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Caught The Who 'The Vegas Job' on a cable channel this morning and found to my disappointment they were being censored. During "Who Are You". Roger Daltrey sings , "who the fuck are you?" only the eff word is replaced by a "beeep". Well, what the beeep is going on when a perfectly beeping good song is ruined by the beeping tv station deciding to beep out all swear words?
Excuse me but couldn't the concert have been screened later on, during the evening when all the little darlings are tucked up in bed and safe from corruption, y'know duh?
Apart from anything else, what's the fucking point? Your average kid is not likely to go around the school playground singing his grandad's music just because it uses a naughty word.
Even our music is being sanitised now and since children probably use worse language than that, I don't see how it gets us any further towards a civilised world.
Mind you the failure of capitalism is possibly a step in the right direction.


In five hundred years time, most of us will be forgotten dust. But Hitler will still be remembered, God loves irony.

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The following comments are for "Who the beep are you?"
by Ogg

Censorship in all its glory
Hopefully you didn't watch the concert on Pay-Per-View; if you did then I'd request my money back. Who wants to watch a concert that's been censored??

A few years ago I went to Wal-Mart and was looking thru the cds and I came across a copy of the cd "Tomb of the Mutilated" by Cannibal Corpse, so I grabbed it and made my way to the register. Once I got home and started listening to it I was thrown into a whirlpool of disgust not at the song lyrics but the fact that the album had been censored. After looking at the cd case very closely only then was I able to see the microscopic words "Edited Version" printed on the cd liner.

It's funny how the music we listen to is censored to protect kids from hearing the "F word", the "S word" or even a combination of the two(as in "I can't believe that F-ing S***!!), but as you said the kids are probably saying worse at school.

I don't watch much television, but the ABC network used to have the ABC Monday night movie that came on at 8pm. One year they showed the movie "On Golden Pond" and everything that Henry Fonda said was bleeped out to protect the "sensitive" people from hearing a swear word. But the thing that really gets my goat is that they'll bleep out cuss words, but when you turn on the 6 o'clock news they'll show REAL dead people who have either blown themselves up or were victims of either said bombing or a shoot out. Reminds me of a line from the South Park movie where Stans mother said "It's ok to show gratuitous violence as long as there are no naughty words!"

America has truly become the land of the offended.

( Posted by: thebeast [Member] On: November 5, 2008 )

all aboard the censor ship!

I always thought it was funny that swearing and violence are perceived as being offensive or damaging to our children, or our nation’s moral health, and yet there are no statutes as yet curbing the insulting, infantilising, trivialising gross stupidity TV viewers are inundated with every day. what about the endless mind-numbing parade of game and phone in shows that extol the virtues of gimmee-gimmee greed and prey on the gullible and ignorant? what about the hours of derivative lowest-common-denominator bull-shit that pass for "reality" TV? what about the glossy music videos full of gyrating, vacuous slappers, aimed at young girls? or the nanny-state crap-fests telling people what to wear, what to eat, what to drive, what to think…

yeah, rant over, but to my mind all the above mentioned bollocks are far more worthy of censorship [if not actually firing in to the centre of the sun] than one four letter word…

fuck ‘em. fuck ‘em right in the gall-bladder. that’s what I always say ;). thought- and bile- provoking blog. thanks, Ogg.

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: November 6, 2008 )

Ogg on censorship & fear of "those" words (sigh)

I totally relate and empathize with the frustrations of coming across this kind of silliness and uptight old tired hang ups of the FEAR OF WORDS...oh those fuck words in songs that are sending are children in mad killing sprees like Columbine in Colorado, how they tried to blame Marilyn Manson's music for what those kids did in killing their fellow school mates? What about the Billions of other kids who also listened to Marilyn Manson and never went on a school killing spree.

People that fear words, I do not understand, especially words in context of art or creative expression, or even in emphasis of passionate or humor oriented discourses...don't get it.

I get cable television thanks to the evil conglomerate of Time Warner that also supplies my computer cable...evil they are. I do no like conglomerates or corporations, the hypocrisy of what they do and how they steal and their greed and exploitation of workers, here and around the world, yet they have the nerve to censor words in fear it might corrupt someone...damn it, I am paying, my husband and I for cable to get away from that sort of thing...but now even HBO is in danger of becoming censored.

I have also loved HBO, know friends and old associates who worked for and continue to work for HBO. They make the best uncensored series of original movies and currently I am watching the series TRUE BLOOD about vampires in the American modern south...hehhee! My whole family and all my friends are addicted to the show. Do you get that in England? I LOVE IT. I have loved many of the series, including the old OZ series, and the Sopranos, Big Love, etc.---and of course the comedy series of Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is an old high school buddy friend of one of my ex husbands. Funny series.

It is the FREEDOM that the creative writers have that write for HBO series and movies that make them all so good and far from the other crap censor blah blah found almost everywhere else...on the TV.

Other than HBO series, I usually only watch cable stations such as Discovery, The Science Channel, A & E, Biography channel, History channel, National Geographic channel, and Pay Per VIEW that sometimes has awesome movies available and I am too lazy to go out and rent the DVD..heheheheh... and as a family we also watch a few other channels here and there, usually educational or comedy, and others I cannot think of right now.

For news I mostly rely on several sources and then compare....then I research contradiction in news stories via the Internet. Ah..the last frontier of finding the truth in news in many cases.

See how you got everybody going?

Thanks for this, love a tickler, teaser, pisser, thinker that gets everybody's opinion and ere all up and running;-)


If you get HBO, on the HBO on Demand you can start watching the series from the beginning, they are currently up to chapter 9 or 10 I is wonderful, remember TRUE BLOOD! Right up your alley and so creative, and dirty words, and sex, and extremely well developed characters..WONDERFUL series, has me glued like OZ series and the Big Love series...only this one so far is my favorite!

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 6, 2008 )

Played it a second time and can confirm that half way through "Who Are You?" Daltrey sings "I fucking wanna know" and the beepers missed it. Yippee!!
Roger still rocks.

Take care

( Posted by: ogg [Member] On: November 9, 2008 )

Ogg, that IS good news...

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 9, 2008 )

Better yet, we've also got The Who's performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival in 1970. Keith Moon was still alive then - very much so!! It was kinda happy/sad to see the crazed genius at work on the drums again.
Btw I've started reading about Zen Buddhism and would appreciate pointers to websites etc.
Take care

( Posted by: Ogg [Member] On: November 11, 2008 )

Ogg..about Zen Buddhism?
That is awesome, but you know years ago I practiced Zen meditation with a group of friends in LA, but then my friend Yogi John Franzoni, introduced me to Tibetan Buddhism and my lama, Zen Buddhism is quite different in many ways to Tibetan Buddhism, so as far as leading you to sights about Zen, I am sure you can google and find out about as much as I would, but if you want to know more about Tibetan Buddhism, I will be glad to tell you and lead you there...also, Michael aka gamblerman knows a lot as a Tibet Buddhist. You can write me at my email address which I will leave you on via pm...I would prefer to communicate via email, if you wouldn't mind. Man, you English have made all the best music, most of what I like anyway...


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 11, 2008 )

We just bought the 'Vegas Job' on dvd - uncensored and it's excellent!
Up yours, cable tv.


( Posted by: Ogg [Member] On: April 25, 2009 )

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