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As my concentration turned away from the nearly completed test, my suspicious eyes darted across the room. At first, I suspected anyone and everyone, except my sixth grade teacher. Soon enough, I managed to narrow the list down to four or five individuals capable of such a cruel act. A few things tipped me off. Nate became the first person on my list of suspects; he could not hide his guilty laughter with his exaggerated cough. And Evanís crooked smile told me that he knew of something; if he wasnít guilty, he knew who was. I knew Bozoís poker face and nervous tapping of his desk did not imply that the chapter test posed any serious problems. He was too smart to be stumped on any of these obvious multiple-choice questions. Nick kept pointing to Steve, but his eye popping stare and pasty white smile gave rise to new suspicion; they were all in it together, ready to drop the blame on a single, defenseless Steve. Then again, what if Steve did have the capability to start something as spontaneous and unprovoked as this? What was I to do?

Reluctant to admit defeat, I hunched over my paper to hide my actions. I wanted them to assume that I was continuing my test and that they didnít bother me one bit. But they all knew I could still see them from the corner of my eye, and I bet the guilty party was waiting for retaliation. Adrenaline was coursing though my veins Ė telling me that there was no turning back. Very slowly and quietly, I had cautiously begun to tear off little bits of paper. Within a few moments, I had a full arsenal of nine saliva-dripping spitballs lined up against my desk, and with a quick pull of my teeth, my writing utensil transformed into a lethal (okay, maybe not that lethal) weapon. I placed the first projectile in the wide end of the tube. A small, barely audible pop echoed across the room as I sucked on the other side of the tube; it was the sound of a drenched ball of paper smacking up against the narrow end of the pen. If you ever loaded a spitball before, you know what sound Iím speaking of.

Locked and loaded, I had my dadís favorite phrase in mind: fight fire with fire. I took one full breath to prepare me for the attack that I had planned, and a few moments later, my lungs were filled with trapped air that needed to be released. Visions of corporal punishment faded into pictures of school warfare. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but in my state of mind, I couldnít let this skirmish go without retaliation. I placed the spitball shooter to my lips, and I lined up my target Ė the fattest person in my sight.

Evanís big head skipped up and down with excitement. If I couldnít hit him, then, I ought to retire, I told myself. My lungs exploded in their unknowingly last attempt of the day. Little Bob was a successful launch (for some reason, I gave each spitball a pet name). He hurled through the air with unbelievable speed. Little Bob seemed to weave in and out of the maze of innocent heads before him. They were all going to pay, but Evan was going to be my first victim. At least, thatís what I thought.

Unfortunately, my aim wasnít too good. Perhaps my pen had a slight curve to it, due to manufacturing imperfections. Or maybe, the open window allowed just enough breeze in to change the trajectory. Either way, I missed my mark.

Little Bob clung to the side of Sarahís temple, and the saliva slowly oozed down the side of her face. With a quick flick of the hand, Little Bob was cast to the floor. I did not want to believe it; my body froze up on me. Sarah stared me down for the longest second of my life, and there was nothing that I could do about it. The spitball shooter still rested on my motionless lips as she jerked her squinted eyes towards me; I was caught red-handed. Many foul words came to mind, and somehow, I resisted the temptation to jump out of my seat and run home.

*** Please comment on any ideas for the ending.


The following comments are for "Warfare"
by davepfingston

@ davepfingston
I can't believe you don't already have an ending for this! I hate to admit it, but I got an almost obscene pleasure reading about the little boy and his spitballs!

So you need an ending? What if . . . Sarah was your fraternal twin? Instead of her ratting you out in class, she ratted you out to your mother that evening when the two of you got home? And you left the fact that she was your fraternal twin a "secret" until the very end of the story?

Just a quick thought that comes to mind, and one that, if worked thoughtfully, could bring up more issues and cliffhangers than it solves by the end of the piece.


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: January 4, 2009 )

Thanks for the suggestion
Thanks Ochani for the idea. I'm working on the ending now.

Also, I'm trying to tell my story of an out of body experience I had. Has anyone every had any of these?

You can see my life changing event on

( Posted by: davepfingston [Member] On: January 4, 2009 )

@ davepfingston
OOBE's? Yes, I've had those. Quite frequently. I volunteered for a study regarding that once. Long story, and not something I care to detail too deeply.


( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: January 4, 2009 )

OOBE and way beyond.....
Via a reference from my connection to the writer Whitley Strieber, I was referred to Kenneth Ring, PhD, who was among the early frontiers of NDE and OOBE. I ended up meeting Ken and we developed a good friendship at that time, he was the head of the psychology dept. at the University of Conneticut, and a friend of various other researchers in various studies in the paranormal, and I became and am a case study in one of his books, "The Omega Project" which dealt with those who had various types of extra-out-of-ordinary experiences.

Also, during my days with MUFON L.A., the president of the L.A. chapter who knew everyone including Whitely strieber and Kenneth Ring, asked me to be a part of the inner support group, a rather exclusive group of those whose experiences were very tangible, out of that came his documentation/I am a MUFON case study, from the hypno-regression sessions of my case, which always started with a tangible fully conscious memory experience regressing back from that point, each time.

I have had other involvements, connections, etc., with those who study such things, and have been a case study more than once.

My OOBE were never painful. Started when I was a child, I did not know then that what I experienced was unusual, I thought all people did the same thing I did...when I entered my pre teen years I had extensive paranormal experiences, some frightened me, one particular experience that involved something beyond OOBE was so traumatic (I was fully conscious) that it was what led me into wanting to delve deeper into the world of the so called "paranormal"....

...and ultimately, all of these various experiences from childhood on, many experiences as an adult were even more intense than my childhood ones, is what started me on my journey, quest to find answers, via spiritual methods, via science, etc.---

I like the Dalai Lama am now of the belief that so much of all this phenomena can be explained via the theories found in quantun M-theory...and that even Tibetan Buddhism, it concepts, beliefs, etc., can be proven via M-theory EVENTUALLY.

Unfortunately, we still live in a world of science in which the majority are of the limited laboratory thinking...vinegar and baking soda, IT MUST BE REPLICATED in controlled lab environment mind set...which of course if impossible at this point. The religion of laboratory science is quite limited in what it can or cannot prove or disprove when it comes to the theoretical physicists and what they believe to have discovered via M-theory which came out of the super-string theory of quantum, etc.

One day though, long after this current lifetime of mine, I, like many theoretical physicists believe, we will reach a point in science where these things can be proven...but how can you prove or replicate parallel dimensions, multiple dimensions, 11 dimensions or more in fact, or a universe that is made of consciousness, a living, THINKING universe of which we are all connected to as ONE in thought, etc.--?

We are not there yet..for now, much is a matter of faith for some, for me, I have experienced many things that have shown me first hand that the physical world is not what it seems, and I have seen the supposed traditional law of physical law of physics broken many times....I don't want to believe...I KNOW we are more than our physical bodies and that all about us is illusion.

Now, like Stuart, because this is such an in-depth and personal aspect of my life that has been a HUGE part of my life my whole life, I do not, no, I will not get into any further.

Oh, and yes, for the skeptics out there...I have been probed, checked, in all manner of ways to ensure I did not suffer from epilepsy, or brain lesions, or any form of mental disorder such as schizophrenia that would cause my experiences, all that could possible have a physical cause or explanation of my experiences has been ruled out by medical science.


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: January 5, 2009 )

re: Warfare, NDE, OOBE?
re: Warfare, good writing.
But what in the Dickens is an NDE or an OOBE?


( Posted by: Boudica [Member] On: January 6, 2009 )

NDE stands for near death experience, and OOBE stands for out of body experience.

( Posted by: davepfingston [Member] On: January 6, 2009 )

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