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Who is Praying for the Arabs?

Who is praying for the Arabs? In our zeal to experience the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the Middle East, those Arabs who have been born again, have become the forgotten sector of the body of Christ. Is anyone praying for the Arabs?

There are approximately 175, 000, 000 Arabs dwelling in some 21 Arab countries, and we seem unaware that Christ also died for them. Among them are Arabs who already have experienced the new birth - evangelical Christians, suffering hardships along with other dwellers of the powder keg Middle East. Since these believers are neither Jewish or Moslems, they are viewed with suspicion by both sides in the explosive Arab Israeli conflict. The hardships engendered by this "caught in the middle" status are intensified by the militant theology disseminated against Arabs by so called
"Muscular Christians," some of them well known Evangelical and fundamentalist Americans. Amazingly, these Muscular Christians endeavor to hasten the fulfillment of Middle East Bible prophecy by manipulating events in that area of the world, even at the risk of provoking a full scale "holy war" between Israel and an alliance of Arab nations; a war that would result in a catastrophic loss of life on both sides.

Such results are of no concern to Muscular Christians since in their view the war is absolutely necessary to the return of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem, and God has preordained such deaths. Anything they can do to hasten the pace of prophetical fulfillment is considered by them to be a plus. In actuality, Muscular Christians are attempting by human manipulation to force the hand of God through political actions, finances and propaganda.

Among the activities applauded and encouraged by Muscular Christian theologians are terrorist activities against Arabs by groups outlawed by the Israeli government. This includes attempts to destroy the Dome of the Rock mosque in Old Jerusalem. They believe destruction of the mosque will lead to the rebuilding of the Jewish temple, thus facilitating Christ's return. Though most Jews and Christians, who revere the Old Testament prophets, agree that the Dome of the Rock mosque someday will be destroyed and replaced by a Jewish temple, the vast majority of them are nevertheless willing to leave these events to God's discretion. Since God requires no prompting by man to fulfill His Word, they hold that the mosque will be destroyed by an act of God, such as an earthquake, not by an act of terrorism. For those who subscribe to this view, God's time clock does not run slow.

When Muscular Christians are warned that their attempts to destroy the Dome of the Rock mosque most likely will trigger a full scale Arab Israeli war with horrendous loss of lives, their response is a fatalistic one; it has all been predicted in the God's Word God predetermined it all, and since Zechariah 13: 8 9 predicts that Israel will suffer the loss of two thirds of her population in her final conflict, such appalling casualties cannot be avoided; they are the will of God. Muscular Christians also view the Arabs as expendable, stating that they are the enemies of Israel and, therefore, the enemies of God. With such a calloused exploitation of scriptures, they rationalize their attempts to quicken the pace of prophetical fulfillment.

Arab Christians find themselves in a precarious dilemma. Moslems hear much regarding the views of Muscular Christian preachers who broadcast over evangelically built radio and T.V. stations located in the Middle East. These preachers beam anti Arab messages that equate anti Arab, Middle East politics with Christianity, charge Arabs with condoning terrorist activities, and support the take over of Arab lands by Israel. Moslem Arabs consider such propaganda as representative of all Christians. Understandably, they react negatively to born again Arabs and the Western nations. They reject the message of redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ. After all, they reason, how can an Arab be a Christian when Christians hate Arabs?

As we pray for Israel, can we not also pray for the Arabs? As we love the Jews, can we not also love the Arabs? After all, God does; He loves the world. Jesus assured us of this truth when He stated that, "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him, should not parish, but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved (John's Gospel, 3: 16 17; The Holy Bible; New King James Version).

Are you praying for the Arabs?


Joseph Perrello (Josprel


The following comments are for "Who is Praying for the Arabs?"
by Josprel

A dream, recorded third hand, translated and retranslated, that a guy had almost two millenia ago should not even be a factor in the world today.
Kinda sad that it is.
We've not gone anywhere as a species since teh Greeks.

( Posted by: robert walker [Member] On: December 30, 2008 )

How many are left?
I wonder how many Christian arabs are left. Take Bethlehem for instance that a couple decades ago was 90% Christian. Then islamics started killing and raping Christians and month by month, year by year the Christians left the city to the muslim terrorists rather than fight or be slaughtered.

Now the census of Bethlehem is about ten percent Christian, 90 percent muslim and the islamics have been saying that it was always a muslim city, that all of the area was muslim, that Christians have no business there.

It may have been the birthplace of Christ and Christians may have lived there for two thousand years but the Christians have no business among islamics.

The incessant lies repeated for decades become not the truth but what people will believe for the sake of "peace" with their neighbor. You are a Christian that wants to live in peace with the arabs of Bethlehem? Simple, just move out of town and far away from any arab, were that possible, much easier than being raped or killed.

Leave the land that was in your family for generations, it will be taken over by arabs that will buy it for a dime on the dollar. As much of a terrorist as he was, Saddam Husain protected the small minority of Christians in Iraq, he could tolerate a few of these and a few of those to look less like a killer and more like a leader. But now, the sunis want to kill the shitties and the shitties want to kill the sunis and both of them want to kill anything that is not identical to their personal belief of terrorism.

Good luck to the few Christian arabs. It is fate that they suffer the same ending as the Jews, be imprisoned, be stolen from, be raped, be left with the clothes on your back when they finally leave the "arab' country of their birth. And, in the home of ack-dumb-judhead, how many Jews are left? Less than a dozen Jews in iran, more if you count those in prison for doing nothing more than being a Jew.

Who is looking out for the Christian arab, well certainly the arabs that are looking to steal their land and take their valuables and maybe let them leave alive if they pay a big enough bribe. There was once a civilization in the "arab" countries but islam stamped that out quite effectively and the few Christian left can't create a new, peaceful society.

( Posted by: Blondie [Member] On: December 31, 2008 )

Blondie I have to say in no uncertain terms, you're a moron.

( Posted by: robert walker [Member] On: December 31, 2008 )

I try
not to rag on people. I really do try. However, I could find no other word that was as apt as moron.
nothing about calling a sect of Islam shitties?
oh it was a typo...riiiight.

( Posted by: robert walker [Member] On: December 31, 2008 )

re: comments
Let's keep the comments on the writing, not the author, or each other, please. Thanks, everyone! :)

And thank you, Robert for pointing out Blondie's typo. The correct spellings of those Muslim denominations are, in fact, "Sunni" and "Shiite."

( Posted by: Mandolin [Member] On: December 31, 2008 )

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