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Now Angela has at finally brought down the beast. However, the strength of the Kawazin is not so easily banished form the Earth. Vaguely their is still some evil energy spining in the wind, and there are still the now roaming awakened beasts. Angela has been terribly wounded many times during her last battle with this nightmare. Time will only tell who will complete this adventure, and who will be the winner at the climax

Part 12: The Sacrifice

When she opened her eyes she was back in the room with the tall slender candles. She exhaled and inhaled heavily. Angela looked all around the room, then her white beautiful clothing disappeared and she was back in her regular clothing. She was still breathing heavily but softly, her black hair hung down over her face. With a delicate hand she brushed it out of her face.

“Angela. Angela you did it,” spoke the supernatural voice.

With a splendid but smerky smile she peered up at the sky and through a large whole in the ceiling, through the gap she could see the full moon. She then smiled brigthtly with triumph

“However, I can no longer speak to you. Your power is fading and I can no longer interfere with your life.”

“God wait a minute, if that is you god please tell me something.”

“What is it that your heart desires my daughter.”

“The people that were killed by the Kawazin or injured by the Kawazin, will they ever heal or go to heaven or hell?”

“That is a very complicated question. When you are injured or killed by the Kawazin he takes your life force to become more powerful. I’m sorry to say but the short answer is no, once you are injured or killed by him your life force will die or it will be lost.”

“Will we be able to help that problem ever?” she asked in a soothing voice.

“I am not sure I’m afraid but I will see what I can do, collecting the victims of the Kawazin is almost impossible. However, I will try but all who have been killed by him are gone forever and their souls are no more. I’m sorr-”

“Don’t be,” Angela remarked cutting the voice off. “It is not any of our faults,” she said softly.

“Farewell,” spoke the voice, and then faded into silence.

Angela got up from the ground and then started to egress from the shady room.

On her way back she thought about what had happened. It all seemed almost like a dream and that it had happened hours ago. She walked through the dark structure to the main doors of the building. The minute she steps out of the room her life would change forever. What made her slightly angry was the fact that she just saved the world and nobody really even knew of her very existence.

Her face had a few scars and scratches. While her right arm had a big bruise. She began to think about what people would be asking her once she left the building and the public found out that she had been the soul survivor of the museum. However, a few had escaped but they escaped when the party was in session. After that all others who were trapped inside the building died or were injured terribly. She also thought about how lucky she was and that she had defeated a being far greater than any war lord, or tyrant. Outside one of the broken windows she could see that unusual large bizarre phosphorescent start. What was strange about it was that it looked like it was blinking off and on. Angela squinted with confusion, why was it blinking like that? It almost seemed like it was fading and it was losing it’s light. Suddenly she felt the whole building rumble.

“What the hell is happening?” she said with a raged voice leaning onto a wall.

The parking lot of the museum was littered with smashed cars and chunks of structures like skyscrapers, banks, apartments and other buildings. People were once again starting to swarm around the building. Nobody was a loud in, except for the soon to show up fire fighters. The other buildings of the museum were starting to catch fire and the fire fighters water power would soon be needed. Citizens were starting to gather around the building and watched it from a safe distance. Many were aware of what could happen such as an explosion or another beam of electrifying light. FBI had been called about this mess and with a few hours detectives of all kinds would show up around this building and examine and study the remains of the dark building and find out what had plunged New York into darkness. To everyone it was a big mystery why New York had lost power and how a huge beam of light was shot from out of the structure.

Out under one of the police vehicles the Spanish man who had been carefully observing the building was still watching the dark structure. His eyes were still wide and mesmerized, he coughed under his breath. Rrrrhhh! Something was growling near by.

The man could feel the ground vibrate a tiny bit, it almost felt like a giant was walking near by. Suddenly a large atrodemus came into sight, on his far right he could see the thunder lizard moving by. It’s head was held up rather high and seemed to be looking for something as it moved about the fiery parking lot. Luckily, it’s nose was busy sniffing something else out and didn’t seem to be able to pick up on the Spanish man’s sent. From out of no where another giant came into view, and this one was even closer.

High over head towered a great woolly mammoth. The large, shaggy, elephant beast moved by swaying from slightly from side to side when it took a step. The man marveled at the great sight, he had always thought that the great furry elephant beasts never existed and they were just a myth told in cave paintings. The man stayed under the car and tried not to move. He didn’t even want to slightly disturb the elephant beast. The towering creature bellowed a deep growl. Then it lumbered on through the valley of wrecked cars and building chunks.

Peacefully Angela continued her walk towards the other end of the building. She was now in the section of invertebrates. Large knocked over models of insects and arachnids surrounded her. To her left there was a huge grasshopper, it was tipped on it’s side and had it’s legs all twisted. She felt a sudden, mysterious oscillation in the ground. She shrugged and continued down the hall and into the butterfly cases.

For once she felt happy, the many beautiful surrounding butterflies made her smile faintly. She focused her glance on one of the large pretty tiger butterfly’s. On her face a pretty smile came up, she gazed deep into the case and looked at the auspicious insect. Suddenly her heart almost stop when she saw the fanfare bug’s wings flap slightly. Her eyes became as wide as marbles. Cautiously she backed away from the case, apparently the Kawazin’s power hadn’t fully worn off yet. She began breathing heavy and started to choke on her on words.

“What, is, happening,” she said in a soft painful voice. Suddenly a crack sliced right through the glass. Now all the butterflies wings began to flap frantically. Then all the glass shattered and the ravishing insects came fluttering, and swarming out at Angela.

She covered her face with her hands and arms. She hit the ground hard and tightened up in a ball on the marble floor with fear. Within a few minutes the butterflies had completely flown away with out even leaving a trace. Angela slowly uncovered her eyes.

“Safe at last,” she told herself. Gradually she picked her head up from the white glossy marble floor. Her body felt like it had been harmed by a jackhammer. She could feel a small sharp piece of glass had sliced through her left thigh. She stood upright, shacking slightly and breathing heavy it felt painful just to even inhalation.

Unexpectedly an unusual blob of some type of gelatin landed a few feet from where she stood. High above her she could see a ventilation shaft. Some kind of light purplish gelatin was dripping from it. Angela didn’t have a clue what it was or where it came from. With out notice a huge crack came tarring down the side of the wall right below the ventilation shaft. With heart stopping fear a black, burned arm came smashing through the white plaster wall. Then the Kawazin himself stepped out. The demon lord was even more horrifying then he was before.

His skin was black as darkness, his eyeballs were glowing a horrific orange color. The beast took a shaky step towards Angela with his good leg. Then he took a step with his injured leg and he almost fell forwards.

“You! What the hell did I tell you! You have done more than just damage my body but you have also caused it to mutate. That blast could have altered both our worlds, in fact it did a bit. I can feel it in the atmosphere. It is a dark unnatural feeling that is not good or evil. Now this world will change but it will be much more abnormal than I ever had excepted” the devilish god hissed. Angela took a few unsteady steps back. Both of her eyes were fixed right on him.

“Do you ever give up. Face it Kawazin, you have lost the battle!” she shouted.

“Never,” the Kawazin hissed. “I will now show you the terror of my secret transformation. This stage will devour every last bit of my power, but it will be enough to consume you for eternity.” The burnt demon beast fell on his hands then his shoulders and back began to bubble. A strange kind of pinkish, purple, red kind of gel began to pour out of his back and shoulders. Angela watched with terror as his arms collapsed and dismembered like old dry clay. Then his head almost fell off. Out from his back sprung a beast more terrifying than any kind of Earth creature. It was made out of the odd gel but was in the shape of a lengthy, mystic Chinese dragon. The towering dragon formed Kawazin opened it’s huge jaws. Inside it’s mouth it held two sturdy rows of teeth made of crystal. Conspicuously Angela knew it was going to attack her. The creature landed on all four limbs and looked over at her with it’s red eyes burning with hellish flames.

“Well, are you not impressed with my new form, I hope your not disappointed,” the beasts jaws did not move with the words she heard but she could hear his hissing voice. From one of the beasts powerful dragon paws, several long scurvy claws extracted from it’s limb. It roared at her and then took a swipe. It’s claws just barely scratched her, but it left a wound on one of her legs. The dragon took another swipe and tore through one of the walls shredding up wood and big chunks of plaster.

Angela had fallen to the ground. She felt her leg swell with extreme pain. Her leg felt as if a thousand venomous needles had stabbed her. She couldn’t take anymore agony for the night. Fighting was no longer of any use to her. Now the plan now was to try and escape the falling creature. The Kawazin’s remaining energy wouldn’t last much longer. This made it so the demon god would only be able to chase her for a short time, hopefully.

Havoc was starting to stir outside of the building. People were starting to fear and inquire the great dino beasts that roamed around the streets of New York. Many of the kids in the inner city were starting to fill the streets. Police officers were alarmed and were up about on the dinosaurs case.

Several cops had trapped a stegosaurus and a triceratops. A group of cops had used there vehicles as a barrier to keep the beasts from getting any further into the city. They all had their arms raised and aimed straight for the creatures heads. However the creatures just stood and roared like flesh hungry lions. Suddenly the triceratops started charging at one of the police cars. The beasts horns damaged one of the cars windows. The stego swung it’s tail at several cops and knocked them over like a bowling ball smacking into a row of weak bowling pins.

Not far from where the police battled the armored herbivorous a group of swat officers were trying to gun down a T-rex. Several swat officers were bombarding the mighty reptile with their assault rifle bullets. Another cop fired a grenade launcher and nailed the lizard in the jaws. The huge beast collapsed on it’s left side. The cops could clearly see that the beast was either dead or dying. Unexpectedly a massive atrodemus jumped down in front of the defending officers. The huge dino kicked forwards with one of it’s muscular legs and sent a group of swat officers flying. The rest of the officers began to fall back while firing their assault rifles rapidly. One swat officer crouched down next to a car and fired a large, cut-stock shotgun.

Successfully, he had shot the beast several times in one of the legs. The huge carnivore looked over at the officer. The beast lifted it’s huge tail up and came down on and smacked the car he hid next to. The roof had already been busted, so when the dino’s tail made impact it shattered the window and broke down the roof. The creature then moved over to another police car. It slid it’s short arms and claws underneath the car and flipped over the car like it was a piece of driftwood. The crashed on top of another car and caused it to explode. On the other side of the street there was a spinosaurus rampaging.

One of the swat officers fired his rifle at the beast, but instead of having a bullet injure the beast a sleeping dart stabbed the creature in the right leg. The creature let out a loud, high pitch scream. The swat officer raised his right fist in a motion of victory. With out warning the beast swung it’s long jaws downwards and came rushing at the swat officer. The swat member jumped out of the way of the incoming spinosaurus. The massive monster’s jaws crashed into the side of a dark swat van. The vehicle slightly tipped to one side. Another swat officer jumped over a busted car and fired at the spinosuarus with his magnum Desert Eagle. The thick bullets ripped into the beasts rib cage. After a few shots the mighty beast fell to the ground.

Not far from the battle site there had still been a few beasts that had escaped. One of them was one of the large armadillo. Like a cave man wielding a club he swung his long powerful macelike tail. From a distance several cops fired grenade gas rounds filled with eye aggravating tear gas. The creature roared and began to charge into vehicles as the gas began to swarm around it’s face.

Inside the main museum building Angela dashed for her life. She had problems running though. One of her legs was injured and it didn’t want to hold her injured body up anymore. Suddenly, as she ran down a long dark hall fire came bursting out of the floor. The rush of the blast knocked her to the floor. She climbed back up to her feet and started to run again. She was now only seconds away from the main entrance of the large building. She felt the floor rumble, the Kawazin’s power was fading but it was going to end with a bang! Now she was at the end of the hall. With all her might she shoved through the last two doors and came to a large flight of stairs. Down below and across from the stairs was the double glass doors that would set her free from the devastating demon.

Carefully, she jogged down the stairs. With out warning the demon dragon’s claws and jaws came smashing through the stairs! Angela flipped forwards and went tumbling down the stairs. The demon beast stretched it’s neck up long with flames blasting from it’s jaws. The Kawazin could see she was going to try and make a run for the doors. The dragon beast sprang out one of it’s long clawed limbs and clutched the double doors. Angela was lucky the villain had missed her by a inch, even though it wasn’t intended on hitting her.

Angela felt her heart tighten up like a terrified child. The beast had stopped her from her only exit. However, she still wouldn’t give in. To her left she could see another door. She started to run for it. All the windows had been broken, and the frames were enveloped in flames.

Inside this hall was different. It was skinny and it was long. On the walls there were photographs of trees and other plants. She made her way down the room, but she froze in her tracks when she heard some kind of banging noise above her. Slowly, she looked up at the ceiling with eyes wider than marbles, what was above her? Horribly and exceedingly a green and black raptor came crashing down out of a large whole in the ceiling. She whipped her head around and lost her breath. She came face to face with an even bigger raptor. Her heart had almost stopped beating and everything in her neck was in sheer pain. The reptile hissed at her, she didn’t even flinch.

Cautiously, she slightly moved her left foot. The raptor did the same. Then she started to lean away to one side and take a small step. The reptilian mimicked her move. Her eyes were fixed right on the beast, and the creatures were fixed right on her. Then she moved to her opposite side slowly, the raptor sort eve followed her movement. Then Angela figured it out, the raptor really couldn’t even see her clearly. Slowly she ducked her head down and tried to get away from being at face level with the creature.

The raptor behind her stood up to full height and saw Angela! It gurgled softly with hunger. Then it slowly started to move towards Angela’s back. She didn’t even have a clue it was coming.

Unexpectedly the dino right in front of her turned it’s head to the left and with one of it’s eyes and the reptile spotted her. Angela completely froze like ice in fear. With it’s right claw it took a swipe at her. The creature cut her across one of her cheeks. Luckily the raptor’s claw had only scratched her, but the impact of the beast slapping her threw her off balance and onto the floor. She rolled over onto her back. Before she could even escape the raptor above her clutched her skull and brought it’s jaws over her face. With her good left arm she took a swing at the beast and smacked it in the nostrils. The blow knocked it’s dribbling jaws away from her face. Little did she know the other raptor behind her was about to make it’s attack.

The other dino beast grabbed her ankle and sunk it’s razor sharp teeth into her burning flesh. With her other foot she kicked the vicious predator in the side of the head. The creature let go for a minute, but before it could sink it’s teeth in again the big lizard was knocked away through the wall!

Before it could have bitten Angela the Kawazin’s claws came crashing through the wall from the raptors right side and clobbered it with a devastating blow. The other raptor had seen what the Kawazin could do. The creature was smart and jumped through one of the windows. Angela had thoughts about doing the same, except she knew what would happen to her if she jumped through one of those flaming window frames. Her body had been beaten so bad she couldn’t even stand up with out flinching with pain. On the other side the Kawazin had half of his huge body in the hall.

“Your death is near!” whispered the gelatin dragon demon in a dark voice. Angela gripped what was left of the artifact in her pocket. Extraordinarily she felt it heat up. Apparently there still was some kind of energy left within the gem.

The demon king reached out with his long clawed dragon paw. Angela pulled out the artifact and stretched her arm out in front of her and looked away from the Kawazin. Light came blasting out of the artifact. The small stone had the power of a thousand suns and it burned the Kawazin when it just tapped it. Lightning began to form around his claws. Slowly he pulled his limb away from her. Suddenly a long stream of water shot the Kawazin in the side. The demon king turned his head to face what had shot him. Through the flames and darkness outside he could see a fire truck with several men around it spraying the structures of the museum with water. The dragon roared at the site and started to walk towards it. Little did Angela or any of the fire fighters know that the water was weakening the Kawazin. Water is the element of life and when it is used against evil it can bring down it’s defense. Angela took this time to try and escape. She crawled onto her feet and began to limp over to the door and exited the room.

When the Kawazin’s rage had started to reach it’s peak a few seconds ago Angela and the whole world could feel its agony. The demon lord’s rage had started fires all around the area and the New York fire department was alerted immediately. Within a few minutes fire trucks were up on the move and were firing there water hoses on the museum. One of the fire fighters who was aiming one of the hoses saw the head of the dragon beast come crashing through the building.

The fire fighter nearly lost his breath and his beating heart. For a few seconds he froze and just stood and starred at the dragon creature not knowing of what to make of it.

“What the hell are you doing?!” shouted out a voice. Then the other man behind him noticed the same thing coming towards him. The dragon now had both front paws on the ground and was dragging the rest of its lengthy body out onto the ground. Then the huge beast pulled his tail out of the structure and started to move towards the fire fighters.

“Try and keep it away!” yelled a fire fighter. The group of fire man and women stood together and kept their lines of fire on the dragon’s head. The Kawazin stood up on his hind legs and started to concentrate all of his energy in his jaws. Then with a Earth shaking roar a meteorite-like fire ball sprang out of his jaws and crashed into a fire hydrant. The explosion completely destroyed the fire hydrant, and almost all of the fire fighters around it fell over. The demon god turned his horrific head and saw a couple of water cannons. With a blast of fiery energy from his jaws he took out both of them in a single blast.

At this point almost all the fire fighters were retreating and some incoming fire engines were also turning around. The dragon demon fell down on all four limbs. It saw one of the parked fire engines. All the fire fighters had already retreated from the site and weren’t planing on coming back to it. The Kawazin once again concentrated all of his energy and from his jaws he released a long beam of fire. The beam nailed the fire engine in the side and blew it up into a huge fire ball explosion. The beast smiled and laughed heavily. Abruptly the Kawazin began to tilt to one side and started to screech like a dying feline.

“I can not stay in this state for much longer. Now that I got rid of these thorns in my side I can finish off my enemy,” The demon king began to turn away slightly and started to move back towards the building he came from

Angela was now a few rooms away from where she had fought the raptors. There was a long trail of blood that ran out of the room and into the next room. The trail lead around the corner and under and next to a small tree that was growing right inside the building. Angela could feel her pulse and heart recede down a bit. She could feel her whole body loosen up. However, she was also in sheer pain and she could feel her bleeding ankle become numb and stiff. Her hair was in a great tangle and she was breathing heavier than a dog. She rolled over on her side and tried to get more comfortable. She looked at her piece of the artifact and sniffled sadly and sickly. The gemstone was rumbling around in her hand and was changing to a different color every second. The beautiful and radient neon colors illuminated her pale face.

“I’m sorry but this is the only way. I agreed not to run anymore,” she said softly to the artifact. She felt as if she were talking to a small insignificant child pleading her to do something else. Underneath her she felt the ground rumble slightly and she could hear footsteps. They probably weren’t raptor footsteps but maybe human footsteps. Suddenly an ax came smashing into something wooden. Her heart shivered, but soon calmed down when she remembered it was probably a fire fighter searching the building for survivors. Angela looked up from where she laid on the ground, she saw a fire man dressed in yellow come walking up to her.

Over his face he wore a dark breathing mask, he discarded it and looked at her with trauma and pity. Angela looked up at him breathing heavy and hiding the artifact from him. He to kneeled down beside her.

“How are you still alive?” he spoke with curiosity.

Angle squinted at him and her slightly slanted eyes were almost down to dark slits.

“I, don’t, know. I don’t know how I’m still alive,” she said softly.

“Come on, we got to get outta here. I haven’t found anyone else that was alive,” the man said. Angela pushed him back.

“I’m sorry. You must leave,” she said closing her eyes. She felt her own heart tighten up as she said those words. The fire man stood up and looked at her with shock and almost aggression.

“What are you saying. Is it all the fumes from the flames making you crazy. We need to get to safety. Who knows when that terrifying thing will return.

“I know,” Angela said with saddness in her pitiful eyes. “My fate is slowly being tied with that beast. I am the only one who can stop that demon. Please leave I don’t have any desire to have anyone stick by me,” she spoke. The fire fighter didn’t know what to make of her.

“Look you got to-” he stopped speaking. The floor was rumbling like an earthquake. The floor felt like it was loosening up. With out notice the demon dragon’s head crashed through the wall right next to where the fire man stood.

The Kawazin looked over at him, then the demon king pulled his front legs up in front of him. The fire man stood still like a stone statue. The dragon creature looked passed him and saw Angela lying on the floor, slowly he began to move towards her.

“Go now!” she shrieked the fire man backed away and then started to run, as he ran he looked back to see what the dragon beast was going to do to Angela.

Angela saw the man run away, she felt relieved that he escaped. The Kawazin’s huge head now towered right over her injured body. With a horrifying grin the demon god laughed under it’s dragon breathe.

“I have you now. You will not see the light of another day. I will swallow you and your soul,” then the beast got up on his hind legs and shortened his long neck. Angela didn’t say anything, but she gripped the artifact tight and could feel it’s power burn her soft hand. Then the Kawazin planted one of his gruesome hands on her back. Slowly the demon’s gelatin skin began to swallow her. She could feel all the sticky slime all over her back began to absorb her and she could feel herself slowly being suffocated. Then the Kawazin’s jaws came down on her, all though his teeth were gone and he wasn’t crushing her. Her body was now completely covered in the slimy gel of the Kawazin’s body. She was now sucked into the Kawazin.

Inside the beasts throat she was completely wrapped up and immersed in the slime like fluid of the Kawazin’s body. She was losing air and she wouldn’t be able to stay alive for much longer holding her breathe like a deep sea diver. However the piece she held of the artifact powered her just with enough strength to struggle for a few extra seconds.

“Hahaahhahahhahhhha! Haaaaa. I have defeated you Angela, you pathetic mortal have failed, and now you will die a slow painful hazing death. You probably can’t even hear me,” the Kawazin said triumphantly. Angela slowly opened her eyes, through all the transparent reddish slime she could see two glowing eyes. Then through her mind the final electronic pulse sent the final thoughts through her brain and commanded her last working limb. She couldn’t speak since her mouth was wrapped, and glued up tighter than anything man made by the gelatin like body mass of the dragonlike Kawazin.

“Not in a million years you would get the last laugh,” then in her right hand that was wrapped tight next to her body unleashed all the power of her artifact chunk.

“What! What is this!” the Kawazin shrieked with fear and rage. Millions of bolts of some kind of spiritual electricity began to spread and infect the Kawazin’s body. “No. No it can’t be, she has the genesis piece! She has concentrated every ounce of her strength into that thing and now it’s going to destroy everything!” the demon god roared. Angela’s hand lost it’s grip of the gem and with a heap of blinding light it exploded with sheer force. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” the Kawazin roared as he began to explode. The explosion took out the entire building and blew cars and all sorts of other objects and people into the air through out the city. All at once, when the blast was finished dashing through the metropolis, everything almost everything was calm in the city. Sadly, the peace and quiet would only last a very short time before everyone in the city started to gather their thoughts and wake up.

Within a few hours the great sun once again rose over the enchanted city. However, the city was plagued with havoc, and desolation. Holly figures were dashing into the streets to go help and meet other religious leaders. Citizens, police officers, fire fighters and swat leaders were all starting to fill the streets. Most of the dinos that escaped were already fleeing from the city and shortly scientists and zoologists would be on them. The city, and soon the whole world will be studying this day for years and years to come. It is Doubtful that anyone would ever find out what had happened. And of course nobody would ever know that it was Angela who used her own life and soul to bring down the terrifying Kawazin.

Colin Clifford

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The following comments are for "Artifact Part 12: The Sacrifice"
by Gangsta

Don't repeat words
"When she opened her eyes she was back in the room with the tall slender candles. She exhaled and inhaled heavily. Angela looked all around the room, then her white beautiful "clothing" disappeared and she was back in her regular "clothing". She was still breathing heavily but softly, her black hair hung down over her "face". With a delicate hand she brushed it out of her "face". "

Don't repeat words like you did becuase it makes reading awkward.

( Posted by: jack [Member] On: December 18, 2003 )

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