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Enough is Enough
Our Patience is Running out

I look at the decades-long suffering of Palestinians and Gazans and I cannot help it but sympathize with them. I look at the centuries-long suffering and prosecution of Jews and I also cannot help it but sympathize with them as well. I think the whole world one way or another sympathizes with both sides. Each side has a touching story to tell and a number of seemingly good claims, be it religious, Biblical, Quranic, legal, civil, birth-right or otherwise.

But this sympathy, our sympathy, did not seem to have helped either party.

Palestinians and Israelis are somehow like cousins. Many Israelis and Palestinians look alike, cook alike and they even sound alike! But they have been fighting for decades and they seem to be determined to go on. I am not suggesting that they enjoy it, but it just seems that they will still go on fighting like that for a while.

Some friends ask me: “What is it to you? Why do you write or even bother to think about this? It is ultimately the Israelis and Palestinians who suffer and get to lose the most. So, it is up to them to find a solution.” In fact, they sadly point out, that the more they, Israelis and Palestinians suffer, the stronger their urge would be to find a settlement.

The trouble is, the bloody scenes are very disturbing. They haunt you. I mean, if the World will close an eye on murdering Gazan children or blowing up Israeli civilians, where does it stop? If the world had decided to close an eye on gassing Jews on the hands of the Nazi regime, the genocide against the people of Kosovo or Darfur where would we be today? Moreover, we are literally getting injured in the crossfire. When your neighbor’s home is on fire, you are bound to take an interest, lest the fire may spread to your own home and burn your own children too. And this is not just because we, in Egypt, are their next-door neighbors. Neighborhoods much farther away around the world in this global village, where borders and distances are ever diminishing, are also getting injured in the crossfire. The conflict has spilled over to many lands. It is fueling hatred and maniplulating extremist religious sentiments North, East, West and South.

In any conflict, a solution or a PATH, a strategy towards a solution, be it negotiation, arbitration, resorting to the Internal Court of Justice or the UN, should ideally come from the parties in concern: in this case Israelis and Palestinians. But this does not seem to be the case here. It simply does not work. Even wars, for many decades, did not work.

Several countries in the region, including Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Israel waged or got entangled in one war after another but wars never brought about a settlement to the original problem, the Israeli-Palestinian problem. So, they, or some of them, abandoned wars or pretended to be doing so and chose the path of peace, or appeared as if they had made that choice. Yet not a dawn of a solution even seemed remotely apparent at the horizon. We waited and waited, patiently hosting one round of negotiations and mediations after another, yet, the situation seems to only deteriorate.

Israel claims that Hamas is a terrorist organization which fires missiles indiscriminately at Israeli civilian population. That Arafat was a no-good greedy negotiator who showed no gratitude to generous Israeli offers. Palestinians claim that Israelis are using their military advantage to impose an unjust solution. Hamas says that it is a resistance movement which started with kids throwing stones facing armed soldiers who crushed the children's bones. Hamas further reminds us that such violent tactics were first used by the founding fathers of Israel including prominent members of successive Israeli cabinets, such as former Premiere Menachem Begin, also a former Irgun’s member, who was involved in the mass-murder of civilians in incidents such as the one which occurred in Deir Yasin in 1948 as well as the bombing of King David Hotel, Jerusalem, which was filled with civilians including women and children at the time, in 1946. If these were the heroes and founders of Israel, Hamas is following their seemingly successful example. After all, Israel managed to erect a state in 1948 through the use of such tactics and others. The other side claims that several warnings to evacuate King David Hotel prior to bombing were made and ignored. The dispute goes on.

I am personally getting fatigued by this whole situation. I no longer believe that negotiations can bring about a just peace. Maybe it is because of the power-parity, maybe because each side is clinging to its story and holy claims or whatever. Each party is complaining that the other party is the one responsible for the failure of negotiations.

OK, how about we adopt a new direction, settlement through Binding Arbitration, say with the International Court of Justice. Arbitration seemed to have worked well for the Taba dispute between Egypt and Israel. Why shouldn’t it work for Israelis and Palestinians?

I think that the World Patience will one day soon come to an end. It will reach its limit. Our patience will just run out. And if the conflicting parties cannot reach an amicable solution, the WORLD must step in, find and impose a solution on their behalf, through the UN or through ICJ or whatever special court, where both parties are invited to make their claims and substantiate their case and are required to abide by the ruling. The International Community must have enough balls to enforce such a verdict/solution perhaps if necessary through economic sanctions, even blockade or by whatever means deemed fit.

We should tell them clearly and we should tell them now:

Find a solution or a solution will be imposed upon you by the International Community. Patience, sympathy and compassion are all great virtues. But everything has a limit.

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The following comments are for "Find a Solution or One will be Imposed upon you"
by waelnawara

Good article.
The great irony is that Isreal was purchased much in the same way we purchased Alaska. There never were Palastinians (A name given the region by Rome) - the educated media in there haste to do what was right and not what sensationalizes
;( (I jest!) reaquainted us with that name. The Arab poeple who moved into tnat area did so to find work and a place to raise their children. As you point out both peoples have more in common than what seperates them.

Menachem Begin was indeed a terrorist in so much as his need to avenge old tribal atrocities by certain Arab families. They in turn avenged his avenging and on and on.

This whole conflict is nothing but a battle ground of ideologies and petty fueds and history shows us that there is nothing more dsngerous than conflicting ideologies and ancient hatreds.

The real solution is more likely to be found in psychology than in politics. Tribal mentality is in us all - 30 people being about our limit for responsible relationships - past that, other emotional or personal agenda issues come into play. Hillary will, I pray, makes headway toward peace in the region but don't discount that she first seeks her place in history (Higher than her husbands) - and the tribal hatreds will go on long past her honored departure.

The tribal ethos does show itself in a good way by helping needy neighbors or the extended grief and response caused by 9/11.But monsters do exist on all sides and their machanations force us all to polorize our thoughts and postions.

Islam is a nation of belivers not believers within different nations. Political conflicts still arise over borders set by the Brits and the French divesting their control and departing. We in the west are exploited because we, through no fault of our own, crave simplistic answers, are blindly arrogant and made ignorant - and we are not being enlightened by any agency we can access. The sad thing is that the Muslim world is subject to the same simplistic drival from their news sources.

Welcome all to the human race - history is always doomed to repeat itself. What we know will not hurt us - what we don't know will hurt us all! But even with my humble views, 'cause I'm just a guy in a diner, I still have have hope of a better world.
Thanks for your clarity and making my wheels turn.

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: January 22, 2009 )

lol no comment

( Posted by: Robert Walker [Member] On: January 23, 2009 )

@ Jopenny
Thank you my friend for your comments and generous vote :)

You know ... I do not really want to comment on whether Israelis or Palestinians have better claims ... this is exactly against the intention of this note ...

I am saying that both parties, Israelis and Palestinians should be referred to an International Court of Justice and accept the verdict. The International Community should enforce compliance through diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions or otherwise. It is up to the court to decide who should have what, when and in what way.

We can sit here to doom's day debating this issue ... everyone has been doing so for the past century and it did not seem to work ...

Now, let us tell the parties to this conflict ... you take your claims and present them to an International Court of Justice and you Abide by the rulling else you violate the will of the International Community.

Simple. even oversimplistic. but nothing else worked ... so maybe we should go to the obvious solution


( Posted by: waelnawara [Member] On: January 24, 2009 )

@ Dagger
Thanks Dagger for your comment ...

Again ... it was not my intention to pass judgments on Hamas or Irgun or PLO ... what is done is done ... now ... we must think of a Strategy to solve the conflict ...

negotiations did not work ... let's go to court :)

( Posted by: waelnawara [Member] On: January 24, 2009 )

@ Robert Walker
Thank you my friend for your brief and wise comment and generous vote :)

yes ... you summed it up ...

now ... we need to get out of that "...." hole ...

It requires courage from the International Community


( Posted by: waelnawara [Member] On: January 24, 2009 )

Courage is the word indeed!

( Posted by: Boudica [Member] On: January 24, 2009 )

I agree but I fear that irrational behaviors can't be reined in short of terrible action. That wisdom so seldom finds purchase in the human mind is a shameful element of what it is to be human. Keep giving it to us anyway!

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: January 24, 2009 )

@ Boudica
Indeed. Thank you.

We often know what to do. We seldom have the courage to do it.


( Posted by: waelnawara [Member] On: January 24, 2009 )

@ jopenny
Thanks. We try. As Boudica says:

Poets come riding on the fearless writer


( Posted by: waelnawara [Member] On: January 24, 2009 )

Ok, in the spirit of my brother Dagger, lmao (read gamblerman's post "toto... not in kansas anymore) I gotta say screw this, lets get outta the middle east, allow Iran to do whatever it wants with Nuclear Tech, wait till they blow up Palestine/Israel to holy hell, then if Jehova comes to save the jews, let them be saved, if not, THEN we can destroy Iran. Let it be a lesson to the rest of humanity from not till forever that foolish squabbles in this age of mankind, will do nobody any good. If these tribes can't figure it out, fuck em, they are china and russia's problem. Sorry but I'm tired of my country getting anally probed by camel-jocky's (i apologize for the racial undertone) who are fighting over religious shit. I hate that religion anyway. Some may call me anti semitic, others may call me insensitive, but all i can say is are we REALLY gonna let this stupid fight halfway across the world destroy mankind and our beautiful planet? I freaking hope not.

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: January 25, 2009 )

um, bro...

I thought u didn't believe that actual democracy was possible, why would u call Israel a REAL democracy when you wouldn't call America a REAL democracy..... Could it be monothiestic programming stemming from a worldview propogated by the anglo-catholic church? Hmmmm. Please don't kill me :P

I love u man, but you can't have my bud lite :)

( Posted by: roach [Member] On: January 25, 2009 )

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