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The battle wages on across the big screen as I fatalistically record these words. But while the dust settles and we the ragtag followers seek solace once more in the deeper searing gaze of the hero we have come to know and trust so well, we must realize with a bitter cry of anguish that she was taken from us -- plucked out of our midst so abruptly, and not by the enemy, The Machines, but by our very own kind.

What can we say to this unconscionable outrage except, in utmost sincerity, "Sarah Connor, we won't forget you." This is a eulogy for a fallen comrade, and not since the Warrior Princess Xena staggered and dropped riddled by arrows on the field of combat have we lost such a tremendously powerful symbol of female fortitude.

Then and now there exists no explanation. Neither rhyme nor reason can justify the senseless deprivation our world has come to endure. No excuse can be accepted for such folly, for the almost mechanical destruction of quality and beauty. Yet we need only to peer at the physical condition of our planet in these times to understand how inexorably Mankind tends to desecrate -- whether directly or indirectly -- that which is extraordinarily profound. Sadly, until we learn to appreciate the gifts around us, and not take what we cherish for granted, we will continue to destroy everything of exceptional design. Sarah Connor's CHRONICLES was one such treasure.

The Resistance will fight on in your name, opposing a relentless wave of metal mentality that threatens to steamroll straight over the last flower in a pasture . . . to trample Art, grind up Literature, drown Music under the whine and rumble of gears, crush the final shard of handmade craftsmanship, and erase all trace of Humanity -- cell by cell, with the cold unthinking brute force of Cancer -- from the face of the earth.

We refuse to submit for we have glimpsed a mindless soulless future through your eyes and witnessed the desolate landscape that results. We have heard the approaching thunder, and trembled at the paranoid terror in your heart. You have changed us. You have taught us. You have touched our spirits with your grace, your strength, your steel yet flesh-and-blood resolve.

By your valor have we been branded. And indelibly scarred at your tragic loss. Most of all, we are forever indebted for your efforts on our behalf. As a mother. As a fellow member of the human race.

Rest in peace, Sarah Connor. You will be remembered.[/size][/font]

Lori Lopez

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The following comments are for "Sarah Connor, We Won't Forget You"
by LoriLopez

Yes you will forget. This time next year you'll be going Sarah who? And denying that you watched or cared. Shows come and go and the only thing you can really do is start a letter campaign to the owners of the network, who only see that some show costs more than one that is brain dead.

( Posted by: bhagwandave [Member] On: June 2, 2009 )

I Beg To Differ
Apologies, but I won't forget and I will never ask "Sarah who?" There are great shows I have loved for most of my life -- The Avengers, for example. Anyone hear of a short-lived series named "Star Trek"? I'm not alone in loving "Lucy". I watched these as a child, and I can safely assure you that no, I will not forget Sarah Connor, either from the series or the films. She is a fantastic heroine and mother figure. As a mom myself, I can totally relate to her anxieties, machines or no machines. There are always threats and dangers. If my commentary seems overblown, it was intentional.

( Posted by: LoriLopez [Member] On: June 2, 2009 )

Great TV shows
I'm not much of a television watcher, and I haven't watched this show, but . . . there are some shows that will always be remembered.

Who of my generation could forget Bewitched or I Love Lucy? And of my more recent favorites, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer (college course are taught on that show), I know I will always remember them. And so will others who were totally caught up in their story lines and characters.

While television isn't OUR media here at litdotorg, remember, someone somewhere had to write those scripts. And those words, uttered by actors, find themselves entwined and rooted in pop culture. Or, just in culture.

Just a few thoughts:
Ochani Lele

( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: June 3, 2009 )

Thanks, Ochani ...
Couldn't have said it better!:)

( Posted by: LoriLopez [Member] On: June 3, 2009 )

@ LoriLopez
You already did with that column you wrote!


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: June 3, 2009 )

@ LoriLopez
Just a thought: Why don't you try to come up with something on a regular basis for "Majestic?" It would have to be a regular column, and have a central theme or thread that ties them all together.

It might be a good experimental project for you. Your work seems to elicit a lot of opinions as it is . . . and that, I think, is the goal of any regular columnist.


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: June 3, 2009 )

Another thought . . .
. . . or . . . I'm brainstorming in the open forum here . . . since you like the heading "articles" for your various pieces, maybe you could do some sort of feature article for one or more issues of "Majestic."

In July, I'm going on a two week vacation from my nursing job. I'm going to spend some of that free time researching more professional avenues for our newsletter. There are dedicated servers that offer professional templates and wonderful things to make newsletters look incredible, and their services are WHITELISTED with all the email providers . . . which means we don't get blocked as SPAM!

Plus, Chrispian will have a bit of time to do a few things around here (he's our techno mage and founder), and I'm going to have some sort of webpage superimposed over this page, I think. With that page, there will be places to put subscription links, and archives of past newsletters.

Plus -- it slowly leads me into the litdotorg eZine that I want to create.

I'm just brainstorming here. I've been brainstorming all night at work. But I think, in the end, these things will be incredible opportunities for all of us who jump on board.

Okay -- I'm done rambling.


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: June 3, 2009 )

One more thing, and then I'm done!
Lori and everyone:

There was a story that got missed by everyone because of formatting issues. I see a LOT of potential in this short story. But, no one offered any opinions or critiques, and I would love to see this piece improved because I really like both the plot and the theme.

Here is the link:

It's about to get lost off the front page because it's run through its initial week. But, if everyone could just take a peek and offer the author some advice (this is, after all, bootcamp for writers!) I'm sure that writer would appreciate it.

And so would I. When I see something with potential in the realm of articles, fiction, etc, it gets me giddy with excitement!


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: June 3, 2009 )

Slap On Some Violin Music . . .
Ochani, I very much appreciate your enthusiasm for my journalism. Now that "Entertainment Is Essential" will be a column, that makes three regular or semi-regular columns I must write (along with more random articles and lists like the favorite television and movie songs on our site) when in fact, my heart belongs to fiction! Aacchhh! My dilemma is that I have so many book projects I need to finish or get around to doing! My imagination overrunneth.

A year ago I released my first book (self-published on Amazon), a story collection with a broad range of genres and unfortunately, no one's reading it yet. Poor promotion. I have a story from it on Litdotorg ("Unleashed") and may post another soon that's on my site ("The Thirteenth Tale"). I know your newsletter could help, and I would be happy to share columns that I'm already doing for the aforementioned website ("Poetic Reflections" is the only one I could commit to on a monthly basis).

You see, this year I plan to release up to five more books, including an unusual novel of Literary Nonsense, Poetic Prose, Fantasy, Humor, Horror, and Epic Adventure titled "Dance Of The Chupacabras". There's a chapter from it posted here, and it's the first tome of a series. Also the initial two volumes for a nonfiction autobiographical project I have labored on for precisely twenty years. And two children's books written and illustrated long ago that are gathering dust. After that I have numerous books to complete ranging from story collections to more novels, nonfiction, fairytales, etc.

I am so grateful for any promotion your site can offer. My sons and I are going the starving artist route by necessity and could really use it. We're trying to build up our website after weathering some turbulent times. I hope you can understand that sharing columns is the best I can do. Thanks again for asking! And congratulations on your book deal! Good luck with YOUR story collection and novel, as well as with finding an agent. Due to my unconventional ways (hopefully not for lack of talent), I finally had to give up on all that and take matters into my own hands with the help of my sons in order to get published.

Oh, my techie son Noel is writing a script that should help make it easy to convert documents to BB Code for your site. It's tough because he can't test it and see the immediate results. But he'll share a link when it's ready, beginning with a trial version. Is there someplace in particular he could post it?


( Posted by: LoriLopez [Member] On: June 4, 2009 )

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