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City of Corinth vs. Medea

Medea is guilty of premeditated and intentional first degree murder for the deaths of the royal princess, King Creon, and Jason’s two sons. The following is a charging document which will indicate the criminal charges that will be pursued. This document gets made after all the evidence is gathered, analyzed, and lab evidence is received. The prosecuting attorney who made this document must review all reports and records concerning the case, including witness statements.

The defendant unlawfully has killed these alleged victims;

One of Jason’s servants claimed that he was certain Medea had poisoned the royal princess and King Creon. He stated that after he told Medea that the royal princess and King Creon had died and were slain by Medea’s poisons, Medea said, “You bring me blessed news! Now and from now on I count you among my friends, my benefactors!”(326). He stated that Medea seemed happy and wanted to hear the details on how they died that she said, “You will make me doubly happy if you say they died in anguish!”(327). FBI officials found a covert listening device planted in Medea’s house by her Chorus Leader. The audio tapes found within the device had disturbing sounds of children crying and Medea yelling, “I am a miserable woman!”(329). Medea’s Chorus Leader stated that she wished she could stop Medea from harming her children but she was completely powerless at the time and knew the tapes would serve for her punishment in the future. Forensic evidence showed that the sword used to stab Jason’s two sons had Medea’s fingerprints.

The defendant acted intentionally/The killing was premeditated;

Medea’s former husband Jason stated that Medea had helped him steal a golden fleece in the past. That they then took the Golden Fleece to Pelias who betrayed him and forced his father to kill himself, which caused his mother to die of grief. Jason said that Medea who was outraged had tricked Pelias's daughters into killing their father for him. Jason said that they then went to Corinth were there two sons were born to them. Jason claimed that because he was going to marry the daughter of King Creon, Medea In her grief and despair, employed more sorcery to kill the young bride and her own children to seek justice on him. Medea’s chorus leader stated that Medea had told her that she was planning on killing the king’s own daughter that she was going to send them a dress and a golden diadem. Medea’s chorus leader claimed that Medea said, “She, and whoever touches her, will die in anguish; for I shall rub these things with deadly poison.”(318) Forensic tests do indicate that there was poison on the dress and diadem.

Concluding arguments and sentencing;

The evidence clearly indicates that Medea is guilty of killing King Creon and his daughter. Jason’s Servant statement and Medea’s Chorus leader statement are similar in the since that both quotes from Medea have her using the word “anguish” in terms of death. The forensic evidence showed that the dress and diadem did have poison on them therefore it is believable that Medea may have done this and told her Chorus leader her plans. The evidence clearly indicates that Medea is guilty of killing Jason’s sons. With the forensic evidence on the sword showing it had Medea’s fingerprints on it and the audio tapes with children crying and Medea’s voice in the background beyond a responsible doubt Media has unlawfully killed the alleged victims.

Jason’s statement indicated that Medea has had a violent history for Jason and when Jason married King Creon’s daughter a since of abandonment and traitor fullness stirred up in Medea. Medea’s Chorus Leader statement proved that Medea had a plan to kill the alleged victims. Medea intentionally knew she was doing something wrong but she felt it was necessary to get revenge and seek justice against Jason. Therefore it was the defendant's conscious objective or desire to cause the death of the alleged victims.

The evidence clearly indicates that Medea acted intentionally and with premeditation.

Base upon all evidence presented by the prosectuion, the jury found Medea guilty and Medea was sentenced to imprisonment for life without possibility of parole.

Prosecutors Note: City of Corinth vs. Medea

It was found by the court ordered psychiatrist, that Medea suffered from a combination of sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorders, which made her unable to empathize with other human beings, and her claims of love towards Jason were but part of her controlling behavior of wanting to possess him as if he were an object or trophy. It was also discovered that Medea had a history of childhood neglect and abuse by her parents, and also suffered from issues of abandonment, which drove her into fits of rage. She dealt with her feelings of low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy by her compulsive need to control, and if she were unable to get what she wanted she would kill for it, or destroy anything or anyone who ever stood in her way. She also suffered from a severe persecution disorder which made her paranoid and lash out violently at those she thought of as enemies. The psychiatrist has deemed her a threat to society and recommended that she never be paroled. These findings were used in determining Medeas final sentence.

Update news event; re: Medea's fate.

Medea was stabbed to death as she left the courtroom by a man named Jack Rubosy, who yelled “This is for killing King Creon!”


The following comments are for "Medea's Court Case"
by TheAlienBreem

I know you posted this here to get help with your writing, and this English Class assignment will be handed in tomorrow as is--but, any critique and help you get here, you can compare and add to what your teacher suggests. I am glad you decided to come and post and trust the writers of Lit.Org to be helpful to you.

I think you did a pretty good job, Josh. I am proud of you. Very imaginative way to tell the story of Medea with a modern twist and ending. If I were your English teacher I would give you an A for originality, and I am not sure what I would give you for grammar, structure, and punctuation, that is up to your English teacher, and what it was she was stressing and going for in this particular assignment?


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 11, 2008 )

Workshop writing help please.
Can I get workshop help where I went wrong in how I wrote this for my English class? It was an assignment. I want to compare and get extra help besides what my teacher says she is too busy for time to give me details in writing I need most. I want to become a better writer. I have always liked writing and I have been writing since I was a kid. I haven't had this graded on it yet still waiting. Assignment; Tell Medea story from in an original way not told before. I know I have punctuation and grammar mistakes and I want to improve. Workshop writers who want to help me improve I'll be happy with any help I can get. The ending is suppose to be like Jack Ruby killing the Pres. Kenendy assassination Oswell. Thanks.

( Posted by: TheAlienBreem [Member] On: December 14, 2008 )

Josh: You want workshop writing help, so I thought I’d start with a few suggestions.

This line is confusing: Medea is guilty of premeditated and intentional first degree murder for the deaths of the royal princess, King Creon, and Jason’s two sons.

It’s all about the comma usage here, and how you present the four people Medea murdered. I had to read the sentence twice to understand what you were writing. Read what you wrote, and then read this sentence: “Medea is guilty of premeditated and intentional first degree murder in the deaths of four people: King Creon, Jason’s two sons, and the royal princess. Honestly, it would be better if you mentioned the names of all four people instead of writing “Jason’s two sons” and “the royal princess.” When reading for entertainment, the mind does not want to digest; it wants to be fed. Feed it the four names, each separated by a comma. It will make the reading experience more pleasurable.

That is my first critique and suggestion. Do you want more, or have you shelved this writing project for good?

Ócháni Lele

( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: December 15, 2008 )

Medea help. Stuart thanks.
I see what you mean that makes it easier to understand. Thanks. When I get my paper back I'll let you know what the teacher gave me. We talked about Medea today and why some moms kill their children. I brought up about the psychology of why some moms do it. My teacher thought it was cool that I knew all that because the others in my class didn't know anything about sociopaths. What they are and do. I haven't shelved it.I want to rewrite it with the right punctuation and make it easy to understand.

I have another video book review like the first one I put on here that I'm putting up real soon. It will be better than my first video book review. I have the music picked out for it and finished the review writing. Be looking for it coming soon. Thanks for your help so far.

( Posted by: TheAlienBreem [Member] On: December 15, 2008 )

I get really busy and get lost in all the activity here at litdotorg. When you put up something you want workshop help on, please PM me here or write me at

I'm glad you're writing and want to be a writer. Ask your mother what I was speaking to her about yesterday in regards to her pregnancy with you! I'd almost forgotten that. Strange what we remember and what we forget.

Ochani Lele

( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: December 16, 2008 )

Medea. Stuart's magic blessing.
I find it interesting that I was given blessings of words by you, a witch, like my mom used to be. She said she was 6 months pregnant when that happened.

My mom is not a witch, she is Tibetan Buddhist and so am I you know that just thought I'd say it for those reading that might not know it.

It is my lifelong dream to become a Tibetan lama one day, but first I have to get a lot of meaningless ambitions out of the way and done first to make money, so I can support my dream of becoming a Tibetan teacher (lama). I read a lot and I like philosophy and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy the most. I've learned that some principles of magic in some religions are the same. Judaism kabbalah, Tibetan Kagyu mysticism and tantric yoga combined with Bon of original Tibet and some shaman religions around the world have connections in how they do some ceremony.

I still haven't gotten my Medea court case paper graded and back yet, but the next thing my teacher is doing is having us acting it in class in a play based on my Medea and I was chosen to play Jason.

Thanks for your offer of more help and for the special words blessing before I was born.

( Posted by: TheAlienBreem [Member] On: December 18, 2008 )

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