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Rated: R for violence, and adult content.

In the city of Brisbane, Australia, a cold storm fills the night, and on the outside of what used to be a popular nightclub there's an ever-growing pile of flowers for the victims of an atrocity; not all of whom could be identified. Just three days ago it happened, everyone who was there died except for one.

A man walks into the ruined building ignoring the police lines; they drag against him then break. He looks around on the inside seeing nothing but the cursed darkness; the faint smell of dried blood rotting is still in the air, perhaps weaker than before now that the bodies have been removed.

He closes his eyes and remembers seeing people dancing, joining in himself for the first time in his life, it was as if he was born to be a dancer; being asked by a woman if he's by chance related to a cripple she knows, the answer should have been obvious...

"'Never heard that name before in my life." He says it aloud as if reliving the experience. The people were enjoying themselves; no one knew what was to come, their lives ending suddenly and painfully. Slowly a trembling filled his head, his vision fading in and out, a light shaking filled the room as if an earthquake was starting; but only he noticed it, and a pounding was filling his brain worse than any migraine. It all went away with a red glow coming off his own eyes, and just after that a new thought process filled him replacing the old human one.

A wave of force came out from inside him lined with an electric-red-haze; it spread through the entire building and the crowd of people dancing. With each person it gained power instead of losing it, their skin ruptured as blood was forced through one side as the wave hit them. Every light in the building broke, along with the windows and bottles of alcohol at the bar.

The new life had tapped into basic kinetic energy: movement itself, always there, everything is always moving just from the planet spinning to keep gravity, without it our hearts wouldn't pump, lovers would never touch, plants would never grow, and food would never travel through our digestive system being absorbed to keep us alive. All that force was violently turned against the people, they where thrown outwards from the center where the disturbance happened. The force of each person's movement added to what hit the next person, the only one who survived was in the eye of it, and was ultimately responsible for it.

Seattle, now, the mutant known to the world as Archon puts on a pair of light armor piece by piece from a locker. Only a few details stand out; the boots look about like tanker boots, almost up to the knee with straps holding them on. The rest of it is a black fabric made from condensed-spidersilk and a few more advanced fabrics, the process to make it leaves the material stronger than most metals. The slight dull shine is barely noticeable, unlike the padding on areas of the body that are more prone to injury, like the knees and elbows, and lightly in other places such as down the spine. If he were going into a real fight he would be wearing a lot more, this is just the suit the rest would attach too.

He turns to his longtime girlfriend Succubus, and watches as she puts her own set of armor on. Many years younger than him, but the age gap looks to only be a few years thanks to her body aging naturally to its mid thirties. She's of African American decent, and she has beautiful dark-chocolate colored skin, along with a body that is as flat as it is curvy. Her other gifts come from being a mutant, they consist of changing the natural pheromones in people, and how the person responds to them. Some people might consider this to be a lesser power, but an attraction stronger than someone's first crush is often worth dying for.

Someone who controls lust should not be underestimated. Whether or not Archon would be with her if she didn't use her powers on him is unknown, and Succubus is addicted to him so strongly that some people might call it love. She never told him that she originally planned to kill him.

A telephone rings; Archon digs through his normal clothing to find the source of the noise. The call trace shows up as random symbols. He presses talk and just listens.

"I searched all the places you suggested, plus a few extra ones...everyone who knew your son Descry is either missing or dead. I think they might have gotten to him first." The voice belongs to Skyler, he talks fast, but doesn't sound worried, it's more like he's busy.

"How long ago did they die?" Archon skips questions about safety because he considers those to be pointless.

"All within the last six months. I found autopsy reports on a couple of them, it said they died from stabbings, but the fact is someone cut into their brains and had fun, after that coins were placed over the eyes. The good news is I questioned a telepath from the U.N. and got her to give me a file on a guy named Fordon Addison."

"I don't know that name."

"You should, he was one of two survivors found at the site of a terrorist attack Christmas day in ninety-one. The other one mysteriously turned into energy and vanished after waking up at a hospital; just in time too, the hospital was bombed a minute later. Anyways, Fordon was delusional, talked an albino that could bend light, a redheaded-angel, and a demon made from everything it touched. The local government was still trying to deny the existence of mutants so they threw him into a mental hospital... Christmas day; how could you?"

"Don't try to get into my head, you vouldn't like it. Leaving a survivor vas the only mistake I made that day, you vould have died in prison if it vasn't for me...just stay in Chechnya, finding Descry is your only priority!"
"Thanks, but I'm already is Aussie following the lead...with my talents this guy will be on our side before you can say 'don't'." Skyler slams the phone down.

After hanging up Skyler looks over at the woman sprawled across the bed just a few feet away from him. He can't help but be amazed that psychics can resist mental attacks as if they were no worse than a flee bite, yet someone like him who isn't a telepath can get one to do just about anything. He looks at the file he had her retrieve, then looks back at her and decides to enjoy her a little more before going out to find the lunatic.

"Time to go," Archon says turning over to Succubus, she walks up to him and smiles, he wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her close to him before kissing her passionately while turning them both into to energy sinking into the ground only to reappear at a private airport seconds later.

She opens her eyes to see a small airplane Archon, walking past him and closer to it she can't help but wonder how he gets his hands on such nice pieces of technology; he owns several airplanes, and most of them are used for travel overseas, which is where he can't teleport because of the oceans. The plane waiting for them is a stolen stealth fighter, only three of its model were built, and were quickly deemed unpractical due to the oversized fuel cells.

Succubus quickly climbs the ladder to board it and only two seats, and the front one used for piloting filled by Tracker who is asleep in it.

"I think we'll need a bigger plane," she says "and is Tracker really ready for a trip after what that druggie did to him?" Silence fallows her words, she looks around only to see no sign of Archon "I made him love me...why the hell won't he open up to me?"

Reaver digs through a trash bin outside a fancy restaurant, he finds several good scraps of food and pulls them out to eat without such a strong smell of rot. The food he found consists of a half eaten blue-cheeseburger with the top bun missing. Some little kid who wanted to go to McDonalds ordered it, and couldn't stand the taste of blue-cheese, he wanted a slice of American cheese colored blue. Reaver doesn't care that the top is missing; he knows the chef didn't put much care into making it like he would other food. The taste is good, but he still considers why he bothers to eat when he could just drain some life force instead. So he reaches back into the dumpster to find something else to finish the meal; he misses some over cooked pasta not realizing that it's anything more than garbage because that was all the feeling it received after being removed from the boiling water.

When a young chef from inside the restaurant comes out to dump more trash, he spots Reaver and shouts, "Get away from there!" Reaver turns to face the man and has a cold look on his face, both annoyed and sweating from how long it's been without a hit, after a couple seconds he does as he's told realizing the man isn't angry but scared.

He walks out onto a street and into a crowd, the weight of their emotions stuns him momentarily, many of them look down on him: a barefoot man wearing a freshly stained white sweat suit. He considers momentarily why people put so much emotion into footwear.

He stumbles through them and spots Archon sitting at a table in front of a store eating a slice of something thick, the sense of boredom ending comes off of him like he'd been there for hours, but the emotions of someone else still show at the table strongly enough to suggest that Archon's been there only a few minutes.

Reaver walks over and sits down on the other side of the table and waits for Archon to say something, in stead Archon just motions to the food. Reaver looks closely at it not feeling any ill intent marking it, just a smell of cooked garlic and cheese. He pulls two slices feeling the crust of bread that has been over cooked just slightly. He looks at Archon while he eats. Reaver wolfs the food down being unsure of Archon's intentions, he tastes a strong amount of garlic cooked into Brea-cheese in a bread cutout. He coughs lightly as he stumbles cross a bit of it where the garlic strongly out weights the cheese.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoy the food," Archon starts with an odd American voice, "I don't think I can handle the garlic either." Something's not right about him, thinks Reaver.

"Whatever," Reaver says with a full mouth, he swallows before saying more "Why are you following me?"

"What makes you think I'm following you young man?" Both confusion and relief.

"Because you were under the parking lot with those others. Now you’re here offing me food trying to pretend we never met before."

"How do you do that?" Archon's tone of voice is marked by curiosity, yet his emotions show a strong spark of familiarity.

"Stuff the food into my mouth, chew, then swallow. I would think you're European with how slowly you eat."

"Well I'm normally German." Archon says with a fake smile that Reaver is unable to see.

"So you’re some kind of shape-changer?"

"Nothing like that, I control energy. Through that, I can both slide between points on the planet so long as there are no large bodies of water in between. In addition, I can slide into most people's bodies taking control away from them. " Honesty.

"You like being in control. Guess what? So do I."

Reaver's right hand drops the food and both his hands goes around Archon's head, a thrust with one, and a pull with the other breaks the neck and within a second life-force in the form of a glowing-mist seeming to be as thick as water comes out, it travels along Reaver and into his eyes. He releases Archon having enjoyed the snack and is about to walk away when he realizes the emotions from Archon are still very much alive.

Energy lunges out of the corpse in the shape of Archon's true form with a fist swinging forward into Reaver's neck with only just enough time to solidify. Reaver falls back chocking, a second later he's better and moves his head up to face Archon who has already taken a couple steps back, the anger in Archon fades so quickly that it was barely noticeable.

What confuses Reaver the most is that Archon seems observant and well meaning from his emotions, which are the only kind ones around in a wave of hostility and fear coming from everyone else nearby.

"Vhat? Didn't see that coming? " Archon states in a teasing tone in his German accent.

"How did you survive that?" Reaver responds even as he flips onto his feet taking a fighting stance.

Reaver swings a fist forward only to have it caught in Archons left hand; a second later Archon's right hand shoves him back down.

"Von time I vas nearly cut in half by friendly fire vhile I vas possessing some-von...your powers don't hurt nearly as much as losing several organs and an arm to a machine gun." Archon says clearly in an intimidating fashion.

"What do you want?" The most direct question Reaver can think of.

"I vnce heard rumors of you; the only person to escape an American program designed to create telepaths." More familiarity.

"I'm not a part of any-" he's interrupted by Archon

"Ah, but your mother vas, that's vhy you never knew her." At that Reaver freezes, "If I have the vrong person stay here and flee the police, but if you vant to know vhat I know, come vith me to Australia." Archon doesn't intend it as a choice, and it shows clearly through his emotions. For Reaver there is only one real option.

In Australia, Skyler is the first of the Harii to arrive, he waits in a bar just off from a highway drinking a beer. He came to the bar following the lead he got from a U.N. agent codenamed Jade, and looking over at Fordon Addison he has to wonder if it's just a mutant driven to insanity from the powers; he never believed Archon's ghost stories.

After several minutes he removes himself from the bar, turns on a tape recorder, and brings a pitcher of beer over to Fordon; but only after mixing a little spit into it for his powers to work. Fordon is watching a soccer game and muttering to himself.

"Who's winning? It's been forever since I've seen a good game of foot-ball." Skyler says referring to soccer properly; where he's at if anyone mistook his words for the American sport they've had far too much to drink.

"Like them all, he's going to kill them all." Fordon whispers sounding drunk already just before turning his head to face Skyler and is shocked to see someone there looking confused "The team I bet on...just like always!" he shouts loud enough to turn a few heads for a moment in a failed attempt to hide his previous words.

"Wow, you seem stressed out, here; have some beer on me." Skyler sets the pitcher on the table, and sits down at the table positioning his chair to watch the game. "I didn't catch the first thing you said, something about a friend of yours?"

"HAHAHA, my friend?" his laugh is not full of joy or forced, it's amusement taken from such a stupid question. He refills his empty mug from the pitcher and starts to drink more.

"Is he not your friend?" Skyler asks while watching Fordon closely for his reaction.

"Nothing...I mean I can't talk to you, he would never allow it." Fordon shakes as he talks, his eyes circling the bar as if looking for someone.

"Just tell me what you want to. And trust me, he won't mind." Skyler asks nicely with a smile knowing that every bit this madman resists it is just more strength of will lost. He checks his pocket to make sure the tape recorder is catching everything said in case he needs to share any useful information with other people later.

"He's not my friend, he says he is, but he wants me to kill again, just like the guards when I escaped." He doesn't cry, but his eyes are full of pain.

"Where did you escape from?" Skyler knows the answer before it's spoken.

"The institution; they locked me up because of what I saw; energy from the eyes, bending light, and the monster under the bed!" A grown man reduced to little more than a child within a minute of exposure to Skyler's powers is a strange sight.

"Do you want to hurt anyone?" he stays professional knowing that Fordon can barely tell him apart from any number of psychiatrists he's had over the years.

"Some of them, but not so many!" he lets out of sob as tears start rolling down his face, he manages to keep talking feeling an unexplainable need to give a complete answer the question "But he does. He told me he wants to kill all the primitives, and if I don't help him he'll repeat what he did at that club shortly before I arrived." Fordon quickly drinks the rest of his mug.

"What exactly did he do at the club?" Skyler takes a small swig of his own beer and while lowering it back down he spits the alcohol into it.

"He killed them...then he dragged me there to show me...says that I'll be perfect when he's strong again."

"Drink this, then tell me what your perfect for." Skyler slides his mug over to Fordon wanting to increase the effects of his powers.

"I don't know..." he takes a gulp of the alcohol "He says that I will be honored beyond all others until after the way is open, and then it'll be someone else...of god, please no!"

A red glow overlaps with Skyler's chest, and before he can do anything, he feels the pain from his heart slowly being crushed. He comes to his feet knocking the chair over and stumbles backwards desperately yelling "STOP!" hoping to force Fordon to do so, but all that happens is Fordon breaks down crying like a baby. In a matter of a few seconds Skyler's blood stops flowing and he falls backwards landing harshly hitting his head on the floor, not having any ability to counter the attack all he is able to do about it is toss his tape recorder away from himself, and wait for the pain to end when death takes him.
To be continued...

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The following comments are for " Children of Extinction (two of six)"
by Ragath

I liked it
It's very interesting so far, and I really enjoy reading about the characters. They are the real drive of this exciting series. I also like the non-stop pace of the plot, and the deeper mysteries that make it necessary to complete the series, as opposed to reading bried sections. However, I would definitely invest in MS Word for some grammar and spell checks.

( Posted by: Washer [Member] On: April 25, 2003 )

great nice
I am sorry i did not read all
of them i read half way, i have to say your story it is cool.

( Posted by: Lava Inferno [Member] On: May 30, 2003 )

Thank you both!
The subject pretty much takes care of it...but thanks to anyone who found enjoyment reading my stories, it encourages me to push onward with this hubby and reach the end for each character (every character in my writing has a conclusion; most of them won't be for awhile).

( Posted by: Ragath [Member] On: June 1, 2003 )

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