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Angela wakes back up in her apartment and her wrist is bleeding. Although, she has been enlightened with all the things she needs to know to crush and conquer the Kawazin. She sets out and trys to help her friend Jon Sprous but finds out what has happened to him and and the breathe taking demon.

Part 8: A Handy Wish

When Angela woke up she was sitting in her chair in her living room. She looked at her wrist and she saw blood was hideously dripping from it. This made her think of that awful place, and that no good demon. From her kitchen she took out several Band-Aids. After tending to her wounds she glanced at her clock. The time read 9:00 A.M. and the clock was defiantly not busted or off by a few seconds. A full day had almost passed.

“I was in that world for that long,” she said out loud. Then she remembered the demon and what she had to do. Inside her mind she could picture his diabolical face and evil grin. Why did it have to come after her. The pain and sorrow of this all passed through her like a log floating down a stream. Something new, some new feeling was filling her up. It wasn’t sickness or sorrow. She sat down on a chair and she let the feeling take over her.

“This will end,” she spoke out loud. “This beast has ran over me enough and now I will put him back to where he or it belongs,” she spoke again. Without hesitation she walked over to her phone and picked it and started to dial the number to Jon’s office. After a few seconds of waiting an operator picked up the phone.

“Columbia University how may I help you?” spoke the voice.

“Jon Sprous please,” she said sternly.

“One moment.” She waited patiently for the operators return.


“Jon I need to meet you at your office now or later today,”


“I have to talk to you about something in person,” she spoke calm but sternly.

“I see, I am very busy right now. How about 5:00 PM today.”

“Okay,” she said then hung up the phone. She knew that today would be the day she would speak out about this new threat. She wouldn’t keep her lips closed anymore about what was going on.

Later that day she drove down to Columbia University to meet up with Jon. She wore a pair of jeans with a white short sleeve button down shirt. Angela walked up the steps and into the building. Deep in her mind she knew what had to be done even if he didn’t listen to her. Many thoughts of what to say bounced around the walls of her head as she walked through the halls down towards his office. When she got into his office she went in shock with what she saw.

“Jon?” she gasped in a voice shocked.

“Yes.” replied the old gray man. He had a beard down to his waist and his eyes had lost color. His skin looked like it had wrinkled up like an old piece of fruit. He looked over at her and slightly grinned.

“My god, this must have been a side effect from a wish,” Angela thought. “Jon what happened?!” she spoke walking over to him.

“I really don’t know. I have already visited several doctors and yet not one of them had even proscribed anything nor told me what was wrong with my skin. They all know I’m 28 but I look like I’m 89. I have no clue what’s happening and why I am aging so quickly,” he spoke poorly, then his head dropped on his desk with disparity.”

Angela placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. She could see that he was turning old for a young man. Jon pulled out a small orange box of pills from his desk then took out a green one.

“I know why your like this,” she said calmly.

The old fellow looked at her with curiosity.

“How?” he asked in an anxious voice

“Did someone come here and started pulling off tricks or gave you anything you requested for?” she asked sounding a little unsure.

“Yes. A strange Asian man came and asked me many questions I think. Then he pulled out a vace just like the one I have but made of gold. Then I asked for more, I tipped the vace over and more riches just magically poured out.”

Angela now knew he was one of the victims of the Kawazin.

“Do you no a cure?”

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t no any cures but I have something in mind that might help. But I’m not certain if it would work.”

“What! What!” he asked anxiously.

“Well that man that granted you your wishes was no man, it was a devil.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t have time to explain. I’ll I have to say is that when we took that gem from the ruins of Babylon we had taken on something we were not aware of. We had disturbed something that was better left alone. This could have happened to anyone, but I will not let this beast run around in my land,” she said strongly.

“How do you know how to banish this thing, and will banishing this thing make me young again?”

“This thing can’t be killed or banished so easily. Every move we make towards him has a string tied to it.”

“It does? What do you exactly mean?”

“Every single wish we order him to make will come back and fatally attack us.”

“So how do we stop him.”

“I’m not sure but I’ll think of something. I know he must be quite the powerful one now with all the requests he has collected. I have a feeling that he will be hard to stop.” Angela then noticed that Jon had passed out on his desk. “Good God, He’s growing older by the minute,” she said to herself. “I’ll be back in a minute my friend.” She stood up from her chair and walked out of the room.

Little did she know the hunter was waiting. She walked down the halls to the bathroom. She walked into the spottles white room and entered one of the stalls. However, when she walked over to the sink to wash her hands she felt something dark come over her.

With a twist of one of the knobs the water came pouring onto her hands. The soap felt good on her hands as she rubbed them together. Slowly she picked her head up to look at herself in the mirror. What she saw to her right took her breath away. There was the demon grinning deviously in the mirror. She looked to her right but didn’t see anything.

“Your very cunning for a human,” spoke the evil voice from behind her. Slowly she turned to her left to face the hell spawned hoodlum. He was sitting on the left side of the sink, grinning as always with his legs crossed and fingers folded.

“So you’ve found me,” Angela said.

“Yes I did and I can see you were clever enough to find your way out of my trap.”

“Exactly. Now that I’m free I will make dispose of you!”

“Big words for a little human. Now I would be happy to grant you your second wish.”

Angela closed her eyes and started to think very deep. She wanted to use a wish that could save her life again as well as save others. Another thing she remembered, anything to damaging to the demon would damage her to somehow. Angela kept thinking.

“Take all the time you want. I can cut off all people from entering this side of the building,” the demon spoke. Just as he finished his sentence Angela’s eyes popped open. Oddly, a grin almost as devious as the Kawazin himself came up on Angela’s face.

“I want you to totally vanish for a day,” she spoke with confidence. The Kawazin’s grin altered into a frown as he heard the words. Then he almost started to laugh quietly.

“Well done, you have pulled off another good trick when even I was intimating you. But like all the wishes there is a price to be paid,” he said with a twisted smile.

Angela felt a sudden jerking sensation inside her stomach and around her ribs. The pain started to grow. She grabbed her side and started to clinch her teeth in pain. Her face started to turn red. This pain was new to her, it felt so life draining. The Kawazin smiled and then vanished from sight. Angela started to scream, this pain was almost more than she could handle. The pain started to rip at her insides and made her feel like she was being gutted with a razor blade. Tears were rolling down her cherry red face she could not help but to squeal as the pain grew worse. Suddenly she felt herself choke and gagged terribly. Her hands clutched at her stomach like a eagle grabbing its prey, then she fainted.

“Angela. Angela hello,” spoke a voice over her head. Her eyes slowly opened, but there was a problem there was blinding light and it was right over her face.

“What, where am I?” she said faintly.

“Your all right!” spoke the voice again. Then Angela came to her senses and she knew who it was, it was Derek. She could tell by his green turtle neck and glasses with brown hair.

“Do you remember anything?”

“Remember what?” she asked sitting up straight. She now realized she was in a bed and she was in the infirmary at Columbia. “Who found me? What happened?”

“Well I was walking by and I saw the door to the ladies room wide open with you laying down on the floor passed out. I immediately called for help and the nurses came and we brought you here.”


“The reason why we didn’t notify any hospitals is because the nurses told me it was nothing severe and you would be all right in a few hours. I have been watching the clock ever since.”

Angela got out of the bed and walked out of the room after thanking Derek. Derek wasn’t the most normal person but he was very kind to Angela, always putting others before himself. Now she had the time to get some rest and think of how she could banish the Kawazin. Ever since she left the forest she had the info in the back of her head. When she woke up she heard the words of a great voice speaking to her all about the demon. This was the info all about the Kawazin his likes, dislikes strengths, weaknesses the works, and she had it all.

Colin Clifford

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