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After Angela wakes up from escaping the partying room of terror she finds herself cloacked in darkness. Things are very eerie in the dark subtrainian halls of the musuem. Gradually she makes her way to the upper floors but she notices something very peculiar, the building had changed! Also the powers of the Kawazin is peaking. The side effects of these dark powers creates a new world within this structre. Dinosaurs and other prehistoric life now walk and stalk the halls of this gloomy building! Things are looking pretty low for the side of good.

Part 10: A New Form Of Fighting

When Angela woke up she found herself surrounded by darkness. She slowly picked her head up off of the marble floor and sat up on her knees. The room was very dark but she could see red light in the far distance. She assumed that the light must be the exit. A lot of time must have had to elapse since she passed out. Although, she had no clue of where she was in the structure. Minutes after she dove through the door she felt her mind go out, but when she passed out she was out in another hallway that was lit up completely.

She stood up from the floor and looked around. Thoughts about the Kawazin started to plague her mind. Deep in her heart she could feel his devilish power. With a cough she started her journey through the darkness. She started to walk towards the red light hoping that it was an exit sign. Her heart was pumping calmly like the settle waves crashing on the beach on a quiet night. Within a few minutes she was at the exit and she went through the door.

When she came into the new room she was terrified as well as shocked! All she could see was a long hall with the same identical set of doors going down it.

ďThis must be the work of the Kawazin,Ē she spoke to herself. She continued down the long hall. Each time she took a step it made an eerie creak in the floor. Her heart started to beat a little bit faster now. When he had whispered to her the cold dark thoughts about how he had the power she thought he was half bluffing about it or exaggerating. Apparently he wasnít, he had more power than she had ever imagined.

A faint blue glow started to creep out from one of the lucid doors. Angela ignored it. Smoke started to crawl out from another door. What was the point of all this what was the Kawazin up to! Angela still didnít know why the demon had even set up this whole hallway. However her good side kept telling her that it was some kind of trap. Suddenly one of the brown doors opened half way with a soft creak. Angela spun around and saw the door open slightly.

No light came flooding out from the floor, just darkness. She hesitated for a few moments then she continued down the silent hallway. Something was here with her, Angela just felt it in her gut. However, ever since she woke up she hadnít even seen a whisper of a person. She felt that she was the last person in the dark structure. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming from somewhere in the hall. Her heart started pumping up again hard and quick. There were no people coming from either side of the hallway. Angela suspected that it was another wile from the Kawazin. Another door opened all of a sudden with an explosion of shock and fear. Angelaís heart almost jumped out of her chest. Now she could hear heavy foot steps that sounded like stomps. She started to sprint for her life. The footsteps started to get louder and louder.

Oddly the heavy foot steps were then followed by loud wet roars. She wasnít about to look back at what ever was chasing her. Angela felt like a nymph being chased by a beast from he underworld, as she ran down the hall she could see a door not that far
ahead. She hoped it wasnít locked. Seeing the large red door made her run even faster. Gradually the door became bigger and bigger. She was now just a few meters away from it. When she crashed on the door she felt her body rumble. She picked her face up from the door then she started to pound on it, it didnít budge.

Frighteningly she felt hot, charnel, rotting air brush across her back like a cloud of steam. She half turned and saw a tall dark figure grinning at her with yellow stained wolf teeth, dripping with saliva. She felt a frozen stiff hand clutch her heart and with fear she threw her light body into the door as hard as she could and it unsurprisingly flew open.

Frankly the door wasnít that tight, Angela just needed to give it a few heavy knocks. When the door opened she fell on the floor but then she got right back up and slammed the red door shut. She pressed up against the wooden door and sank down it slowly breathing heavily from relief and from exhaustion. Suddenly a pair of yellow teeth sliced through the door like daggers. She backed away from it slowly and carefully. Then the teeth were removed from the door and back into the darkness.

ďWhat was that thing?Ē she asked herself in a low voice. She turned around and felt mind and heart shriek. This time she was in a room that made her even more confused.

It was another ultra long hall but it had paintings for a substitute instead of doors. The ceiling was high, so high she couldnít even see it. All she could see were dark clouds moving over head like on a dreary day. There were paintings of George Washington, Shakespeare and other famous people. Slowly, the colorful painting of Shakespeareís face began to spiral with heaps of dark purple and black. Then a new face was molded in the image of the Kawazin. Angela flipped off the painting and continued down the hall.

Suddenly all the faces of the painted portraits started to change. Angela set the eerie atmosphere aside and concentrated on getting the hell out of the dark maze. Without notice one of the painted portraits jumped out at her. She almost screamed. She stood almost as still as a statue when the paintings started coming to life. Thoughts began to pass in and out of her petrified mind.

ďGood day madam,Ē spoke the Kawazin headed King Arthur character in his shining armor and English accent. Suddenly another portrait jumped out of the wall and landed beside her. He had the body and wig of George Washington and the head of the Kawazin. She could not keep her thoughts in order. They were all coming at her to fast and frequent. She didnít even have the slightest clue why he was even horrifying her with these painted beast headed people. Angela anticipated that the point of all this was to make her create another wish.

ďTo wish or not to wish, feeding me more power is the question,Ē spoke a Shakespeare headed Kawazin. The paintings were starting to close in on her with heart clinching terror.

All Angela could do was stand still and hoped that they would stop. Deep in her pants pocket she clutch the piece of the artifact with fear. Shackingly she closed her eyes and started to whisper to herself.

ďYou can stop this all. You have the might and power,Ē whispered a voice in her ear. She curiously opened one eye and looked down at her pocket. There was blue light highlighting her black pants.

ďWhat! What is it,Ē she whispered to herself. She noticed that her adversaries were starting to back off. Her teeth chattered with fear as she listened to the mystic and soothing voice whisper into her ears.

ďThey are there. But you humans created them. Their minds are darker than darkness but their bodies are lighter than white and clearer than transparent,Ē spoke the voice.

Angela realized that the voice was coming from the artifact and it was telling her what her opponents were. Then, she realized it. Her eyes narrowed on her foes, she knew exactly what to do. A uneasy scornful grin came on her face, and then it faded into a rageful teeth clinched look.

ďOut of my way!Ē she growled like a banshee. Then she shoved the demons out of her way and they splattered into a puddles of multi colored ink. However, her clothing did not stain when she pushed the splattering bodies of her opponents out of her way.

She was like Hera on Earth as she walked through the hellish ink creatures triumphantly. Dead ahead she could see the door that said in big green words exit. With a victorious slam she exited the room.

When she came into the new hall she noticed she was back to the museum. Apparently the Kawazin had used his devilish powers to alter part of the large structure. Angela realized it was time to put an end to this. She looked out one of the windows outside she saw bright lights of sparkling buildings. She hesitated when she thought about how she could escape, but then again she remembered her mission and she wasnít about to give in. She continued down the new large hallway. When the hall came to an end there was a new hallway and at the top of the doorway it said in big silver letters Prehistoric Life. Angela walked into the hall with out even giving the slightest thought of fearful things.

Inside the exhibit it was shady and quiet. She kept her cool and continued on. Her heart was the only thing telling her where and what to do, also her piece of the artifact was starting to glow as she got closer to something. Angela figured it was the Kawazin she was coming into close proximity.

She noticed another strange thing about the featured exhibit. All the statues and skeletons of the prehistoric animals were missing. She could see the T-rex skeleton and statue were both missing. When she came to the end of the hall she saw something that had made her feel very unpleasant. There was a huge whole in the floor and there were claw marks on the side of the excaladder in front of her. She wondered what had could have been strong enough, or had the claws sharp enough to put deep claw marks in solid metal. Cautiously she proceeded into the new room. She edged herself around the excaladder, and then she crouched beside it. Oddly she could hear some kind of chompping sound. The sound of bones being crushed and eaten. Angela took a deep breath and she continued down through the dark room.

By the time she was half way through the room she saw something that she only could think of seeing in her dreams and on movies. There was a large Tyrannosaurus munching down on a large bloody carcass. The beast was all green and had a row of horizontal black stripes going down itís back. Suddenly the beast let out a low growl that sounded like a gorilla. Angela dashed around the corner and behind a wall. She stood still there pressed up against the wall tightly with heart clutching fear.

The large dino picked his enormous head up form his food. Slowly the beast turned around and looked to see what was behind him. He didnít see anything. Although, the mighty reptile smelled the presents of a mammal. Stiffly the hunter stood up on his powerful legs and started to walk slowly around the corner keeping his head and body low and even. He would find his prey by sent.

Angela was terrified. Tears of horror and fear started to stream down her cheeks. The huge hunter poked half of his head around the corner. He looked to his left and sniffed the air a little bit. Angela then grabbed full control of herself and she tried to slowly walk and then sprint away from the beast, as she slowly stepped away from the wall the beast turned his head to his right. The beast stared at her with his cold yellow right eye. The thunder lizard let out a roar of terror and then Angela sprinted like an ostrich. With bone crushing power the mighty dinoís jaws shattered part of the wall and then it came after her. She kept running and she wasnít about to look back for anything. The T-rex kept his head low with his blood thirsty jaws open like a komodo dragon chasing itís prey. Angela saw she was headed towards an opening in the dark building and she saw she was about to come out to a new room.

She sprinted through the room and towards and excaladder. The T-rex was picking up speed and was gaining on her. Angela could feel the flesh hungry predators breath on her back. She ran up the excaladder and almost fell over. When the T-rex tried chasing her up the mechanical stairs his feet almost went through the floor. He was too heavy to climb up the excaladder. The beast let out another deep bellow at her as she got to the top of the excaladder.

When she reached the top she was instantly knocked to the floor on her stomach. Something had kicked her. She rolled over on her back and viewed another terrifying foe. It was a raptor and a very tall one too. It tried to stop on her with itís right clawed foot. Luckily Angela rolled out of the way just in time. When she stood up she was instantly surrounded by raptors. They were a grayish color and some of them were a combination of yellow and green. They all starred at her with their red pink eyes. She felt that she was completely out of options. There was only one logical way out of this one, she had to come up with a wish that would make sense and it would not kill her. They all prepared to jump on her by crouching to the ground and hissing rasply.

ďI wish I had the power to control animal life,Ē she shrieked. Suddenly all the statues of cave men and other creatures came to life. One of the cave men threw a spear at the lead raptor and nailed it in the back of the head. Another one jumped at him and planted a kick on one of the raptors upper body area. The raptor hit the ground. A black cave man threw another spear at one of the raptors, he missed then the raptor jumped on him.

Angela motioned one of her hands for one of the raptors to attack the reptile that was closest to her. The raptor jumped on the opposing beast and furiously bit the creature on the neck, blood splattered. The two wrestling raptor beasts hit the ground hard and started to claw at each other. The rest of the raptors started to focus on battling the attacking cave men. A white cave man swung his large club and crashed it into a raptors jaw and knocked it to the floor. From out of no where a wild dog like creature jumped out and tackled one of the raptors. Without warning a large ape jumped out form one of the huts that the cave men were standing around. In one hand he held a club made of stone. He bashed the raptors with his fists and club. Another White cave man jumped at a raptor and planted a strong kick on itís head and knocked it to the floor. Then he smacked another raptor with a high kick and sent it crashing to the marble floor.

Angela was dashing to the other end of the room where there was another excaladder that lead to the lower floor level. Suddenly as she was running a raptor jumped down from the dark ceiling and slashed at her with itís left claws. The beastís claws sliced and cut through her right shoulder. The slash left four bloody claw marks all the way down her shoulder. Without hesitation the beast swung itís tail at her and knocked her to the ground. She resisted the impact well on her left shoulder, she looked up at the raptor. Itís dripping jaws were open and centered right above her face. Angela shook slightly with fear, her life could now end at any second. With out warning a cave man jumped in and clubbed the beast over the head with his tomahawk. The creatures skull cracked and it fell on the ground. This cave man looked like he was the chief. He looked like he was crossed between a European and an Indian. He had three beautifully colored feathers in his light hair. He wore a tunic like the other cave men except his had color red, gray, and green stones in his crud belt. Angela got up and smiled thank you to the cave dweller. He returned the gesture with a faint smile and nod. Angela turned away from him and then jogged down the excaladder. Then the cave chief went back to helping his followers.

When Angela got down to the bottom of the excaladder she was confronted again by another colossal beast. It was a megatherium. The creatures body was covered with brown fur. The monstrosity was mounted on four legs each containing four claws. It twisted its head from side to side as is starred at her. Then it stood up high on itís hind legs and it let out a very bizarre sounding roar. She backed away from it and then slightly hesitated. She looked pass the towering beast and she saw another gigantic creature of the prehistoric lands. It was a huge long spiked tailed armadillo. A large armor platted shell covered most of itís body. The creature had a long spiked tail like a mace, the beast seamed like a jousting night from the animal kingdom.

Without hesitating she ordered the armored creature to attack the megatherium. She made a quick primitive hand gesture to tell the beast what to do. The creature swiftly swung itís long powerful armored tail at the megatheriumís feet. The spiked club tail smacked the beast in the feet and swept it right off the ground. For a quick second, the massive beast spun side ways and then crashed on the floor on itís left side. Angela ran around the thrashing beast and started for the double doors. Slowly the beast got up on itís back feet. The swung itís tail at the beast and hit it in the right foot. The club tail made impact but the creature kept itís ground. Un like humans the megatherium did not have long spindly legs and was a lot lower to the ground. This made it somewhat tough to tip, but at least it wasnít very balanced standing up right. Like a football player the beast lunged itself at his adversary and tried tackling the armadillo. Luckily the armored shell provided perfect protection, but who knows how long the armored creature could fend off against the megatherium.

Angela was dashing for the doors across the long hall. She had left the giant armadillo and the sloth beast to duke things out. Without notice one of the glass display cases built into the side of the wall shattered into millions of pieces. Angela threw herself away from the glass bombardment and landed on her back with her arms over her eyes. However, only a couple small pieces of glass sliced through her skin. When she uncovered her eyes and sat up she saw another ferocious beast before her. It was a hyaenodon.

The color of the top half of itís body was a brownish orange color and was covered with open spots like a jaguar. It also had a white under belly, and had red spots leading down itís thin legs. The canine creature was a very attractive hunter but was not the best beast to be close to. The beast growled at her with itís yellow stained saliva dripping teeth. Then it took a few steps toward her. Angela backed away from it across the floor. She knew how to deal with canines, back away slowly and calmly and she might not get a bite. Without out warning the glass case on her left shattered and another prehistoric beast came rampaging on in, except this was a beast that was much bigger. It was a amedelodon, a smaller predecessor of the elephant. The elephant ancestor was a light tan color and had a pair of shovel like tusks. After the beast had crashed through the case it went charging straight into the hyaenodon. The powerful creature trampled the canine. The creature howled a hellish cry as it was being crushed by the amedelodon. Angela quickly got off the ground and sprinted through the doors.

When she came into the new room she was even more confused. The whole room was a giant green house dripping with water. She never remembered there being a green house right next to the prehistoric life exhibit, but with the Kawazin altering the building with his powers who knows what the hell was happening to the structure.

She took a deep breathe, no matter what happened she would have to press on. Like a hiker walking through a still forest she continued her mission. Deep in her pocket the artifact glowed with life. The color of the gem was kind of a light blue. The emerald green forest was beautiful but she had a feeling something was lurking in the trees or in the bushes. With out reaction she felt a warm water droplet land on the back of her bare neck. She shivered, the feeling of the water drop made her feel like something was watching her. High in the tree tops there was misty fog circling her and the confined forest. Every few steps she took she looked one way and then the other like a watchful cat moving through the shadows. Never in her life has she ever been so audacious, wondering through a gloomy structure, infested with beasts which could sneak up and kill her at any moment.

Caww! Craaan! Caaaw! Some sort of call rang over head. Without hesitation she looked up in the sky inkling that there was a large bird near by. Suddenly she saw a huge flying dinosaur diving straight for her. Judging by itís physical appearance it looked like a quitsocolotolus. The beast had a bird like appearance, but unlike birds it had no feathers only skin. It was a strict fish hunting dinosaur, so why was it diving at her.

ďQuitsocolowtowlus,Ē she said. Then with a ear piercing screech it dived at her with high velocity. With a quick jump she swiftly avoided the beastís attack. However, she did not fully avoid it since part of her leg got scratched by the things claws at the end of itís wing. She hit the dirt ground hard after being scratched by the air predators claws.

ďBut quitsocolowtowlus is a fish eater. There not suppose to do that,Ē she said scurrying around a tree. She curled herself up and wrapped her arms around her knees and legs. Luckily the flying monstrosity wasnít aware of where she was hiding. However she heard what sounded like bushes shaking. Something was lurking in the bushes and she was now even more horrified. Slowly, a long green snake came slithering out of a wet green jungle bush. The reptile starred at her with itís keen orange bronze eyes. Itís purple tongue flickered at her in a creepy way. From out of no where a long stream of greenish fluid shot the snake in the face. Angela turned her head slowly to where the shot was fired from. On top of a rock she saw a scorpion, a sniper scorpion. The sniper scorpion is a very close relative to the whip scorpion. Abruptly the snakeís head fell to the ground. She realized the reptile was dead, and if not that then close to it. The spray of the scorpion is very dangerous. She got up from the ground and sprinted away from it recklessly. The scorpion tried spraying at her as she ran and hit her in the back of on of her dirty pant legs.

Angela didnít stop running. She kept on running from where she had fallen and had hid herself from the flying creature. From both sides she was knocking away vines and tree limbs out of her way as she dashed through the indoor rain forest. Soon, as she dashed down the narrow green path she saw an opening. Now it would be much easier to spot her foes and take control of them if she got the opportunity. When she came running into the opening of the forest she felt a great burst of relief and felt like a free sprinting slave. With out notice a smaller quitsocolowtowlus came swooping down at her like a rushing hawk. She hit the dirt but the beast had scraped her in the back. A huge rushing pain came over her. Her teeth were clinched tighter than a anaconda squeezing itís prey. Her right fist clinched the grassy ground and ripped up some jade color grass. The back of her short sleeve shirt was ripped and had blood dribbling down the side of it. Both of her eyes were closed tightly and trapped even her tears of agony. Suddenly the flying reptile came swooping down again just as she was standing up. With heart breaking velocity the creatureís diving swipe sliced the front of her right shoulder with itís razor sharp beak. She hit the ground hard screaming. For a couple of seconds she squealed in the grass then she tried to get back up. Her shoulder was bleeding badly but she was okay.

With all her strength she tried to dash again. Nothing was going to stop her, then she remembered it, she could take control of this thing. She looked up and saw the beast was flying high over head then a couple of others came rushing in. She shrieked calmly with shock and aggression. Painfully as she ran she concentrated her mind and focused on one of the beasts.

ďCome on. Youíve done this before. Come. You are mine,Ē she said to herself. For a couple of seconds she did not see any response but then one of the winged hunters attacked the dominant quitsocolowtowlus. She watched in amazement as the two flying reptiles attacked each other slashing their beaks and wings. She focused her mind back on where she was running to. Her heart jumped with relief when she saw a pair of double brown doors. Suddenly she felt a pair of claws clutch her shoulders. The claws cutting into her skin felt like knives digging into her sensitive skin. She screamed and tried smacking her fist into the behemothís feet.

ďPut me down dammit. That is a frickin order,Ē she squealed. However the beast did not respond to her command. Angela felt her feet elevate off the ground. She kicked aggressively and shook like a injured petrified animal. Now Angela was a few feet off the ground. Not far from her there was an odd feline running to her rescue. It was black and green, and about the size of a Bengal tiger, with white and red spots. The creature also had tufts of hair like a bobcat but they were blowing backwards in the wind as he dashed across the emerald green grass. Quickly the swift hunter started to gain on his target. His jaws opened with hunger as he caught up to the airborne abductor. With ferocious strength the beast leapt up from the ground and tackled the airborne reptile.

His claws sunk into the beasts scales like knives cutting through soft meat. Then the powerful big cat went for the final blow and delivered a killing bite to the neck. Exotically the quitso let out a ear piercing screech that shot through Angelaís mind like a jolt of electricity. The airborne hunter released her and she stumbled to the ground. The big cat and the quitsocolowtowlus both crash landed a few meters from her. Angela looked up from the ground and saw that the mighty big cat had taken out the flying raptor. With a spray of blood the feline jerked his head back and ripped out a red piece of his prey. Oddly, the cat dropped the piece of meat from itís jaws and looked up at Angela. For a few moments the noble beast starred at her with his keen yellow black slit eyes. Angela starred back at the beast with the same kind of emotion on her pale face. She was breathing like an exhausted greyhound, and her heart was trembling with fear. The cat tilted his head and almost pered. Angela couldnít stop shaking, she did not try to run because she didnít know how the big cat would react to quick unsteady movements. Angela felt that the cat was starring deep into her eyes and all the way down to the pit of her soul.

ďWhy is it starring at me?Ē she asked herself. Angelaís heart nearly jumped out of her rib cage when she saw the predator come walking over to her slowly. However, Angela could feel her tense and emotional fears loosen up a bit. ďMaybe it doesnít want to kill me,Ē she spoke calmly. For a moment Angela could have thought that the beast could have passed for a gentle house cat. The gentle big cat walked over to her and sat down, and then it pered softly with love. Angela slowly stood up to full height. She looked at the cat carefully then she bent down a little bit to pat the noble hunter on the head.

ďThank you,Ē she said stroking the side of his large skull. Then she turned away from the great beast and made a run for the doors.

After she passed through the doors she came into a dark hall way. Angela threw her back against a wall and she slowly slid to the floor. Her breathing still heavy, then at a leisurely pace her breathing slowed down a bit. She lightly clutched the middle part of her nose. It had been one wild night for her and now she had at finally had time to just take a few breaths and think about what has happened so far and plan on her next move. Questions of the big cat that saved her and many other questions bounced around the walls of her throbbing head. She almost felt herself cry, she has been fed up with all this and she just couldnít take it anymore. She was fed up with running for tonight and now she wanted to find the blasted Kawazin and finish him forever. She rubbed at her aching eyes and took a deep breath. In the distance she could hear roars and screeches and other horrible noises of animal beasts fighting and looking for her! With out any notice she felt something warm up in her pocket. It was the piece of the artifact. Angela grasped the gem chunk and pulled it from her pocket. It was glowing a very light turquoise color. Her eyes widened with wonder and shock. Why was it glowing and what was making it glow.

Shhraaahhhh! Something was roaring near by. On her legs she could feel the rumbling sensation of heavy and huge footsteps. She rose up from where she sat and kept her eyes on the gem. Then she placed it in her pocket. Now Angela knew what the glowing meant and why it was so warm.

With a burst of speed she took off and bolted through the dark doors down the hall like lightning. When she came out into the next room she felt the gem in her pocket heat up like a Bunsen burner. The room was wide open and there was a catwalk over head on top of the wall in front of her. There was a small door and she figured she was near the Kawazin. She tried running for them but suddenly she was stopped!

A huge, enormous tail crashed in front of the door. She looked to her left and saw another titanic killer. It was an atrodemus. It was about thirty five feet long and stood twenty feet high. The beast was much bigger than the T-rex. Unlike the T-rex this beast had fairly long arms with big claws at the end of them, they looked to be around the size of a grizzly bearís or a tigerís, or komodo dragonís. The looming beast grunted at her with a hiss. That was enough to send her running away from it. Crashing through the walls came another enormous beast. It was a spinosaurus, the creature looked similar to the atrodemus except it had longer jaws and looked smaller and lighter built. It kept itís head low to the ground and tried to grab her with them. Suddenly she fell backwards and landed on the ground. With great power the spinosaurus lunged itís jaws forward and it almost crushed her. Luckily she rolled out of the way. The atrodemus reached down for her with itís powerful jaws and grabbed her by the foot. Angela squealed and struggled, but the beast had her for good. Then with one of itís powerful claws it clutched her left arm. The razor sharp claws cutting through her skin felt so painful she was shocked that she didnít just die of fright and agony. Then with itís other claw it grabbed her right shoulder and gripped it with piercing power. She desperately cried for help but she knew at the same time know body was going to come. Across from her she could see the spinosaurus charging at her with itís crocodile jaws held wide open. They were going to rip her apart! Painfully all she could say in her mind over and over again was about how she was going to die.

Unexpectedly a massive dark brown woolly mammoth came rushing at the spinosaurus. The powerful beast slammed itís mighty tusks into the creatures side. Both beasts went crashing right through another wall shattering it into pieces. For a quick moment the atrodemus hesitated trying to figure out what had just happened. Little by little Angela felt the towering beastís bite unfasten around her foot. From above and from out of the cat walk another life saving beast emerged. A smilodon saber tooth tiger leaped out from the catwalk and landed on the back of the massive reptile.

The cat looked to be about nine to ten feet long. However the tail was around a quarter of that length. The cat was all white but had black and orange stripes. The powerful big cat tried to drive the atrodemusís head down and deliver a killing blow. The atrodemusís jaws opened wide and threw itís head back and released a thundering roar of rage.

Angela fell from the beasts strong jaws and crashed on the floor. Luckily she fell on her strong right side instead of her back or stomach. On the other hand the atrodemus was flipping out and thrashing itís head around furiously. The powerful saber-tooth held on well, although it wouldnít take much longer for the beast to pick off the smilodon. She got up painfully, then she egressed from the dangerous room through the small door. Just as she was leaving the saber-tooth fell from the atrodemusís back and then crouched down the minute it fell from itís foeís back. With anger and rage the atrodemus swung itís powerful jaws down at the cat. The saber-tooth was knocked away but it got back up and leaped at the dino beast again.

When Angela got into the next room she saw more havoc. She was in great pandemonium, the whole room was crawling with rampaging prehistoric terrors. Within this room though the ceiling was very high, but that only aided the roaring creatures in their fight.

To her left she saw a megatherium and another one of those gigantic armadillo monsters. With great strength the beast swung one of itís clawed paws at the armadilloís head. The creature lightly damaged the armadilloís head. Then the armadillo swung itís powerful tail at the megatherium and bashed it in the head.

Angela saw to her right there was a triceratops and a styracosaurus battling it out. The triceratops was kind of a greenish gray color. The styracosaurus was a light red color. Unlike the triceratops it had only one big horn much larger than the triceratops horns, itís big horn was mounted on itís nose. Another distinguishing characteristic of the styracosaurus was itís spikes sticking out of the back of itís frill. Angela watched the two beasts in amazement for a few moments. The bigger one, the styracosuarus looked more powerful and Angela thought the two of them would help her plow through the room. Carefully she concentrated her energy on the two dueling beasts, within seconds they were both under her control. She made one charge at a large deer that was in her way. The other one {the triceratops} charged into a long neck/tail dino beast known as diplodocus. After the two beasts clashed with their targets Angela concentrated on heading out of the room. She dashed through the fighting mob of ragging beasts.

A group of three cave men jumped into the air and came crashing into a bunch of 7ft. long necked, flightless, ostrich looking terror birds with flying kicks. Another cave man jumped into the air and smashed a raptor with a flying kick. Suddenly a cave man jumped up to the side of her and he planted a standing mid ranged kick on a opposing daphoneus doglike creature. Angela could hear the wet crack of the canineís jaw snapping. On the other side of the room a stegosaurus battled with a ceratosaurus.

The stegosaurus was built with a double row of sturdy armored plates centered on itís back and tail, at the very end of itís tail it had a couple rows of needlelike, deadly spikes. The ceratosaurus looked like a small version of the atrodemus, except this one was blue and had a small horn growing above itís nose.

Impressively the massive stegosaurus stood up on itís hind legs, the great creature towered over the ceratosaurus. Then with all itís might it came down and almost crushed the cowering ceratosaurus. Suddenly, the stegosaurus swung itís huge heavy tail at the ceratosaurus and landed a well placed lethal swipe to the meat eaters neck. The impact of the dinoís tail sent the ceratosaurus flying through the air and then crashed against a wall. After the stego had smashed the viscous predator it turned away and started to walk placidly and slowly.

However in the mists of all the havoc going on around her, Angela could feel the thundering footsteps of a Tyrannosaurus, She started to look all around the room panicking. She knew she had to keep her cool, the door wasnít very far from where she was. The footsteps abruptly became heavier and more noticeable. Cautiously she started to creep up towards the door trying to make as little noise as possible. Sweat was rolling down her back and face like raindrops crawling down a window. Her teeth clinched inside of her mouth with suspense. Then it seemed like the whole world froze when the T-rex came smashing through a near by wall.

Angela crashed to the floor, she was really starting to get fed up with these sudden heart attacks. The creatureís jaws were held wide open and were releasing roars that could be heard miles away. Angela looked through the prison of fingers that covered her face and she spotted the stego. Amazingly the beast was still moving about placidly. With all her might she concentrated her thoughts and her mind control on the tranquil beast. Within a matter of seconds she had complete command over the stegosaurusís mind. The plated beast looked up at the Tyrannosaurus and raised itís eye brows. Then with a mighty swing it thrashed the seventeen and a half foot giant in the back of the knee. Quickly after striking the back of the T-rexís leg it sliced the front of the beastís knee. The blood thirsty beast let out a shriek of pain and rage. Glistening red blood was starting to drip down itís limb. The massive meat eater swung itís bulky, teeth infested head around to face the stegosaurus. The creature went down for the defending dinoís head and bit the top of it. The stegosaurus swung itís tail and gashed the T-rex in the top part of itís skull. The raging reptile threw itís head away and almost fell over. The T-rex wasnít about to give up yet, again it lunged itís huge powerful head at itís prey. The strong meat eater almost bit the stego in the left back leg. Luckily the stego slashed itís powerful spiky tail at the meat eaters head again and landed a devastating blow to the creatures jaw. The huge hunter fell to the ground beside the stegosaurus. The stego then kicked the beast in the side of the skull and caused it to roll over. Little did the Tyrannosaurus know, Angela had already gone off and went to go find the Kawazin for the final battle.

Colin Clifford

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