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It is beyond me why anyone would still want to be, claim to be, be proud to be or continue to be a Muslim. There is still a deafening silence in the greater Muslim community about the murders of 9/11 and now the attack on Mumbai/Bombay.


How come?

Why do they celebrate in the streets of Gaza, West Bank, Tripoli, Islamabad and in certain sectors of Muslim communities in the United States?

Why would they, Islamic Fundamentalists, attack the only Jewish holy place in a city of 23 million people?

Why would they torture and execute an innocent rabbi, his pregnant wife and any other Jew who happened to be there?

Why are we shrugging our shoulders and saying "what a tragedy" and going on along as if nothing happened?

It seems to me we've been down this road before. See *The rise and fall of the Third Reich" We are letting fascists loose on the world when we have the power to stop them dead in their tracks. Yet our collective politically correct corrupt world society is doing everything in its blind power to excuse this culture of death Muslim religion from responsibility.

It is time to take the Muslim threat seriously.

It is time to deal with it.

It must be stopped

or we will die.

You need to get a grip on this Mr. Obama.
We need to deal with this as a nation. Alone if need be.

My son is near Mosul up in Iraq. He says the Muslims hate us, all of them.

Kill them all son and come home safe.

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The following comments are for "The problem with US"
by williamhill

Hi Charlie

I am an Indian and have resided in India all my life.

I have just a very simple question to ask of all my Western friends and acquaintances : how come there hasn't been another attack on US soil since 9/11.

If you ask me the reason is very simple : the Islamists , their ISI puppet-masters and their shadowy Saudi etc. Wahabi financiers know that - should they ever have the gall to pull off another similar stunt any where in the West , the Westerners ( governments people etc. ) will rise as one and exact a terrible revenge (including on all Muslims in their midst .)

Let's give the Pakis and the Saudis etc . credit for being savvy enough to know just how far to push the envelope. Furthermore like any parasite or leech the last thing they'd ever do is to kill off the organism they thrive on.

The Indians however -they're an entirely different matter . Just ripe for their tagert practice.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

Save Us! Please take my freedom and protect me!
I hear there is a rapidly growing middle class in India. The middle class is the most dangerous of all classes. If it gets too big, it may become aware of itself and its collective power. It may just find unity and take up pitchforks and torches demanding freedom from industrial/corporate/religious/political tryanny.

The Lords of Capital don't want this and can sense when it is about to happen. So, from time to time, money is funneled via super-secret "intelligence" angencies into the hands of the desperate. The misguided religious fanatic ready to die in a big, demonic BOOM. This serves the purpose of scaring whatever middle class back into it's desired place of fear and feeling of need for protection from The God-like Lords of Capital. Take my freedom! Protect me from the terrorists!

There has been no attack on America since 9/11 because the middle class has sufficiently been scared... to DEATH. It is bleeding dead and broke.


( Posted by: TheTesticularPrancer [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

"The middle class is the most dangerous of all classes. If it gets too big, it may become aware of itself and its collective power. It may just find unity and take up pitchforks and torches demanding freedom from industrial/corporate/religious/political tryanny."

I don't know if you've watched the recent events unfold in Mumbai ( the MSM seems to have lost interest -after all , just a handful of Westerners were killed ). But a groundswell of loathing has been building up against the entire Indian political class . As millions if Indians feel it is they who've let them down in terms of not providing even the modicum of security.

Eric : "So to all good Muslims....either sort the bad Muslims out yourselves pronto or find a new name for the peaceful religion you wish to follow...

Muslin now means in the (unwritten as of yet) modern dictionary... as most see it ...terrorist killer troublemaker."

Few could have said it better.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

I think it's fallacy to cover an entire populace with such blanket statements. Example: My gramma was off the boat Irish, but my mom doesn't drink. I'm a white American male, but I don't own slaves, nor am I christian, nor am I fat and lazy. The trouble with stereotypes is that they don't fit, and they tend to pervert the unknowing mind to become a negative opinion. My daughter is American, so should she bear the iniquity of incinerating two Japanese cities along with Dresden? And there's a whole lot of Muslims in the world, the great majority of which are good people. Surely you're not under the impression that every Muslim hates us and/or wants us dead?
I hope your boy gets home safe and sound.

( Posted by: robert walker [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

I very much agree with your post williamhill, too much silence for too long, and now everyone is silent. I can't really amen your "kill them all" but can see how people could easily get there.

I would put forth though, that these ARE the "good" Muslims. These ARE the true followers of Islam. I believe they understand completely what their religion teaches, and obey. I believe that Islam IS the problem, and will probably never be "fixed". And that either killing them or isolating and confining them (afraid that ship has sailed, they are everywhere) are two of the few answers. Another is teaching them the truth of Christianity, (oh dear, proselytizing, rogans gonna have a cow).

But it all is summed up in Erics' comment, Muslims must either take control and stand up and speak up and stop the killing, or be counted as one of them. Their choice.

Thanks for the courage to put this up, I have a little faux editorial I wrote a while back, I got all worried about offending people, innocent people, but I think I'll put it up tomorrow.

May God bring your son home to you safe. Robert.

( Posted by: robnjop [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

Pretty simplistic, my man.

Islam saved western civilization a thousand years ago plus by remaining civilized while the west sunk into the darkest of pits.

Islam is still a relatively young religion.

Don't focus on the corrupt fringe.

BTW these Muslim fanatics have killed more Muslims than non-Muslims in the last five years.

Bob, Hitler was a pagan and saw Christianity a something for weaklings.

For the record.



( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

Very well, written, good to see something by you again, you always were a good writer, among one of Lit.Org's best. Welcome back...

First let me say, I wish your son safety and a return home to you and all that love him.
May G-d be with him. And may G-d be with you to comfort you Charlie as you worry about him and feel proud of him for doing what you believe and he believes the right thing to do...

.... then there is more I want to can throw it out the window, not read it, or whatever, makes no difference....we all make our own choices, no one here at the Lit.Org is here by force, it is a choice to read, write,respond or NOT...

My current husband, love of my life, Joseph, is an Iraq war veteran, served in the US Air Force, stationed at Qatar. I am glad he lived through it all safe and sound, and is the person he is today, he is a good man, good husband, good father and even though he is much younger than me, he has taken on the title of grandpa to my own little young grandson and my Aspergers troubled teen granddaughter.

My now 17 year old son is a staff sergeant in the CAP, the auxiliary program of the US Air Force, he is an honor student in his high school, just got student of the month too at high school and his martial arts school, and he is very near to receiving his black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. (as is my little grandson too)... son has been to boot-camps, survival camps, etc.--he has heard advice about the military from my husband, Joseph, his step-dad, about joining the US Air Force. Pros and cons, and the harsh realities of war and the various kind of "mind sets" of fellow military men he will encounter.

He has learned from me too, and my lama's teachings, and through his studies and massive readings about Tibetan Buddhism, he is now at a crossroads.

He wants to become (no combat for him directly) US Air Force officer and instructor of the Survive, Evade, and Escape special forces unit of the US Air Force...

..and being in CAP cadet program now he will receive what is called the Billy Mitchell Award upon his cadet completion of the program...which then allows him into the Air Force at higher rank and pay and immediately with his training and background in survival/boot-camps/leadership training, and martial arts, etc.,

...he wants to become a Survive, Evade and Escape Specialist Instructor that helps those in need, teaching them how to survive and LIVE...helping downed pilots and special forces units how to survive in all terrain and conditions, including the arctic and the desert., etc.---

....I am very proud of my son, he is a courageous boy, soon to be full grown man, and I am proud of my husband who is a very brave man as well...a veteran. A Veteran for Peace.

Now, the quandary...with all my son knows, from my husband Joseph about the War in Iraq and serving in the US Air Force, and all he knows from his training in martial arts and his CAP experience....

He is now also getting deeper into the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, his teachers call me to tell me they are amazed this kid spends his lunch hour reading books on Tibetan philosophy and religion that are college level reading and that he is so "balanced" smart, brave and giving towards his fellow students and friends at his school...
he has a deep compassion and understanding of the human condition, he sees his fellow high school friends and students (except for a few of the ultra M-theory/quantum nerds) as being sorrowfully ignorant and immature and brainwashed by their parents gun-ho thinking towards war and hate of others, etc.

My son is now at a crossroads decision. He is not sure if he wants to go straight into the Air Force and the college they are promising him (to become a specialist instructor in Survive, Evade and Escape, he must spend several years in an Air Force paid college, real college degree and credits, expensive school, so the competition to get in it is great...

he has a chance out of the hundreds and hundreds that apply to be that one percent that make it, with full contract, etc.---
he has been told this directly by those in that area of the US Air Force special forces training.

He knows he can do it, and he would be doing a good thing, helping to SAVE lives in time of war, by saving the lives of the pilots and special forces warriors.

Yet, my son, has such a gentle peaceful and compassionate soul, he is trying to decide if he should go into the Air Force first or become a Tibetan Buddhist Monk first? Yes, blew my mind when he said, "Mom, I'm thinking about joining a monastery here in the US"... he just turned 17 year old...

I told him become a Specialist Instructor first, get the college degree, learn survive, evade, and escape, train the warriors/pilots/etc. to LIVE...then after a few years in the US Air Force, where you will never see actual combat, retire and then become a Tibetan Monk.

Both my husband and I have told him we will support his decision no matter which order or way he chooses. He struggles with this each day all the while training and preparing as a martial artist and CAP cadet officer. He is 17 years old and he already has the wisdom of an 70 year old man...

He sees the futility of war, he sees the horrors of killing, he sees, the Muslims terrorists are a fringe group trying to take over the world, and doing a horrific job of it, yes, he see it...

and he also sees the Chinese killing the Tibetans, he sees it as is horrific and wrong and it hurts him deeply and he wants to do something, his part to bring an end to it.

He sees that we as individuals and a family...
are now sponsoring refugees orphans and young monks, and helping the Dalai Lamas programs.

Compassion and giving beyond oneself in peaceful ways, without killing the enemy, because he realizes the enemy is the same as we, inside, the enemy is a struggling sentient soul and being, some misguided, but still a sentient living being, as are we all.

He is struggling with this very big decision, but in either case he will be a peaceful warrior, well trained in self defense and the defense of others, Tibetan Monk or US Air Force special forces instructor, either way he will be a peaceful warrior.

I love my son deeply. I honor his courage. I honor him as the good person that he is, like I honor my husband and all he has been through and seen...

I honor all those who have the courage to live in thier own courage and stand up against tyranny in the ways they believe right and just, as I am sure you are proud of your son, Charlie.

Point being that we all have to come to grips with our own lives and come to a place of decision of what direction we will take, for there are so many in between places and many gray areas.

I hope my son does what he feels is right for him, and follows his heart. I know it breaks my heart to see innocent people killed. The Americans, the Jews, the Indians, the Tibetans, and all people who are innocent victims of tyranny and horror and terrorism, which in the world is coming in many forms, not just via Muslim extremist terrorism...


This is hard for me, my husband is a much more peaceful warrior and believer, as is my son than me. A part of me, coming from a background of where my own people where outright slaughtered for their race, etc., my instincts are very base and yes, a part of me wants to kill, I am a warrior inside, have been a warrior throughout many lives, and my instinct is to want to extinguish the threat the terror and the horrors by the same means and brute force they have put upon us....

Yet, like my son, I am now at a crossroads, in the mid of my life, after much soul searching and suffering always, I have had a chance to start seeing and feeling things in a new light...

I feel true compassion (yes, I have my moments, getting longer those moments are each time) where I feel completely one with all, and feel the pain and the injustice of ALL of it, what has been done to the minds of the extremists Muslims, what has been done to the minds of Patriotic Americans, what has been done to the innocent murdered and killed because they got caught up in someones dogma and political machine and greed, power trip, etc.----

And, now Charlie, I struggle each day with my hate I have carried around for so long, letting go of it one little bit at a time, trying and striving to reach that place of compassion...

because, we are more than this...and even death is not the worst thing, for I believe we continue beyond death, and that there is a higher and ultimate justice that none can escape...and eventually all will come to a place (if the physical earth lasts long enough) to where we will all truly stop the blood, greed, power madness, hateful dogmas, and WARS!

That is my hope, that is my prayer, that is my daily mantra for all in this slave ship of existence, and are souls held captive within this insanity and sometimes horrors of physicality...

I want to love, forgive, and live and let live and hope that one day all will reach that same place of thinking letting go of all those things that overtake our hearts, and souls and make us less human to towards one another for whatever reasons...

No body should be dying on this earth, except via natural causes. No one should be dying from curable disease for lack of health care, no one should be dying for lack of food, for lack of anything, and none should be dying at the hands of others for whatever causes...

I hope wish you and your son well, Charlie, I hope he comes back a better man, a stronger man, and more loving man, for all he has suffered and seen...

I hope he comes back safe and alive, and that in the meanwhile you find comfort in your faith and in G-d to keep him safe, and to find love within your heart to love all your fellow man, even the hateful and misguided that are killing others because of politics and dogmas, etc.----

I wish you well, I wish you son well, I wish the world and all sentient beings LIFE, a good life, and a good death, a peaceful death...

and may we all one day find our own Nirvana and finally get some rest and be what we are truly born to be as souls, existing in a state of pure love, peace, beauty with our own form of pure bliss and luminosity of whatever we believe that is......or is not, G-d or no G-d, gods or emptiness

...whatever you believe that is what you will find...but, no matter, may none suffer, may all come around to the ONE, even the most evil of souls, are still part of the wholeness, of the ONE that we are are spiritual beings...

so much more than our physical bodies, so much more...

Namaste, Peace, Blessings,
and Tashi Delek;-)


Keep writing, Charlie, you are an exceptional writer, one of the old timers of the Lit.Org with great talent, like AndyHavens, Windchime,Shannon, Viper, RCallaci, TinaLouise, Ogg, Poeteye, Penelope, Beatrice, Bobby7L, Ariana, Stuart, Dagger, Terence, RJTK, Eric, Rogan, Micahel/Gamblerman, and a million more, so more vocal than others;-)

...but all writers and artists, humans, all sisters and brothers in this thing called LIFE and this place we all share together, called earth....and here in cyberspace in this amazing place called Lit.Org!


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

Despite living in India all my life , I did ,incredibly enough, manage a seven month trip to Lebanon around the time of the Yom Kippur War , and made a couple of short trips to the Gulf and the UK.It would not therefore be too wild a claim to say that in my lifetime i've had far more to do with far more Muslims than most Westerners .

Rather than go into a long and tedious harangue let me put down here the gist of my 'wisdom' distilled over nearly 60 years of interacting with several thousand Muslims.

1. They're different . In fact ,if I might say so, more wary ( and on the defensive ) than most others. Personally I've found it rather hard to get past their defense mechanisms and draw them out.

2. However when provoked they some do turn extremely violent -more so than most.

3. In my own home state of Kerala , where Muslims have been around since very shortly after the time of Prophet Mohammed ( 700 A.D or thereabouts ), the 'verdict' is that you couldn't get a more loyal friend than a Muslim. Perhaps ,uncharacteristically Muslim businessmen tend to be very fast and good friends , extremely generous in times of crisis.

4. Much of the current extremist ideologies such were incubated in the broad Indian subcontinent . For example the Wahabi movement had its roots in the madrassas of Deoband ( in UP) inas early as the 1870s.

5. As I'd mentioned in a comment to Lena - much of the mass conversions to Islam ( pre and during the Mughal period ) were primarily because of India's pernicious and disgusting caste system. Sadly many of these remain as poverty striken , as illiterate as oppressed ( and as resentful ) as they always were. The extremist 'foot soldiers 'are drawn from this giant stratum .

6.The Muslim elites ( in Pakistan , India and Bangladesh ) though ,are essentially descendants of the elites ( "rais') of the Mughal period.

And like elites everywhere they only look out for themselves .And care two hoots for their poverty- striken co-religionists. In Pakistan's case it is this elite that constitute their 'fat cats' , their feudal landlords and the core leadership of their ISI and their Armed forces.

And it is they who've so cynically exploited their vast under-class ,and are the Svengalis of the extremists . having all the while brilliantly taking the entire West for a 50 plus year ride -and milking them of billions of dollars , pounds , euros etc . in the bargain.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

To all
I was not asking rhetorical questions of no consequence. These questions matter. If we are to survive as free humans then these questions must be answered absent direct divine intervention from whichever God you/we might believe in. I was not asking these questions as a Christian. I was asking as a perplexed sentient being. Of all who have responded, it seems none are Muslim. It also seems that excuses are made by commenters that it was/is someone/our/my faults for the behavior. I have no hate in my heart for any human whatsoever. But I would like to live my life in peace without fear of my destruction by a group of people I don't even know. Where is the dialogue with Muslims on this site? Show me. It does not exist. All I see are apologists for their murderous behavior or silence from those who espouse the Muslim religion. What have I missed here. Since the late 1940's until the present, it seems every race and religion has been targeted by Muslims. People can go on about geopolitical reasoning but I say specifically that Muslim teachings foment jihad against ALL who do not believe the teachings of Mohammad. We cannot kill the idea of jihad. WE, You, me, us,someone has to kill and spill the blood of those who espouse those teachings from the madrass to the mosque to the minuret to the street and so on. That means killing the young to the old Until their cries can be heard for no more, no more. This seems to be the only thing Muslims understand for we have tried everything else. Since I have not heard Muslims(in small or great numbers) condemn these acts of war/jihad, I have to assume as an intelligent sentient being that they approve of the slaughter of all who are unbelievers in their culture of death even unto their own. It is madness. It is evil in its purist form and it, the root of it must be plucked up as so many weeds and forever burned. We can cry peace, peace all WE want but live and let live is not working here with these people.

If there are other solutions that are realistic and practical, I'm all ears folks.

Thanks, all.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: December 7, 2008 )

After the 26/11 attacks , a backlash has been building against India's entire political class. In city after city people in their hundreds of thousands have been holding politicians responsible for having left the country open to such attacks .

Our national media ,that reaches into untold millions of homes ( more than the population of UK , France and 'Chhermany' put together )has been openly carrying diatribes such as 'politicians are the real terrorists' . One commentator even went so far as to label politicians as "elected political terrorists'. ( So much for your 'democrasu ' GWB.)

I don't know if many here are aware of how inhumanly savage and lethally effective these Pakistani 'special ops ' attackers were.

Some incredibly telling examples of their effectiveness and their brutality ( surpassing those of Hitler's SS ) :

1. One of the very first things these Pakis did was to wipe out three of Mumbai's top cops - and I'm talking about the very top.

2.This would be the equivalent of killing off London or NY's Commissioners of police and two of their immediate deputies . In one fell swoop.

3. The carnage they perpetrated in both the hotels and in the main Railway terminus ( larger than London's Victoria, Waterloo and King's Cross put together - or NY's Grand Central ) was horrific. They spared no one - certainly not women, children , infants, and the aged and infirm.

Some of the accounts would be heart-rending - especially had it related to the murder of Westerners.(But faceless 'brownies' -ah well that's mere 'co-lateral damage'.)

4. Perhaps this account of their carnage might hit closer to home.

Two of these Pakis specifically targeted and attacked a 150 year old Chabad -Lubavitch centre in the heart of Mumbai . Here they ended up massacring 6 Israelis . And believe you me these were not simple cases of 'point and shoot' or spray . The rabbi and his young pregnant wife were singled out by them for a very gruesome death by torture.

Has the West learnt any lesson from this . Not bloody likely . To Westerners terrorism becomes terrorism only when it takes place on their 'hallowed' ground. Else its merely some kind of internecine strife , involving 'brownies' . Which most tend to turn their noses up at - and move on to 'better' things.

In recent times one has often come across the following lines by Niemoller principally in the Western media:

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didnít speak up because I wasnít a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didnít speak up because I wasnít a trade unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didnít speak up because I wasnít a Jew;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

The moot point is ,beyond paying lip-service ,has the West learnt the bitter lessons from this.

I reiterate what i said earlier -with all the emphasis at my command : not bloody likely.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 8, 2008 )

Not Impressed...
With the much bigger ecological issues facing the planet. Terrorism is distraction....and a convenient one.

Pakistan is sinking fast. It has created a major hole for itself and it will be interesting to see who grabs its nukes.

Pakistan should have remained part of India...


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: December 8, 2008 )

Terrorism was not the focus of this piece. It is the mindset/jihad/war on us and what to do about it and why are folks who claim to be peaceful Muslims not condemning this war and furthermore, how could they continue to be associated with the religion as it is perceived by people they intend to exterminate.

What good does saving the planet do if we are all being targeted for extinction by our fellow man? Do you think the Muslims give a rats ass about the climate? Really, do you? If so, Do what Eric suggests, go to Afghanistan or Iraq or Pakistan or some other exotic Muslim resort. Ask them if they're worried about acid rain or global warming. I know, go to Iran. They really want to warm things up... via nuclear exchange in the name of Allah.

Yee hah!

Good points Eric and RJKT.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: December 8, 2008 )

Sorry to break your bubble Charlie, but Islam like Communism is not a monolith supporting this faction or that faction. A billion people can be very diverse. The Christian Church is no monolith either, but of course this would ruin your worldview....


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: December 9, 2008 )

Your son is fighting for big oil....not against terrorism. But I'm not sure he knows this. He also fights for big oil because to be green would a boon-doggle for big oil.

The truth hurts.


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: December 9, 2008 )

Ah, yes....
(Matthew 10:34 quoting Jesus) - "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

Sound familiar?


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: December 9, 2008 )

I love it
Every time you guys who don't believe want to make your point: which is throw it back in my/our faces, you drag out your Bibles and misquote scripture. It says a lot about you.

I guess to some communism is a religion. Although, Marxists didn't need a real reason to murder millions and millions of people from all walks of life. Interestingly, they chose to exterminate the wealthy and educated classes first. I assume you fall into one of those two categories. most of you greenies are either socialists, Marxists, or uninformed or ignorant. How's that for arrogance? Sorry to spoil your world view.

I never said my son was in Iraq to fight terrorists. I hope he is fighting for big oil. Keep those wells safe son!


Do you drive a car?
Ride a bicycle?
Hop a bus?
Fly a plane?

Sleep in a bed?
Live in a house?
Use a computer? Wait, of course you use a computer. If you didn't, we couldn't be having this conversation, could we? The last time I checked, your keyboard was made of plastic. Oil product, I'm afraid. If your computer is made of jelly beans, disregard my comment.

Another thing, Communism and socialism and fascism has killed more people the past century than all of the other given reasons for genocide combined in the history of the world.

The answer to the Islamic jihad everywhere is to create huge holes for them to fall into.

peace be unto you in this Christmas season;)


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: December 10, 2008 )

Ah, yes....
Ignorance in the morning....smells like victory!

Oh, was I supposed this say napalm?


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: December 10, 2008 )

With any luck your corn-fed son will come home in bodily tact and with a brain double the size of yours which would be a whole brain...

( Posted by: kilgoretrout [Member] On: December 26, 2008 )

"Why then so odd I just worship my God
But your God you have to defend"

Very insightful my man. Never thought about that before. Why do they have to defend their supposed god allah? Isn't he big enough to take care of himself? God is to be worshiped. And I know you don't believe in God so you don't have to explain that, but still somehow you have hit it right on.

Take the other day or week ago or two. Playboy in Mexico offended a lot of believers by having a nude Mary. Did you notice though what was missing about that? Christians everywhere burning and threatening and chopping off heads. Christians may and should "defend" their beliefs and even God with their mouths at times, but not with the sword.

( Posted by: robnjop [Member] On: December 27, 2008 )

Terence and sour grapes
Man!! Someones in a bad mood, aren't they williamhill? He must not have gotten that Tyra Banks sheet set he wanted for Christmas.

( Posted by: robnjop [Member] On: December 27, 2008 )

Terence,Gambler, Eric
Eric, some of these folks have watched too much Veggie Tails and Mr. Rogers reruns. They never let facts get in the way of propaganda. Old playbook, same results. I suggest they find a cave to live in before all daylight is lost in June, so as to acclimate them to the darkness.

If I am correct here,(and I am) Muslim countries OWN most of the foreign OIL we import. Muslim states have control of the gazillions of dollars, so why don't THEY SHARE THE WEALTH with the poor in those countries? THere is no such thing as a poor Saudi. Asians, Paks, and Filipinos do most of the labor there.(ON the Cheap.) We in the US are tired of shouldering the blame,any of the blame for their refusal to help their own folk. I guess the Koran doesn't teach CHARITY, huh? Christians do though.

Eric, these last two commenters bore the hell out of me.

FYI, Terrence, I raised my boy on rattlesnake meat and rhubarb.

I say again son, kill them all and come home safe.

Thanks for your comments.

( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: December 27, 2008 )

I think Whitney Houston said it best...

"I believe the children are our future teach them well to kill them all and lead the way show them all the beauty only christians possess inside give them a sense of white christian pride to make it easier to kill the childrens laughter in those backwards muslim countries I decided long ago never to walk in Muhammads shadow...."

Yeah I love that song...I hope you have a daughter and she marries a Teacher in a Wahabbi Saudi school ...goodnight dim and dimmer...

( Posted by: kilgoretrout [Member] On: December 27, 2008 )

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