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Let me practice what i've been preaching and attempt to put all i've said into a few words.

Boiled down to its barest essentials ,the picture couldn't be more stark and foreboding . Certainly for us out here ,to begin with ,and subsequently for you folks 'over there'.

Make no mistake , Islam is out to get the lot of us -by hook or by crook etc. And believe you me , they're no shrinking violets . Nor are they any longer 'fellahin and mullahs' genuflecting (as they've all along done )to the white man . But a fanatically resurgent Islam - spearheaded by Pakistan and Bangladesh ( who've acquired a breath-taking mastery of all the requisite black arts viz. duplicity, sheer rascality etc.) . And of course bankrolled ,to the hilt, by the Saudi Wahabis - whose boundless loathing of the West and all it stands for ,has to be seen to be believed .

Therefore ,the sooner we all snap out of our denial , and face the looming spectre head on - the more of a fighting chance we'll all have.

However if Westerners cling to their belief that none of this can ever touch them ,then they're living in 'cloud cuckoo land '. Ethereally beautiful ,it has to be said ,but completely delusional.

They're already there among you - a million plus strong Trojan Horse right in your midst - given the kid-glove treatment . Far out stripping Westerners in the 'breeding stakes ' , establishing madrassas to incubate the next generation of West haters etc - ironically ,all at your tax-payers' expense.

But then of course, there is always the option -when getting raped - of lying back and enjoying it. ( After all hasn't caving in ,most graciously , to the inevitable been one of the West's more endearing traits.)

It goes without saying though ,that all these charming discourses we've been having wouldn't stand the ghost of a chance in the looming Islamic dispensation. Anything and everything even remotely 'kaafir' would be given short shrift to.The West's effete socialism , milquetoast liberalism and its oh-so-very-touching humanism would be cast to the four winds . And to cap it all .its 'glorious citadels of learning' stand every chance of ending up as even more glorious madarassas.


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The following comments are for "Lie back and 'enjoy' it"

Lie back...and sleep
Right On, Brother, Right On.
Have you ever read Mark Steyns book, "America Alone"? Demographics, that's what it's all about.
Boring subject, but the key to it all. Along with socialism and its' "just give me my share and who cares about anything else" attitude.
But we are already back into that deep sleep. The democrats politicized 911 from the start and accused the republicans of doing it. That seems to be their greatest trick (culture of corruption blah...blah...blah...). They were never really on board.
And now I feel the weariness of it all myself. We won't wake up until it happens again. Thanks for the alarm though, its' just that...I
Sleep, sleep would be good. Robert.

( Posted by: robnjop [Member] On: December 14, 2008 )

No I have not read it. However I have read several of Mark Steyn's columns on the net . And even more importantly watched most of his video interviews posted on youtube. Two points he makes are unforgettable :

1. He talks most ominously about Westerners ( in particular the white races ) being mired in 'death bed demographics'.I guess trapped -with no way out would be a more accurate description .

2. He then goes on to talk about the West 'importing ' (and encouraging the breeding of ) en masse millions ( including and especially Muslims )from the Third World to be 'the next generation they ( the West ) couldn't be bothered having.

As a Third Worlder ,let me say I can't help feeling a twinge of regret for the whites. What with contraception, alternate sexual choices etc. taking a progressively greater hold , the white races might well end up going the way of the dodo within the next 50 to 100 years. That is ,assuming we don't nuke ourselves before that.

Yes going into hibernation might well be the only feasible option left to us 'kaafirs'.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 14, 2008 )

Hi Eric

"You would have me believe all the time the Pakis (to be) hated them…. I can assure you at that time they didn’t …'

No that generation of 'natives' most definitely didn't. They were extremely loyal to their 'burra sahibs'. I have personally come across dozens of examples of such loyalty by the retainers to the burra sahib / memsahib - and to their memory .

I once read about a Tamil Catholic called Asirvatham ,who had been personal attendant to Clement Atlee -when the latter had toured India during the 1930s as a Labour MP. Believe it or not, after Atlee's passing away , this man would regularly pay (out of his limited means) for commemoration masses at Bangalore's Basilica on every one of Atlee's death anniversaries.

Let me take it a step further - hatred for the white man ,was and is, the last thing on the minds of a vast majority of the older generation of immigrants to Britain certainly from the whole of the sub continent.

Its the younger generation ( born and brought up entirely in Britain ) that pose the biggest threat to Britain - given the depth and intensity of the hatred they bear towards white Britain and all it stands for.

It would futile though to speculate or agonise over the hows and the whys of such antipathy. If you ask me it's far too deep rooted .And measures like appeasement , 'seeing things through their eyes' , exhorting , cajoling , dangling carrots etc. serve only to embolden them . The only way is to recognise it for what it is .And meet it head on .Giving no quarter.

"The Brits left not knowing that (up to this date) they would be the only force to ever defeat terrorism'

I couldn't agree more. The important thing is they were wise enough , among many other things , to draw on their earlier experience during the Mau Mau uprisings - where Obama's tribe ,the Luau, seems to have had a less-than-stellar role .

(Though I have little doubt that hundreds of Y University dons must already be on the job - of rewriting this particular bit of their soon-to-be baas man's heritage. Few can touch the Y s when it comes to academic brown-nosing. They manage to pull it off with a braggadocio - that's breath-taking in the extreme.)

Though ,being wise even after the event ,is something the Y s can hardly be credited with . If anything , getting it wrong every time is the one single thing they can be unfailingly relied upon to do. Evey single time.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 16, 2008 )

Hi Eric

"Then it is well then that even the young white men/and women of Britain worship their coloured Brothers.'

That is a mindset we've ,mercifully, moved beyond.

From the little i could make out ,this seems the farthest thing from anyone's mind . None demand it ( nor is it given) - 'cept perhaps our Y's . Who seem to be the only ones to sorely miss the 'glories' of the colonial era viz. all that pomp and pageantry - to say nothing of all that 'spine -tingling' genuflecting by natives.

Never having tasted it in the first place, they 've clearly pulled out all the stops and demanded obeisance from one and all.

Football stadiums : you do have a point there . Perhaps next time . Though one could well be taking one's life into one's hands in entering the lion's den - filled with 'rooineks' all rarin' to 'ave a go.

You left out those other places of worship viz. the pubs. How come . Surely the 'worship' has to be just as intense ,in all these places.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 16, 2008 )

What is going on here with this paranoid muslim crap???? I cant even find two socks that match in the morning and your gonna tell me a billion people are all involved in some mass conspiracy to take over western civilization???? Are you on drugs???? Or is the fact that u r not on drugs the problem???? Do u want me to get some drugs for you????

Islam is not destroying our society...our greed and violence and stupidity is doing that just fine...and if they are sitting back and laughing at us...good...we deserve it for worshipping money and Tyra Banks over things that actually have universal relevance...


( Posted by: kilgoretrout [Member] On: December 29, 2008 )

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