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This is something that happened to me back in 2006; I blogged it in my livejournal on June 9 that same year. I thought I might add it here, because it is, after all, a good story, and a glimpse into this thing I call my life.


Most of you who read this know I am a diviner. I'm not the busiest diviner, and I'm probably not the best, but over the years I've managed to make some faces crack and facilitate a few marvelous miracles (Maferefun los orishas everyday!). Today, once again, something happened that reminded me how important it is to listen to the orishas when divining, and to make ebo.

Last fall, a friend of a friend who had come to me for divination and ebo referred another friend to me who was having a hard time in life. She called me, and made an appointment for a reading with Eleggua. Let's call her "Mary."

Mary was an interesting Puerto Rican woman, or should I say Puerto Rican Princess, who came through my door with more attitude than Celia Cruz had wigs. I knew, right from the start, this was going to be a difficult client.

I sat on the mat; she sat on the stool, and I opened the diloggun. Her sign was harsh; it came in a severe osogbo, and I told her absolutely everything Eleggua had to say. She argued every point. "Your mother is sick, and might die," I told her.

"My mother is in perfect health," she insisted.

"You have someone living in your house that shouldn't be there. Your lover. He hits you."

"That M/F wouldn't DARE lay a hand on me," she hissed.

"You have two young children. The older daughter might get pregnant soon. Not by choice. Both she and your son are being molested by the same man."

"You're SICK," she insisted.

"To make it worse, it might be your boyfriend doing all this . . . "

That broke her. Profanity spewed from her mouth like vomit. I was calm. I folded up her derecho, gave it back to her, and politely asked her to leave my home.

Fast forward two months. The woman calls me, in tears, because her boyfriend beat her up AFTER her 14 year old daughter told her she was pregnant . . . by him . . . and her 8 year old son admits the boyfriend was molesting him as well. She wants another reading. She wants to make ebo. I reminded her of her attitude and profanity, and hung up the phone.

Fast forward another week. Two police investigators are at my door. They want to question me regarding my relationship with the woman, her boyfriend, and how I knew he was molesting the children. Mary, in her pain, despair, and embarassment, had implied that I KNEW something about all this before she ever came to see me. She even implied that, perhaps, I was a friend of her boyfriend's that she didn't know about. Simply, I shook my head and shut the door in their faces.

That right there is enough to solidify one's faith in the orishas and the odu, but last night . . . I saw Mary again. I was getting off the elevator, walking to my unit, when I saw her pacing outside the I.C.U. She was surrounded by no less than a dozen people. Her faced cracked when she saw me, and juggling an infant into her left arm, she pointed at me and said, "That's him. That's the santero who told me all this was going to happen."

I was surrounded by her and her family -- these were her brothers, her sisters, her cousins and nieces and nephews. An old man was with her as well, her father. And she said, "My mother is dying. Please, is there anything we can do?"

"Is that your daughter's baby?" I asked.


"She has your eyes. She's beautiful. I'll pray for you," I said, "but that's all I can do now."

I walked away, feeling all their eyes on my back. Everything I told Mary had come true, and Eleggua, because of her disrespect, had made sure that I'd seen it with my own eyes.

Maferefun los orishas everyday!

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The following comments are for "A Twisted Story"
by OchaniLele

Life story TWIST....good story telling truth or fiction, you never disappoint, Stuart
Hi Stuart,

(looking forward to that next issue of Lit.Org's Majestic on Nov. 20)

Honey, twists are normal life to you (and me too) know that, great tale here, all true too. Not surprising, not at all. You are touched. Being touched makes you an even better diviner. You know that too...all who know of these things know, but not all are "touched"....

Oh, yes, I don't even touch my Tarot cards anymore from my Wiccan days, I did it for a living for a few years...always felt guilty about the taking money for, as a Buddhist I use basically a crystal stylized Tara pendulum for simple yes or no answers, but not too often, I always do the prayer of protection in order not to allow doorways opened that I do not want to open.

So, yes, my old friend I know that you are good at what you do, and this story does not surprise are a priest of Lucimi, forgot official title, and I am but a just more than an intuitive for lack of a better term, because I hate using terms such as psychic or fortune teller, so much ignorance follows the images of those words...and like you know, in some circles out side of those that the principles of divination and magick are all the same basically, even in Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, Wiccan, Santeria and so many others, including what the Chasid Kabbalah Jews do with the Zohar and the Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson questions in his books thing...(inside thing, tell you about it another time in detail) but you know much of the rest within Kabbalah too.

So, to shorten this I just want to say that the story is so well told, you are a master at it, no wonder you are published so many times over in the physical world, via publishing houses, and that you have a contract for a 17 volume new set of books coming out....yeah, my friend I know you are the real thing as you know I am too in my, thank you for sharing this. It scare some people but that is just how it is, I have tried to get a thick skin when it comes to this whole thing, but you are published, you can say pfft, to you, well, I am in the Dr. Ring books and Whitley Strieber connection, etc. in my life, but no body know me from Adam, all has been anonymous for the protection and privacy of me and my family, you saw what happened in VA when we were interviewed, the FBI, the death threats about our TV appearance, etc.----Yeah, that as much fun as it was then, as I get older I can no longer come out as anymore...stick to my Tibetan Buddhism, stick to very little of anything out of pure ritual of Tara, pujas, and daily offerings, etc. on my alter.

I love your tales and am so proud of you and your writing talents, who knew that almost 20 years ago when we met that you and I would be here on this site, and you would be taking over the MAGESTIC newsletter for Lit.Org, and that karma worked out so perfectly like a circle for us both and all those here who are part of our karmic circle without a doubt, no matter their beliefs...

Wonderful writing, what a wonderful new assist you are to the Lit.Org, I wish LinnieRed would come out of her hiding again, I miss her and she loved your work, and DrSoos is probably playing with his thing one and thing two, but Shannon aka Auldmiseryguts is here open minded and not the least bit fearful or prejudice, and so is RCallaci, read his stuff, he is a trip, I think his work is marketable as a illustrated book, or series of books...and well you know the rest, so I will bid thee goodnight....not feeling well here...Blessings my oldest most sweetest friend...and,

Your sister,
love always,

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 29, 2008 )

twisting and turning
an interesting tale, this, echoes of which I'm sure others will respond too. there are many here with their own history of "strange" or "supernatural" experiences... yeah, I know, as descriptives those words are pretty poor, but they cover the widest multitude of sins and allow the most room for a category all their own perhaps…? those more actively involved with these kinds of concepts and experiences would be better at categorising than me. I have what’s probably best termed a working knowledge of things beyond; intuitive, first-hand, but not especially widely informed. I have, I suppose, a fairly ambiguous and uneasy relationship with the esoteric and unknown, which at times has led me to be openly hostile towards all and any form of spiritualism… I have a few stories here somewhere, a series of seven, which go some way to sharing my own initiation in to what lies beyond… but like I said, I’m not really qualified or informed enough to judge from an inside perspective…

what I like about this, as a piece of writing, is its openness and its clarity. these qualities come across also when reading your Lucumi tales, but here more so, ‘cause it gives reader of said tales a frame of reference, a sneak peek at the authorial voice behind the fables… I like that… I am incurably fecking nosey…

love also that this story works as an affirmation of hat you believe, and a declaration about who you are… wish we all had the courage to write as much. all the best. síochán.

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: October 29, 2008 )

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