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This was written to honor and in rememberance of a special friend's Father. The Knight of the epic is a man like all of us who seek a way in this life. I tried to make him as human as possible with all of our flaws and our loves, both failures and triumpsh because that is what life is essentially! In his final sequences he faces his fate alone but with no fear and he realizes that there is always another beginning of sorts an ever metamorphizing of the spirit. Enjoy the words all.

A Knight’s Epic Tale Of Life And Love:
Shadows Of Many Memories!

When first that momentous time came that I first opened my eyes
I beheld a quiet and strong and gentle face next to hers’!
My mother’s visage was both clear and strong and beautiful,
But He—the man was a mystery unto me!

Although quiet and strong and tall he was as a shadow!
A Giant that strode among the stars!
He was a soldier of life and his love and his heart were his own!
He had labored long and hard and he had borne witness too many sad dark times!

His armor and his sword twas ancient yet strong and full of vigor and power!
For he twas naught a man to trifle with or a man to bear scorn against his spirit by others!
He was simply a man of quiet strength and courage and dignity….

For within his great heart and his soul was the love of his dearest family…
…and his friends whom he shielded and fought for in the passing of that great night of darkness!

He was filled with courage and honor and pride,
Which he did share within the folds of his family!

At times so proud was he that---his pride blinded him…
…and he was unable to discern a simple heartbeat within his family’s beating breast!

So stern, so stiff, so hard-hearted at times…
… he forgot the true desire and love of his sons and his daughters…
…and of his wonderful wife whilst she did weep within the shadows….
…forgotten and alone at times!

Yet at other times he was so filled with passion that he once sat in silence,
and in quiet solitude he contemplated the mystery of a whisper!
Once he gazed within the confines of a mirror and he beheld his own reflection!
He did then consider the consciousness of a simple smile and all that it did bring into a world filled with deep loneliness and loss of compassion!

I remember he once rode his noble steed along an old country road and he did gaze upon the burial mounds of his long forgotten mother and father who were locked together in peace and harmony for all eternity!
Silent prayers, silent thoughts passed within his mind with no real voice for any but his own council deep within his heart!

His heart and soul cried silent tears for he missed their company and their voices of love!

Whilst other men sought out adventure and the spoils of war…
…he only desired peace and tranquility of the heart and soul….
…and nothing more for he was a man of simple tastes!

Hence he was a man at peace with the world, and he celebrated living now and then…
…with Halcyon and Gimbals and sometimes a tankard of honey mead!
His laughter was like him mighty and full of life and his mirth filled the air with happiness and his grace and charm.

Many were the songs written as a testament to his courage and grace and manner, as a man and as a father who cared for his family and he sang of their many praises aloud!

He was known for his warrior skills and his great horsemen ship, but…
…most of all he truly wished to be a good and decent man to his children!
For parents are sometimes blessed by the touch of divinity from the Celestial light
from the High-Father who smiles upon all of thy children!

From whence does the true worth of a man come from?

From whence does the fate of a knight, a soldier, a philosopher, or a poet traverse too what land?

From whence does a man discern the true path from which he follows upon his journey through this voyage simply called, “Life!”

Out on the darkened moors can be heard the lonely sound of the baying of a wolf
in the far, far distances!

Tho’ days pass and time and space move ever forward to be counted as yesteryears, and ever the world changes with the passing of ages as remembered by mortal men!

The gentle yet strong and powerful knight rode out many times to conquer his own fears and self-doubts in the war of attrition against the souls of man!

Always he was victorious and he returned to his great Keep with garlands around his neck and the wreath of peace draped upon his troubled brow—ever his head was unbowed!
Hand held high in the gesture of that torch that lights the path to freedom and truth and love for one’s family and friends!

Yet the times of darkness when the shadows grow long enters the voyage of this life as ever time marches forward in this short existence!

Many are the times the knight watched the sun chase the moon across many star-filled night skies whilst mounted upon a loyal steed of power and strength.

He often contemplated his remaining time within the world of mortal man and it filled his heart with great sadness!
For sometime soon he would become but a wraith----a faded memory from another time of yore when Heroes and Giants walked the earth!

Of his deeds they mattered naught!
For what is the worth of man without his friends and most especially his family!

The aged Knight reveled for it was the song that sang deep within his heart and the dance of life…
….that played within the depths his own soul!

The aged warrior allowed a smile to cross his face and he rode onward to his home the great Keep!
Whereby his heart tasted of the warmth of the love of his family, and his soul supped upon the sweet nectar and ambrosia of their spirits which he had helped to guide in life!

The Knight rode onward as the descending dusk filled skies seemed to close all around his person and enveloped him as a cloak!

The fading light of the sun glistened against his burnished armored Cuirass and it reflected the silver and gold inlays of the ornate suit of armor of the Knight!

The End of Days was nearing and a man is soon replaced by his children in life.

And someday they too will be as great as was that ancient warrior in days of future past!

The Aged Knight said aloud under his breath!
“This was my life---This---was my passion,---This was my soul and I am proud to have lived such a life as---This was all of my life---I have no regrets as I happily face this long Good Night where I will rest—my Sins are my own and I will address them in the presence of the High – Father—alone I accept the responsibility of what I have done in this life!”

And onward into that long dark good night rides the knight at peace within his heart with no fears for tomorrow, but only the wonder of it all yet to come.

For this then is not an ending----But it is a new true beginning for all!!

The Shadows gathered all about him and hid him from the sight of mortals, and then he held his shield in his left hand which also clinched the reins as if for battle and he then unsheathed his mighty broad sword in his right hand and he pointed it to the heavens ….

“There to arms my brothers---my family never forget me naught for I love thee with all of my heart and I will live on forever in protection of thee my children for I will guide thee always!”

…there was a flash of light and the Knight vanished from the world of man!

The Great Knight will always be remembered as a warrior who faced destiny with courage and no fear of the morrow!

And as the ages marched forward his presence lost upon the earth was felt deeply by those he knew and loved, but he was never forgotten, but remember as a great man—the Warrior Knight for eternity!

Knights Code of Chivalry:

The Knights Code of Chivalry and the vows of Knighthood
Described in the Song of Roland:

To fear God and maintain His Church

To serve the liege lord in valor and faith

To protect the weak and defenseless

To give succor to widows and orphans

To refrain from the wanton giving of offence

To live by honor and for glory

To despise pecuniary reward

To fight for the welfare of all

To obey those placed in authority

To guard the honor of fellow knights

To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit

To keep faith

At all times to speak the truth

To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun

To respect the honor of women

Never to refuse a challenge from an equal

Never to turn the back upon a foe

“If the people that we love are stolen from us!!....The best way to remember them is to never stop loving them! For they live on eternally within the depths of our heart and our soul forevermore and we are their reflection of a life lived well!”

“It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."

The End

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The following comments are for "A Knight’s Epic Tale Of Life And Love:"
by Artorius

TALES. . .

( Posted by: sunshineangel [Member] On: April 1, 2009 )

Wonderful - terrific - touching - and true for days of yore and more so for today.
Thanks for an inspiring read.

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: April 1, 2009 )

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