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I couldn't agree more with everything Bea has said in her reminiscences.We were the generation that made practically everything that's around today virtually from scratch. Yet we are the ones who've been cast off like used toilet paper.

Its almost trite to say that its the 'filthy' Western values that have made such cruel and callous mindsets so all pervasive. Mindsets that have stripped the aged and the infirm of the last shred of dignity they possess . And what is even more pernicious -have conditioned them into a mute and passive acceptance of their lot.

Our Eastern traditions once stood in stark contrast. The 'shishya' could never hope to become a 'guru' except by undergoing an unremittingly hard apprenticeship. Age conferred experience - and even wisdom. Elders were venerated - or at least deferred to. Their perspectives and advice were sought , treasured - and ,more often than not , acted upon.

Not any more though. Our hoary traditions that have stood us in such good stead (over the centuries ) are fast being consigned to the dustbin . As we eagerly rush ( with a vengeance ) to embrace all these extremely noxious Western mores and 'values'.

(Like Sin they are far more seductive and possessed of much greater allure than hewing to the 'straight and narrow'. Like the Lowest Common Denominator they involve plumbing new civilizational lows. And like pandering to the gallery ,they are devoid of insight or profundity - though much more easily understood - and infinitely more contagious.)

The irony is that such a value system doesn't exactly inspire exhilaration in the Youth ( its main beneficiaries). In fact ,oddly enough, it's quite the opposite : youth too seem to feel they're also in for the short end of the stick .

Wilde put his finger squarely on it: "The youth of America is their oldest tradition. It has been going on now for three hundred years".

Clearly nothing has changed - nor will it.

So much for the much -vaunted Western 'creativity' and 'thinking out of the box' .


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The following comments are for "Values and Mores"

Hi Eric

Love this -perhaps , warts and all.

You've nailed it -most seem not just to be copying but trying to outdo each other. It's almost as if they're making up for lost time i.e. time spent either footering around or in shackles.

But what they're so very desperately trying to ape is really the Lowest Common Denominator -which is all too fatally alluring. The more 'redeeming qualities' just aren't worth the effort - and a crashing bore , to boot.

Dens of iniquity in London - you've got to be joking. Goes against their grain : "No Sex Please we're British ' and all that . In its heyday Beirut could wipe the floor with London - certainly on this particular count. The whole place fairly reeked of the iniquitous - albeit most charmingly - and beguilingly of course.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: November 1, 2008 )

No Eric...and RJTK on OUTSIDE THE BOX MONSTERS like me;-)

You are not a masochist, you are a closet flower child filled with love amongst all that complexity and manliness...;-)

....and RJTK, believe it or not, I was raised by Europeans, I was born in Europe too, technically speaking...and my parents instilled old fashioned morals in me, a sense of write and wrong, and all of that..but because they live under the rule of a dictatorship at during their own upbringing and life there, a country where their relative would disappear in the middle of the night, as political prisoners or enemies of the state, and their relatives in Holland all ended up rounded up and burned in ovens, yeah, tough luck, eh?...they, my parents, brought me up with a sense of not trusting authority, question all government and all institutions used by government, including organized religions, Churches, temples, and so they created this out of the box monster Pollyanna freak that I am. But they were only a small part of it...the spiritual path came to me due to forces right out of quantum/m-theory experience...

The amazing thing is that even though I have told the voices I am not schizophrenic, they just won't listen or shut up...amazing I turned out "normal"....ah, subjectivity, always a wonderful perspective of conversation, eh?

Great piece of writing to be stimulated and made to think even if my responses may not make sense to some, I know of what I speak, some others do to, hope you got it, if not sorry. Thanks for sharing.

With ALL love,

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: November 2, 2008 )

Hi Eric

Sex tour - as you know , I'm way past that stage now . Out here its called "Brahmacharya ' - though out there it seems to be thought of differently viz. 'dotage'

I'd like to believe mine would be more a 'culture' tour than anything else.

Thanks all the same.And 'ave a ripping time in HM 's old Crown Colony. A bientot .

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: November 2, 2008 )

Thanks a million for looking in and for those kind words on my ramblings.

Correct me if I'm wrong - but were you born in Holland .

You know ,Queen Wilhelmina of Holland wrote the following ,on October 24, 1949 ,about the late Sadhu Sundar Singh ,one of great mystics of my country -who vanished in 1929 ,while en route to Tibet : "I never met him. I know him only from his books and books about him. I belong to those who are deeply impressed by his life and teaching and I am sure the way he manifested his radiant love for Christ and His peace, and in general his teaching, was a real help to me in the worst episodes of the terrible catastrophe that was the last war."

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: November 2, 2008 )

Hi Eric

Sorry. The 'free' in 'sex free' completely escaped my eye.

Puts a very different complexion on things.Back to the 'culture tour' as always . Far easier on the conscience ,among many other things.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: November 2, 2008 )

Juxtaposition ( pun entirely unintentional )..makes all the difference.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: November 2, 2008 )

RJTK- values, mores, forgiveness and giving...
To answer you question, (lots of life to attend to), but no I was not born in Holland. My mother's side of the family most of them were...all of those who remained in Holland during WW2 were killed by the Nazis. And, all I said above, all true, brought up with a sense of morality, family responsibility, loyalty of friendship, charity work, etc., not often found anymore, not by the American majority anyway...

...I always felt like a alien around my friends growing up in America, as naturalized citizen, it was like nobody knew what it was to be a real friend? I have had many associates and such in life, but REAL friends, very few, I guess it was the standard I was brought up to expect, so my real and close and long term friends have always remained few...

I learned very early in life, unfortunately, having been a victim of molestation and rape and violence, and abuse, etc.---made me an activist to fight for the right, made me stronger, also taught me the old Sun Tzu saying: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"...yep, also taught me what does not kill me, makes me stronger...

...I was actually born on the Azores Islands in the north mid Atlantic Ridge, island of Faial, lots of Dutch descendants there by the way, founded by a Dutchman, the big town in Faial is called Horta, after the found Van Horten of Holland...interesting, eh? Also, many Jewish descendants there, in the town of Horta right next to the Big Catholic church is a little cemetery filled and stacked triple all Jews, Star of David graves. Fascinating and yet sad, what my family went through on both sides, but I am one of the lucky ones....

...I survived, came from survivors. Came to America and live a very good life, and because of the old fashioned values my parents taught me about loyalty, giving and living, and being leery of politics, etc.---I am better off for it.

My path has always been a spiritual one...and I believe in spreading the wealth and helping those in need or less fortunate or lucky..and it doesn't matter to me if they are friend or foe, all are beings with potential to grow spiritually...and in my case I have always admitted I have a long way to go, but I am on the path, will never look back and through all the mistakes, I will never give European family taught me that;-)

What my lama has been helping me with for the past 11 years, as well as my better friends, and husband too, is all about FORGIVENESS and letting it go...forgiveness, my biggest stumbling block to enlightenment..but I will get there one the meanwhile I am reminded all things that I do, no matter how small, make a big dent in the picture we all belong to. So I do what I can and I do my best, but like I said I still have a long way to go.

I believe in the power of all prayers (Jewish and Christian and all) and in meditations and in Tibetan mantra too... all helps, what is in your heart is important, but what you do without expecting a plaque or recognition for it, matters more. It's the Jew in me that was taught (again by my European family) that when one gives, it should be freely without expecting anyting back, including plagues, or titles, in fact all giving should be anonymously, for the glory is not in the ego, it is in the LOVE, and what is love but G-d? My ideas on G-d get I will save that for another time you post and I find it appropriate.

Thanks for writing this again, and for reading and responding to my first comment way up above here. Hope your holidays are good, filled with love and cheer!

Blessings, namaste, and tashi delek!

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 3, 2008 )

RJKT- Your Turn, Please....
Since I have finally come around to answer your last question tonight in my last comment post here just above this one...when are you going to grace us with more of your writings again, please? Namaste, Lena;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 3, 2008 )

Thank you very much for having taken time and trouble to put together that very detailed comment . And also for that extremely generous rating.

I only wish I could come up with the will (and the words) to pen something more. Never realized how much of an uphill task it is ,when one lives literally under the Sword of Damocles ( or in modern-speak ,an 'existential threat').The thoughts are there -but they roil out of control;the emotions seethe , boil over etc. - to no end though.

The reason is quite simple : a spectre of war ( perhaps nuclear ) looms over this entire region. The spark was lit ,from across the border when terrorists caused massive carnage in our largest city - killing over 200 including 6 Israelis etc. A young rabbi and his wife were singled out for special treatment :they seemed to have been tortured before being massacred.

Being 'spiritual' when destruction stares one in the face - is perhaps the ultimate 'test' of the self . Or ,to put it more dramatically, the last, and the highest ,summit to be crested.

What it must take to have been a Simone Weil or a Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 3, 2008 )

Hi Eric

At least you deserve your 'easy street' :having taken HM's shilling and then soldiered long and hard -giving it all you've got.

Impressions - well they're in their zillions this time around.But the 'overarching' ,top-of-the-mind one is the sheer number of Chinese etc. swarming about London. My rough estimate would be 1 in every 40 Londoners i came across.

Ten years back one got the distinct feeling that London was no longer the capital of UK but the capital of Europe .

Now though it seems as if it is on track to becoming a satellite suburb of Shanghai ( or HK).

But then its only when I got to the smaller towns and villages that I realized that both the Chinks and the Brit Muslims really have their work cut out for them .

The Brit Muslims would have to procreate like there was no tomorrow - while the Chinks would have to keep swarming in , in their millions - if they are to have a hope in hell of eventually taking over 'the sceptered isle'.

Make no mistake though .It might take them a while - but they'll ultimately get there.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 3, 2008 )

RJKT...Chabad Jews Murdered in India...

I am so sorry you are worried and in distress...

Yes, I am aware that the Chabad Jews were also attacked, broke my heart, there is not a more peaceful, generous loving people the the Lubavitcher Chabad of the now late Rebbe Menachem Mendel schneerson....I lived among some of the Chabad folks in Santa Monica, Ca, most all originally from Brooklyn, NY (Chabad headquarters there) and all were wonderful to me and my family! It broke my heart to hear of the violence against them:-(

You are in India then? I was not aware of that for sure, until now....

So much going on, there, and India is kind enough to host and have helped the Dalai Lama and all the Tibetan refugees coming in..truly a huge "MITZVAH" (Hebrew for spiritual good deed)

In Dharamsala, India, My husband and I have sponsored a teen Tibetan orphan girl, and a teen Tibet monk, both refugees from Tibet, sponsored via the programs started by the Dalai Lama for the refugees, the Tibetans, people without a country...I am a practicing Tibetan Buddhist, have been for many years, but was born a Jew, and entered Chabad life because they were the Kabbalists, the true mystics of Judaism, they believe in reincarnation and much of the same principles within what I find in Tibetan Buddhism, only there are major other differences in dogma and the G-d aspect of course, but the two to me fit together in a strange eclectic way, too hard for me to describe...maybe someday when you have 40 hours or so we can discuss it...

But, I will add this, you may think me crazy, but I believe in the power of prayer, all kinds of prayer, all good prayer, no matter if one if Christian or Jewish or Lucumi, or Tibetan Buddhist, etc.---and I also believe in science, theoretical physicist thinking along the realm of M-theory quantum. I believe we live in a universe of thought...a living consciousness, and our thoughts have the power (thoughts, prayers, mantras, etc.) to change the very fabric the physical universe and this world in which we live now...

Put out good thoughts, good prayers, laugh off negativity, the Dalai Lama laughs everyday even in the face of the genocide of the Tibetan people and their culture by the Chinese, do not let FEAR ever get you down...I know what it is to fear, but give it no juice, you as a living spiritual being have the power to dispel it, we all do.

OK, now you may think what you wish, I am not preaching just sharing some thoughts of my beliefs and beliefs of many others I know and do not know, but it certainly can't hurt to think good thoughts and not envision the terror or give in to the fear of terror or nuclear holocaust....

My prayers, my thoughts, my mantra of protections are with you and all the people of India and this world...

I once knew a few actual survivors of the Nazi Holocaust...a particular old Jewish man, survivor, he was child back then, told me he witnessed many people praying the SHEMA (a very special Hebrew prayer) being said by those that were in the throws of death or about to die, those that knew they were being led off to die...said he saw many die with those last words as thier last breath..."Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohanu Adonai Ehad"

"Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One."


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 3, 2008 )

I'm far from being spiritual..mystic or any such thing. Nor am I worried etc. Just damned outraged.

Not at the perpetrators and their puppet -masters alone - but like millions of Indians, at our cynical thoroughly corrupt self serving politicians and the bumbling incompetence they so blithely preside over.

However if this proves to be the turning point , with us people turning on our entire political and bureaucratic class ,then us 1 billion Indians would be well-served.

All the same ,I can't help but feel enraged at the double standards that prevail throughout the West. Outrages are only terrorism when it affects Westerners directly . Else it is merely some far-off internecine conflict that 'really speaking doesn't ,and shouldn't ,affect us'.

I hate to say this but what sets this apart (in Western eyes ) is that a handful of Israelis , Yanks and other Western nationalities also perished.

The hundreds of ordinary Indians who died ( in this and in dozens of other attacks ) continue ,as ever ,to be mere 'co-lateral damage'. Crushed like ants and other vermin underfoot - just another fact of nature.

What freaks the likes of me out is Westerners on other sites cavalierly declaring that we Indians 'haven't enough evidence to finger Pakistan' .And even going to the extent of suggesting we 'grin and bear it'.

( Can one expect the Yanks etc. to show similar forbearance should another 9/11 type atrocity take place on their 'sacred ' soil.I ask you.)

Re. the Dalai Lama all I have to say is that we in India have paid a very heavy price for giving him asylum in 1959 ( when not a single Western mother*****r would touch him with even a barge pole.)

And do you want to know how. Well ,the swinish Chinese attacked us in October 1962 ,in retaliation. Thereafter ,they very cleverly moved over to covert ops. ,and turned their attack dogs the Pakis on us - arming them over years with nukes and missiles , and inciting them into 3 wars with us.

Anyway ,were perfectly capable of fighting our own battles . And unlike the Pakis ( the West's solid ally in their GWOT ) we ,most definitely, aren't about to go sniveling to the West for cover -or for good conduct medals.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 4, 2008 )

RJKT---Some of US in the USA do CARE and KNOW.....

I do get your outrage from a political standpoint very easily, I fight with my RAGES against the injustices I see in the world everyday, and have always seen, drives me crazy with frustration, and I have to fight against my anger and find spiritual balance or I would start blowing up government building or something, and really, I don't want to do that, unless I have a lot of others folks doing with me, because spending my life in prison does not appeal to me and would leave me weak and unable to any real good things in the real bad world, so I meditate to keep my cool, but it is hard, I fight my human rages all the time, everyday, and try to find peace and balance within my spiritual beliefs...

...and my husband, in fact is much more politically informed than I am these days and he has been telling me of India's rising middle class and the intricate details of why these attacks and revolts and so forth are occurring...and yes, it does not pass by me or him that Indians are dying too big time, I am sorry if you feel I did not give notice to this, I do, and so does my husband, and many YANKS are not all alike...

...I don't consider myself a yank, never have, I am a citizen of the world, a naturalized American, and my husband though born here and middle American heartland raised feels the same alienation within this country as I do...

...the division and hate that has been done by our own government, the corruption, and the manipulation of the people's minds is disgusting to us...I feel for you and what you are going through, and yes, I am aware of the heavy price India paid for hosting the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan refugees....

....that is why I honor the Indians for that, that was a great sacrifice of courage, because you see, as a born Jew, who had family wiped out in the Holocaust, and coming from a background of a people without a homeland I understand the Tibetans and relate to their physical and cultural genocide, yet NO ONE IN THE WESTERN world gave them refuge, America turned away the Jews in ship loads...

...yes, all the world turned their back on them...and millions died as a result, American like the rest of the world has blood of 6 million Jews (and the others non Jews of ethnic or undesirable by Nazi standards) BLOOD on thier hands in the, for India to take in the Tibetans that is an act of courage that American never showed...

...NO ONE else or any country in the world has done that for them, for I more than honor the Indian people, religious or not has nothing to do with it for me, though I am spiritual, what matters to me is ACTION, what one does verses what one says, I am an action oriented person, always have been, and I am a courageous person, and I admire and will stand with those that show courage too, always!

I am so sorry the media does what it does, I have written many pieces a while back (now deleted) on the media, American media in particular, the news, full of bullshit and yes, ONLY because some white folk died, does it get coverage. Here in America, we have women killed and disappear and children too all the time, but guess which ones get the coverage out of all the hundreds of cases each and every year, WELL it is the PRETTY WOMAN, the Blond and BLUE eyes children...get my drift? The blacks, the brown skinned, the ethnics are ignored, it sickens me.

Hopefully, now that we have a black president, or half black whatever, some things will change as far as the News coverage of who is deemed worthy or more human to use as a news story, but I doubt out it, I think it will be after my lifetime that America and the Western world finally comes to grips with the fact that they are not any better, or prettier, or smarter, or more deserving than the rest of the non blue eyed, blond haired world....

And here is the really sick part, since I spent years in Los Angeles in marketing and advertising, I know the stats...only 15 percent of blonds in America are real, the rest all created fake dyed haired, blue contact versions, it is standard that sickens me, because now when you turn on the news every so called news woman looks like a blond hair dye job wearing the same make up the same contact lenses of blue, etc.---makes me angry!

I have a blond daughter, I have a black haired daughter, I have a reddish brown haired daughter, I have a blue eyed son with dark hair, I have a grandson who is dark skinned, mixed Asian and Peruvian blood along with his mother (my youngest daughter who is one quarter American Indian from her fathers side) in my family they came in various shades and colors, I myself am olive skinned Mediterranean....and my whole life, I have dealt with people, the really WHITE folk acting as if somehow, those of not perfect white skin, like me the OLIVES, were lesser, I have been called so many nasty racial things... Italian wop, a Mexican Beaner, etc., I have been called many derogatory racial slurs...

... things because I am not white these whiter than white folks who are a minority, yet the media and fashion and beauty industry, etc. still strive to continue the media standard of beauty, western style of somehow WHITE is prettier, better, more human and more if one white life is greater than a hundred non whites...makes me mad...I get mad a lot, especially when I watch the news.

Sickens me.

OK, I have digressed somewhat, but I think you get my point. I do not think, and there are many like me in America, and in Europe who believe that all people ARE TRULY equal and all lives are truly equal in value, but to watch our media you would never get that impression. Never.

OK, I am sorry for your suffering, I do believe in spirituality, it is my path, but I have also been a very strong and very ACTIVE activist my whole life as well, volunteering for many things that most in America give little thought to, such as the hungry, the homeless, the abuses, the forgotten throw aways of American society, the un-pretty things, that American media and many of it's people would really rather not think about or consider.

I am still thinking positive thoughts and prayers, and giving support in others ways, real ways activist style ways via political protest and involvement in organization that care about what goes on in the world, etc.---So, that it will not get to a nuclear or attack point of insanity beyond what it already is. I am so sorry you are going through this.

I have seen a lot in my life, much suffering and so has my husband and many of my old activist friends, etc.---not all of us here or in the world are yankee doo doo no care in world or for the world types.

You are in my thoughts in prayers, as is India for her courage, great courage to do what others did not have the balls to do, and are now suffering and have suffered the price for....


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 4, 2008 )

Ooops, let's try this again?

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 4, 2008 )

THE MEDIA, NEWS, IMAGES....brainwashing, manipulation, slanted reporting...
...the point being the MEDIA is the problem...Period.

Skin color was not my point, whites are not the problem, my point is that the NEWS and most western MEDIA reporting is the problem, and the images put out by various western media sources are the problem, etc!

I worked in marketing...I know how things are sold, and how minds are controlled and how the media glosses over the truth, manipulating and distorting, just like politics and those that write the history...

....NO offense or blame to whites, blame the brainwashing media and the victors that write the histories---hey, some of my best friends are white, including most of my family and I am considered Caucasian as are the east Indians, I do believe, yes, they are considered Caucasian, when I was growing up that is how it was taught, so lets put the blame where it belongs as I stated the WESTERN STYLE OF MEDIA NEWS REPORTING and MEDIA IMAGES! Period.


This is a 12 year old pic of my two oldest daughters, Natasha, my second oldest on the Left, my mother in the center, and my oldest natural blond daughter to the right...

Someday, I might show you my handsome blue eyed son, eyes just as blue as Jakob Dylan, and I will also show you my brown skinned grandson,
I love him more than anything...

... and you have all seen me, in all my glorious olive skinned the way, Eric, my father's sister is a BLAZING natural redhead...almost six feet tall and when I was little I used to call her BIG AUNT MARY! Personally, I have nothing against redheads or even fact, my first early hair locks were very red, a true auburn red head is my natural hair color, but I have been dying it now for years, so underneath all this dark haired beauty of mine, is well, maybe a little grey here and there;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 4, 2008 )

A very big thank you for sharing that wonderful picture and all about your family.

I guess this is what differentiates women and men. We tend to ladle out the feelings and the words as sparingly as possible . Look no further than my own writing for confirmation of this syndrome.

Eric ,to his eternal credit ,manages round off his aphorisms and epigrams with those delicious twists in the tail. No such expertise here though.

Before I go on ,let me say that i've found that many on this site are genuinely decent and good hearted . Which is more than I can say for myself.

Most other sites are an entirely different proposition though. Many have come to represent the net equivalent of a shooting gallery. With participants taking a sadistic pleasure in sniping at each other and engaging in 'guerilla warfare'.

Racism is a fact of life . In fact it might come as a surprise to you that you can't get more 'racist' than us Indians - particularly our middle classes and elites who surely should know better. Our coverage of the Mumbai carnage couldn't be more telling : despite the fact that hundreds were cut down ( 40% of whom were Muslim ) we've devoted a disproportionate amount of airtime talking about our elites and Westerners who perished.

Even more disgustingly ,we went to town about Condi Rice's verbal 'support' and expressions of 'heartfelt' sympathy . ( Which ,interestingly enough, evaporated into thin air the moment the good lady crossed the border into Pakistan.)

I guess now our powers-that-be have learnt the bitter lesson : that the Yanks have a particular genius for singing ( entirely different tunes ) from each side of the mouth . And what is more , in contrast to their divorce rates ,they're extremely loath to ditch a tested , tried and true partner like the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Which is why we've gone back , on the rebound ,to our own tested , tried and true partner - Putin's Russia.

Of course China remains solidly behind it's long time ally Pakistan. If you must know ,they're the ones who've supplied Pakistan with all their missiles and with all the technology to make each and every one of its nuclear bombs.

If you ask me , I don't think too many Westerners are even aware of the existence of India . And even if they did ,it should matter not a whit to any of them whether we lived or died.

Pakistan however ,is an entirely different proposition. Even the most ignorant of Western yokels ( or society birds ) ought ,by now, to be all-too-painfully aware that ,thanks to its role as the world wide epicentre of terrorism - their very existences are inextricably intertwined with the way events unfold out there.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 5, 2008 )

PIC of BLOND on your post, ABOVE that, RJKT...
Hi, Jaacob,

Yes, I get that prejudice is alive and well, if you noticed my previous comment:

*THE PICTURE HERE OF MY TWO OLDEST DAUGHTERS AND MY MOTHER* my comment just previous to that pic;-(

I have experienced prejudice in many forms, many ways, not just the ways I mentioned, and again this is the news media's, advertising, Hollywood, and the fashioned industry media fault as well!

There are whole thesis papers written on the various angles of this subject, my simplification of it all in my comments here, is crude, but based all in the deepest truths...

.... based on study after psychological/and sociological study, etc., of people's ideas of beauty and also what the media shows as note worthy mention on TV, the murdered blond vs the murdered black woman, when there are hundreds of cases each day to choose the US and the world...

...and, yes, this same way of thinking has transcended Western standards, I know well of India's caste system, though illegal still quite expressed (sigh) very sad, the world and all the wrongs within it, here, there, everywhere...

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: December 5, 2008 )

Hi Eric

Looks like ,being the peerless commando that you are, you've managed to sneak past one's defences and homed in for the kill shot. In simple words : you've got a 'rise' out of me .

Frankly it makes little difference to the likes of us ,out 'ere in 'Central India' what 'appens in the 'gilded palaces of the West'. (In much the same way as the average Westerner gives a tinker's damn for a couple of hundred of us 'brownie vermin' crushed underfoot.)

Personally ,I'd rather not be that ape ( or subhuman species if you will ) gawking from afar at glittering Western banquets ,cotillions or what have you -or drooling over Page 3 crumpets , Or even at Western celebrities as they play musical beds.

"marriage between China and US '. Now that's hilarious . The most apt historical precedent is the Nazi Soviet non aggression pact .And we all know how that particular one ended. With the Russian bear swallowing the 'Cherman' Kraut -lock, stock and barrel.

In much the same way ,no one who hops into bed with China ( not even the 'mighty' USA ) will ever live to tell the tale.

(As far as Britain is concerned the Chinese takeover is well under way . Don't take my word for it : just pay a visit to London etc. and you might well be amazed at the sheer numbers of them swarming all over the place . I expect the same must be true of most other Western countries.)

The only ones who might stand a chance of eventually making the Chinese come a cropper are the West's other set of 'darlings' viz. the Muslims.

In fact ,I rather suspect the last great fight to the finish will be between the Chinese and the Muslims ( with Pakistan and Bangladesh as the standard bearers - bank-rolled of course by the Saudi Wahahbis and the Gulf tinpot sheiks.)

The rest of us , of course , would have long bitten the dust. With le vrai Westerners done in by their aversion to propagating their species -thanks to their penchant for homosexuality , abortions , contraception etc.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 5, 2008 )

Though we belong to a very old Keralsa Christian community called Syrian Orthodox Christians , yet living as we've always done ,steeped in Indian (and Hindu traditions) many of us are all too painfully aware of the evils of 'Manusmriti' which gave rise to that ultimate of travesties viz.the caste system.

Believe it or not this was the one single factor that has ,over the centuries, caused millions of the poor and the oppressed Indians to convert to other ( and supposedly more egalitarian faiths) such as Islam ,Buddhism and Christianity.

Yet some of the current crop of Hindu fundamentalists now have the gall to stand in the way of all such conversions .And have gone out of their way to single out the Christians in particular for unleashing their pogroms.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: December 6, 2008 )

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