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Okay folks...things are moving too slowly lately...time for a new thread!

In revisiting the archives for inspiration, I came upon old poems I'd written that I almost forgot about. Sooo...I wondered which one I would like to be remembered for...or just enjoyed the most! Which one of yours would YOU choose!

Comments anyone????


Grandma Bea

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The following comments are for "Favorite Original Poem you have posted and why?"
by Beatrice Boyle

Bea's Thread


Bedroom shades open
rotund woman runs naked
peepers scream-go blind

( Posted by: Nitz Kitty [Member] On: January 12, 2009 )

Wow...I'm breathless just from reading this non stop journey into chaos! Hope this is just a literary excercise for you. If not...maybe one of my prayers will help to bring you peace!

Thanks for being the first to respond John!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 13, 2009 )

Kacee's Eyes!
Hi Kacee...remind me to lower my shades tonight!!!

Thanks for responding so quickly to the thread...I think it will be interesting to see what others post as their favorites.

Hope you're feeling better these days!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 13, 2009 )

The Long Goodbye - The Thread
This is one of my favories...although not tecnically my best...but for the sentiment it conveys.

Sitting in wheel chairs
Lined up in a row
Just staring in space
They've nowhere to go
Vacant faces...empty eyes
People scurrying past
Ignoring their cries

Most are alone now
No one to lean on
They call out to loved ones
Long dead and gone
There is no present...only the past
Recalling their youth
While their memories last

When you rush down the corridor
As you hasten to leave
And you feel a gnarled hand
As it tugs on your sleeve
Hold it tight...give them a smile
They'd be so grateful
if you stayed awhile

Is there NO ONE who
Will hear their cry?
They did not choose
This long goodbye
Yet here they sit
And I wonder

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 13, 2009 )

She's a shadow. A mirror image of me.
My mind, my thoughts, my dreams, my
tears. I'd tell her that I love her,
but she wouldn't know for how long I have.
Not from the moment she did something memorable that sat in my
heart and blossomed there into love.
No. I've loved her ever since I heard about love.
I can't remember specific times or dates for I was
too young. A baby, in fact. The
other woman in my life told me about
It with the same glassy eyed look
of pure love. I will tell her that
I love her. I just never knew her

( Posted by: Robert Walker [Member] On: January 13, 2009 )

The Thread
Robert...that was lovely. All sorts of scenarios are going through my mind...adoption is one of them.

Thank you for joing the thread...I can't wait to see the others.


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 13, 2009 )

thread jp
I like this one. The whole night circus thing made me uncomfortable writing it.

The Circus heard was not in town
But came in the shadowed dark
Danced and sang a guiltless lark
Too loud and rude throughout

How came I here alone to stand?
The fairway long, pale faces call
Where I gained no luck at all
What prize could I hope to win?

What creatures built this edifice?
Stilted clowns with painted faces
Ancient canvas and colored laces
This the garish world I better knew

Tis only a dream I come to think
My mind constructs this fantasy
Wound the strains of a calliope
Just as fortunetellers so often do

Madam dealt from this very deck
A six of swords or a cup or two
The hangman fell for penance due
And I on a road the way obscure

Turn a simple pose and pirouette
And so point to bare another way
The world demands a toll to play
As we blind and weary carnies toil

Thanks Bea for the idea!

( Posted by: jonpenny [Member] On: January 13, 2009 )

The Thread
Wow Ken...I must go back into your a new look into your style. I like this one too!

Thanks for coming aboard...hope others follow soon.


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 13, 2009 )

@ Bea
I think this is a wonderful thread.

In my spare time, which hasn't been a lot, I've been reading through the "random reader" to familiarize myself with past writers at lit.

Thanks for starting this thread.


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: January 14, 2009 )

The Thread
Thanks Stuart...I also have a great idea for another one later on, appropo of this one, if this catches on!

Hopefully, some of our old members will see this and decide to come aboard.


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 14, 2009 )

Interesting Thread!
Even though I have hundreds of poems to choose from, I have always loved "When I Saw You" the best of my own because I wrote it without knowing how deep it would actually become. It was inspired simply by seeing a friend from my high school for the first time in several months.

"When I Saw You"

I saw you last night.
You were the same-
your same convivial, charming, enticing self.
If I could tell you anything in the world, I would confess that I love the way you are.
Don't change-
Don't ever change.

Did you admire me before? Then I hope I'm still the same.
Did you despise me before? Then I hope I'm different.
You love everyone.
You hate no one.
Don't change your mind-
Don't ever change your mind.

Could I ever hate you? No.
Could I ever love you? Maybe.
Do you want to be loved as truly and innocently as you love everyone? Then chance it: Let me know.
Don't be silent-
Don't ever be silent.

I saw you last night.
Did I expect to see you? Perhaps I did.
Did you expect to see me? I might never know.
Do I care to know that answer at all? Of course not!
You lay yourself on the line for all to see,
yet you still radiate an aura of mystery.
Don't ever hide.
Don't ever reveal.

Always be true,
just like last night
When I saw you.

-Aubri, a. k. a. ArsPoet2789ica

( Posted by: ArsPoet2789ica [Member] On: January 17, 2009 )

The Thread - Chance Encounter
Hi this! I have found that the poems that have touched me the most...of my original poems...are the simple ones...that were generated by something that touched me personally...a fleeting thought triggered by a picture in the newspaper, a call from a old friend I haven't heard from in years...a trinket I came upon from my husband before we high scchool album etc.etc.

Good job on this one! Thanks for responding to the thread!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 17, 2009 )

Just a requiem
Found this one you might like...

My nose was cold while I walked down the row.
It didn't drip, but it threatened to.
The trees in this solemn place take on a new skin.
Their skin is wet, and they look like a lizard's.
All traces of Spring are gone from them.
No more green sprouts yearning to be,
only to fall to the ground as she is now.
They're all dressed in black,
and my mind wonders why.
"She was a light in the storm of my life"
Then reflect that light.
They have no faces, but I see their tears.
I can see their lights.
We travel across the grass.
I look at my shoes,
ironically black.
The tips are wet, and my toes
become brothers to my nose.
The rotting shaved stones bear the stories of those
buried underneath.
But they lie too much.
I always look for the little stones.
I see one and smile and wave at the baby buried there,
like I do with every one that looks at me.
A game of peek-a-boo would be fun,
but I can't play by myself...
So I move on.
Her hole.
The cold sky isn't crying, it's sweating.
I suppose I now know what "London Fog" looks like,
though I've never been there.
It didn't roll through the Yard.
It just stayed as though it belonged there.
So I didn't ask it anything.
They dug her a good solid hole.
The astroturf is waiting, and so are the gravediggers.
Waiting on us. One looks at me
as if to say "I'm sorry".
His eyes seem to be liquid blue.
"Is he crying"?
Then I realize his eyes are brothers to his nose, and toes.
Funny how life works...
I know I can't laugh, I'm at a funeral for chrissakes.
The salesman in me says "You can't have funeral without fun.
But the priest in me whips him into submission.

I am savage with myself. The manys inside my head all vying for my
conscious affection. They are children, all wanting to be noticed by the great parent that is my brain. All they want is to be seen, and loved.
I look at the mourners, and think the same thing.
"We are all children, all we want is to be seen, and heard, and loved.
From the day we come crying to the day we leave dying
'All you need is love'"
So true John, so true.
HE says his words that are supposed to give comfort.
They don't.
The people begin to walk by
and say good-bye.
I stand and watch.
How many times I've felt like a gargoyle.
Standing and watching stolidly.
When they're all gone, I wait.
I know it is coming because it always has.
The lesson. is what I await.
For my brother it was: "Love"
I look to the sweaty sky for I may be here awhile.
Then to the realgrass, and the treads of the passers-by.
I think of their pain and strife,
and then it comes.
The long awaited words,
I smile, and say "thanks"
then think about my toes again.
I think back to her,
"Well, at least you don't have to worry about such things."
I felt a smile back and she said,
"You are right."
I turned, smiling, and went about loving life

( Posted by: ROBERT WALKER [Member] On: January 17, 2009 )

The Thread - In Mourning.
Very touching Robert...why does it always seem to rain on if the sky is mourning too!

Thanks for joining the thread.


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 17, 2009 )

Last Call for Original Poetry Thread!
Hi folks...Since the last thread announcement (Favorite original poem you posted) went by the boards so quickly, many people I've contacted hadn't seen it!..Sooo...last chance (by the week-end) to submit yours, before a new thread goes up!

Don't be must have loved it to submit it in the first place!! Besides, we have so many new members that haven't seen them, there is a whole new audience. Or...conversly...a new member whose work went by the boards so quickly, it didn't have much exposure.

Now is your chance to be heard!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: January 22, 2009 )

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