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A series based upon the perceived realities from the Aquarian perspective of the natural states of humanity in its’ progression through the Ages.


As has been shown before the languages of the universe are, in truth, one. There is no exclusivity of knowledge predicated upon previous knowledge. Perhaps it is a human condition to simply “know”. As the Ages that have gone before have had their prophets, those that had prepared the People and foretold what was to come, so too there must be more. Yet these prophets hold a place of reverence amongst the People. For Taurus it was Moshe, Pisces was Yeshuah, and as we stand on the cusp of another Age there has yet to be predictions made. Of course there are the doomsday crowd that would claim an end to things. One hears such dire words, and fear creeps in instantly. This is a human reaction. For, as a parallel, death is feared round the world, by most of humanity, as “the end”. I believe this fear is due to a reaction to that which goes against what we perceive in the world. We see circles everywhere. No beginning and no end. We wear rings on our fingers to symbolize a love that is supposedly eternal. The wheel of the year, the Advent wreath, the Olympic symbol. The seasons, the days…and many more examples!

In short, we see a continuity of things. Neither the creation nor destruction of energies, but a recycling of energies. So when “end” or a termination of things is perceived or foretold, especially in the Age of Pisces, fearful words such as abomination, lakes of fire, brimstone, Sheol, wars, diseases, Horsemen…fear.

Fear of that which cannot be perceived quite yet.

Aquarius, in the context of Sun signs, is a complicated one. Yet… in truth understanding an Aquarian is as simple as understanding life. What follows is how your author sees things. They may not be the way you do, but then again they may be. The words are, however, written from the perspective of an Aquarian born on the cusp.

To simply make claims or predictions as to exactly how things will be in the future rides converse to the exact premise of Aquarius. We perceive things as they are. We see wars, literally everywhere, in our current Age. It appears to us that mankind has lost their minds, of course that belief is predicated on the belief that they ever had control of their faculties in the first place!

We are inundated with the guilt of lore that mankind seeking knowledge has been the very genesis of our current situations. This is simply not so. For as this Age has progressed, mankind has continually created, discovered, and invented its’ way into their own pantheon! They just don’t know it yet.

I’ve often reflected that if we are truly paying for the sin of taking a bite of an apple from 6,000 years ago, why then do we not make applesauce? What have we to lose? Our souls? More lore covers that perspective as well, for a small army of angelic individuals tried that very thing and a special place of eternal torture was created for them… which amounts to more fear.

The Age of the Fish has been marked by the best and worst of mankind. The prophet of the Age had, according to the lore, been a man who actually reflected the ideals of the Age that would follow the one he’d begun. He stood for universal love, peace, and understanding. Indeed throwing violently off one’s back, the yolk of our ancestors hatreds, in lieu of a perspective that is not inherited, but created.

And so these are the markings of Aquarius. A never ending search of knowledge. To comprehend, as best as we allow ourselves, this place and indeed ourselves. In understanding ourselves we, as a consequence, understand others. This creates empathy. Empathy in turn creates a state of understanding with which the rush wars will end. Wars themselves I do not believe would end, for there will be the power hungry. Such People attempt to take from others that which is inherent. As soon as the victim realizes the realities of their state, they will regain that which is rightly theirs, through war or peace.
See! How far mankind has come in such a short time. Less than two centuries ago, in the medical field alone, mankind has made great strides in understanding. We’ve come to understand that certain psychoses have to do with the brain and chemical imbalances, rather than the possession of the self by demonic apparitions. We’ve realized atoms, and harnessed their energies, yet this great discovery is tempered by the horrors of nuclear weapons. So Aquarius begins the cycle of knowledge with a simple idea, or an accidental discovery, and since Aquarians don’t truly think of pragmatic things such as applications of knowledge, they simply share the knowledge with the People. There are some among the People that use such knowledge to destroy, take that which is not theirs, and/or apply their personal aggressions and faults upon humanity.
The greatest discovery mankind can make at this epoch is yet to come. I believe it will be the realization that we, in all realms and realities, are what we perceive to be… Gods.
Yes! Heresy. Or more accurately the real manifestation of our true states of being! Imagine it mortals. Step out of your self loathing shoes. Step into the consciousness that is your destiny, and take your rightful place in the pantheons you yourselves had created!
Through the search for knowledge mankind has come to understand many more things. Pox, viruses, plagues are not the results of what is perceived to be sinful ways, but have real root causes. Viruses, fleas, boils, the constant of the circle is never ending, and some circles are bigger than others, so they are perceived to be lines or even arcs, yet never being fully comprehended as a part of circle, which is their true states of being.

Fear is something that has pervaded our every thought. As a result protection from the causes of those fears are sought daily. Airbags in vehicles, face creams to prevent the perceivable passage of time on one’s face, the “fountain of youth… we all strive for immortality in our own ways. Yet, this is the view of a fearful being. Are gods fearful? Do gods die? If they do, do they have souls, and if so where do those souls go? A special gods heaven or hell?

It is currently perceived that, in many cases, there is but one god above, and so there can only be one truth below. This is simply not so as evidenced by that god’s own words. It is but one Elohim. Yet, this Elohim has transformed itself, rather humanity’s perception of It has changed accordingly with what is needed from that being, from an anthropomorphic god of jealousy and wrath, to a very un-human sort of selflessness and enlightenment.
The prophet of Pisces did not fear mortal death, as it is perceived that he was a god. One could conclude thus that gods do not die, and so they should not fear death. Yet, what if gods do indeed die, but are not fearful of the process, and so that knowledge is concurrently a portion of that which bestows the status, God, upon them? The followers of that prophet aim to emulate or be like him. Yet they entirely miss the very core lesson of his existence. Rather, it was learned, which was what skyrocketed that belief system into the power-might. For it was the lion’s mouth, and their lack of fear of it that was the harbinger of things to come. Yet, at some point, this was reversed! No longer did they NOT fear. At some point between the Collisseum’s “games” and now, fear had crept back in. Perhaps fear is a natural state of humankind, yet it is believed that fear can be conquered, and this has been borne out countless times by various methods. Traditionally, fear is conquered with knowledge, or rather what is perceived to be knowledge. Death, for example, is the greatest of human fears, yet death is an inevitability of the human condition. Thus is the paradox of our existence as it stands. Almost every action we take in our mundane existences is an attempt to continue our mortally perceived realms. The above mentioned face creams, jogging, ceasing bad habits in favor of more healthy choices.

Many that are condemned to death by their governments for various crimes, in time, “find god”. Whatever god it is, it is found, and a new state of consciousness ensues. Why is this? Is it that because the individual never had real time to consider their state of mortal being? That they never cared to? Or is it that when we are faced with the pragmatic realities of our current state, we fear it?

The Age that is to come will usher in understanding. Understanding that our mortal bodies will die, yet the circle of life continues. That this death is not an ending, but a continuance of that which is. I do not believe that the future has already been written, nor is it being written, but will be written as it always has, by those that decide to know. Knowledge is the key, and so the ties that bind our minds and hearts, must be thrown off as old yolks to continue the cycles of the Ages. Many speak of destinies, and many more attempt to fulfill ancient prophesies, regardless if it runs perpendicular to their fastly held belief systems.

For example, killing another is forbidden, yet not so in certain cases. This begs the question, and many others, are a gods’ word ultimate truth? Can ultimate truth be perceived or attained?

I believe truth to be dependant upon perspective. One cannot be told, truly, what truth is to them for their perceptions are truly their own. Therefore, one god, which is the manifestation of our fears and hopes, cannot suffice to fulfill each and every individual. So this begs the question, does mankind need a god? Do we need a phantasmic celestial figurehead to define who we are or why we are?

I believe the answer to come also from ancient sources, for as we have progressed manifold in science and technology, we have also forgotten. For it has been proven that our ancestors had created things we can barely conceive. In our pride in ourselves, we’ve forgotten ancient lessons, one of the most important of which are that the answers lie within. Which brings our discussion full circle to the issue of becoming gods ourselves! And so yet another circle has manifested itself. Is not the human mind a fantastic thing!

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The following comments are for "The Prophet of Aquarius"
by Robert Walker

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