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Slathe's Castle of Bastard: walkthrough and cheats for levels 1 -3

Supplied by Xerox32


Level 1 This level includes basic training to get you familiar with the controls. It needs no input from me at this stage. Follow the onscreen instructions and get to know your powers as Slathe, Lord of the Castle of Bastard, and sole master of all evil. Although, might I suggest you do not shoot the family dog along with the rest of your family, he makes a good familiar later, if you manage to develop enough Pain Points before nuking your home town. Ok, once you've gotten past any nosy cops that you bump into in the streets or neighbours homes, proceed to level 2, The High School.

Level 2 Now things hot up. You will want to pick up a few Pain Points in the gymnasium first. I find the easiest and most effective way is to conjure up a Smooth Alan, using your Castle of Bastard teleport helmet function. Smooth Alans are good for their speed and desire to steal skin from their victims. With their flensing hair whips and sucking hands they can flay around fifty victims in about a minute. Don't over use them though, because being brought into consciousness for too long, as with any creature you fashion or conjure, will result in ego development. They will then question your authority and will become a hazard to you.

Now, a good cheat in the hallways of the school is to press xxbbdd up up down when you are stood near a drinking fountain. This will hatch Acidworms in the water supply, and slowly kill anyone who drinks from it. This is a good way of always having a steady supply of Pain Points coming your way. So long as you choose not to nuke your town too soon. If you play the game correctly, with stealth rather than anger, you can turn your town into a gigantic suffering factory of agony and fear. There's nothing like finally getting all those souls locked up in their homes with nothing to do but squirm in whatever torture device your sick mind has come up with. Let me tell you, taking a stroll through your own warped imagination is what this game is all about.

Incidentally, the secret doorway to the teachers' hiding place is located behind the pile of cardboard boxes in the assembly hall. Give ‘em hell, folks.

Level 3 When you feel like moving on to this level, you'll need to make yourself a Blood-Door to get into the Astral Realms. This means gathering at least a hundred people in a circle and making sure their pain levels are at fifty or higher. You may want to get it up to seventy to ensure that you don't accidentally slip into a Demon Realm when using the Blood-Door. You won't be ready for Demons yet. Torturing Demons isn't easy. And their pain is a bit harder to use until you have found the Demon-Dress.

Ok, so now you've made it to the Astral Realms. You will need to find the ruins of your castle and this can only be done by looking. The random factor in this game makes it impossible for me to guide you to it. It could be anywhere. Although if you press xxbb yellow white black, while holding down the left trigger, you can shift the ruins to wherever you want them. I like to plant the thing in the Wastelands of Crushed Bones for added spooky effect. Anyway, once you've got your ruins you'll need to rebuild your mighty fortress. Finding slaves is easy. Simply go to a nearby township and wait for night. Sneak in and release some Zombie-Gas when you find someone sleeping. The Guildhall of Swordwrites in Dusnham is great for this, as they are a strong bunch and make a good army if needed. Using children or old folk isn't a good idea, as Zombies will only last as long as there is flesh on their bones. Heavy construction work can shake loose a lot of dead muscle. Swamp Trolls are pretty useful at shifting heavy boulders, but you will need to use a Brain-Harness to bend them to your will. Demons are of no use to you at all, as they have no will of their own, being nothing but puppets of Toopalop The Dark Majesty. And I've yet to hear of anyone finding their way into his secret realm let alone getting any pain out of him…if you were thinking of doing that.

But there are dozens of ways of getting The Castle of Bastard back on its feet. You might come up with a few other ways I didn't spot. A pal of mine had the idea of messing with time and simply taking a copy of the castle before it was destroyed. He hasn't managed it yet, but it would be interesting to see if he does.

Right. Once you've got your castle rebuilt you will want to energize it. Pain is what it needs, and you're going to feed it. You could channel pain from your home town through the Blood-Door. But this will put stress on your victims making the circle. You want them to suffer, but if one of them dies you take a chance of losing access to your town and a whole lot of Pain Points. Humans tend to suffer more than Astrals. But Astrals are a better choice for feeding your castle right now. They are closer and they can take more torture before dying. So, get yourself over to the nearest town and get hurting. I like to insinuate myself into families and get to know them. Gain their trust…before sticking the knife in. Maybe rape the wife or the eldest daughter. Kidnap their kids and send their terrified parents ransom notes. It's down to you to come up with something clever to produce a good stream of long lasting psychological or physical Pain Points. Remember, the game will reward your ingenuity, cruelty and patience. Conjuring a mob of Grinders in the town market looks good, and feels good, but how much real pain are you producing? It's just too easy. You ultimately want entire towns wailing in unison for a good clear wave of pain.( you might want to lower the Scream settings in Options if the sound gets too much for you. It can after awhile) I once took on the job of a wandering minister in Gorn and managed to work my way up to Grand Cleric Supreme. It took me almost a year, but it was worth it…once I had released a plague through the medicines I made for dispersal throughout the entire Astral Realm. Ho ho, nasty little thing that. Managed to break a hole into a higher Astral realm with all the Pain Points I garnered. Almost got an Angel into a Razor-Rack. That would have been really useful in adding an extension to Castle Bastard. Maybe a new Torture-Turret. Or an Acid-Moat.

You've got to develop a good defence structure in case the locals get wind of the castle's resurrection, you see. A tip for invisibility is torturing mermaids. Any magic used with their particular agony will involve invisibility. But you'll need to furnish your dungeons with a good water tank and plenty of fish to keep the mermaids alive. Simply dropping them onto a hot spike and toddling off to rape elves won't do. You have to get them screaming for quite awhile, and they will try to use magic on you, so make sure you cut their fins off. That should render them useless regarding any water magic. Blinding any victim is also pretty useful, just so long as you weren't counting on any visual torments being administered. A blind werewolf cannot mourn for his disembowelled clan-folk.

Getting to the higher realms is difficult, and I'm going to leave it to you to find your own way. The fun is in finding the weirdest or stupidest way to level 4 and onwards. I once set fire to the towns of Hestog and Brundus and that gave me access to God's own garden of peace. I only had time to throw a Glass-Grenade before the portal closed, but the ensuing pain issuing from God's very flesh and bones gave me power enough to break open the walls of the Demon Realms and bring chaos and death to all in the Astral Realms. The war still rages in corners of the realm. I really should have warned the villagers and townsfolk first. That way they would have been more prepared and the war would have peaked longer. Maybe Next time.

Right. There's a few clues and hints for you young Slathes out there. Maybe when this fabulous game goes online I might get to torture you in person. Show you a few more of my secrets. Hope to see you soon in Castle of Bastard. I'll reserve you an Acid-Bath.

Get used to it? No, you never get used to it.

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