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I was having a good week until I got an email from a poetry site where I used to post my poems...Now I remember why I quit...These people are a bunch of anal retentive idiots..who only see structure and meter...I want to have fun with my poetry it isn't perfect and I don't follow all their rules...

No one reads the content which I think is bizarre at most and funny at least...

One time I had this idiot Myron tell me my haiku were not pure ...of course I again was doing my own thing and not following the rules down to the letter...but that is just me...I did however follow the 5-7-5 haiku format...that wasn't enough ,,,so I changed what I did to Myku because it's mine and no one can try to make me change it...

Looks like I'm going to have to change my nonrhyming poetry to pros/e/try (prose-eh-tree)...then say bye bye to those obsessive complusive pea brains... I may never be published...that was not my was to lift people's spirits ..or scare them at certain times of the year...I will not take ME out of my poetry...Done ranting...

Kacee Huggs

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The following comments are for "I'm Off Again"
by Nitz Kitty

Rant away Kacee!!
Hi Kacee...poetry has many forms... in other words, I interpret it to mean "whatever turns you on...whatever reaches your heart!"

In researching this a couple of years ago, I came across this interpretation.

Poetry [...] is an art based on language. But poetry also has a more general meaning [...] that is difficult to define because it is less determinate: poetry expresses a certain state of mind." ."[12]

So rant away my friend!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Des, Eric, Pen , Bea
Thanks for commenting...Let's all rant and get it off our chests...
These people were telling me how terrible my poems were and in the next breath saying how great they thought Charles Bukowski's poetry was...Well I read some of his poems ...Are these people nuts? And they called my stuff bad...So I wrote this on their site...

Then I must be a genius
I guess I fit in with the so called genius Charles Bukowski...I read some of his Alcoholic rantings (genius poetry)
Lousy meter, structure, and content...and a filthy mouth to boot...
I figure my poems are no better but surely no worse than his...and if I could find someone with more money than brains...I could get published too...

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

I wish I was young again

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Hi Kacee,

Great to have you back!

A word of caution -- the people who criticized you at the other site had standards regarding what constituted quality poetry, that enabled them to distinguish poor poetry from exemplary poetry. You rejected their standards and decided to do whatever you wanted. You decided that whatever you wrote would be poetry because you intended it to be so. And good poetry too, I expect.

From that stance, it's difficult to see how you could then turn around and lambast Bukowski's work. You rejected the standards used by those on the site but didn't replace them with anything more than "because I said so", basically. That's a shaky basis for judgment.

I'm all for re-evaluating standards. But when we re-evaluate them, we have to go to the trouble of replacing them with better standards, rather than no standards at all.

( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Don't get your shorts in a knot!
Well, Excuse me Viper! I was just pointing out that Mr. Bukowski's poems weren't any better than mine...and everything I said was true... I read some of their poems too...Just as sucky as mine...Sorry , I think that their site is very discriminating ...If they want to say something bad about my poetry ...theirs should at the very least be better...That's my opinion and I believe I'm entitled to have one...

( Posted by: Nitz kitty [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Absolutely. No offense intended. All I'm saying is that if you're going to say your poems are as good as someone else's, or better, you should have standards to back that up. And if you're going to reject the standards others are using without offering any justifiable standards of your own, you leave yourself without any reasonable grounds for criticism.

Sorry if I bothered you. I see this relativism in students all the time -- not just in art, but in ethics, epistemology, etc. as well -- and it irritates me. But you, generally, do not. :)

( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Easter eggs
I have always been very respectful ...The teachers in my school would tell you so...if any of them are still alive...In lit class , I was praised for my writing...At that time I had no self esteem. I didn't believe that I was any good at all...Someone once told me that no one was any better than me and I'm no better than anyone else...I believe in lifting other's up ...They will strive to do better...Tell them they suck and they will rebel or give up...

I remember coloring Easter eggs when I was small ...Each egg came out with a different design...All equally amazing...I think we should do that with poetry also...A rainbow of poems telling the writers story...Pieces of people's souls...

You generally don't irritate me either...Thanks for letting me have my opinion...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz kitty [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Being "off" is a hell of a lot more fun!
Ra, ra, re
kick 'em in the knee
Ra, ra, rass
kick 'em in the other knee!

That's me trying be your cheerleader.

Structure, meter, 5-7-5,'s all foreign language to me. I often do consider taking some type of course in writing to learn how to write properly but...whatever. What I do write is from my heart and is intended to speak to the soul of others. And if someone "gets" it then....well that's good enough for me.

So I think it's great that you stick to your guns there ms lady. Do what feels right within you and to hell with all of those who are so called smarter and better than.

( Posted by: TAMMYHENDRIX [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Standards are good in a sense...But if I miss a beat in my poetic one is going to have a heart attack and die...Nor will E.B. Browning turn in her grave...or I hope not as I wouldn't want to disturb her eternal rest...

The people who were attacking me were a couple of 18 year olds...One who hadn't post anything in 4 months...I went back and checked his poetry out...He also had comments that were not flattering...So where did he get the gazongas to tear up my work...Many youngsters have no respect now a days...

Thank you for sticking up for me...You did didn't ya? Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz kitty [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Rum ah lak ah sis boom bah
Yay!!! I have a cheerleader...Thanks Tammy...I just think as you do that we all have the right to bare our souls on paper...To show people who we are...

There are many great poets on lit...I love them all ...we are like family...I guess they wouldn't let me get away with murdering poetry if they didn't love me back...They let me be me..I took all my work off that other site and deleted them...I have other things in my live that drive me crazy...don't need anything else...Thanks again...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz kitty [Member] On: September 16, 2008 )

Kacee and her muse
Kacee, I for one have always loved looking for your work. Your muse keeps you fun, loving and open. Write on my friend!


( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: September 17, 2008 )

Thanks Nae...I wish I could find my muse ...She used to bug the heck out of me and not let me sleep...She went AWOL on me...
I guess I'll just have to wait on her...Love ya...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz kitty [Member] On: September 17, 2008 )

Structure is for Engineers
Go Kacee! I agree that poetry is about self-expression, not structure. What good is a poem if it doesn't convey any emotion? I don't care how a poem is set up as long as I can enjoy it and create a mental image of how it makes me feel. Of course, Shakespeare's sonnets are undeniably beautiful, but I don't measure their beauty by their rhythm or rhyme.

If I relied on structure alone when writing poetry, I'd end up with a jumbled string of words that rhyme but don't connect. I can't even rely on verse itself all the time-many of my poems are composed of sentences rather than enjambed phrases. As a matter of fact, my favorite self-authored poem, "When I Saw You", consists of five stanzas of complete sentences with minimal rhyme.

I've always found free verse to generally have more substance and feeling because it's virtually unrestricted. Walt Whitman did poetry perhaps its biggest favor by making free verse mainstream.


( Posted by: ArsPoet2789ica [Member] On: September 24, 2008 )

Thanks for your comment...I always thought content was the most important thing....but that's just me...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: September 24, 2008 )

All this for whom?

Poetry, poems and the poet.

Guidelines, rules, and the format…For what?

Write for you first and the others? Let them stew…

Walt Whitman wrote “I say whatever tastes sweet to the most perfect person…that is finally right”.

( Posted by: Reckoning [Member] On: September 24, 2008 )

Absolutely Abetastic
Just remember another quote, this one from Abe Lincoln -- "To say a sheep has five legs doesn't make it so".

I could present a bucket of bricks and boards with words on scraps of paper pasted on them, and call it a novel. But that wouldn't make it a novel. It would just indicate that I didn't know what "novel" means, rendering me incapable of using the word for communication.

And if I were then to raise my ire against others for daring suggest that my "novel" wasn't a novel at all, then claim that my "novel" was better than theirs, what would I prove?

That said, I love Kacee and enjoy her work, whatever it's called! :)

( Posted by: viper9 [Member] On: September 24, 2008 )

Jim and Viper
Thanks for your comments...My ex had his own sayings...That's as funny as a two peckered goat...and if my aunt had balls , she'd be my uncle...

Viper Darling ...I don't remember EVER saying any of my work was better than anyone else's ,only just as good...I love you ,too.

Hugs and kisses...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: September 24, 2008 )


Five legs, I think that would be called fiction.

( Posted by: Reckoning [Member] On: September 24, 2008 )

Oh, Oh!!
Or a cloning gone bad...

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: September 24, 2008 )

Wow!! Lucie,

Glad you got that out of your system...thanks ...Happy you're on my side...

No one would ever say your work is not poetry...You are one of the very best...Your heart is in every piece you write...We can see into the depths of your soul...One lovely woman you...

Yes, thank God for Lit...Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: September 24, 2008 )

Lucie, Kacee & Bah Humbug!
Hey, I'm with Lucie on this one too, Kacee, your work is poetry, and ignore those bozo snobs, and Lucie is right, I say Bah humbug to all that too! You write your heart away girl! Keep posting those pics too, love them! And, I was thrilled to see Lucie make an appearance, (though not surprised, she cannot stay away anymore than I can, she is like you said one of our best here at the Lit.Org, just like Shannon showing up too, WOOHOO!) hopefully, she (and Shannon) will be back to grace us all with their beautiful writings, just like yours Kacee. Lucie and Shannon are very open minded and a true artists, like you Kacee, not afraid to experiment and follow their own beat...rules and rigidity in the creative process leaves people stagnate...we would all be writing like King James still had not some had the courage to follow their own writing drummers, and many did, and many continue to do so! Drum on drum on! BANG THAT DRUM loud, I hear you!

And blessings to you, hope you health is better, keep in touch...all is far beyond FANTASTIC on my end, I am filled with joy today beyond what you can imagine, and it just made me want to come here and read and say "HEY! I've been keeping my mind off my health via video games, but lately, I have found that chess has brought me the greatest joy of all, well along with lots of prayer, chanting and muses will hopefully be back soon...real soon;-)

Keep in touch, you know where to find me.

All Love,

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: September 25, 2008 )

Thank you Lena...
Many of us go way back to 2004 ...I have come to love this family dearly even though at times we don't see eye to eye...
I think maybe a group of muses have gotten together and taken off to some great cosmos or where ever they vacation...because I keep hearing , " I'm waiting for my muse." I think it was my trouble making muse that gathered up the rest and carted them off...Hope they all come back soon full of all kinds of good stuff...Kacee

( Posted by: Nitz kitty [Member] On: September 26, 2008 )

Write on and on and on... Kacee!!
Speak from your heart and soul. It is a music form of conversing what feelings you store, then to be shared in any form that flows unto paper ( or this blank page)!!!
Your songs are YOUR songs.

I can understand that there are those that write "strictly" from books, proper everythings. Formal writers. They probably often speak of "free speach" as well. What I can't understand is for them to try to silence you in any way.

Speak and sing to the paper Nitz, speak to us in any way you wish we are all here waiting.......

Your muse will come out of hibernation when least expected.

It is nice to come peek in at home and see who's peeking back ;-)

Some 18 yr olds do not have the ability to agree to disagree and be respectful which wisdom teaches.

Great to see you all!!!!!!

( Posted by: Dareva [Member] On: September 26, 2008 )

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom...I believe it takes alot of living to accumulate the wisdom and knowledge that there is always more than one way to do anything and everything...Although I am a bit of a rebel ...If it hadn't been for Lit and it's people (who are now my family) I would have never tried different styles of poetry or ever gone on or started a thread...I think this old dog has learned a few new tricks....but I must skin is getting thinner with age...and I have become a ranter because of it...

I still don't have the faith in myself to take on a write-off...Maybe someday...Love ya ..Kacee

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: September 26, 2008 )

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