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I have included here a Part II to the "The Dark Knight story it is one of those tales that while entertaining has a deeper meaning to it now that you know the entire background story. Yes I did use some of the aspects of what happened to me with the young lady that I mentioned in the other foreward.

It was very hard for me to write about such an incident as well but in a way it helped me to clear the air and excise some personal issues. It helped me to put things into perspective again, and I let go of all the many long years of hatred for that man. Curiosly enough he died a friday morning in October of cancer so in a way I understand now hie anxiety to be forgiven and find his peace.

The late Miss M.'s mother also passed away from complictions on the fallowing Saturday. Leaving only her father and I left behind as she was an only child. Life is strange I guess.

Well at least this will display the resolution to the first story

A Dark Knight Or A Dark Angel?---Depends On How You Look At It!

Another Dark Knight’s Tale:
The Atonement Of The Dark Knight!

In the darkness of the universe in between time and space there existed a landless land and an age beyond time and space, in that age of Gods, and Angels and Demons and Mortals!

Amidst the shadows of darkness and in-between the pain of tomorrow and the days of future past!

In that age of the Elvin Lords and the Kings of Mortal Man there dwelt another Hero of mortals!

He was not a man born of woman, but he was a construct created by the Divine power, and he was destined to be as a weapon to destroy the Creatures of Abyss and he was ordered to bring about justice and law into the Chaos of Earth!

He was never intended to be anything more then that, but somewhere in the fullness of time and of the years he began to think clearly and his mind developed and he began to feel emotion and compassion and caring for these mortals!

Although not having experienced parents of the truest nature he was touched by the deeds of mortal men and women!

He was a Dark Knight in the sense that he knew of Good and Evil and the differences, but he also knew of Justice and of Order and Chaos as it exists within the known world!

Often he rode alone and often he fought the enemies of mortal man and often he triumphed with great trepidation and with great risk to himself!

He was alone with only his own thoughts and his feelings and his emotions were often sealed within his heart and soul for he shared nothing with anyone within the world of man.

He often rode alone with no purpose and he observed mortals rushing about in the course of human events that occur within the world!

On this day Konnor—the Dark Knight came to the clearing of the white cliffs by the sea and the forest was behind him and his steed.

He rode to the edge of the cliffs and he glanced downward at the crashing of the waves against the cliff-walls and he was watchful of the sea for several moments more!

For an instant he paused and gazed upon the sea and then he looked back to the forest and there it was nestled quietly by the Great Oak tree!

It had been many years since he was last here at this place and he had forgotten why he came here!

He only knew that he was here in this most sacred of places unto him and his heart grew heavy!

He urged the stallion forward and then he halted the horse at the foot of the burial mound!

He dismounted easily as if like a great cat and he then walked regally several steps and he found himself standing in front of the burial mound of Her!

Slowly he removed the battle helmet and he set it respectfully upon the ground beside the grave, and then he also removed his metal gauntlets and placed them beside the helm as well!

He suddenly shook his long curly raven tresses and his eyes flashed as he looked upon the mound and he arranged his cloak and the rich deep blue scarf around his neck.

The three prominent scars upon his visage almost became blood-red and his eyes were filled with a deep sadness and a longing from a long forgotten time many long years ago!

The wind was blowing briskly and then he could hear the waves of the sea crashing against the white cliffs, the clouds were gathering and the sky was becoming overcast!

The air was becoming colder and he could almost taste the salt in the very gentle breezes and the air currents carried each smell of the ocean and the trees aloft.

He gazed upon the mound and he detected a slender yet sturdy conical alabaster headstone with words embossed upon it.

“Beloved Daughter”
“Beloved Friend”

“The Lady Brianna”
“She Walks Within The Heavens Now!”

The Dark Knight gazed upon the entire area and he walked to the headstone, and he placed his strong hands upon the stone on both sides of it and he touched the stone in a very tender and soft manner.

He stroked it gently and with his head bowed he knelt down with the stone in front of him, and he placed his right cheek against the cold stone and a single tear ran down his left cheek!

He held his cheek against the stone as though it were a long lost lover and his body became racked with almost animal pain of immense loss.

“Lady Brianna thou wert robbed of thy life too soon and thou wast stolen from me, taken from me by a Black Brigand, my most precious woman of mine own heart and soul!”

As he rubbed his cheek against the headstone he choked back many tears that were attempting to surface upon his face and his body continued to writhe with sorrow and anguish!

“My Lady Brianna why wast this deed allowed to happen all those many long years ago!”

“For I have missed thee each and every day!”

“Why was I allowed to continue living and thinking and remembering of thee each and every day!”

“My heart is breaking every day and this life is so lonely and cold and empty without thee, for what purpose am I here upon this earth!”

“What am I to become when everything that I ever desired has turned to the taste of dust and ashes?”

Suddenly he embraced the headstone and his tears burned his cheeks the loss was undeniable now as he felt his heart beating and his stomach began to churn!

The wind blew on gently softly like a woman’s sweet tender kisses as it moved across the countryside.

For the Dark Knight no answers ever came upon the wind and he stayed there for many long minutes his body filled with remorse and regret!

While he was in this position he suddenly felt a soft and gentle hand touch the right shoulder of his armored Hauberk!

He arose suddenly startled by this action to his full height and he did see the figure of a woman standing there behind him as he turned to look upon her face!

It was the figure of…..Lady Brianna staring at him, for she was dressed in her full finery and she was young and beautiful and the air was filled with her perfume and her special scent of a woman!

The Dark Knight looked at her in amazement and with awe and he said, “Canst this miracle be true lady Brianna how hast this been done for thou hath been dead all these many long dark years!”

She walked boldly with no fear to the Dark Knight and took both of his hands and kissed them both softly and she then embraced him in a strong yet loving manner.

“My gentle Warrior of my heart we haven’t much time, but the Father of all things Erü hath released my Divinity momentarily that I may give thee this message of inspiration!”

“For once I wast known as the Lady Brianna, but that was my mortal existence which was slain that fateful day all those years ago---now I am so much more as my Divinity is now revealed unto you!”

“Fear naught hardened Warrior of Justice and Order and let naught thy heart be troubled for long! For thy loneliness and thy duty is about to be rewarded and the long night will cease with the coming of the light from the sun!”

“Thou must naught lose hope or faith but believe in thyself and thy heart and soul will be filled with thy great strength!”

“The pity it that a man without compassion or forgiveness hath a life not worth living, Keep thy love and thy faith deep within thy heart for the fact that those hast learned of love and humility makes thee special!”

“The Father of all things is deeply moved by thy great heart which hath formed within thy beating breast and that thy mind hast taken root and thou hast learned so very much of the world and of the affairs of mortals!”

“Thy greatness is that even though thou art outside of all things pertaining to mortals—thou doth intercede when thou must….but as a balance to Order and Justice within this age of man!”

“The Father is pleased that thou dost not seek to impose thy will upon these sometimes feckless and foolish mortals!”

The Dark Knight gazed long and lovingly into the Lady Brianna’s sea-foam eyes. “My Lady this life without thee hath been long and hard for me, I have attempted to perform my duties with honor, but I failed many times—and I am flawed!”

“I am not that perfect Champion and Hero that the Almighty first created all those many long years ago.”

“I now have many failings and I have lost so very much within this sad life of mine own and nothing hath come about as it should have and I am alone and filled with doubts!”

Konnor---The Dark Knight had several small tears stream down his left cheek as his eyes were moistened.

He held the Lady Brianna tightly against his body as if he let her go then she would fade away into the shadows.

“My Lord and Liege thou art within mine own heart forevermore, but I must take my leave of thee for soon the Father will summon me home again and I must leave thee again!”

The Lady Brianna touched his face and the Dark Knight’s anguish seemed to vanish with her soft and gentle touch; and she traced the outlines of his face and she touched his scars, as if remembering all of their yesteryears!

“My brave and gentle Warrior how I have missed thee as well, but the Almighty Father hath bid me to say that thou art not flawed or imperfect---thou are beautiful and mighty as thou art in this manner.”

“Thou art now as he hath meant for thee to be created, and thou hast learned thy lessons well---For thou hast become human as a mortal man in all ways!”

“My Lord and Liege I am most proud of thee my bold and daring Knight for thou must have patience for very soon thee and I will very soon meet again never to be parted.” She embraced The Dark Knight yet again and kissed him gently.

“Each Kiss is more perfect then the last it is almost as if a blessing given by the light of the sun!” The Lady Brianna said softly.

She looked long into the ebony eyes of the Dark Knight and said, “He is here now speak unto him thou must assuage his pain as well!” The Lady Brianna motioned at another approaching figure of a man!

The Dark Knight turned away quickly and though the man was older and his hair was gray, he knew him to be the Black Knight here in this most sacred of places to Konnor!

Konnor looked back and suddenly the Lady Brianna was gone for she had vanished as if a shade!

It wounded his heart deeply and he felt it stab him into the core of his very being momentarily from the pain of her departure.

He quickly unsheathed his broadsword however for first he had to defend himself from the danger of the Black Knight.

“Sheath thy sword Sir Knight—I am not here for personal combat nor for personal gain!” Said the Black Knight!

The Dark Knight gazed at the right hand of the Black Knight he was wearing a metal glove where his right hand had once been, and he was unarmed and not wearing battle armor, but the simple clothes of a traveler.

The Black Knight raised his hands up to show that he was not armed, “Sire I come in peace and I crave a boon of thee Sir Knight!”

The Dark Knight realized that the Black Knight had no evidence of weapons and he re-sheathed his sword into its scabbard.

“What boon may I grant unto thee sir for thou hast taken all that ever really had meaning unto me?” Asked the Dark Knight of the aged Black Knight.

“Sire I ask for thy forgiveness, I beg for it with an open heart and with clean hands, for my many sins of my youth and the blackness of my soul hast caught up to me!!”

He went on to the Dark Knight, “Sir Knight I have not long to live as I am dying now and the one thing---I wish—is to be forgiven---for it was my sin of stupidity and vanity and my own pride which caused the murder of Lady Brianna!”

“Please Sir Knight if thou hast any compassion left within thy great heart, please take this image of her away from me, for I want it naught within my soul anymore!”

“I who hast tried to live mine own life according to the code and I obeyed the rules of Kanly and although I fought for the wrong side I fought out of pride and greed; but with acknowledgement to old code and mine own sins blinded mine own eyes with evil intention!”

“Of all the things that I have done her murder was my most unpardonable deed, and I have paid for it very time I doth try to sleep as the her image is burned into mine own thoughts, and within mine own heart it sears me every minute of every day!”

“It hast never left mine own soul, please render upon me your pardon and forgive my broken tortured soul from this blackness that poisons mine own heart!”

With those words he knelt down in front of Konnor—the Dark Knight and bowed his head.

Konnor looked upon the aged Black Knight with hatred burning within his eyes and rage was building within his heart for his scars were scarlet with a great anger.

“How dare thou shouldst be so presumptuous of me thou has scrounged my heart and soul with her death, and each day I feel as though I have died just a little more!”

The Dark Knight turned his back upon the Black Knight and ignored him.

“Sir Knight I implore upon thee upon thy honor as a Knight of the Old Code—Please grant me this one request—that I may die without the great sin of Lady Brianna’s death stain my soul unto eternity!”

The Black Knight began to weep many tears from out of pain and hurt for he had never truly forgotten that fateful when his own thoughtless actions slew a pure and innocent and noble lady; and in that instant wounded the Dark Knight to the core of his being!

For it was the wound of the Dark Knight’s heart and soul that had never healed over the despite the passage of the many long years of coldness and emptiness!

Konnor looked again at the burial mound and he began to remember her dancing eyes and her beautiful voice and her incessant teasing of him.

His thoughts drifted back to another time of the only real peace and softness that he had ever known in his life, when he was truly happy.

Suddenly he saw the image of her murder again as it attempted to poison his heart and his soul!

He stopped for a moment and then he looked again and it was she here again, the Lady Brianna looked up the Dark Knight and she took his hands and said to him softly.

“Konnor hast thou forgotten of thy great heart for what is the worth of a man who hast no forgiveness within and without?”

“That a man with immense compassion, and mercy and the strength to be all those many things without fear, but does so out of love for his fellow mortals because----thou doth truly care!”

“My Wonderful Warrior gaze upon the Black Knight and behold his visage as he is truly….a broken man with no real hope for tomorrow….for he hath reached The End Of Days!”

Whilest thou hast a shining future as yet to come—Please sire remember the old Code and re—consider it all!”

She then kissed Konnor the Dark Knight upon his cheek and once again faded away into the shadows like a wrath.

Suddenly the anger and the madness slowly began to fade away and he shook his head and he closed his eyes and he turned around to face the aged Black Knight!

He noticed the hard lines upon the face of the Black Knight from age and much strife and combat in his life!

He raised up the dying Black Knight and he looked upon him and said, “Sir Knight in the name of the perished Lady Brianna I give unto thee the Peace and Forgiveness that thou hast requested of me at long last!”

“Sir Knight I salute you as one Knight to another in honor and with dignity and duty to the old Code and the rules of Kanly!”

The Old dying Black Knight gazed upon the grave site of Lady Brianna, and he looked with both sadness and greatly pained face and he wiped the many tears away from his face.

“I thank thee Sir Knight for thou hast given a dying man peace of mind and heart for now I may die in peace for my sins of stupidity and mendacity and greed!”

“Lady Brianna hast forgiven a foolish man through thee Sir Knight for mine own foolish vanity and pride mayhap tonight I may rest as a child does!”

“Sir Knight though thou doth naught know me my name I will now share it with thee now. In my own country I am known as Gavin---The Iron Duke Gavin MacCloud!”

“Mayhap should we meet again in this life Sir Knight---let us meet as friends and not as enemies, perhaps let the peace and calmness and purity of Lady Brianna fill our spirits forevermore!”

Without another word the Black Knight turned and mounted his stallion and he departed into the foliage of the forest; and the Dark Knight was left alone now with only his thoughts and reflections!

The Dark Knight gazed once more upon the burial mound and he placed the battle helm upon his head and he put on the gauntlets upon both of his hands.

He then mounted the large stallion and he did look once more upon the grave site.

“Lady Brianna I will never forget thee my love of my heart!” I thank thee great Lady that thou didst naught let me forget my vows of the Knight’s code.”

“Because of thee I was able to convey the gift of forgiveness and compassion upon a destroyed Knight and restore him to his full honor and glory!”

“Mayhap he should find a peace of sorts in his own sad life or what remains of it for him, and on the Day of Atonement he may walk with head held high unfettered by his sin of murder, for he hath received mercy and forgiveness here upon this earth!”

“Lady Brianna I bid thee well my dear sweet maiden thou art always a part of mine own soul and our hearts will beat as one for all eternity!”

The Dark Knight gazed at the burial mound once more and he tied his dark blue scarf to the top of the headstone.

He looked once more long and he lingered there mounted upon his stallion for many minutes, and then he turned his steed in the opposite direction and rode off onto the path through the forest.

The Dark Knight never looked back again and he returned to the grave only once more during his lifetime.

Of the thoughts of The Dark Knight---no one knows his heart or his spirit were closed to all but the late Lady Brianna—and she was gone unto him for all time!

In time The Dark Knight would know peace and have all that he desired for he was not a failure of a man, but a success in more ways then can be described here within these pages.

However for now that time must wait for several more years as there were still many bold deeds and tasks which the Dark Knight must overcome and transcend for mortal man!

And from the great distance Erü the father of all things and the Lady Anna watched and listened and grieved for the Dark Knight. As he was learning and changing with the passage of time so he would be soon be ready for all challenges that may come in this great life of a mortal!

Knights Code of Chivalry:
The Knights Code of Chivalry and the vows of Knighthood
Described in the Song of Roland:

To fear God and maintain His Church

To serve the liege lord in valor and faith

To protect the weak and defenseless

To give succor to widows and orphans

To refrain from the wanton giving of offence

To live by honor and for glory

To despise pecuniary reward

To fight for the welfare of all

To obey those placed in authority

To guard the honor of fellow knights

To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit

To keep faith

At all times to speak the truth

To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun

To respect the honor of women

Never to refuse a challenge from an equal

Never to turn the back upon a foe

The End

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The following comments are for "The Atonement Of The Dark Knight!"
by Artorius

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