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Regarding Palestinians, it is all too clear that the conversations on violence in the Middle East are polarizing around notions of pro and anti this or that. Finally, in this ideologically principled tug-of-war we have sadly stopped addressing actual facts and no longer contextually recognize real events as compared with each other in daily life. It seems less important, for example, that the dead of one side vastly outnumber the dead of the other. Furthermore, seemingly incidental are the completely imbalanced degrees of freedom experienced by the "sides" of the conflict to pursue happiness and the latitude of privilege to choose a direction for individual and collective life. Why have such realities been so marginalized for the sake of establishing what is right and what is wrong in the minds of media consumers? Why do we allow black to be white and day to be night? Have we so avowed ourselves to marrying the antithesis of our fears that we have, ourselves, become litigious brokers of eyes and teeth?

What is Anti-Semitism, anyway, as a term? Does it not suggest a mindset of opposing all those descendant from the second son of Noah, Shem, the first Semite? Technically, yes. But according to today's elastic "term-tastic" media masturbators, to be an anti-Semite is to be against Jews and don't you dare fuck with the lingo, buddy! To anyone that cares to observe, the Jew has somehow cornered the "victim" market since about the end of WWII! Honestly, who thinks "10 million gentiles" when they hear the now well known anti-Holocaust saying, "Never Again!"? We may never know, but not because it isn't an interesting question.

Actually, isn't it quite convenient that the two-headed monster comprising

1) the world's most powerful and secretive intelligence agency,

symbiotically and ubiquitously entangled with

2) the longest standing military occupation army and munitions brokerage in recent memory

has branded itself a victim in perpetuity in the world's eyes, minds and hearts? Anti-Semitism, in fact, would probably seem - to the uninitiated, that is - to be synonymous with being against a consistent occupation of terrorism guilty of atrocities that only begin by flying in the face of every international treaty, convention and agreement on the subject.

Anti-Semitism also means opposing if not the last, at least one of the last standing bastions of racism and genetic superiority on the planet today. Somehow, while lauded uncritically as a natural phenomenon almost of nature itself, that exclusionary and laughable government touting the brand "democratic" as if it has a monopoly on the very essence of virtue, claims to the world its race has something called a "right to return". A fabrication of the most stupefying scale of imagination if ever there was one. For what limits of criminality and carnage have we barbaric humans ever placed on something to which we claim we have a right? History would labor long and hard to find any such constraints on violence once the issue of "right" is thrown into the mix of humanity's struggle to define itself. We will stop at nothing, even expeditious genocide, once we've latched on to that tit of tyranny we have, in past times, called "nationalism" or, worse yet, the various forms of racial distinction that so copiously stain the pages of our history books; referring here only, of course, to those chronicles of criminality shamelessly written by the winners!

I say we head back to nature, back to reality and back to observable and quantifiable events that are readily available to the public at large. Let’s remember that a human is a human first. She may be born into a social grouping called Palestinian or Jew; Hell, even Protestant and Catholic. The bottom and quite natural line is that the one born does not choose the birthing environment. So, first and foremost, before rights are ideologically distributed based on the intellectual products of social conditioning, let’s at least recognize that certain rights are bred into us simply because we're born into life.

And while we’re becoming all natural about it, lets recall reality as well. Zionism, not Judaism, decided to make Palestine its exclusive home, post haste, while the turrets of WWII were still warm from the afterglow of the UK’s close encounter with utter demise. The "British Empire", as it was still affectionately called, was too war-torn to maintain its over-extended footprint in the Middle East. Add to that the 3 or 4 waves of predominantly peaceful Jewish immigrants, not “returnees”, that softened the vast majority of likewise peaceful Palestinian natives and you have a recipe for occupation. All that was missing was the firepower to establish it as a mode of statehood. Enter the US of A - Eisenhower’s “Military/Industrial Complex” was in full swing by the 60s and it seemed the Zionist lobbies were establishing themselves well in the bomb-building business.

Let that history unfold over the next 50 years and what do you have? Let me suggest you have devastation to what remains of what was once a beautiful culture of native Arabs, deeply religious and expressing it with such virtues such as hospitality, mercy, justice and an open mind to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Many Jews still tell beautiful stories of how close they were to their Palestinian "relatives" - for neighbor was too trite a word - before the ’48 change. That change brought not only a regime intolerant of a naturally non-Jewish majority of inhabitants. It went about changing that reality with the same ferocity and disregard for justice and even sobriety we see today in Gaza and the West Bank. The warrantless seizure of countless homes by Jewish families is rivaled only by the gunpoint evictions that ensured Palestinians were either killed or chased off their land and evicted from their homes with little fanfare and certainly no paper trail. And does anyone care that since the Intifada began 18000 additional homes have been demolished? I think only a few, relatively speaking. Here, in Poland, where I live, when a Jew comes back, after 70 years of fleeing, they're more than welcome to come back and claim their stolen property. And this with no need to claim God's promises. I wonder what hope the bereaved Palestinians will have of ever getting back if only the land robbed from them at the hands of a ruthless occupying militarized Government.

I pray for you, Palestine! I beg the Lord for mercy on your collective soul! I mourn with your widows and your orphans. My heart is felled with your olive trees, my self-respect leveled with your homes. My hopes stolen with your land. My mind imprisoned with your leaders and my hands, though they be Jewish, are shackled with you in your struggle for freedom and expression. Forgive me for I am seemingly powerless to end your torment this day. Let the supplications of my lips be as offerings of both remorse and vindication, even as your slaughtered brothers and sisters are sacrificial martyrs on the alter of a power-hungry yet self-destructing regime.

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The following comments are for "In Search of Reality"
by Tamir

He is no Lamb!
quite right. And you could certainly say that about Livni, the persian general and the piano player as well. But all these are, to me, little children playing in a sandbox over who gets to take the red toy home when mother comes back to collect her little bundle of joy.

You mention the bible amongst your references to historical texts. I respectfully take issue with this and consider the bible to be, largely, a work of fiction that also mixes a little history here and there with claims validated only on the hearts of its retrospective authors.

But I would love to continue the conversation off line.

( Posted by: Tamir [Member] On: January 11, 2009 )

re: reality
"I've been right and I've been wrong, now I'm back where I started from." - David Bowie. "Reality"

I think the biggest mistake we make, as a species or collective consciousness, is to assume there is one objective Reality that we all inhabit. The reason this is so dangerous is because, if we operate on the belief that there is one Reality, it follows that there is one Real Truth, and that someone (read: you) can be Right, and someone (read: everyone who doesn't agree with you) can be Wrong.

But that's just my perspective. I don't claim to be Right.

( Posted by: Beckett Grey [Member] On: January 13, 2009 )

Claim to be Right
I, for one claim you, John, to be right. That you see and understand the relativity of the all is refreshing. Here in this fleck of opinion I'm trying just to vent my frustrations at the overwhelming bias in the media and in the minds of the majority of my own people. I'm guilty of your critical observation and i confess at times the claws of self-pity tear into me and I bleed my revile all over the place, quite uncontrolled. Some tell me i contribute to balance but what is that from them?

( Posted by: Tamir [Member] On: January 14, 2009 )

I think we can agree that while historians aren't supposed to have countries, they do.

( Posted by: Robert Walker [Member] On: January 15, 2009 )

They do
Remembering, of course, that History, as a subject of study, is constantly evolving - developing, as it matures, new ways of retelling the past and disqualifying old ways. Historians are the lab rats of this discipline. Truth experiments with them much like a scientist probes and mutilates a captive rodent. Nations, much like corporate financiers of scientific experiments, are effectively the employers of historians. It appears to me there is an inherent conflict of interest here when it comes to the telling and writing of history. Are there any historians that are, to any degree, unbiased enough to actually do history justice? I don't believe it. I place my trust, with no small measure of suspicion, in the archeologists of today, knowing full well that they too are biased, funded and captivated by subjective initiatives, nationalized as well as nationalistic departments of antiquity. Our only hope is to research our brains out, looking always to all sides of the inequitable equations and, over time and after much labor, come to our own conclusions, biased though they may be.

( Posted by: Tamir [Member] On: January 15, 2009 )

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