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Jenny held up a hand at the edge of the woodland and indicated that she needed to rest for a while. Smith nodded shortly and sat down facing her. She reached down to massage her injured leg and felt for the reserve knife. When they reached their destination, an advantage of any kind would be useful. He was watching her suspiciously and Jenny straightened up again.

Brother Smith let out a small sigh of relief, he really needed her alive for his own agenda.
He knew the devil-bitch was combat-hardened and very devious. When she looked past his shoulder and opened her mouth in apparent shock, Smith was disappointed. A very old trick and hardly worthy of…..
The first round took him in the back, he lurched forward and dropped to the ground. Paradox ran from cover, stood on his gun-hand then shot him twice in the back of the head. A furious Jenny punched him, he parried the rest of her attack until she finally gave up and stood hands on knees, gasping for breath, glaring at him. Paradox sat down heavily, wiped blood from his face and waited.
Eventually Jenny signed,

‘Are you sure you’re not Morris? You’re as bloody awkward as he ever was.’

‘I’m not he, but I have his memories.’

Pointing to the body she demanded,

‘Then why the hell did you kill him?

‘Smith, his name was Smith and it needed to be done.’
Paradox explained why he had executed Smith and when he finished, Jenny reached into a pocket and placed the lost dog-tag in his hand. He looked at her in surprise as she told him,

‘Found it in the vault. Knew you wouldn’t kill kids without good reason. I’m still pissed off at you but let’s try and find the Brotherhood before they do any more damage.’

‘You realise that’ll probably mean killing your father?’

Jenny looked at him for a moment before slowly nodding her head,

‘It needs to be done – I have more than one score to settle with him.’

She abruptly turned and walked away, Paradox followed searching Morris’s memory for anything that might explain her remark.
As they left the clearing, Smith’s hand twitched, then his eyes opened. He slowly rose to his feet. Frowned in puzzlement. He had a headache and it was impossible to remember his name or why he had been face down in the grass. Cybermites were busy repairing the harm to their host as well as reproducing themselves. Paradox had inadvertently transferred a few of them to him through cuts made by his fists. Smith waited for the headache to ease then moved off. Somebody had injured him, of this he was certain. A phrase came to mind, he murmured,
"And behold, I saw a pale horse and the name of he that rode him was Death."
From cover Sara and Peter watched him. She turned to her companion and mouthed,

“What the fuck?”
He shrugged one shoulder. Signed,

‘Absolutely no idea. But it’s Smith alright. Older, thinner but it’s him.’

‘We have to catch up with Jenny and warn her.’
He nodded,

‘That means going around Smith. We need to…..’
He felt a nudge and looked down at Horace. The guardian pointed his nose down, began carefully pushing soil and leaves to one side. Sara helped him and they uncovered a metal grid. It was coated with rust, she lowered her face down and stared into almost pitch darkness. She was sure that there was a faint glow at the bottom and indicated to O’Donnell that this was their best option. He whispered,

“That’s a hell of a risk, Sara.”

“Better ideas?”

“Fraid not. Okay let’s get this grate sorted.”

Sara pulled out her knife and began prying the grid off.

In five hundred years time, most of us will be forgotten dust. But Hitler will still be remembered, God loves irony.

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The following comments are for "Fear Book 3 Part 10"
by Ogg

from bad
to worse... that's your protagonists' luck, not the quality of your prose, if that wasn't obvious...

it's always a pleasure to find a new instalment, but I think I might have got a bit lost along the way. good news is, this is such an engaging and rewarding read, I'll happily dig in again to ferret out all I missed or that my slap-dash brain forgot...

glad to see you're continuing with this. cool read.

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: October 9, 2008 )

HolyShebang Ogg-Batman!
My plate has been full lately with too much to do and too little time, and with medical issues and things, blah blah...who cares what my excuses are anyway.

I finally got caught up again and Holy Shebang Batman you have been busy, and like Shannon, I too, am very glad you are continuing this series. You've got yourself one hell of cool novel going here, the next big one, you need a publisher, the kind that will take your finished book and be able to put it into online download version (once those carry around down-loaders become more affordable they will be the new wave of the book future) but in the meanwhile try for a physical publishing house, get the writers market, newest one, once finished....

start submitting with your the synopsis and cover letter! Depending on the house, most never want more than 10 pages of synopsis behind that cover letter. At Least that is what I last heard, it is up to each house some want less, some more, some just one, trying doing that? Argh, I can only imagine how difficult that one would be.

But, your genre here is a highly read one and easily marketed one, you can get beyond the internet and take this one to a real house or two or three for 500 there will be a market who will pick you up. Obvious to me. You have to do the work. I am sure you probably already know all this, so if I am being a pushy Jewish know it all sticking my nose into where it does not belong then tell me to shut up, but...
I'm telling you, the Lit.Org is filled with supremely talented writers, some way way better than others, I can count on my ten fingers the ones I think have actual marketing publishing potential here, the exceptionals, though that does not include poetry writers, they are a whole other genre that though SO SO SO many here are to many exceptional, unless they write something other than poetry they will not be marketable beyond speciality magazines or poetry journals, etc, no money in poetry for the big houses....and you my dear are among them that write fiction, novel, market selling stuff, like others things such as non-fiction, or text, how to, new age, comedy/humor, goth/horror, etc., all marketable.

How is that internet thing going for you, that site I forgot the name, that you have some of your work on...? I remember going back to that and thinking over again, unless you can afford the marketing costs, it is not too terrific, hope you are doing well with it though. In the physical houses they pay for all your marketing ALL of it...and DrSoos brought up a good point recently, it all depends on the house, but some have first rights rules, so you may have will have to take anything you have on the net off within a certain amount of time if you get a real publishing house bite.

The Lit.Org though it is published on line is still not a profit site, so it is more like workshop, so it cannot hurt you having here like on some other sites, again depends on the house and their own rules, like Viper9 has said too, and you may want to talk to my friend Stuart Myers/Ochani lele, though he does non fiction he may be of help in good advice to you as well regarding publishers for fiction writing and dealing with it all.

I love your work, and one thing I do know is that I have always had a good feel and eye for what it marketable....I know what will sell, it is a gift. Go for it all the way and don't think in terms of struggle or too hard or poor, or too much...etc., just do it.

Or you can also ask well known published author Paul Bishop (Bish8) on here by pm, though he is busy not on here much due to other commitments, he will get email notification, and ask him questions, he is published like a few others around here in live publishing houses, ask his advice. He is a nice guy, he might be able to give you advice far better than me, since he is currently in the market now with his new is Viper in the know and Stuart Myers/Ochani Lele and who knows who else on here under pen name is also in the know and not saying?

I believe in the old saying: Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find! (true words indeed)

Now tell me to shut up. Hope you and yours are well, and blessings to you.

Keep writing...I'll keep reading.

Namaste, friend,

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: October 11, 2008 )

Thank you both for commenting again. Shannon, I can't blame you for getting a bit lost in the plot as it were. I do need to rewrite this once it is finished and seriously consider certain parts of it. It's a painful but necessary duty to take out the red pen and try to be totally honest with myself. Posting it here has been of enormous help, what with the feedback and encouragement I've been receiving. Lena, many thanks to you as well. The online publisher is and I must confess to slight disappointment there. Having sold not a one of my vampire short stories collection or my poems (btw - the poems are a free download so I must be advertising in the wrong places. Hey-ho, that's writing for ya. Quite soon I'll be taking a short break and a long notepad (and my wife) to York to stay in Hotel Noir - how cool is that for a name? Anyway, I hope to get plenty of writing done there as well as piccy taking. My friend and mentor G. will be severely displeased with me if I don't write anything (whimper!). As soon as the novel is finished I'll be flogging it around as much as poss. with online and real-time publishers.
Thanks again
Take care

( Posted by: ogg [Member] On: October 12, 2008 )

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