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Now things are getting hotter by the second! Angela has come to a mysterious room dominated by candles and there is a great book that is open with it's pages blowing and flipping in the wind aimlessly. Angela now will make her finale wish to defeate this unsupressable terror. Hopefully she will have the power to stop the lord of the demons and wsihes.

Part 11: The Final Confrontation

After Angela escaped from the holocausting room of terror she tried to find a silent, uninhabited shady spot to sit and rest. She didn’t have much luck. Now she was moving down a dark hall, and suprisingly she didn’t hear anymore roars or other uneasy noises. The halls were quiescent and very dim and shadowy. There was only one sound that passed through her ears and that was the creaky sounds of her own footsteps. Cautiously, as she moved down the hall she suddenly felt the gem chunk in her pocket heat up. She reached deep into her pocket and grabbed it. The artifact was burning with heat and it felt like it was almost scorching her hands. Her heart started to pound rapidly with excitement. Down the hall and on her left she could see a door with yellowish gloomy light creeping out from under it.

Her eyes squinted with aggression. Once again she felt the urge to stop the Kawazin and this time it would be permanent. Gradually she made her way down the hall towards the door. Carefully she reached out and gabbed the golden knob and twisted it with caution. It felt like the whole universe just lost all sound, she could almost hear her own heart pulsate as the door opened slowly.

Inside this room there was no light at all. She couldn’t even see the vague outlines of the walls or furniture. In her pocket she gripped the gem and slipped it out. The mysterious artifact was glowing with a bright jade color. At the moment she would be able to see. The light from the artifact gave her enough to see around the motionless dark room.

She started to walk around the room shining the artifact where ever she looked. The room however, was almost empty and she only saw a few cabinets here and there inside the room. Suddenly, she looked past the gem and saw toppled over on the ground was a body of a person.

Angela squinted her eyes, she could see the body was stone-still. She approached it carefully and then crouched down beside it. It was a very young woman with dark hair up in a pony tail. She could not tell what race she was since her face was plunged into the floor. Although she was very small and lean, Angela guessed she was some type of Asian girl. The bright light from the artifact she held in her left hand shined on the pool of blood that had formed around the girl’s body. On her back she had a big bloody spot that damped her navy blue light jacket. The ends of her pants and jacket had been shredded. One of her pant legs was ripped all the way up to her crotch.

Gently Angela pressed two of her numb fingers to the girl’s throat and gagged on the thick metallic scent of rotting blood. Barely Angela could feel an inconspicuous low pulse. Delicately Angela rolled the young woman on her back. She wasn’t just part Asian she was all Asian. Blood was smeared around her red lips. Just looking at the pour soul made Angela’s heart twitch with sadness. Suddenly the Asian girl’s eyes started to open slowly. Angela felt relief rush through her like a subway speeding through tunnels of a city. The pour girl looked up at Angela, her brown pathetic eyes held great sadness and pain.

“Who are you?” Angela asked in a soft none threatening voice.

“How long have I been out for?” she asked in a faint shaky voice.

“I don’t know, I just came across this area and I found you lying down here. What is your name? Who are you and how did you end up here?”

“I was working here tonight, but that doesn’t matter now. You must leave!” she screeched in a coughing voice.

“I need to get you to some help or find a place where I can keep you safe.”

“No. I’m as good as dead. There are beasts here and they are extremely frightening. I was moving across the prehistoric life room about fifteen minutes ago or so, and then from out of no where I saw a dinosaur of some type just come jumping off it’s stand. Then trees sprouted up from the ground right before my own eyes. Then I ran and I came across my worse nightmare,” she spoke desperately in a gagging voice.

“What was it?” Angela asked in an almost angry voice.

“It was the thing that my priest warned me about when I was a little girl, and it came for me. It was wearing a long dark red cloak and robe and had the head of something like a devil. I froze in fear, I tried to run but I couldn’t. I wished in my mind that I had some kind of weapon. Then, I suddenly felt something cold and metallic in my hand. It was a gun I fired at it several times. The demon merely smiled at me evily and then disappeared and then reappeared right in front of my face. I screamed and then I felt something hard and rocky hit my stomach. Then it backed away from me and I fell to my knees and then I crashed to the floor and everything went black!” she said in soft and coughing voice.

Angela could feel the anger rising to a new level in her. She was now burning with hatred and wanted to kill someone or something. With her right hand that she had placed underneath the young woman’s back started to tighten into a fist.

“My god,” Angela replied. “He now must have the power to kill when ever he pleases,” she thought.

“Go now. I’ve confessed everything to you,” the Asian girl gagged. “Run. Run, runnnn-” she groaned. Then her head fell back and rolled over to her left side and hit the floor. She was dead!

Angela stood up from the corpse and made the sign of the holly cross. Who ever she was she had died an early painful death but she will be avenged. Angela picked up her artifact and then continued moving through the room. On her way down the room she came upon a door that had big claw marks in it. She entered the room and she was in total pandemonium. There were candles all around the room. They were red and tall, and slender, like their brace holders that stood them up from the floor. She walked through the room eyeing all the lit candles. There were also windows open here and there. However, Angela did not see any lights outside. The noises of cars and people were unheard of, all she could hear was the wind blowing and whistling into the room. Outside was a pale purple color that cloaked everything.

When Angela got to the end of the room she came to a podium with a large four inch thick book open with two jade green candles lit on both sides of the podium. The flames from the candles flickered in the wind. Angela had no clue who or what had decorated the room with all the candles and red carpets.

She looked onto the book pages, she saw that it was written in some kind of Arabic language. Her artifact piece was held close to her heart and seemed to almost give her strength to stand before all this havoc. Suddenly the artifact stopped glowing, and it’s light completely faded.

“Well. This is it. The final confrontation. You will give me your final wish, request or what ever you want to call it now!” yelled the Kawazin’s voice.

Angela took a deep breath and placed the gem in her pocket. She knew what she had to do.

“My patience is wearing thin,” he said again in an choleric voice.

“Come forth you weak monster!” she said tightening her hands into fists.

In one of the dark corners of the room the Kawazin appeared with a reddish evil hue glowing around him. He was wearing his usual red velvet like long cloak and golden curled shoes. His right thumb had a flame burning at the end of it. Angela snarled at the sight with anger.

“I hope that wasn’t your final request,” he said in a devious sarcastic voice. “You humans have given me so much power it’s not even amusing. I now have enough power to turn this whole city into a living Hades.”

“I will banish you by the end of this night!” Angela replied in a raged voice.

“Really. What are you going to do? Wish I had never existed. Or maybe make me vanish forever!”

“Not happening! I’m to smart to fall for one of your tricks. What has been done has been done! I may not be able to do anything nasty to you, but I know how I can get rid of you and get off clean from your bloody claws.”

“Oh, really. You and what force do you think can stop me after I get your final wish. I will have power beyond belief!”

“I possess this!” she said in a triumphant voice. In her right hand she held a chunk of the artifact gem that once prisoner the Kawazin.

“You think that piece of revolting compost has anything to do with defeating me!” he said loudly.

With those words Angela shoved the gem hunk back into her pocket, and smiled gently. The Kawazin rolled his odd yellow eyes at the sight of her smiling. Then her smile faded into a calm plain look. Slightly her head dropped from her slender shoulders, and then started to talk again.

“I wish,” she spoke in a soft but angry voice. “I wish that I,” she said strangely. Every word she said gave the Kawazin a small heart attack. He starred at her with his black and yellow eyes with suspense.

“What do you want?!” he asked in an excited voice.

“I wish that I had the powers of a goddess,” she said and then lifted her head to meet the Kawazin’s shocked eyes. “I want everything. The wisdom, the intelligence, the power, the energy, the speed. The nobility,” she spoke in a godlike voice.
The Kawazin’s lower jaw dropped at the words of what she had spoken so passionably. She had wished for something he had never excepted.

“But I only want this power until the night is over. This is a totally noble wish. I will not take advantage of this power, nor will I abuse it. Well Kawazin, you goat faced demon what the hell are you gonna do about that one!” she said in a raspy voice.

Suddenly, the Kawazin’s facial looks went from sheer devastation to happiness. His dropped jaw curved into a twisted evil smile and his keen yellow devilish eyes narrowed at her.

“Well your at finally taking the plunge. You have actually taken a long jump,” he said crossing his arms. “However, if that is your request it will be obeyed. Although you just sent me off to my strongest state with a big chunk of added power. I’m almost shocked why you didn’t just wish to become a goddess for your whole life instead of just a night.”

“That is all the time I will need to finish off you!” she said triumphantly.

Unexpectedly wind came rushing in from all the windows like a hurricane. All the candles died instantly when the wind came rushing in. The whole room went pitch black and Angela could see nothing. Then she coughed and started to fall over on one leg. Some kind of thrusting pain was injuring her stomach, chest, legs, arms and privates. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t even speak all she could do was cough rasply. Her body was changing she was going to become what she asked for. The palms of her hands started to glow with a light yellow brilliance. Then she collapsed silently on the floor.

The Kawazin was laughing under his breath. At finally he was going to enter his most powerful state. Angela may have wished to become something she wasn’t sure of in a way, but the Kawazin knew when she woke up she would be almost unstoppable, but then again so would he.

Slowly light began to gradually form around him. Still laughing under his breath he was ready to change and feel like a soul beyond all others. Now the room began to vibrate with extreme force. In moments he would have finished his transformation and he would be a perfect demon. Immediately with his heavy laughter a beam of transparent light that had formed around him shot through the ceiling. His feet were part and his back bent with his hands made into fists, he laughed brutally with glory and triumph.

Outside the dark structure people started to gather. Nobody was really sure of what was going on. It was like the whole city was shutting down. All the electrical, and nuclear power in the city was dead thanks to the Kawazin’s transformation. In a matter of minutes he would be in his most powerful state and the city would either perish or stand firm with victory.

About a mile away from the museum a reporter was observing the strange phenomenon. He was a young man and held a microphone in one hand and the other was placed over his ear piece.

“What were dealing with here is something totally out of the ordinary. It’s, it’s hard to explain what is going on right now because nobody really knows what is becoming of the Natural Science Museum. All of New York has been suddenly shut down and thousands are taking to the streets to see the mysterious yellow glowing beam that has been shot from the one of the buildings in the history museum. We can also see that there is lightning tarring across the sky. However the clouds over head are a grayish black color there appears to be no rain falling from the sky.”

Back inside the building the Kawazin was going through his final stage in his metamorphoses. He laughed strongly and victoriously. In just a matter of moments he would be enlightened. His reddish skin began to bubble, and his body was highlighted by the glowing beam that had formed around him. Suddenly an enormous spiny pitch black spike came protruding from the top of his back with a burst of watery pale blood. Then a row of smaller spikes began to form all the way down to his waist. His feet slowly started to morph into the shape of hooves. The demon’s hands languidly started to form in the shape of claws. Then, with a burst of superlative power, and strength he threw his head back and roared with pain and triumph. Just as he roared all his old scarred skin exploded into dust. The big curly sheep horns that grew on both sides of his head also shattered like sand, and blasted like snow in a blizzard. Then the glowing beam of light vanished and the lightning ceased. The city was left silently in suspense.

Angela was also finishing her transformation. Her left eye was still barely open. She vaguely see the outline figure of the new metamorphosed Kawazin. In the dust that was clouding around him she could see the dark outline of a heavily built male body, except this one had horns and had enormous arms. The dust that was blowing around his left arm was starting to fade, she could see a three fingered clawlike hand. The dust that was starting to blow away from his feet started to reveal his new lower appendages. His feet were like sharp split hooves. Around the top of his head the dust was starting to travel in a new direction, vaguely she could see part of a long black shiny horn. Then Angela’s eye fell shut.

When Angela’s eye fell shut she experienced something in her mind millions dream of. In her head she was trapped in a dream. She was lying down with her face in sand.

“Angela!” whispered a spooky voice. “Angela rise,” it spoke again.

Angela felt her heart jump. She picked her up out of the blue sand. It was night and the moon was gleaming with a light blue coloration. With a cough and a grunt of pain she got up from the ground and stood up straight and looked up at the odd glowing moon.

“Who is out here! And what do you want!” she yelled softly.

“Angela I am the creator, the father of all life,” spoke the voice in a godlike tone.

“God?” she said, sounding a little uncertain.

“Yes my dear, you are correct. I have not met a soul like you for about 3,000 years, before my son’s birth. You are almost as strong as your predecessor prince Yureko. I know your wish was very smart and noble. Now you must destroy the Kawazin. The beast of darkness has already finished it’s metamorphoses. Be careful my daughter, the Kawazin is just as powerful as you are. The only differences are that you might be stronger in different things, and you behold the power of nobility and your foe holds evil. Now go and save my world. If that monstrosity succeeds then the never ending battle between Heaven and hell will stop and darkness will cover all.”

Back outside Angela’s mind the Kawazin stood motionless. On his new face he held a devious grin. His skin was now blood red and his scars and scales were all gone. His long black hair hung down and draped over his shoulders. The large curly sheep horns on the sides of his head were now replaced with a pair of long black shiny slender horns that curved in at the middle part. His arms were bulky and built with large steel muscles. Below his legs he stood on a pair of split hooves shaped like human feet. Instead of normal fingers at the end of each muscular arm he had three powerful grappling claws on each hand. He laughs to himself with the thought of an easy victory.

“Hm! Hm! Hm! Hhhhm! Hmmm!” he laughed with his a lip sealed grin. “This is it. I have at finally met my goal and my quest will soon be over. This planet of God will no longer exist. But I will not destroy it in a couple of minutes, I will raid this planet until it is down to one last man or woman and they will die the most terrible death of all. This planet has no clue of what I’m about to do. Ha, it feels so splendid to be the most powerful supernatural being on Earth.”

“Second,” piped up a slightly familiar voice. The voice was soft and soothing {the Kawazin hated that fact}.

“Who is there?” he snarled. His devious grin faded into a teeth clinched narrow eyed angry face. The Kawazin looked beyond from where he stood and saw a familiar body in the darkness. He growled angrily at the sight, he knew who it was.

The body was Angela’s. Languidly, her body began to glow with and odd white aqua blue light. The Kawazin growled even deeper at the sight. Her clothing was new, she was wrapped in a white cape. Her long black hair looked shinny and metallic, it was also up in a bun. Upon her head a white head band was wrapped around her forehead. With out notice of her even breathing she picked her face up from the black floor. Her eyes were blue! Her skin was nothing short of perfection. Right in the center of her head band there was a blue ninja star. All the scratches, cuts, and bruises were gone form her face. For once in her life, she was a true beauty. Then she stood up straight from the ground. Her pants were a light silvery white color and looked like they were made from satin. Her long sleeve sparkly shirt look like it was made from the same material. On her feet she wore a pair of golden sandals. The Kawazin could do nothing but stare at her with evil anger. Then he almost smiled.

“Well your wish came true. You are now beautiful, powerful, wise. You are a goddess. Now that you got your wish I guess your going to try and make dispose of me. Or you could be smart and leave this planet. You have the power to escape. Another thought came to my mind,” he spoke devilishly placing a finger on his lower lip looking off into space. “Join me. You can always convert to darkness even if you are a goddess,” he said with a smile.

Angela said nothing in return. She looked at him with her eyes narrowed. She took a small breath and blinked. Then she spoke.

“You will pay for the suffering you have caused. This is a planet of life and death. If it were all death it would die out forever. If it was pure life it would destroy itself. This planet is a world that knows what love is. This is my planet and I will destroy anything that would harm it,” she said in a soft voice.

“Then you choose death fool,” he said with a snarl.

He positioned himself with his right leg forward and his other back. Fire began to burn on his claws. He smiled and laughed as he began to gradually build up more power. Then he threw his claws high over his head and a big ball of burning fire appeared above his head. He was trying to build up something so powerful it would blow Angela into a million pieces.

“Come on. Come on. Come oonnn,” Angela said to herself softly and placidly.

“This will be your end Angela! I will blast you into darkness with a force so evil not even your godly skin would protect you from!” yelled the Kawazin.

The dark fireball that was burning over his head was starting to grow larger by the second. Once the fireball was about the size of three basketballs it stopped growing. “Now You die!” he roared, then he hurled the burning ball of energy at her face.

The second before it even hit her she caught it. Just like a player in a dodge ball or volley ball game she caught the hell powered ball. Clutching the fireball in her right arm she started to step back on one foot and looked at Kawazin with her stern blue eyes. Then she spoke softly, her words stuck deep in the Kawazin’s mind.

“You can throw, but can you catch.” The Kawazin’s green eyes were as wide as marbles. He had underestimated her. Then with all of Angela’s might she pitched the dark ball of power straight at the Kawazin’s chest. The burning ball of fire crashed on the demon’s chest and caused a huge explosion of blinding fire.

A few seconds after the blast Angela still stood with her arm out in front of her breathing heavily. Suddenly her smile started to fade when she saw the dark smoke clear. There he still stood with his arms at his side and grinning deviously. He looked as if he had not even moved an inch.

“Welll. Was that it I hoped for more of a battle than that. You will have throw more than just a single, simple blast of energy to stop me,” he spoke.

Suddenly he bolted from where he stood and dashed threw a powerful punch at Angela. The blow crashed on Angela’s upper part of her chest and sent her flying across the room and through a wall, although the minute she hit the ground in the next room she jumped back up to her feet flawlessly. The Kawazin came jumping in through the huge hole in the wall and began to build up more power for another blast. Suddenly a volley of red fireballs came blasting from his hands. Skillfully Angela dodged every shot by constantly jumping from side to side, and ducking her head down every few seconds.

Then with all the demon’s might he lunged forward with his fist aimed straight for her chest. Angela jumped over the punch and countered the beast with a kick. The powerful blow sent the demon crashing through another wall.

Outside and all around the city people were waking back up. When the Kawazin had finished his transformation he sent a wave of sonic power crashing through the city. The power the wave left in it’s path was enough to knock out the entire city.

Over in the Bronx a couple of black hood kids were starting to wake back up. One of them had a red head band with jeans, jacket and sneakers. His name was Jamall The other two were dressed the same except they had white head bands instead of red, and they were a little bit shorter and didn’t have as much peach fuzz around their lips. Their names were Sam and Jack The one with the red head band stood up from where his head had crashed on a trash can. It was knocked over from the impact of his head smacking it. He looked over at the other two. One of his friends had his back smacked up against a brick wall of their apartment with his hat fallen over his face. The other one was lying down face up at the starless sky night out in the street. His jacket was off and he was wearing a black tang top. Sluggishly, he lifted his head up and looked over at his friend with the red head band.

“Yo. What the hell was that?” he spoke in a high pitch voice.

“I don’t know man. But what ever it was it was pretty frickin strong. It felt like a wave of powa just came ova our heads and knocked the hell out of us,” he stated in a soft voice. Jack got up from the ground and picked up his jacket.

“Yo Sam. Yo Sam!” yelled the kid with the red head band. Gradually the hood kid’s brown eyes opened.

“Yooooo. What happened?” he asked in a soft voice.

“That is what were tryin to find out,” said Jamall rolling his eyes.

Over inside the Museum the battle between the gods continued. The Kawazin was high in the air below him Angela ran from the beams of light that he shot from his right hand. One beam went straight for her head. Cleverly she rolled under the blast. The beam struck the floor a few meters from her and shattered the floor into a thousand fiery pieces. Suddenly she jumped up right after her roll and beams of neon glowing blue ice came blasting from her finger tips. The beam stuck the Kawazin, however he knocked the beam away and it crashed into a window. The beam shattered into chunks of ice and burning hunks of wood and metal.

He looked down at her and grinned with evil eyes. Under his breath he laughed to himself.

“Stop this. Your little relentless attacks will never get you anywhere,” he spoke. Then he came swooping down at her like a hawk diving at it’s prey. Right before his fist made impact on her she jumped away. The Kawazin hovered above the ground a few inches and came slashing at her with corybantic swipes, slashes and punches. Angela also hovered up from the ground and started to fly backwards. With amazing reflexes she blocked and knocked away every blow the Kawazzin threw at her. Suddenly, the Kawazin lashed out at her with a kick, but she ducked under. Then with speed only a god could master she jumped up and out of the way of the Kawazin’s fire breath. From her right hand she blasted a long snaky lightning bolt. The energy blast missed him by a few inches. However the blast caused an explosion that left him cloaked in dark clouds of dust.

Outside the news reporters and the cops were starting to get back up. They had gotten the damaged the most from the shock wave. A few people had died in the blast, while most others were just knocked out and were starting to regain consciousness. After they got to their feet many of them ran. Except one curious camera man stood still with his back hunched over. His jaw was dropped from his mouth and hanging like a broken limb.

He could see lightning firing out from the museum. He wondered at what it might be. One of his guesses would be it was the energy from god trying to control a demon. The man believed in the day of the final judgment and what he saw before his burning eyes could be the first sign of the battle.

One of the passing police officers got his eye caught by the sight of the Spanish man starring at the magnificent light beaming out of the museum. The cop called out to him.

“Hey! Mister. We are clearing the area. Most citizens have decided to flee from this area and you should too.”

The man did not respond. He just stood there and did not react.

The police officer rolled his eyes at the man and waved his hand in a gesture showing he was just going to screw the idea of getting him out. Then he joined the rest of retreating people. If the man was going to ignore the cop then he didn’t really care what he did, because at the moment the only thing the cop cared about was saving his own skin.

Dino beasts and other prehistoric creatures were pouring out of the building. A stegosaurus was dashing across the parking lot, followed by a retreating T-rex. The large meat eater stomped over cars with it’s huge jaws hung open. A wild big cat jumped out of a window in the museum. A woolly mammoth came charging through a wall followed by a triceratops. A couple of flying dines came flying through a top floor window from one of the buildings. The double door entrances to one of the buildings were shattered when a huge armadillo came charging out of the building at full speed. The titanic beast was followed by a group of hustling cave men waving their spears screaming. The group was lead by the gorilla with the clubs. The cave people had no clue of what was going on around them.

Back inside the building Angela still fought with the demon lord. They were on the top floor of the large building, it had a glass roof and ceiling. The Kawazin spewed flames from his jaws at Angela. Luckily She shielded herself from the blast by sheltering herself with a dome of water glistering with light. The flames crashed against her shield of glistering energy. However, inside the dome droplets of sweat started to trickle down the sides of her face. she couldn’t take much more damage while inside the energy dome. Slowly the watery dome started to turn into a black color. Angela could not blocked his energy for much longer. Suddenly she leaped out of her shield and landed a few meters from the Kawazin. Behind her the shield of glistering water energy exploded.

With out notice the Kawazin bolted straight towards Angela. The two of them locked hands. Angela closed her eyes and began to collect all of her energy in her body. It would take some time to collect all of her power and use it against the demon god. Across from her face the Kawazin opened and expanded his huge jaws and roared at Angela. Her teeth were clinched and sweat was pouring down her face like raindrops rolling down a car hood. Suddenly her eyes popped open.

The Kawazin’s teeth were also clinched. He was starting to feel an itch of pain. Static electricity bolts began blasting off their hands. The Kawazin growled, she was more powerful than he had anticipated.

She roared at him and then with all her strength she began to push forwards. Then she started walking forwards. The Kawaziin growled louder with anger of defeat. Gradually She moved the Kawazin and herself through the room and almost to the other side.

“How is she doing this! She can’t be this powerful or wise. There is no way she is greater than I am,” he thought. Instantly after he finished his sentence in his mind he felt the floor below him crack. Suddenly he felt his feet sink into the floor with a loud cracking noise. “What the hell. She is over powering me. I can not afford this.”

Abruptly he broke free by ripping his hands out of her grasp. Angela jumped a few feet away from him. Then he did the same leaping out of where his feet had sunk into the floor. Angela stood there starring at him with her stern crystal blue eyes. The Kawazin looked back at her with his emerald blood shot eyes breathing heavy like a race horse. Then a grin came upon his red face.

“You are by far more powerful than I had ever excepted. I’m surprised your still alive,” he stated holding his right arm.

“You aren’t so bad yourself. But You should know your evil will never crush my power and wisdom. Do you give up?”

The demon lord laughed. He figured that Angela thought she was more powerful than he was. The Kawazin knew she was very smart, and powerful, and wise. But he knew that he had a big trick up his sleeve.

“You will not be laughing when I at finally get my point across you,” Angela said in a angry voice.

“So, if you happen to be the stronger and wiser one then let me see your true power?” he asked with a grin.

Angela positioned herself, then she began to build up power. Gradually the energy began to grow and a blue fire ball appeared in her hands. The ball started rotating with energy and what looked like snow began to spin with it. In a few moments she would hurl her great ball of energy at her opponent and would hopeful knock the demon silly. Lightning bolts started to appear around her body, she new the time was right. Then she blasted the ball of energy at her foe.

With amazing speed the Kawazin ducked under it. The fireball had missed him but it was also slowly turning around. After the demon had avoided the blast he jumped through the ceiling shattering the glass into millions of bits. Angela followed him into the sky above.

The Kawazin looked behind himself and saw the same blast of energy coming at him. With all his might he smacked away the colossal ball of power and sent into crashing into the buildings down below. The explosion the fireball made took out numerous buildings around it.

Angela watched with terror as her own blast of power razed many structures.
“Well was that your best?!” the Kawazin yelled in a happy voice.

Angela narrowed her eyes at him. She wasn’t about to give up yet. She began to store up more energy in her hands for another killer blast. Suddenly, the demon lord struck her with a mighty bolt of red electricity. Then the demon yanked back on the chain of lightning and sent Angela over his head and flung her into a bunch of cars in the parking lot.

“Well, maybe she wasn’t as strong as I thought she was. A minute ago she was almost bringing me down to the floor. I’ll I have to do is make her shed blood and she will be a simple target,” said the Kawazin.

Down below Angela started to recover from the demon’s attack. Sluggishly she got up out of the pile of smashed cars. On her cheek she had a cut. She rubbed it with her right hand and in a few seconds it was healed back to it’s typical condition.

Across from her, on the other side of the lot the Kawazin landed back down on the ground. His body was flowing with energy and in moments he would be ready to launch another powerful attack. Angela couldn’t afford to take another heavy attack like that again, until she reached full strength. From her right finger tips lightning bolts were shot and struck the Kawazin right in the center of his chest. He threw his head back with laughter.

“You still think your simple little attacks will have any effect on me,” the Kawazin laughed.

“This is no ordinary attack,” Angela stated. Suddenly a whole volley of lightning bolts came thundering down from the clouds. Little did the demon lord know the energy bolts were eating away at his energy.

Painfully the Kawazin fell on of his knees. His teeth were clinched like a compactor crushing a pitiful weak car.

Angela on the other hand was planning to send one last attack to send him back to the fiery under world. She pulled back both of her arms and began to collect energy particles around her. It looked like snow flakes were spinning around her like an atrocious blizzard. After a few seconds of powering up she launched the green energy blast straight towards the Kawazin.

With a grin he caught the burning ball of force. The shot nearly knocked him down. With out notice the green ball of energy formed into a volley of lightning bolts, and then they formed around his body. Suddenly another group of flashy, electrifying lightning bolts came crashing down on him like explosives bombarding a fort.

The goddess Angela could see that her plan had worked out. In a few minutes his energy would be drained and he would be down on the ground like an exhausted track runner. She knew if he lost all of his energy he would have to sit out for a while and regenerate his power. That would give her enough time to concentrate and deliver a blow capable of killing him forever.

Suddenly the demon monarch drove a blow into the pavement. The whole Earth shook like an atomic earthquake. Cracks came slashing through the black ground like snakes slithering towards their prey. A large crack appeared above Angela’s feet. Suddenly several chains shot out from under the ground and tied up around Angela. The metal chains from hell were burning and black.

Painfully Angela could feel the chains restrain her torso and her whole upper body like serpents squeezing the life out of an animal. Knifelike spikes on the chains started to delve into her skin and tiny drops of blood began to drip from her body. Her teeth were tight and her tense eyelids were closed with sheer pain. Slowly she could feel her life force weaken as the dark chains restrained her. She let out a long scream of pain and confusion.

The demon lord watched her suffering. He laughed to himself at the splendid sight. For once she was actually breaking down, and the Kawazin adored it. For many decades he would treasure this moment. Once Earth falls Heaven and all the other dimensions will fall with it.

“What a pity. Angela should have never challenged me. She was going to die anyway, but this way will be so much more painful and she will feel my true power. But she was foolish and now she will learn of what true agony is,” he spoke.

One of Angela’s legs fell, she was slowly breaking down and in moments she would lose all energy and she would fall. Deep in her mind she knew she had to escape. However, with all her strength being consumed by the life sucking chains of the underworld it seemed impossible. Suddenly she felt something, it was a new feeling. Despite the odd feeling it felt similar to an emotion she had when she said she had enough of the Kawazin. Inside herself she could feel a power forging itself. Her head started to shake, then her whole body started to shake. The chains around her started to crack and lose their grip.

The Kawazin too could feel her powerful emotion. His smile faded into a nasty snarling face. The enraged demon god’s eyes narrowed down to green slits.

“She is some how regaining power. Impossible, those tenacious chains are too much for her. How is it possible for those things to fail at this point!” he growled. “I must take her out now!” he roared. Then he dashed at her.

With out notice Angela broke free from the grappling deadly chains. The dark metal things of evil shattered like weak glass. The Kawazin jumped straight toward her with his right arm held high ready to deliver a killing blow, but before he could smash her she nailed him instead.

Angela had sent her left fist fulminating into the Kawazin’s right side of his waist. The devilish beast’s jaw dropped with pain. His eyes were wide with torment and shock. Yellow-green, shiny colored blood dripped out of his right nostril and mouth. He looked down at his opponent that had just landed a mighty blow. Her face was burning red with anger.

“This is where it ends!” Angela said.

“No It does not!” the Kawazin roared. Then with a heap of light the two of them vanished.

When Angela woke up she was in a new world. She was in a beautiful rain forest dripping with crystal clear water. For a moment she thought she was in the Amazon, or the jungles of Africa or Asia. That thought altered when she saw a strange red and blue lizard go flying over head. Her mind jumped off the topic when she remembered that the Kawazin was also in the area. She could feel his energy, but she couldn’t pin point where the demon lord was.

She kept her head low in the bushes. Her energy level slowly declined since she knew if her energy were high then she could be sensed a lot easier. Fog was gliding like a ghost along the jungle floor. Her heart was beating placidly, but her mind was right on ball. She crawled out into the open jungle floor and came across another strange animal.

The creature looked like it was crossed between a tapir and an elephant. It had large gray ears but was covered in brown fur. The creature had a droopy nose but unlike a tapir or a elephant it had a fairly long tail. The creature looked at her suspiciously with it’s keen yellow eyes for a few seconds. Angela remained motionless like a clay statue. Then the beast tilted it’s head and grunted softly. Next it retreated into the bushes.

“Well what do you think of this dimension,” spoke a deep voice over head. She spun around and saw the Kawazin sitting down up in one of the tree tops, he looked very relaxed.

“Where is this place?” Angela demanded.

“We are still on the same planet but in a different dimension. You see, when this great planet was created it had a special feature besides all the other planets. Earth is the only planet with real advanced life, and it is the only planet that has parallel worlds and landscapes. God made it so that only the supernatural beings of his planet could pass from dimension to dimension.”

“I see. Well then if were here then lets get back to business!” she growled.

The demon monarch shook his head at her while placing a hand over his eyes. Then he looked at her and grinned.

“You really don’t understand do you. You are in a new world now and the time zones are different. In this world your powers would last you for many years since this jungly side of this planet is almost always light. You would be ruler of this dimension and you could live here for many decades. All the suffering will stop for you if you just step down and quit this battle.”

“Never! As long as you walk with life I will fight you. Goddess or no Goddess, I will stop at nothing to finish you,” she said viciously.

“No wonder why you were chosen as the game striver. Your spirit just doesn’t die, and you will not go down no matter what I do or say. However, you will then meet your fate. And oh it will be a gruesome one,” he spoke with a devilish voice. With out notice he threw a fireball at her burning powerfully. Angela knocked it a way with a swipe of her forearm. From the Kawazin’s left claw he fired a long red beam that sliced through the fleshy part of her arm.

Angela crashed backwards on the ground screaming and holding her arm. Suddenly the Kawazin jumped down from his tree and tackled her. The two of them went rolling through the jungle floor like two barbarians duking it out. Angela felt like the whole universe was spinning with her. The Kawazin must have recovered well from her last attack. With out notice the demon god leaped off of her and into the sky. Painfully Angela crawled back up to her feet.

Suddenly the Kawazin came lunging at her again, but this time she counter attacked. With all her might she bashed her foot across his face with a swift, strong, fast kick. The demon god was knocked away and flying like a ragdoll. He crashed through several large trees and then fell into a near by river. The great glistering river ended in a colossal waterfall. The Demon god roared as he tumbled down. Gradually as he fell to the bottom of the water fall he saw Angela jump out above him. With both of her hands she released a blast of lightning more powerful than anything man made. The bolt stuck the demon lord and sent him crashing into the pool of water down below.

Angela landed at the shore where the water and beach met. For a few seconds she stood their waiting, listening and sensing for his power to surface. Vaguely she could feel his life force. Tediously she could feel his energy level fade to nothing. From the steaming black water she could see the Kawazin’s hand rise out of the water. All three of his claws were spread wide apart. Then the claws curled back up and the beast’s claw fell back into the murky dark water.

Her blue eyes started to diminish and were replaced with her usual dark eyes. She turned her back on the river and walked into the jungle. However as she walked back into the forest the Kawazin sprang out from the water and tackled her to the ground. Both of them went rolling into the forest. After rolling around for a few minutes the demon beast jumped off of her. He dove onto a tree and then came jumping back at Angela with both claws and jaws wide open.

The demon beast swung a volley of mean punches and slashes. Angela quickly moved between his attacks and countered with blocks. The demon god lashed at her with a powerful kick. She blocked it and then grabbed his right arm. She twisted the beasts limb then she rolled onto the ground and pulled the devil with her. The Kawazin hit the ground hard. Then Angela swung her feet at the knocked over demon and planted a mighty strong spin off kick. Then the demon god threw a left punch at her head. She ducked under it quickly. However with speed faster than lightning he swung his right claw at her and sliced her face and chest. With a quick shriek she fell to the ground with one arm hanging over her waist and the over toppled of a large, thick tree branch.

“Look at yourself now,” said the Kawazin. “I can feel you pain you will die cursing your own weaknesses.” All of a sudden he fell to one knee grasping his chest. Their was a great crack in it. He was breathing heavy like her. “Although you have landed some very strong attacks. I have never fought against someone quite like you before,” he said clutching his wound.

Angela could not respond. She was in great pain. Her clothing was all ripped up. The cape around her was torn off completely and her long sleeves were shredded at the ends. Slowly she climbed back up to her feet. With out hesitation the Kawazin attacked.

He struck her with his right forearm and sent her tumbling into across the jungle floor. As she rolled odd looking colorful birds and another animals jumped out of bushes and off of tree limbs. From out of no where the Kawazin jumped at her again and followed up his last attack with a powerful kick. The kick sent her crashing right into a bolder.

part of the rock shattered into dust. Angela fell from where her back had been plunged into the rock. For a few seconds she remained on the ground, but then her eyes barely opened and she got up on her hands and knees sorely. Her skin was cut up and her right arm had a bloody gash. One of her pant legs was shredded up from her ankle to her knee. She was seeping lots of blood and her life energy was dying down.

She placed a hand on her left cheek. She knew she was dying, it would be impossible to recover from an injury with the Kawazin standing around the corner. Angela looked up and saw the Kawazin walking towards her. Her eyes fell shut and her head fell from her shoulders like a crying, grieving young girl.

“Well, it looks like this is it. To bad for you I will soon have command over all the dimensions of this planet. You will die a painful, slow, death,” the demon god spoke in a raspy tone. He lifted his right claws high in the air, preparing for a killing blow.

“Wait!” she shrieked in a loud desperate voice.

“Oh. I’m sorry I forgot to ask you for your final requests. Well what will it be?”

“Send, me to another, dimension,” she said trying to catch her breath clutching her wound.

“Why not. This is a wonderful place for a goddess to die.”

“No. Not here, please send me to a dimension where people lived or once lived. Please I’m begging you! I’m going to die anyway.”

The Kawazin sighed and rolled his eyes at Angela.

“Fine. You will have your wish,” he spoke. Within a few milliseconds they vanished again.

The next dimension they went to was the dimension known as Defoll. This dimension was by far different from Carabin. This planet was covered with desert sand and grassy fields. Also unlike the last dimension this dimension was once dominated by humans.

When Angela woke up she felt delirious. She was lying down with her back in the sand, but she wasn’t out in the middle of no where she was inside a massive palace. High above her head there were odd looking lamps hanging from the dirt brown metallic ceilings.

She stood up and ached all over with sharp pain. She felt her painful arm and slowly started to heal it. Once her gash had healed she would be able to move about and find the Kawazin. Among the many advantages of being a goddess one of the beast qualities would be the power to heal in a matter of seconds. However, it didn’t take long for Angela to heal up her wounds her frame and spiritual energy will take great time to heal.

When she was finished healing herself she started down one of the many large tunnels in the great palace. The doorways to the tunnels were decorated with gold and luminous yellow and red gems. The halls were dark but Angela didn’t need lost of light to see around. The walls held hieroglyphics of people and long snakelike dragons. Angela wondered at what the hieroglyphics told.

She continued down the long dark hall until she came out into an intersection. There were three new halls. The one to her left was blocked off and the one to her right was covered with ancient skeletons scattered everywhere across the floor. Angela figured that if she proceeded forwards then she would be on the right road.

The middle hall was full of light. This bronze colored hall had open windows, and it had columns with small sharp blades sticking out of the sides. Who ever were the people that once lived in this palace had a very unusual taste in art. When the hall ended she came into a long wide room that looked to have been a throne room at one time. At the end of the long room there was a large chair fit for a pharaoh or king.

She walked up to the chair and on it there was a small diamond scintillating in the sunlight. She picked it up and looked at it carefully. She turned her back from the seat and kept on starring at the gem. Oddly, she could feel the small gem pulling an emotion out of her. Angela couldn’t put her finger on it but she could feel something inside her coming to life.

“Well are we going to finish this battle or what,” spoke the Kawazin. She looked to her left and she saw the Kawazin sitting in the throne room chair. He looked lazy but also relaxed. One leg was over a chair arm. The demon lord had his left hand made into a fist and was shoved into his cheek with his strong left elbow resting on the left chair arm.

“I can see you have brought me to the appropriate dimension.”

“This dimension is known as Defoll, you can already see that this dimension is much different than the last one. At your request I had transported the both of us here because you said you wanted to die in a place where humans lived, or once lived.

“I see. Well now that you have lived up to your end of the bargain you can finish me now,” she said softly.

“Splendid,” the Kawazin replied with a deep pleased voice. He then leapt out of the chair and began to concentrate his power for a blast that would turn her into ashes. Little did the Kawazin know, Angela had a plan of her own.

This battle had opened up Angela’s eyes and now she knew that the Kawazin could be stopped, but it would have to be done a certain way. She closed her eyes and began to feel her energy level rise. The Kawazin was still very strong but the only way to beat him was not through strength but wisdom, and intelligence.

The Kawazin had formed a light green orb, the blast of power glowed and glimmered like a lustrous gemstone. Slowly the ball began to grow and fire started to surround it. The Kawazin looked at Angela with a dark smile.

“Angela will not recover from this blast if she thinks she can impede it, or catch it, or even

knock it away, she’s dead. Perhaps if I miss her, the after shocks from the blast will take her out with the explosion. This palace will hold this last attack but the landscape will crumble,” he said to himself triumphantly.

Outside the great villa destruction was just starting. Chunks of rocks were rising up from the ground like spirits living their bodies. Mountains were crumbling like air dried mud. Lightning was tarring across the dark sky. The Kawazin’s power was at maximum level.

Angela hoped that she could stop his attack with just one shot. She knew it very well that the Kawazin was a force not to be reckoned with, but Angela didn’t have a choice. Now if the demon god prevails then her whole world will turn out like the annihilated dimension of Defoll.

“This is it Angela my little game with you ends now. You will perish forever,” then he hurled forward the massive, burning light blue orb. Just before the beam smacked her she prevented it’s destructive blast with a blast of her own.

She placed both of her hands in front of her and she leaned into it with all her force. The ball of energy was held in a stationary position. With help of the power of wind and her goddess mind she could hold it still and away from her. Although, she may have the power to keep it away from her but just holding it steady was a huge pain. Sweat was rolling down her face like a heavy rain storm. Her hands were hot and felt seriously heavy and painful.

The Kawazin once again was dismayed and acrimonious at the same time. He was shocked that she managed to stop the attack. The demon god was also angry that she had still the life left in her to fight. The demon lord wasn’t about to give in yet. He focused all his energy a second time accept from his mind and hands he would not release a killing blast but a beam to support his orb. With both hands he shot forward a beam of blood red light that shot right into the center of his orb blast. The beam pierced the orb and applied lots of energy and started to move it towards Angela.

She was now struggling with all her strength and started to push back against the Kawazin’s attack. The orb now looked like a miniature neon glowing light blue sun. She couldn’t take much more of this. Then with all her might she punched the orb and knocked it away from herself. Despite her great blow she had injured part of her arm, the main joint to be precise. She heard and felt it crack the minute she punched the orb. Another thing that came to mind was that she always told herself when she was younger at karate never hit anything to hard or you’ll break something.

The orb was rushed so badly it went so far back it had almost smacked into the Kawazin. He pushed forward with a thick growl. He was determined not to lose.

“Stop fighting me. You know you can’t beat the god of evil. My wisdom and strength is beyond your pathetic comprehension!” he yelled. Then the Kawazin but in even more power into his evil ray of light. The orb started to move towards Angela again. Angela concentrated and focused her energy into a beam of ice and fired it from the palms of her hands. The glistering beam shot straight into the orb of evil. Nevertheless the orb moved towards Angela.

She knew she could not hold out for long against the Kawazin if she were just fighting with strength, but she didn’t have the time to create a smart plan to over throw the Kawazin’s life draining attack. The orb began to change color from a light aqua neon glowing blue, to a reddish purple. Suddenly one of her legs fell. Now with one of her legs bent and the other on the ground it was much harder to keep the orb away from her.

“You see you have shown the first sign of weakness. You can’t defeat me!” he roared. This made the Kawazin try even harder to diminish Angela.

Angela gradually tilted her heated body to one side. Her skin was steaming and her blood boiling. Her right thumb nail and both palms of her hands started to burst and pop with blood. She could languidly feel her energy level drop. The pain and loss of blood was to much for her even though she was a goddess of nobility. Painfully her back hit the ground like a rock hitting the bottom of the ocean. Through the dust that spun up from the ground when she fell clouded her vision but she could see the orb coming closer and closer to her face. The orb was now just a matter of inches away from her face. Her beam had faded and she was now just blocking the great ball of power with her bleeding hands.

“I can’t do this. Its too powerful, I can’t stop it!” she screamed.

“That is right. You have at finally learned your lesson and it will be your last!” the Kawazin laughed.

Angela closed her eyes, she had at finally realized she wasn’t good enough. The Kawazin was going to kill her and she couldn’t do a single thing to stop it. She started to think about what had happened and all the battles she had fought in her lifetime.

“Angela my daughter get up from where you have fallen. You can still stop this demon monarch. Rise, rise now Angela there is still time,” spoke the voice of God.

“I can’t! His power is far greater than mine. I can’t win it is over!” she yelled biting on her lip.

“No it is not. You are forgetting something. He is powerful and his darkness is crushing you, but you have a power that can cut through that darkness. I know you can do it, you have it in you.”

Angela’s eye’s popped open. She looked to her right and she saw the gem that she found on the chair. She reached out with one bloody hand and picked it up. The small gem sparkled at her. Blood was running down her forehead and lips, then it hit her! She crushed the gem in her fist. Around her knuckles lightning bolts were forming and her whole arm was regenerating. Angela knew how to wake up her power all from just looking at that gem. The gem didn’t just get her mind started, it also slightly revived her right arm.

“What is this!” yelled the Kawazin. “What could she possibly be up to. That light I can see shinning through my dark orb it is a! No! She cant!” he bellowed.

“Now the fighting between the two sides will stop,” she said softly. There were white and red particles gathering around her fist, she was merging the two powers.

“I get it! She thinks she can take me out by merging good and evil. The foolish goddess will kill us both!” he spoke with anger.

Then from her right middle and index finger she shot forth a yellow neon glowing beam. The amazing blast ripped through the orb like a bullet through water. The beam hammered the Kawazin in the chest, bright greenish blood splattered. The beam also made a killer exit wound. The demon lord fell to his knees roaring. The orb got split in half and the two chunks shot off in different directions. Both of them went tarring though walls and both crashed out on the desert sand. The blasts burrowed under ground causing the whole landscape and everything to fall apart. One of the blasts went so far under ground it hit the core of the dimension and caused a huge under ground explosion.

Angela was slowly crawling to her feet. The palace was falling apart and so was she. The Kawazin was roaring and lightning bolts were blasting all around him. Suddenly a huge fireball from under him exploded and his arm blew apart like a wooden fort being smashed by a missile. Chunks of metal were flying everywhere like shrapnel from a grenade. Then with a heap of glistering yellow light Angela vanished from the dying world.

Colin Clifford

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