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Incident at Treber part two

One of the Goska erm gentlemen seemed to know the complex caves intimately. This made me wonder about his origins. Goska troops surely hadn't been there long enough to learn all the twists, divisions and pitfalls that comprised this maze. So Holmes' axiom 'whatever remains, however improbable is invariably the truth' - this geezer had lived here for a good many years. Earth Union was the only one with Chasm technology. Therefore an indigenous Treban had been spared for some reason or another. This knowledge of terrain seemed to be as good an idea as any. Therefore the Goska had long term plans for Treber. It was typical that Union Military Intelligence weren't aware of this but I'd always considered Military Intelligence to be an oxymoron anyway.

A few twists and turns later we emerged into a large chamber. The walls were constructed of rock but it had a hollowed out appearance, impressive machinery had been used here. Goskan or Treban? It was impossible to say. While I admired the decor, a door creaked open and a massive individual stepped through. His clothes were utilitarian, consisting of black leather body armour and a sidearm slung casually across his chest within easy reach of either gloved hand. He was about six foot five and I suspected some of the muscle was turning to flab. He grunted,

"Well, pigs - what's your business on our world?" The possible Treban mouthed 'our world' with an interesting expression, something to be noted. We might have an ally yet and God knows we needed one.
Lying was pointless, although I decided to leave out as much as I could reasonably get away with,

"Earth Union military, looking into some weird shit that's been going on in this sector."
Big guy heaved himself into a carved stone chair and snarled,

"Weird? Tell me about it, mister. See him?" He pointed with a thumb at one of our captors,

"Know who he is?" he answered his own question, "It's bloody well me."

This was, to say the least, an unexpected development.

"How can it be you?" I queried.

"How the hell should I know?

I stared at the other version of this bloke and had to admit it was possible. Younger maybe, better muscle tone. There was a scar running down one side of his face. I looked back at old ugly back to younger ugly. The scar was identical.

"I never heard any reports of this happening - until now." was Kari's contribution. Neither had I and it begged the question of Goska involvement in these events.

"Names pigs." demanded old ugly. We told him and he grunted,

"I'm Chang and you futachs had better explain your presence here." I recognised the Krandall insult 'futach' - basically someone who had carnal knowledge of his unmarried mother. Not that the natives of Krand were unfriendly - just very succinct.

"I told you Chang, we want to know what the hell's going on and the Union reckon you might be testing a new weapon."

"Huh - wish I were." He leaned forward and bared a lot of yellow teeth, "Imagine attacking a fleet of ships that you could transport to another time."
I imagined it, not a pleasant thought. I nodded,

"And if you're not developing it - who is?"
Chang sat back and growled at our guards,

"Take them to quarters and post a guard outside the door."

We sat in our room / cell and looked around. Wouldn't ever qualify for a star in any tourist book but had all the basics, one bed, two chairs, one table and en-suite bathroom. Light was provided by a glowing fungus that lined the ceiling and the walls were solid stone. I did a double take on the single bed - whoops, this could be embarrassing. Not that I hadn't had some rather lewd thoughts about Kari.
Her gold eyes smiled over at me and I blushed. The combat suit didn't hide her curves at all. I grinned back and put a finger to my lips. Her eyes widened,

"In my culture that was a past."

"A..? Oh you mean a pass." I needed to learn a lot more about her culture's protocol before I really compromised myself.

"Well, in mine it means be careful what you say. Walls have ears sorta thing"
Kari glanced around at the walls and said,

"These don't."
I was impressed,

"Is that a natural ability or are you wearing some kinda implant?"

"Is what a natural ability?"

"Detecting listening devices, can you actually see radio transmissions?"

"Nothing of the kind. But you did say these walls have ears, yes?"
Then I cottoned on, oh hell - Trench didn't do metaphors either. I quickly explained my meaning and she gave one of those infectious gurgling type of chuckles. Then Kari grew serious again,

"But you believe the Goska are monitoring our conversation?"

"Almost certainly."

"And you were having certain thoughts about me with regard to the single bed arrangement?"
Now I was bright purple,

"I uh, I erm,"

"Why have you turned such a strange colour - are you unwell?"
I told her I was embarrassed vis a vis the bed situation. Kari seemed surprised,

"Oh, is it against one of your traditions - lovers sharing a bed I mean?"


"Oh c'mon Spider, you've been making ears at me since we met."
I didn't bother to correct her this time. One sensory organ was as good as another and frankly I wasn't too bothered. Just amazed at her ability to gauge a situation so accurately. I went to her and kissed her mouth gently, pulled away, she smiled,

"That's nice, don't stop yet."
I shook my head,

"Can't, not knowing that those gits are listening in."
Kari pouted and I nearly gave in there and then but eventually she dipped her head once,

"You're right - love-making is meant to be private."
She placed fingers in my ears, some kind of intimate gesture? I wondered then Kari opened her mouth and emitted a high pitched squeal, the noise rose higher until finally it stopped and she nodded,

"That will have deafened those gats for at least half an hour and may even have disabled some of their listening devices."
Quickly my interesting new love stripped off, walked over to me and began to pull down my one-piece cover's zip. Inserted a hand to stroke my chest and murmured,

"We don't have a lot of time Spider."
I smiled into her gorgeous gold eyes and whispered,

"Better get on with it then."

When I was naked, Kari took my hand and led me over to the bed. The next half-hour is none of anybody else's business. Let me assure you though that a good time was had by both.

In five hundred years time, most of us will be forgotten dust. But Hitler will still be remembered, God loves irony.

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by Ogg

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