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Soon, oh so soon that it's killing me, "Majestic" will be up and running. I'm so happy that litdotorg gave me the opportunity to start this for everyone.

And I promise -- I'm going to be around doing just this for a long, long time.

Anyway, "Litdotorg asks" will be a regular section of the newsletter, and one where everyone who wants to express their opinion can express their opinion.

For the second issue of "Majestic," litdotorg asks: "How has this forum helped you to become a better writer?"

You have 3 ways to answer:
1. by posting here; however, I'd like to use new material in the newsletter no one has seen;
2. by sending it to me through PM;
4. by emailing it to me at

As always, I look forward to all the responses. You people are such a diverse group -- and I read with interest everything sent to me on the question "Why we write?" I've never had that many individual insights rolling around my head at one time.

Diversity and insight: Another reason I have fallen in love with litdotorg!

Ochani Lele

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The following comments are for "Litdotorg asks"
by OchaniLele

It's ABOUT get it ON..Majestic Question 2, Stuart....

Don't know if this really counts to put into majestic, but here on my views on your questions...

Through the reading of the many various styles, and opinions, and personalities behind the writings, I have often found inspiration and have been brought to that mood (via the muse of feeling and passion) that has inspired some paintings I have done, and pieces of writing (mixed media) here and there, forcing me to write more, and the more you write, well, the better you get like any other form of artistic discipline, such as music, etc.--or come to think of it any discipline really, practice practice...and the support and camaraderie factor, I like to encourage others, that is my way, though I find that though there are many good writers, great writers here, many who post new works constantly, only a dedicated handful ever really give that much feedback...would be nice to get a few or a hundred more or two that actually comment more often and thus encourage and keep the writing flow going, especially for those who need the boost and encouragement or down right harsh and helpful critique.

Yes, the forum does create an opportunity and exposure to so many forms, styles, ways of expression, that in itself has inspired me, but I think the various writing collaborations I have done with a few different writers here over the years has opened my eyes and challenged me to go beyond my normal interests and subject matter.

Collaborations I think, I would like to do more of...

Also, I have found that threads are a wonderful fun exercise that gets the creative INSTANT juices rolling, always fun, atleast most of them have been for me, in my opinion.

As a writer, I am not really a writer, more of a conceptual artist, that USES writing to express ideas, feelings or questions. Yet, if it were not for the Lit.Org I would not have felt challenged to practice and give writing as much of a shot as I have...I would have just stuck to writing and an occasional collage or word here and there.

I do miss the live SLAMS of my Los Angeles days, now those were fun, and all there got what the purpose there is Write-Off, but it is all in light fun, not supposed to be a SLAM, though I think a SLAM thread concept/write-off might be something to consider in the future, for those that can handle it without getting upset, I mean, a slam is a slam, and there is no space here for that...and think that for some it would be fun, like you mentioned as the rappers do, in like "you've been served...verbally" hehehhe;-)

Some have been doing that informally and veiled for years, not really SLAM, just digs, causes problems and offense, unlike slam which is understood to be more in your face a true word weapon challenge. Like RCallaci has mentioned, yes, writers words can be weapons, but within a ring of acceptance, here there is no space for that, and I think it it worth having a section for those that might enjoy that kind of challenge...

Overall...the forum of Lit.Org is so diverse and the talent pool so immense that I have enjoyed most of all being a reader...and the reading itself, has helped me to see things here and there that have definitely help me improve my writing, like being in school, learning by reading and then practice....and of course the test of actually giving it your own shot.

I believe that there has always been and always will be room for all kinds of writers, ways and styles, and room for improvement, room for all no matter their level of writing, tastes or views.

Thanks for all you have done in inspiring and willing to be helpful to any writer who wants it what you are willing to share and give, and thanks for bringing in new writers, hope that the pool only gets bigger, for diversity and numbers make for stimulation and higher learning...

Time for Chrispian's baby and RCallaci godchild, the Lit.Org, to go to a bigger college...make this place university size in membership, more diverse, larger, more ACTIVE involved members, not just passive writers and posters.

There is room for all here old and new...and the more the better is my vision for getting out of the small inbred wars that have plagued the Lit.Org with ego resentments now for far too's a new age, OBAMA and all, time for Chrispian's baby to get moving again, where she was always meant to go, and to grow, writers supporting writers, the good, bad, and the ugly, all lovable, all Lit.Org family, time for the more babies, time for the small inbred family, to expand and to grow, a bigger village, bringing in lots pf talented new blood to add to the talented old...Lit.Org's stagnation days are over, creativity means NEW LIFE...growth!

And is that not what all are here for, ultimately, to grow in their writing? As a good friend of mine said to me today on the phone, she said, time for the writers to role up their sleeves and get back to THE WRITING! She also believes there is room for all, and that moving forward is the way to go....she is an old respected member here at the Lit.Org (who hasn't been around for awhile) and I look forward to her return, someday soon...

Blessings, and namaste;-)


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 23, 2008 )

Lit.Org-You've Been SERVED!
;-) thick skins required, as RCallaci would say!

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 23, 2008 )

Windchime/Ochani Lele laughing Buddha day, will not be killing any Turkeys, poor dumb
Windchime/Ochani Lele, I will not be killing any Turkeys, poor dumb things, they too have right to you Stuart, I know what you like, hehehe! Enjoy that poultry of your choice! Lucie always a joy to hear from you..always;-)

I feel like the laughing Buddha today, and the Dalai Lama, all lamas laughing away...the way to be in true love of all sentient beings and praying for relief from all their suffering...

Thanks Stuart for being so much joy and energy and new folks to the Lit.Org and so much more, and helping RCallaci and Rogan and Chrispian, etc.---you are a dear heart and well experienced in life, and writing.

Thanks, Lucie for this here to ad to Stuart's next issue and questions, thanks for all;-)

Have a good Thanksgiving Day to all, including you Shannon, and all reading this...blessings, and let it ride, just let the laughter ride and let the negative slide...let us all ride that fine horse into the good light and sunset of beauty and flourishing NEW day, love you all;-)

I am laughing, happy as a lark, life is so beautiful and all is good and so right...let's spread the love, and truly live in a state of thankfulness via real acts of kindness and love in the world to those less fortunate.

Tashi Dekek,
All love...


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 25, 2008 )

In case no one has noticed
The new litdotorg newsletter, "Majestic," is hitting up everyone's email boxes as we speak.

The server seems to process only 2,000 requests per hour, so be patient. Sometime in the next 4 - 6 hours, everyone should have their copy.

Comments, criticisms, critiques, and suggestions are more than welcome.

Ochani Lele

( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: December 1, 2008 )

MAJESTIC Wizard, Stuart, YOU DID IT....YEAH;-)
You rule! (love it!) Got my copy, AWESOME! Absolutely, AWESOME! The MAJESTIC lives thanks to Ochani Lele and his magical connections;-)


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 1, 2008 )

Regarding litdotorg
I'm already working on the newsletter.

I have so many wonderful things planned!

Ochani Lele

( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: December 2, 2008 )

New Majestic debuts!
Congratulations rock with your first edition of the new Majestic!

Can't wait to read the next one!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: December 2, 2008 )

Comments, criticisms, critiques, and suggestions are more than welcome.

Ochani Lele

Yes, please unsubscribe me from all future correspondence. I did not request any such material. Are all private details kept private? Thank you kindly for expediting future matters.



( Posted by: firstedition [Member] On: December 2, 2008 )

I'm using the same mailing list in place from the last issue of "Majestic," last published a couple of years ago. It is my understanding that to be on that mailing list, one had to sign up for that mailing list manually.

I have no idea which of the thousands of addresses is yours. PM me privately with your email address, and I will remove you promptly. It is quite an easy process.

Ochani Lele

( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: December 2, 2008 )

Firstedition and others with similar complaints:
I would like to point out that the list with which I work is the one with which "Majestic" had always worked. It involved sign-up by the individual. No manual data entry was done.

If there is anyone else who does not wish to receive the newsletter, please see the following at the bottom of the email:

If you do not want to receive any more newsletters, this link

To update your preferences and to unsubscribe visit this link

Forward a Message to Someone this link

You can manually remove yourself from the list without ever revealing to me what your email address is.

My apologies in advance to all who, like firstedition, have no desire to receive "Majestic."

Ochani Lele.

( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: December 2, 2008 )

Not quite?
I don't think anyone ever had to manually sign up to receive Majestic. I never did, yet I received it anyway. I don't mind that -- enjoyed the newsletter. But I was concerned about how my email address was obtained.

(Not accusing anyone of any wrongdoing here! I don't detect the foul stench of nefarious scheming.)


( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: December 2, 2008 )

Uh...Viper? YES, on your NOT quite.....LIT.ORG IS MOVING ON UP!
When signing up you get an "option" to get the Majestic or NOT.

OPTION AT SIGN UP--always been this way since I first joined over four years ago. As part of the staff you should have already known this?

*Here is a copy of page that shows up immediately AFTER sign up is initiated, been this way since the last 5 years I've seen it:

"New Member Sign Up
Writers & Readers can take advantage of the many features Lit.Org has to offer. Read the features below and sign up, it will only take a minute and it's completely free!
Thank You! Your account has been added. You will also receive a confirmation via email.

You may now submit stories, poems, news and comments. To submit you can use our easy submit form or log-in from our main page.

Again, welcome to the Lit.Org community. Read. Write. Respond.

While your here, take a moment to subscribe to our mailing list!
Join Majestic the Lit.Org Mailing List

Chrispian H. Burks
Publisher / Editor"

What you don't SEE here in this copied page is the -BUTTON LINK- that clearly must be PUSHED by the user to SUBSCRIBE to Majestic.

Now, I think that Stuart, deserves a round of applause for all the REAL work he has put into reviving this newsletter again, as well as does Chrispian for getting the templates up and doing the tech behind it so that Stuart could REVIVE it!

Now to you Stuart/Ochani Lele,

You've done a fantastic job, Stuart, I am proud of you and the NEW and continual growing Lit.Org....I am happy to hear of all the many emails of POSTIVE support you have been receiving regarding Majestic;-)


Long live Lit.Org and it's HUGE base of awesomely talented and mostly exceptional writers...
....OLD and the many NEW coming in, with a few hundred REAL NEW PEOPLE writers yet to come, slowly but surely we are getting there, and the end result will be more than amazing, it will make the blind see and the lame walk, miracles! Yes, miracles yet to behold coming slow, but SOON....

Lit.Org is moving on UP, yes indeed, INDEED!

Thank you, Stuart;-)

By the way, Chrispian, RCallaci or someone NEEDS to update ALL this old pages to change the old info on it to the new, including updating the old Write-Off page info as well...

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 2, 2008 )

Thank you!
Lena and Eric: Thank you so much! It was a lot of work starting a project like that from, well, nothing! I only wish I could have made it better.

Ochani Lele

( Posted by: OchaniLele [Member] On: December 3, 2008 )

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