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Neal Gabler's other book about early hollywood is nothing but paradox. It has scary echoes of Germany. Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe who settled in the lower east side were totally shut out of most American industries, but they LOVED America and wanted to assimilate completely.

They built a dream factory in the desert and became master meme makers. Jews high-jacked and colonized America's mind not unlike how earlier colonists took over the physical land. Until WW2 Jews dominated the desert dream factory. their only rival was Disney and he was dependent on them for distribution.

Then the big back-lash...the McCarthy witch-hunts devestated Hollywood. The Jews lost their total dominence, but today they still have a strong foothold. Rabbi would be appalled but even his kids were mesmerized by Hollywood cartoons.

At least the Hollywood Jews did not get gassed. In Germany Jews took over so many professions the backlash was worse and German Jews were proud to be Germans FIRST. Getting out of the ghetto was a top priority, but it invited annihilation... Jews went on to invent Las Vegas and also got clobbered as mafia wars broke out.

Paradox on top of paradox...

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The following comments are for "How the Jews Invented Hollywood"
by gamblerman

Yes..and did you know Jews invented the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus just to rub a little more salt into Jesus' wounds...oh yeah and Osama bin Laden is a secret Jew...and jews invented wiffle ball just to make gentiles look ridiculous in their backyards...Oh yeah I forgot jews faked the Apollo Moon Landing and Jews make nutella out of babies...Uhhhhhhh what else????The Old Testament is a revisionist historical document to excuse murder and mayhem because "god told them to do it".....

P.S....Anyone with enuf hutzpah to say they are the chosen people of god and therefore can murder and steal at will isnt worth the matza ball they flew in on...

The End..please direct your hatemail to

( Posted by: kilgoretrout [Member] On: August 16, 2008 )

re: How the Jews Invented Hollywood
is nutella even Kosher?

( Posted by: rajengineer [Member] On: August 18, 2008 )

...I know what you are talking about Michael, I know you yourself are half Jewish, I too am of Jewish ancestry, and I think this piece is well written, and a quickie introspective collection of thoughts on those moments in real Jewish history....

but what I don't get is the comments that follow by either Terence (which to me are confusing and hinge, I will not speak the word)....and then raj-engineer comment I do not get at all?

Though I do remember Raj-engineer had a pension years ago here on the Lit.Org for getting into debates and feeling that the Palestinians were complete VICTIMS of Jewish aggression, or maybe my memory fails me? So that is why I find it odd that he/she whomever - chose this piece to comment on since he/she rarely commented in years? But wouldn't a Satmar Jew know if nutella is kosher or not? hm-mm? Hee-hee

Hey, for all I know Raj-engeneer may be a Satmar Dynasty Chasid for they are known to be very sympathetic to the Palestinian causes, so there you go, a strange comment from another Jew, a possible Satmar Dynasty Chasid, eh?

In any case ....I thought these comments were very odd responses to what I think is a very neutral non political and historically correct piece of writing, and particularly good piece of writing too.

Anyway, just got back from Fort Devens, MA--from my son's cadet CAP graduation ceremonies. Had a huge fever last night, came here in for a few moments and I find all this, then I look around some more and I find a few other comments made by others that sort of put me off...ah, well, I better get some bed rest.

My friend, Lucie (we exchanged phone numbers at last after four years of friendship on the lit.Org) (Windchime from Lit.Org) will be talking on the phone tomorrow and I need to be healthy enough to deal with something as simple as a phone call...right now, Lit.Org has made me feel sicker than I was before I got here.

Wishing you good health, and now I need some rest after all these hours of long driving... I will put on Lama Tashi cd on my big headsets and get some peace. Peace.

Blessing to you, Michael. Keep writing, posting, and when I can I will keep reading. As RK Singh said to me recently, "I should take care of my health first, not worry about reading anything in the meanwhile" good advice I think.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 18, 2008 )


You may have noticed that I didn't bother to even respond to those comments...


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 18, 2008 )

Eric, Bugsy Siegel, Hollywood, Las Vegas and ignorance....

Quickie history in Jewish history in relation to Michael's piece here, and in relation to creation of Hollywood, Las Vegas, backlash reason for hatred of Jews, etc.---another of my quickie essays, there is much more to it, but in a shoebox this will give you some small idea.

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel & Meyer Lansky mobsters(both Jews and friends from childhood) did indeed create Las Vegas. It was Bugsy dream, he saw to it creation. He built one of the first casinos named the FLAMINGO (after his nickname for his girlfriend)...of course the Italian and Irish mobsters also got in on the action, but the concept the dream the realization came about via Bugsy with the help of Meyer Lansky's ties and power to other mobsters.

As for Hollywood, all true, the Jews dominated and created the desert of southern California into Hollywood and became studio moguls, most were Jews in top positions in Hollywood and to this day Hollywood is still Jewish dominated behind the scenes in the positions of power, money and decision making where it counts. Many actors, comedians, producers, directors (Spielberg for example) are mostly Jewish. There are so many Jews that have changed their names that so few people in mainstream America haven't a clue to their Jewiness.

In fact, way back in Hollywood hay-days, many people where unaware that Lauren Bacall was a Jew, and in this day and age that people like David Duchovny is a Jew, and the list goes on and on....mean, how many people know that little Buffy the Vampire Slayer (what's her name?) is a Jew? Or that Orlando Blum, Matthew Broderick, Kirk Douglas, Peter Falk, Melissa Gilbert, Lorne Green, Goldie Hawn, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sharon Osbourn (Ozzie's wife)Natalie Portman, Emma Samms,Freddie Prinze Sr., Stanley Kubrick,Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, David Blain,Frida Kahlo, etc., etc., etc.,----here is a link to a list a few more famous Jews in various top professions, etc.,

Noble Prize and Book of Who's Who:
And, in the fields of science, medicine, etc, once again the Jews hold a disproportionate amount of numbers as a majority in those fields, and as noble prize winners and book of Who's Who.

Why the backlash and all the stereotype of Jews then?

Because in early Jewish history after the diaspora, Jews were forced into Europe and Slavic countries and everywhere they went there was prejudice against them, they were not allowed to own land or hold many types of trades, so they did what they could, they got into the fields of money lending (later becoming bankers such as the huge "Rothschild" Banking family of Europe--yes, they were Jews)...and yes, the Jews got into the business businesses, they had few choices open to them as livelihoods, so saved money, they went to colleges, became doctors, lawyers, etc., whatever they could do that was open to them.

Then what happens? The very social classes they had tried to keep them down where now not as well off as those "money making Jews" of course the jealousy, resentment, hatred and ignorance came into play, not to mention the fact that in many Christian oriented countries Jews were still considered "Christ Killers" thus you got the Spanish Inquisition, the Russian pogroms, and in Germany there was a mystical and religious aspect (not often mentioned aspect)in the Nazi attitude towards Jews and their Nazi superstitious beliefs that by killing the Jews they would somehow take over the Jewish power and mystical secrets of Kabbalah, etc., no shit, Speilberg wasn't too far off in his "Raiders of the Lost Ark", heehee....

What the Jews have had throughout most of history has been mainly lots of hatred and ignorance heaped upon more hatred and ignorance and then heaped upon more heaps of shit that to this day still exist in this world...especially in the middle east where Islamic EXTREMISTS exploit the ignorance of young impressionable young Muslim men and women to hate the Jews and call for their extermination out of pure lack of education in their own religion of true Islam in their brainwashed hatred of the Jews based on a couple of lines taken out of context from the Islamic Koran and exploited by the Islamic extremists to get these folks to go around blowing themselves up in the name of Allah, and allowing their own little children to believe that to die a martyr is the ultimate in what Allah wants for them...

(do you think I am pulling this out of my ass?)

In Palestine today, there is a children's show for pre-schoolers where a guy dressed in a bunny suit teaches the youngsters watching the show to hate Jews because they are evil and Satan like America is Satan, and they also teach the children that if the bunny does something wrong like steal or lie or anything else, then the bunny must have his hands cut off or his head, shit, don't believe me? Look it up on the way, this is done by Ham-as, the EXTREMISTS. So, the good muslims, the REAL moderate muslims, the majority who speak out and who do not support the extremists and who have seen this show are appalled by it, check it out, here is the link:

Backlash, hatred, etc., no kidding! All ethnic groups suffered at one time or another in their own ways, so I am not denying no excluding nor comparing, all I have said here is in relation to what Jews have gone through, why stereotypes exist, why hatred exist, and mostly why so much ignorance still exists. By the way, that is why the world of stand up comedians, both male and female is dominated by Jews (whether they "look" like Jews or have "Jewish sounding" names or not) the majority of stand ups are Jewish or their best friends are anyway, heehee! And in the movies of course, let's not forget Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Jack Black, ALL JEWS! That's right. I just don't get it, we make them laugh, we give them entertainment, we give them science and noble prize winning scientists, writers, etc, and even occasionally a gold medalist like Mark Spitz (way back when) and they still want to annihilate us....hmmmm? Well, I'll have to continue meditating for world peace and hopefully more scientists, like Fred Allan Wolf (oh, another Jew?) will figure out how to get more people involved in the knowledge of quantum thought and the process of creating a better world through our very own consciousness...of course that is what Tibetan Buddhists have been doing for centuries, and look at them, unlike the Jews, they have not ancient history or bible filled with thousands of year old ago battles that anyone can throw at their face and say, "hey there, you deserve it because your ancestors 2 thousand years ago, 5 thousands years ago, etc., caused wars and killed....nope the poor Tibetans have done nothing wrong, yet they too get killed. This is a sick ignorant, jealous world we live in that tries to destroy the very best among them, and that is the true paradox, in my opinion anyway.

Blessings, Namaste, and Shalom!

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Today Hollywood id dominated by massive conglomerates who own the studios. The studios maybe dominated by Jews, but the conglomerates much less so....

The jewish challenge: Stay in the ghetto and keep your identity and be persecuted or get out of the ghetto and get backlashed by playing the goy game better then them....

A no win situation for a talented race...a too talented one, but definitely not the chosen one.


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Yep...definitely not the chosen, makes the goy go crazy when they hear that anyway...
So true, Michael. But you got to admit, Michael, that my little mini essay synopsis in response to Eric, was indeed pretty right on the money in as concise and condensed kosher soup can size manner as possible, eh?

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Terence is Jewish?
Who knew? Oi vey! Self-deprecating Jewish comedian strikes again, eh?

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Raj-engineer a Satmar Chasid?
So, if Terence is Jewish, and yet I never had a clue, (for some reason I thought that Terence was Irish, why did I think that?) anyway... then I guess I must be completely wrong about Raj-engineer being a Satmar Chasid Jew? Hm-mm? And if Raj-engineer is not a Satmar Chasid Jew, then he definitely isn't self-deprecating Jewish comic either? So, getting back to a few years ago when Raj-engineer used to debate the plight of the victimized Palestinians by the brutality of the vicious Israeli Jews, he must have been, I am wrong again, he is really a Jew, and just playing a part, like maybe Borat (a Jew who plays an anti-Semite)...he make joke...ha-ha! Maybe he is really a gypsy, eh?

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Eric, so, again, I write these fantastic essays on someone else's works and....
...I help to educate the world with my grand unlimited knowledge adding only to the genius already shown here in Michael's short, but excellently written piece of work, and AGAIN, no one appreciates my long winded, informative, smarty pants comments? Why is that? Tell me, Eric? Why is that? Am I not funny enough? Do I need to tap dance a little harder along with my writing or what?

PS. All I've got to say, is that what Michael wrote here is factual, non-political, and well written...a little knowledge goes a long way, and like Eric has confessed, he knows very little about Jews except for the stereotypes? I know he is not the only I hope my short essay comment helped to add a little more insight to those with limited knowledge on the subject "Jews" and a few bits of Jewish history.

Blessings to all..and thank you again, Michael.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Well, when you talk to Terence tell him that I talked to Lucie on the phone for two hours today, we had a great talk, she is a great and wonderful person...and sorry to hear, unfortunately, she told me that Shannon will not be making it here to New York after all, so we all will not get to meet him here soon as was planned I think. But one day it's off to Ireland I go...take a stroll and find Shannon's house to say hey. And, when I go to California to meet my lama, I will get to meet you Francisco, and hopefully if Michael schedule allows for it, maybe even Michael too. What we need is Lit.Org convention. Once maybe every 4 years or so....see all the real people show up and say "hey"....yep.

Like Francisco, sorry for using your post as a conversation box...but you started it by posting this you know. I had wanted to comment on it for quite some time, but felt no compulsion until Terence and Raj-engineer confused me to death and I felt I had to get involved and figure it out...then Eric go in on it and I had to educate him on Jews, and so it work as a know-it-all is never done;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Hollywood In(ter)vention
I think Muhummed's images (the Court's, or others) might resemble Jesus", if only Islam permitted such visions.As Jesus divided loaves and fishes, Muslims might divide limbs and quarters. How can you persecute Jews for having the insight to persue "the business of business" vs. the Dutch and Enlish, among others.

I choose the Chosen.

( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Let's see...


The closest the jews ever came to running the planet was in the 1800's and early 1900's. The Rothchilds via hook and crook took over western banking and financed the industrial revolution in Europe and America.

Rockefeller and Morgan were stooge/fronts for the Rothchilds. This ended after the world wars. teh Rothchilds got blasted.

Now the Jews are stooge/fronts for the WASPs who run the USA...Kissinger. Greenspan...etc.

Pretty ironic.


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )


80 % of the Russian Communist party was Jewish with Trotsky leading the way. Even Lenin had a little Jewish blood. But Stalin who definitely was not Jewish killed all the Jews off including many who actually helped design the gulag camps.

So for the rest of Soviet history non-Jews ran the show....


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Ruling the world? The 3 Stooges were Jewish!
I thought that Kissinger and Greespan are both Jewish, at least they were born to Jewish parents, when did they convert to waspism? Oh, they are Stooges?... but not like the funny 3 stooges who were also Jewish...yeah, I get it....these Jews are political stooges, yes, with that I agree, and these new stooges now make perfect patsys for the hatred of the other hate mongers who look for Jewish conspiracies around every corner and in politics, etc., like maybe....uh, neo-nazi idiots, and others of that kind of mind set, from what I know there's a few of those around still...

Gee, I didn't realize we were talking about the Jews "ruling the world" period in time, (I never knew that the Jews EVER ruled the world) I thought we were talking about Hollywood and how certain professions came to be among the Jews....?

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Eric and Emma the normal nose Jewess
Eric, yes, your theory is blown out of the water about the Jewish noses, true there are some big ones among the Jews and many an American Jewish princess has had a nose job, but many have not because they were not born with big noses....and I do believe that even one of your own actresses, a Jewess named Emma Sams NEVER had a nose job, born with a cute little button nose, like many other Jews are also blessed with...the nose thing isn't always true, in fact, most of the time not true. I have never had nor needed a nose fact, I do believe there was an actual study done once on the people with the largest population of big nosers per capita kind of thing...and as I recall it was the Turkish people and the country of Turkey (makes sense huh? Turkish people from Turkey?).....

Blessings to you and yours, Eric;-)

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

In for a penny in for a they say.

( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

I appreciate your comment and helping to clarify my not always so clear clarification.

Blessings to you and yours,

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 19, 2008 )

Whats all the Fuss?
Oh boy I guess I should say sorry if I offended anyone...but I wont because I didnt think any open minded "free" spirited people would get offended...I was wrong...

We are more than our DNA...Being Jewish or Irish or Catholic or whatever is simple fodder for the EGO and in fact means less than zero...

"I love love me...were a happy family"
--Barney the Dinosaur--

( Posted by: kilgoretrout [Member] On: August 21, 2008 )

Terence not a Jew....
Well, finally, Francisco told me about your mix up in San Francisco verses L.A.--he also told me you were NOT Jewish...thus..that is the fuss. As RCallaci said "you walk a fine line on thorny subjects"...people here in the past have been burned at the state for daring to say anything even close to what you said above, not about the Jews but about the Muslims. I love you too, Barney, we are more than are DNA, we are all beyond just the ego which is illusion, but then this matter of what you say when you are not from the same clan (unless your up on the stand-up stage) can get touchy....and I was trying to clarify intent. It wasn't just about me and my Jewish ancestry, it was about a bigger picture and other BS that has gone on here in the past that had to be addressed. Your comment attracted a notorious account user-name from the past who loved to dig into the Jews and blamed them for all the wrongs in the middles east and the plight of the poor innocent Palestinians. It started quite a "thing"...sometimes it's best to not even go there, and if you are joking, then like RCallaci said, please qualify it. Otherwise the context and intent will be questioned...same as if you had done a spiel on "Negros" and their history of watermelon and chicken lovin' and long history of selling their own people to the slave traders back in good old Africa---ya know? I know you know.

Also, everything Michael said here in his essay is true. It was a simple no political, factual essay (read my expansion essay on what he wrote, it's above, it's long, but I felt it needed to be said).....

So, blessing to you and yours, and good-luck in your travels and path-seeking. It's all good. I hope we can leave it at that,

your friend,
aka your Karma

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 21, 2008 )

This Terence guy is pretty sloppy....

( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 21, 2008 )

Uh, yep....on NOT a Jew and such....
As you know, "things are not always what they seem", in this case I am taking this with the attitude that even the Dalai Lama would endorse; finding humor/laughter in human folly, shortcomings, and ignorance.

Blessings to you dear friend,

your friend,
Lena aka
your Karma

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 21, 2008 )

Like a sloppy Joe...dripping all over the place...

( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 21, 2008 )

Sloppy Joe Slop Sloppy Joe
A Muslim a Duck and a Jew walk into a bar and the duck says "Boy am I thirsty" --The End---

Sorry if this offends any of my fine feathered friends...


( Posted by: kilgoretrout [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )

Grow up y'all!
I guess the cost of free speach is what...ASS KISSING?!

Terrence has the right to speak what he wants just as the rest of us do!

I told myself I wasn't even gonna get involved with any of the BS preschool crap that goes on here but Christ!

Seems some of you here have GOT to be two ways about it and if that's the case you got problems.

I would have thought by now we would have grown up pass the days of name calling...

but like I said...PRESCHOOL!

This is just my opinion.


( Posted by: TAMMYHENDRIX [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )

Tammy dear....
I suggest you read what RCallaci the moderator wrote regarding qualifying what one says when speaking on touchy speech doesn't mean you can use racial or culture hate speech...READ before giving your opinion, because it seems to me you haven't read this entire thing and if you did you might have a clearer understanding of what took place here and why. Even preschoolers who can read, read first before blowing off on their opinion. I love both Terence and Michael, and Francisco, they are all my friends. What went on here has nothing to do with you or free speech!

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )

Thanks Lena:

But I've seen this stuff before on OTL and My Space. People just start projecting their stuff. This has nothing to do with the post.

The subtext: anger, confusion, low-self-esteem.

This is not new.


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )

Uhhh Lena dear?
First off I READ all of it including Micheal's post here.

Your right it has nothing to do with me. And yes I get a little bent when someone is put through the ringer like what's been done here. But hey, Terence is a grown man, he care of himself. The ONLY!!! reason I ended up here was TO READ THIS POST!!! But when I saw the BS going on...? Screw that...why, just so y'all can rip apart MY OPINION? Bash my right to an opinion. This has EVERYTHING to do with free speech. And I find it funny how you NEVER bother conversing with me at all; you never comment...nothing but you sure can find the time to snap back at me here. Yea I know you made a show-up to say nice on my catapiller post. What were you just playing nice after the words we had then...that's the way it looked to me.

"People just start projecting their stuff. This has nothing to do with the post.

The subtext: anger, confusion, low-self-esteem."

I was not projecting my feelings in the way you indicated. But I was expressing my view of this whole bunch of crap. But even if I I what if I did have anger, confusion, low-self-esteem issues, does that I'm wrong in having an opinon?

Micheal I do apologize for invading your piece here. But like I said once I read all this mess going way am I gonna comment on the piece. I was letting out how ridiculously out of control I felt this whole thing became.

My apologizes sir.

( Posted by: TAMMYHENDRIX [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )

Apology accepted.

Don't come back...please.


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )

Francisco re: Michael & Tammy & Free Speech?
No one stopped Tammy from having her opinion. Seems we communication here. I thought you were brighter than this, Francisco, but now I see when it comes to Tammy your a bit blind sided and bias...she spoke her peace, we all did...there was nothing done wrong here.

Go in peace, Francisco. I respect Michael. I respect him a lot. He doesn't let his other head rule his brain when it comes to women...and he knows what he's talking about. He did nothing wrong, no one did anything wrong to Tammy or to anyone here. This is what free speech is all about and if someone asks someone else to leave their post that is their prerogative. None of you business. You are free to do the same and so is Tammy.


( Posted by: TheRealkarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )

seems we have a problem to communicate with some folk? the way, Michael, I am sickened tonight by the current events...same old same old. I am out of here for a spell. Some people are slow learners, I know you are not one of them, you have seen this before too, yeah, I have seen it once too often. Tired.

Wishing you good health, I am working on mine, my surgeon appt. is on Sept. 5, FINALLY! Now, it will be over soon. The medicine Buddha group has helped a lot. Thanks for that again. You are on my alter with Guru Rinpoche. Be well, take care and I will talk to you later.


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 22, 2008 ) are WRONG!
What we got here is a GRAND failure to communicate and you are wrong, my friend, dead wrong, no one called Tammy stupid, no one stopped her from speaking, she spoke her peace. But it was obvious she didn't have a complete understanding of the situation and obviously neither do you. What Terence said was not cool, I don't believe he meant it viciously either, but it could easily be taken that way, RCallaci was right he should have qualified it as humor and not left in the air for for Tammy, again, where does she get off saying we are preschoolers, this is a serious subject here, it was immature of her to trivialize the subject matter and the speakers involved. Every single one of you got off track here and did not speak about the real content. You projected all kinds of your own shit into it. Michael is right about that. And about visuals, don't go there, Michael uses his brain, he has a very bright one, I respect him, I understand Terence and his off the wall personality and hold nothing against him, but now YOU I have no glue about you or what I used to think you were about....nuff said.

Keep writing, keep the Lit.Org going. It needs good writers, like Michael Finberg, like you, like many others, but it doesn't need bullshit and tonight has been communication bullshit up the yin yang and yes it has been ridiculous!

Enjoy Viper9 and drSoos and all their multiples, lovely bunch they are, they'll convince you of my "insanity"....its a great method to censor someone and have them discredited, it worked for them before, just like the Republicans, they like repeating what works,old marketing method, always works, but you got to be the one to call the other crazy first in order to win, so I guess they win again, ah well, no loss to me, they're both jerks and liars, what they think of me means nothing to me... those two know how to go about suckering in "friends" and you are being suckered right into it. Yeah, you have no real clue. No clue at all.


Talk to you in four year from now if Lit.Org still exists and tell me what you think about them and few others then...

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )


What we need here is a delete or block function like one has at My Space or OTL.

Thanks Lena.

I know your aim is true.

Our karma is good.


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 22, 2008 )

I take nothing back either Francisco, and the fat little man you refer to (Buddha) is laughing right now, while the karmic wheels of justice just keep on turning turning into the future...

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 23, 2008 )

Hey I get it!!!!!! People who agree with us smart...People who disagree with us stupid... Thats deep should totally tell one of your "producer friends" to write a treatment on that...

A producer/director/writer/buddha walks into a was a salad bar though because well his most interesting days were long behind him...So the the producer/director/writer/buddha says to the salad bartender..."Excuse me sir how much for a pound of carrots?"...and the bartender says..."Get the fuck outta my salad bar you condescending prick!!!"

The End

( Posted by: kilgoretrout [Member] On: August 23, 2008 )

RCallaci time again.....
I thought this piece was about Hollywood and then clarification of the truth behind it and as RCALLACI comments clearing indicate there is no insult going on here, there was a question of clarification, but those that went crazy certainly weren't me or Michael, and if you have any questions or if you want to further debate the FREE SPEECH issue and if anyone was denied it here or if I was wrong to ask for clarification of humor that was unqualified, then please take you questions to him. To RCALLACI please. Tina, I am tired, of explaining what has already been explained a million times over, and like I have said so many times before, people believe and see what they choose....blah blah blah blah. Revisionist history is always what it is from the standpoint of the individual writing it from there own point of view including yours. Thank you, Tina, but I wish no further conflict, I have made my peace, I have done my best. You choose you do what you want, but not with me, YOUR FRIEND, MY FRIEND TOO, RCALLACI can clarify any more comment or questions that you have. I am done dealing with revisionists and subjective opinions and all the other crap around here....I keep nothing going. I asked for clarification, but that seems to drive some people nuts around here, and I don't mean any one person in particular. The truth of what is written here and the order in which it is written speaks for itself. I am done.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 30, 2008 )

Hi Tina:

I'm sorry you have to read this dribble. But a few people think this is American Idol and well everybody wants their 15 seconds and sometimes I wish they would audition elsewhere....

Lena is a good friend.

Much love,


( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: August 30, 2008 )

RCALLACI-same old same old here....
Francisco it is you who has a holier than thou attitude and your issues are about you, this is all projection on your part, again no here stopped anyone else from just can't stand it when peace abounds, when all begin to be OK, like I said before take it RCALLACI because you are wrong on this one, wrong to think anyone stopped anyone from speaking and you are one of the auditions by the way....take your 15 minutes and your hate and your ego that you project onto me, and your lies that I ever claimed to be enlightened and take it to another stage, you need to thaw out and chill...Viper and I are cool with each other, Soos and I are cool, Michael is cool, Shannon is cool, poeteye and even Tammy is cool or was atleast last time we spoke, but it eats at you when you see things being OK, doesn't it? Enough Francisco. Your hate is now nothing but pure constant bait when I have done all I can to make peace and everyone here knows it....yet, you continue, and continue, I should just ignore you like everyone is telling me to, but darn, I want peace, I truly do, I want it all to stop. This is too much for me and my health....but I feel a certain loyalty to Lit.Org and I have paid my dues...what are you getting out of this? This constant hateful baiting at a time when peace is inches away, inchs away? Not quite there yet, but close. Your issues are obviously no longer about me, look inside yourself, Francisco. Can your ego handle it? I have humbled myself, I have apologized to all, I have done all I could to go against my conflicted nature to try and make peace in these past few days in order that Lit.Org could get on as usual...yet you can't let it go...I know how hard it is to let it go, I know how hard it is to stop being angry if you feel some unjustice has been done to you, but even with all that's happened, I gave it up because it is not worth it. I care too much about old friends, and what harmony can mean to the Lit.Org here. I want peace, love, harmony and creativity to flow once again...let go of the past, because your past is nothing compared to what mine here, I feel unjustice, right or wrong, I let it all go, and those that I felt had hurt me, I forgave them. They forgave me. Let it be, Francisco. For RCallaci request and the request of others who have asked me to stay and let us go back to another new day, I let it go. My ego is not more important than the whole here, because truly we are all part of the same whole.

Blessings and Namaste!

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 31, 2008 )

Take it to RCallaci, Francisco...
I am tired.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 31, 2008 )

I am Michael? Francisco, too funny!
You've really gone off the deep end. First you call me a devil like an exorcist fundamentalist, then, and this is the second time you have accused me of being Michael Finberg. Oh, please, you're ego, your holier than though is the problem now...not mine, having fun, enjoy! I find you funny now without a doubt...hysterical is a good term for you now. And as for asking RCallaci to intervene, yes, he should, he knows the big picture, he has been here many years, he has seen what has gone down, he has asked me and all others for peace now, he is working his best because that is what he does best, but you are now the wrench in that hinders any progress towards complete peace.

Devil? Me? No, some say it is possessed, I am beginning to believe they are right indeed.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 31, 2008 )

Hysterical, again, Francisco....
You are demon possessed as some have said that is why they do not bother answering you ego is in check I work on it, I am human, not perfect like you, I never claim to be anything that I am not, now you, claiming jokes are jokes when they are not, that is ego centered maliciousness.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 31, 2008 )

RCallaci, it is done.
Thank you.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 31, 2008 )

...back at the ranch....

( Posted by: gamblerman [Member] On: September 2, 2008 )

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