where I was? Nah, its not important now. I got my wife she is a real gem. I would not give her up for the world. She is a diamond in the rough. I do not expect you to give her up, but can I just talk to her? Nope man she is a married woman with four kids. You want to talk to Clem dear? For what Skip? See man, she does not want to bother with you. I guess you and I are finished man, go your merry way. Skip I did not mean that it that way. I know what you mean, you want to steal her from us. No I do not I just wanted to know if she still cares just alittle for me. She does not! Listen to her. Ruby do you still love Clem? No Skip I love no one! Not me sugarpie? No not even you Smellybear!
You guys got a code or what? No codes here Clem, she is mad at me for not putting the stained glass door she made two years ago on the front of the house.
Skip would you like Rita instead? Nah she is a big woman now. Just remember it says if you see what your mother in law looks like that is the size of your wife. Ritaís mom was a big woman but look at her now? Rita is not that big. She is bigger than me Clem. All right I know, but she has a great big heart. Yeah as big as the empire state building too. I love my Ruby and she is Not giving me up Clem got it?
Yeah I got it. Clem thought of ways that he could find a gal like Rita, and now that he is left alone in a time where no one knows who he is, what is he supposed to do now?.
Clem did not know what he was going to do with the rest of his life since everyone has gone from the town he much loved to own.
Clem got onto his old clunker and took off, into the sunset as he normally does, He left everyone behind and never to look back. He locked up the house and put a For Sale sign on the top of the house front door, with a number he can be reached at. Then the strangest thing happened.
A knock on his door, there was this elderly man asking him for directions to the town square. Hello, sir I am sorry to bother you, I see that your house is up for sale.
How much do you want for it? Want for it? Clem replied. Take it, itís all yours.
Mine for free? Yes why not? After looking at the older gent with his wife in an old stagecoach burring down with two brown broken down horses. Sir do you want to live here that badly? Yes sir, I do the man said. Clem looked at the man and said Here its yours. Gave him the keys to the house and shook his hand and left. Not realizing that the man who he gave the keys to the house was the man who tried him out on the house forty years ago, he looked familiar but Clem never questioned it, nor questioned why he wanted to live there. The electricity is turned off, and it needs some fixing up, but if you want it you can have it.
As Clem turned around he could see the children playing in the front yard, with their tricycles and balls. Clem closed up the house, finally did move on with his life but never to look back onto the life he left well over forty years ago, for the gal he loved, Pamela and to find out that she is much older than himself. He felt that he wanted her and he left thinking that she shoned him away from her in the death that her father progressed against him. He left never to look back on his life without her and never to return
Clem never to look back at that house again.


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