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The inspiration for this Epic came from my dreams again as usual. The Lady M. who I met in my years in college and my thoughts are with her as she had come to mean so very much to me all those many long years ago! I was so very lucky to have had this woman enter into my life back then and bless me with her special feelings and most of all her Love and caring for me! Lady M. I bless the day you came into my life as you were so very unique unto me on that day when we first met! You showed me that life can be so very beautiful and wonderful and special and have some real meaning--and tht I mattered in this life--Wow is all that I can say!

A Dark Angel’s Tale Of Woe: The Choice!


In another time beyond the ken of Man and Gods there dwelt a time within other times and a land within a landless land—a time beyond mortal man when all things were made as new and it was a time when both Gods and Man walked the earth.

Once upon a time there was a Dark Angel within the heavens above; now he was not a White Angel nor was he a Black Angel in the fact that he was not total good or full of total evil and wickedness!

And he was not a Gray Angel as he was not in between the concepts of good and evil, but yet he was a Dark Angel despite it all!

He was merely Dark in the fact that he understood the principals of good and evil and he had sampled both yet he was neither---for he was simply a Dark Angel and he dwelt alone and apart from within the heavens!

He was however one of the powerful leaders of the armies of Angels when the Great War in Heaven occurred and a full third of Heaven’s Angels fell from the Heavens to the earth below!

With a flaming sword and with a raging powerful heart of strength the Dark Angel lead the armies of Seraphim and he helped to destroy the Thrones or the lesser Angels that had revolted within the Celestial confines!

Out of pure fury and filled with immense force he challenged and defeated the power of the evil Archangel Azriel and he hurled him unto the earth below whereby Azriel was enchained to the very gates of Hades!

With unabated wrath and power he drove forth the remaining black Angels and he did so with the other Archangels Gabriel and Michael and Uriel. He hurled those Angels to the earth below whereby they were secured within the various pits of Hell and they were chained to various mountains for their wickedness and mendacity!

His power and strength and courage were never questioned by any, for he was the equal of any Archangel or Seraphim, and he was always marked by his scarred face and his sad dark eyes which beheld so many of the secrets of life and death!

But he was an Archangel entrapped within the shadows and he was alone and with nothing--but he asked for nothing and he wanted naught….and loneliness and emptiness were his erstwhile companions as always!

The Dark Angel dwelt alone and apart---outside of the Heavens of Erü--the Father of all things for he soared in the blackened void and he often did gaze upon the expanse of all things good and true upon the earth below!

He often gazed down to look upon the doings of humans--mortal man and he thence beheld mortal men and mortal women...

…Despite being a Dark Angel he was also flawed in that he cared deeply and sometimes his heart could be touched by those whom he believed in and his great heart sometimes betrayed his nature but there was a profound goodness and kindness buried deep within his very soul.

For this Dark Angel dared to care…and sometimes his emotions and feelings clouded his thoughts…and he wanted so much to believe in the goodness of all mortal men and women and in his other brother Seraphim and Angels.

But often he was harmed by his actions within the world of mortal man, and thus he stood upon a mountain peak and he merely watched as the humans scurried to and fro in the land below!

For many centuries he stood motionless watching and listening and waiting for he was not needed in the affairs of mortal men and thus he waited alone and empty…and cold…!

Waiting…waiting for many eons as they are counted by mortal man and the Dark Angel stood unknown, alone and unloved!

Ages passed and still he waited gazing and listening for he heard naught from mortal men except complaints as to the gifts of life by mortals often too selfish to understand these magnificent boons!

One crimson morning the sun did arise chasing the night and the moon across the sky and on this particular morning something did catch the ear of the Dark Angel as he was listening and watching!

He heard the harsh cries of a beautiful young woman an amber-tressed lady filled with a great sadness and blackness that encircled her heart and soul.

A large black cloud that had long polluted her home and her life was lifting and drifting away from her domicile, and she was suddenly left alone and bereft of anything significant and dark coldness enfolded her spirit.

He listened intently and her words became both clearer to him and they were filled with a great sorrow, and in that moment his heart began to ache and hurt with her pain for he wished to help her and assuage her great pain.

And he knew naught why he cared…it simply happened for some unknown reason and he began to feel as a man feels and cares for the welfare of another!

But he could not for he was forbidden by Erü—the Father of all things and thus he leaped upon the currents of the winds and he flew away to the land beyond time and space in order to escape!

Yet her words and thoughts pierced the very winds and cut clear to his heart and he felt her and he felt her raw emotions and all of her anguish and sorrow as they did touch and rake his soul….

…And the Dark Angel flew back to his mountain and he alighted upon the peak and he waited, and he did weep many glistening tears as he listened to a tender heart cry out in terror and woeful black pain.

His heart began to crack and stygian-pain touched him deeply and it filled his soul with a strange aching to belong somewhere and be a part of something important, but yet he could not belong!

His huge wings fluttered and set forth upon his back, and he stood motionless and listened for what seemed like more then an eternity, but yet it was less then a fleeting moment!

The Dark Angel listened for many days as the anguish became revealed and the black tears filled his heart, and cut his soul clear to the core of his existence and his own cheeks moistened with many hot white tears!

The hour occurred and with its passing the Dark Angel made the decision to act and thus he did act; and he prayed to Erü—the Father of all things that his actions were good and true.

He suddenly reached out from afar and spoke the words from deep within his heart to the lonely pain-filled lady and she stopped…and…she heard his words....all of them…as they flowed forth as music from his lips because they came from deep and true from within his very being!

And for an instant she became calm and quiet and she knew the peace of mind and of her heart and her spirit was uplifted…for his words were filled with enormous power and strength and they caressed her very soul with feeling and caring and all of her hurts were washed aside!

The Dark Angel thence spoke every day from afar to this one very special lonely lady, and he did come to care for this lady as she was becoming part of his soul and his own heart!

She in turn became enraptured by his tender and gentle words of power and inspiration, and in that moment she fell in Love with the Dark Angel; and although she knew him naught, her Love for this unknown benefactor increased tenfold!

He began to feel a deep desire for all that she was and all that he could be for his life was now meaningless without her, and now he wanted to be as a human and love her completely as a mortal man should.

He gazed ever deeply into her very heart and soul and he leapt into the air and he soared onward and forward and he flew steadily to meet her in the land to the North of Avalon.

The Dark Angel used his powers to assume the form of a simple yet gentle and strong man and thus he could see and feel and hear; and she could see him as a mortal man and he strode forth to meet her and as thus…

…He beheld her countenance and he knew that his great heart was filled with a powerful Love for this woman, but however it was not meant to be not now….not ever----Never!

And he knew this to be true for he could give her only a lie and naught a real life as a mortal man!

For in that one soul-searing moment he realized that he was not a mortal man; and he could never be a man and give this woman what she needed, and what she so desired and inwardly his heart collapsed from the hurt and silently he suffered.

He was a Dark Angel and as such he was not allowed to care, he was not allowed to feel, and he was allowed to enjoy tender caresses; let alone know and feel what desire and Love would truly mean to a mortal man!

He was not a mortal and thus he could not allow himself to ever feel or possess such emotions, in that moment he shook his head and realized the severity of the situation.

The Dark Angel could not become mortal anymore then a mortal could become an ant!

He touched the lady ever so gently and he held her small and delicate hands within his own, and he caressed them dearly for she had come to mean everything unto him.

The Dark Angel then embraced her this one time and he held her dearly and closely and lovingly for what seemed like an eternity…he held her as though she were a golden treasure for she was that and so much more to him!

He then said these words unto her, “My lady thou art meant for another and I am meant for no one, take thy life and give it to that one special soul and make a kind and good life with that man and dream of many tomorrows from whence thy life is good and great with that man!”

“And now I must take my leave of thee for I have other duties of which this is the least of my actions!”

The Lady looked within his dark eyes and gently stroked his left cheek and asked of him, “My Lord what is thy name…kind sir…that whence I speak it I will remember thee always for all time?”

The Dark Angel looked longingly and deeply into the sea-foam colored eyes of the beautiful Lady, he then spoke again. “I am known in the old language simply as Ariel!”

The Dark Angel then turned away and walked away into the mists as they gathered all around him and hide him as he changed back into what he always was and what he would be until time is no more!

The Dark Angel turned and looked back and saw the young woman and he listened to her cries and he felt her teardrops as they ran down her wonderful beautiful cheeks.

For the Lady had seen him change and become an Archangel and she knew his secret, yet still she loved this fearsome and mighty captain of cosmic power and Celestial Order!

The Dark Angel paused for only the briefest of moments and he reflected upon it all and he knew it was wrong, because he could not be there for her always after all he was an Archangel and not a Mortal Man!

He paused again and gazed upon the beautiful tearful visage of the Lady, and he smiled at her with his scarred face and he knew the truth of the matter was that it could never be for them…destiny was against this moment in time!

Thus he leapt upward and soared upon the currents of the air and he flew away to his mountain precipice with many tears burning his cheeks and many emotions savaging his spirit and his very heart.

The Dark Angel alighted upon the peak regally and gazed upon the people of the earth scurry to and fro in the land below.

And he dared to dream many, many grand and wondrous dreams and his heart began to hurt and break from the pain with which it felt flowing deeply within its folds!

For on this day the Dark Angel dared to care too much and his heart paid the price for his own indiscretions!

On this one day a Dark Angel looked out upon the expanse of the earth below and his eyes burned from many hot white tears for what he desired most but he could never have, because duty and honor come before aught else.

But never a love so great could ever or would ever be known to a mortal man or to a Dark Angel ever again!

Somewhere in the expanse and in the mists of time and space a Dark Angel’s heart was broken never to be healed for what medicine can be used to heal a wounded Angel’s heart!

And of the Dark Angel?

He stands there ever watchful and silent, and if one listens long and hard enough one can hear the tears of the Dark Angel flow forth like a steady stream.

For the Dark Angel is as yet…as like a man…and the pain of his injured and tortured soul are almost too much to bear and yet the ages of time march forth alone and ever silent.

A witness to the awful contradictions that caring so very much and that an unabashed love can present to Mortals and Angels and even Gods!

And of that Dark Angel?

The Dark Angel stands motionless alone and cold forevermore and he is lost forever outside of all caring beyond mortal understanding.

The Dark Angel stands alone on-guard upon that lonely rampart and his heart is eternally pierced by the arrows of caring too much and an unrequited Love and a great sadness pervades his soul forever!

Yet ever he listens and he watches and he waits….Alone waiting for the cry to battle to protect and to serve Erü—the Father of all things!

Yet always his soul and his heart yearn for another life which he forever….he so desired but t’was denied him by fate and destiny….yet always he dreamed on and he wept alone…outside of the heavens alone!

Somewhere a lonely young Lady sits without a love and with a life of nothingness…alone as well lost in thought with only her tears and sorrows and her dreams of a beautiful Dark Angel to keep her company!

The Dark Gates began to close for this tale is now complete!

The End

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by Artorius

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