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Iím one of a growing number of Americans who has realized (I much sooner than most, since I suspected it from the very beginning) that George Bush (the elder) and his moron of a son, George W. and their friends commissioned Osama bin Laden to enact the 9-11 disaster.

The more this low-intellect bastard screams for war and drags the world towards oblivion, the more I think it obvious that we have had an American parallel to Hitlerís Reichstag Fire.

To solidify his power in Germany, to dissolve the remnants of democratic government there (where heíd been elected) and to exascerbate his demonization of the Jews, Adolf Hitler and his cronies had a beloved national monument burned to the ground. This naturally enraged the public and it became easier for him to persecute the Jews and become the despot we remember.

Now, our whore Over Here has taken yet another page from the Fuhrerís book and murdered thousands of people on American soil in order to further his fatherís age-old agenda of acquiring control of Iraqi oil.

If you need more proof of all of this, I point out the fact that FBI agents who were hot on the trail of the terrorists who later destroyed the WTC and damaged the Pentagon were silenced and the information buried or disregarded. All the idiot lights went off and the powers-that-be ignored the warnings because Osama bin Laden was, and likely is, still a resource to the CIA with which we know he once worked.

I also point out that itís awfully hard to hide from Uncle Sam, and he was awfully elusive.

Thereís a Frenchman out there writing about this problem: there is a rising suspicion throughout the world that the masters of the U.S. Government did this to us themselves. Itís not the first time, either, that either Uncle Sam or his corporate masters have Ďset us upí to get into a war.

I point out the involvement of the newspaper moguls of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in helping provoke wars with Spain and other nations in order to help justify resource acquisition.

The Gulf of Tonkin incident that helped spark the Viet Nam Ďconflictí has always been suspect, and we know how that all turned out: the military industrial complex certainly reaped rewards and 60,000 + Americans and millions of Viet Namese, Cambodians and Laosians died on the altar of Capitalist warmongery. Viet Nam still hasnít recovered a lot of the formerly arable land destroyed by tactics such as the deforestation of thousands of square miles by Agent Orange. The numbers of American battle casualties are actually likely to be much higher, because only GIís who actually died on the battlefield were listed as combat casualties; if they died at the hospital they werenít catalogued that way.

I recently discovered that more than three million Koreans died during the Korean War (led by the United States) from 1950 to 1953. Was this necessary to protect American Freedom? Itís just another obscenity. No wonder North Korea wants nuclear weapons.

I point out Defense Secretary Rumsfieldís comment, protested loudly by veteransí groups, that Americans drafted in previous wars (when we still had the draft) were worthless in their contributions to Americaís conflicts. Then how the hell did we win?

Well, going off-topic a little, as Congressman Ragel has pointed out, a military full of people who join up for economic reasons (especially lots of minorities) allows for the rich to completely avoid service, and neatly ends the problem that emerged during Viet Nam: public opposition to war.

Now, the demographic majority (the white middle class) doesnít have to serve in conflict and therefore is apathetic to it. As Ragel has pointed out, the American public really doesnít invest much worry over our international crimes anymore, because the people who did most of the dirty work for Uncle Sam in the past no longer have to go.

I made plain my opinion of George W. Bush as a moron clear earlier; Iím in good company. Nelson Mandela, the saintly civil rights leader who helped transform South Africa from an apartheid state, recently pointed out that George W. is arrogant, unintelligent and an outlaw warmonger with no respect for the authority of the international community. The United States is indeed an outlaw, since it has broken United Nations law almost uncountable times and does so consistently today. Of course, Native Americans could have told the world to expect this behavior. Virtually every treaty made between Native tribes and the U.S. Government has been broken.

Now, we create and support some of the most horrid dictators in history only to either bail them out or destroy them later (Hitler, Noriega, Marcos, Saddam, ad nauseum). They help us access resources and cheap labor otherwise difficult to obtain or run interference for us while we try to exert our evil influence in a region. We truly do things the way the Romans did them, through deceit (mostly of our people at home) and terror. The Romans got away with it for a thousand years because the working class didnít read and write.

George W. Bush and his dad and their masters arenít so lucky. While misinformation and manipulation has held us at bay for quite a while, and the good cop/bad cop game between the two political Ďfrontí parties, the Democrats (Democans) and Republicans (Republicrats) keeps us guessing and divided, our ability to gain information and disseminate ideas (especially since the rise of the commercially-available internet) has helped us nearly to catch up with them.

The revolution will happen on the internet, and then in the real world.

If there is no revolution removing these horrible people and their corporate masters from power, there will be worldwide holocaust and possibly extinction. We still have sundry terrible weapons and as Nelson Mandela pointed out, are still the only nation on the earth to have actually used nuclear weapons against another. The genocide of millions upon millions of Native Americans and many other defenseless peoples around the world still weigh heavily against America, and the piper will be paid.

Americans are a hard people to teach, and they donít dig very deep for political or social insight. They also allow themselves quite easily to be led by media pundits (such as Rush Limbaugh) and religious manipulators not so dissimilar to those in the Islamic world (such as the sundry televangelists, such as Pat Robertson). Finally, however, Americans are catching on to just how evil our government is, and that we need to gain control of it quickly.

I say: We, the People, must gain control of the United States Government now, right now, at any cost necessary. The alternative is world destruction and the cause is the greed of a comparative handful of people, and nothing else.

The Alienist

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The following comments are for "Our Moron President: George W. Bush the Warmonger"
by The Alienist

Right On
I couldn't agree with you more. You and I and other people who agree with you on this site should maybe get together in a forum or something to discuss this further.

( Posted by: Virtex [Member] On: March 10, 2003 )

Contact me at

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: March 10, 2003 )

Good points
I hate that terrible monkey man. I thought it was a little jumpy, but it needed to be I suppose to contain all we've done against others.

Also. I think you must consider that even though you've used good examples, you can't always formulate a country's future from its past. America is definitely an exception, but you can't make these statements all the time.

And the problem you mentioned with recruitable minorities is still an issue. The rich and middle class will continue to remain disinterested in the US' reasons for going to war until it can be proven as a personal interest. Right now, we're secure. Even 9-11 didn't make that much of a dent on most people; after a brief interlude, people didn't care. And they won't, until someone tells us to. Pearl Harbor was a terrible blow, and when FDR called for war, we agreed. He was uneager to become involved. George Bush continues to incite riot aimlessly against any who have "weapons of mass desturction", but even George, our talking dummy pres, has the potential with one word to mobilize the thoughtless. The only solution is America sucks. I'm moving outside the country when I get the means and the money. This was another pointless debacle of an opinion brought to you by Me.

( Posted by: Washer [Member] On: March 10, 2003 )

Mad Props and Wow
I'm reading this from my console now and though I already suspected as much was true of our 'esteemed fearless leader', sincere thanks for pointing it
out. I'm just sorry I don't have more time to write an effective comment as I'm off to a protest march. But to sum it, wow? Kick ass commentary
and then some. There arent enough gallons of oil to be worth a gallon of blood. Here's to keeping up the word for truth, justice and freedom.

( Posted by: Tigerlily [Member] On: March 16, 2003 )

food for thought
I'm not an American and while the sentiment that this article is absolutely true does not run rampant here, it does in Latin America. Food for thought, suddenly, when your closest neighbours think that you could be guilty of perpetrating something so horrible and so obviously politically motivated.

As un-popular as it may be, I still maintain that 9/11 was the best thing that could have happened to Bush's political career...

( Posted by: desconocida [Member] On: March 22, 2003 )

Baghdad Resort
Oh, that's rich. So we supported Hitler and our president destroyed the WTC and murdered all those citzens. You sure don't think much of America, do you?

I will say this - I sure am glad America was around this last century and stepped in to finish what others started, winning two World Wars. Or you might be writing in Japanese. Seems like we often end up mopping up what someone else started. Now we are busy finishing up what Saddam started twelve years ago. And thank God we backed down the Russians during the cold war.

Yep, if you want to leave the country, I'm sure Baghdad would love to have you. For all our faults, mistakes and everything else; this planet is damn lucky it has America on it.

As far as your claim concerning Bush blowing up the WTC, that is so absurd! The fact you believe that shows how narrow minded and gullible you truly are.

Open up your eyes and take an "educated" look around.

You cited a Frenchman writer. Hey, maybe France would be a more suitable country for you. I hear they've really got it together over there. :-)

( Posted by: TheSearcher [Member] On: March 28, 2003 )

Think outside the box
It's been proven that FDR allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor, knowing the attack was coming, because America's corporate bosses wanted an Asian market empire, to take over from the British, as a matter of economic competition.

There are more than one dozen books, generally titled partially 'Helping Hitler', about American corporate and financial assistance to Hitler and Nazi Germany before and during WW2.

I'm criticizing America because it needs criticism; else freedom of speech is wasted and I will not have listened to the Founding Father Thomas Paine, who admonished us not to trust government. Americans like you are absolute idiots. But that's ok.

America contributed to the causes of both those world wars, so don't act like we're such the good guys. There is terrible darkness in America's history, and no one seems to want to address it.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: March 28, 2003 )

,and then there was common sense...
While the hate continues to be spewed by the leftists within this country they despise, Iraq enjoys freedom that only action by such an apalling president as ours could give. God bless such morons and their evil intentions, may they save us all from the brilliance of the elitist conspiricy theorists and the high morals of the appeasers.

( Posted by: malthis [Member] On: April 22, 2003 )

This is an easy view to take when the bad guy wins, and you take the NARROW view of...




And again we have someone who insists that dissent is treason.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: April 22, 2003 )

I read your ramblings and decided I should say something on behalf of the white middle class, which I am betting you are a part of and are just angry that mommy and daddy didn't give you enough attention. Your belief that George Bush Jr allowed thousands of my fellow New Yorkers and Americans to be slaughtered on september 11th. My family were one of the few that did not loose a loved one. This belief blows my freakin mind that an American president did this. First off preisdent bush did not let terrorists run rampant the world did. We also had Bin Laden and Hussein in the snipers sight and the world said no. We also had Bin Laden in custody but the world and Law said no. Comparing to bush hitler... I don't know what to say about this except...WHAT!!! where the hell do you get that comparison from. The rest of your article I agreed on some levels. Korea and Vietnam was not our problem they were just a dick waving contest between Russia and America. Many good men died for no good reason. And yes America has done some pretty horrible things in its existance but what country hasn't. You want us to be angels but we are only human and that is all we will be. If we lower our guard there is no doubt in my mind that America will die the right to free speech will die because of leftys like you who want to stick their head in the sand and hope everything turns out for the best.
And this revolution you talk about if it does happen I will stand side by side with true americans and fight you with my last breath. And this is one White Middle Class american who will be serving his country however I can be used to protect this great land. Semper Fi.

( Posted by: ProundToBeAAngryAmerican [Member] On: April 24, 2003 )

debate the issue
Please keep to debating the issue and not becoming personal. Personal attacks are not allowed so please keep it civil.

Some of these posts are crossing over to personal rather than political and I understand that this kid of debate really heats people up. So I remind you to keep it about the issue.

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: April 24, 2003 )

...but the point is that there were literally hundreds upon hundreds of safeguards against this sort of happening, all the way from the State Department to Immigration to various security agencies, and these guys slipped right through.
The FBI was ignored in its warnings.
Look at the testimonies to the homeland security committee. Two women who lost loved ones testified themselves that the incredible number of coincidences necessary to allow this to happen is simply staggering.

It was an inside job, and I stand by that statement. If you're going to ignore that strong possibility, you're the one with your head in the sand.

The fact that this is about oil, the oil dollar and power in the middle east combined with Bush's shady election - and the mere fact that the President and Veep are both oilmen...
means that the American People had better do some hard thinking very soon.

You said my head is in the sand? We bring these terrorists upon us by continuing to depend on oil, an illegally-supported and printed dollar (the present status of the dollar is unconstitutional) and by supporting Israel without forcing them to allow justice to come to the Palestinian people. America's clients should not have statehood at the expense of someone else. Israel must come to terms with the Palestinian issue; the Arabs aren't going to give up on this. We wouldn't, after all, but we're good at stealing land.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: April 24, 2003 )

Give me a break!
I do not have the time nor do I have the gumption to pull together the words that describe the ridiculousness of your rambling...I mean comments. I can only say that I believe it is not President Bush who is the moron here. If you could refrain from the adhominem attacks which propell your writing into nothing more than common variety hate mail, you might be more readable. And I take it your really not aspiring to be taken seriously as a writer...unless you meant to submit this into the fiction catagory.

( Posted by: kb62 [Member] On: April 24, 2003 )

Why is what I'm saying 'adhominem'?
Do you want my references? Are you actually going to look at what I indicated? These are not lies. I didn't pull this stuff out of my ass.

There is serious evidence of US Government collusion in all of this. I'll add one more conspicuous item: the White House isn't giving much if any support to any investigation of 9-11.

Do you really listen to two sides of a story or is it really just that much more secure a feeling to simply trust the government?

Thomas Paine said that this was a dangerous practice (trusting the Government, as a principle).

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: April 24, 2003 )

You asked...
Ummm, "moron of a President", "moron of a son", "low-intellect bastard" and "our whore over here"...look up ad hominem if you do not recognize these as falling within the definition.

No, I do not blindly trust our government, but I certainly trust them...I mean us way more than oh, say, Sadaam or others of his ilk. And, yes, I absolutely want your sources because you site none here, which gives the piece little have mixed op-ed into investigative reporting and back again. Even when you come close to sourcing your information, we all come to learn that they are merely "a Frenchman out there" and quotes from Nelson Mandela...not a real weighty foundation to support the endless stream of accusations and conspiracy theory.

I do listen to two sides but, frankly, other than the huge abyss that separates us politically, the greater problem I am having with this piece is the barrage of loosely related topics. I mean, they are all political, true, but you just don't consistently pull off one clearly concise theme other than perhaps that you hate George Bush. So, other than that, I'm not clear on what your story is and to which I should even begin to be able to give thoughtful contemplation.

Take this for what itís worth, but if you want people like myself to listen, if you would like to influence the uneducated masses; enlighten us all, you have got to narrow it down and clarify exactly what is your point.

( Posted by: kb62 [Member] On: April 24, 2003 )

open to other view points
first I would like to apologize to alienist this is america and you have your right to free speech. My attack was childish and for that I am sorry. I am very patriotic and I was in a VERY bad mood. I would like to see your sources for I am a naturally curious of all view points.

( Posted by: ProundToBeAAngryAmerican [Member] On: April 25, 2003 )

No problem.
I'm at work right now but I'll deliver on my sources shortly, no later than the weekend.

Two of my sources shall be speeches given by 9-11 survivors to the government's committee on the disaster.

My rhetoric on Bush is pure purple emotive blast when using my raw descriptions of him early in the article as k mentioned. For that I'll take it on the chin. However, that is how I feel about him.

Don't mistake me for a Clinton fan, however. I'm true left, not a limousine liberal. Many Americans don't realize there's a difference.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: April 25, 2003 )

Sorry to be late, but here goes:
Here is a list of my sources, some of them new to me since I wrote my much-debated critique of George W. Bush and my accompanying accusation of his complicity in 9-11 for his own gains and
those of his friends, by which I still stand firmly:

This link following is particularly important, and you need to download free Acrobat .pdf reader
from or to read it:

This following link is also particularly important and is filled with sources regarding unanswered

I point out in particular this imbedded link from the above:

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: May 5, 2003 )

Ever heard love is blind?
Although it is not wrong to love America, Too much love can leave you with a blinded veiw of our actual true colors. And these problems happen all around the world, and if it can happen to others, isnt it un-intellegent to say it could'nt happen to us?
I must say that I am proud to be an American. I am unproud to say there is corruption that has went on and continues to go on in our beutiful land.
I read this article and found it interesting and very how should i say coincidental. I dabble into history for the fact that history tends not to lie, people do. Americans do your homework, the system is our everyday lives. The television, the news, our economy, over all its the politics, of course they would be "P.C." about things. You have to have supporters before you have a leader. To think we are not manipulated for this purpose even though of its bad moral is more insane to think then anything! The best way to find out how bad our leaders are(not to be confused with the people of America) is to ask someone un polluted by the propaganda we have been feed for our whole life. You know our history books in school are approved by uncle sam, the schools in general are run by him as well. By the time you are out of school its a scientific fact your mentality structure is preety much made up.Coincidence huh? How with so much border patrols and the advanced security(CIA,FBI,Customs,Dogs) do drugs by the thousands of tons come into a country with such a war on drugs? the awnser is no one knows that is allowed to talk about it. There is a saying the more you hear a lie the more believable it becomes. Our officials go to the extreme of making it a patriotic thing, to the point that if anyone questions them they are un patriotic. Kind of like saying a man who doesnt have a deep voice isnt as much of a man as one who does. A manipulating stereotype to play people off against eachother. How can you judge peoples patriotism, when the wars on hand have nothing to do with patriotism. It has something to do with making people feel a part of something, or the somebody playing on our human nature of loyalty to our country. Im not bashing America when I state these comments, but I also wont sit around and act as anyone mixed in that big of business and power(government)wouldnt be tempted to do un moral things. We as humans do un moral things some everyday some every month. What makes us so nieve to believe that our president(who by the way is human and not God) could make mistakes for his alteritive motives? I know some people go into denial as soon as issues too big for their understandings come into play, because its easier to believe what your told as opposed to doing actual research. But this my friends is probably why the endless cycle continues to go on the way it does. I guess I don't hate the players I hate the game. You should too.
with respect to difference of opinions,

( Posted by: Md2020 [Member] On: July 29, 2003 )

Winning World Wars, Searcher? My parents and grandparents had their backs to the bloody wall in Britain, until the USA finally condescended to help. If the RAF hadn't beaten off the Luftwaffe, WITHOUT your help, you'd have had to invade Nazi-occupied Britain. So, a bit less of this, 'Oh, we swan around putting the world to rights' BULL****. Russia's efforts on their front, battling the Nazis was a major factor, as was the European-wide Resistance organisations. You didn't win it on your own, neither did we. Allies, I believe, was the term. Please, let's try to remember that.

( Posted by: ogg [Member] On: September 1, 2003 )

Bush is a tyrant!
Everybody knows that Bush is a tyrant, a dictator on the same level as Saddam; it's just that Bush and his administration is more covert about it, but it's all the same. I have my own theories about who is REALLY responsible for 9/11. I believe the U.S. government as a whole has a master plan to make virtual slaves out of all of us by taking away our civil liberties, and I believe that 9/11 played a pivotal role in that plan. Read between the lines. It's not that hard to discern what's really going on.

( Posted by: Nicquerica [Member] On: September 19, 2003 )

Slow down folks.
This piece was very well written. I agree the US is behind all this. Someone up there wrote..."nothing more than common variety hate mail, you might be more readable. And I take it your really not aspiring to be taken seriously as a writer...unless you meant to submit this into the fiction catagory. "
The thing is, this is readable...Alienist...keep it up. It is important for the whole world to look at it from both sides....let's keep an open mind. It is hard to have someone insult your own nation...even if it is a fellow nationalist....I think this is true patriotism. It is telling your ruler he is wrong when he is....and he is right when he is. Unfortunately, the world has gotten used to keeping their mouths shut to stay alive. Great read....and I'm all for it....keep it up.

( Posted by: Serendipity [Member] On: July 18, 2004 )

This thread is still going?!!
LOL, I can't believe I'm seeing more comments on this old worn out piece. Must be an election year....

Anyway, to add something more...literary critique if you will... I'll add that the hatemongers that write this stuff need to make a decision.
Either Bush is a moron or an evil genius. Make up your f@#$ing minds.


( Posted by: malthis [Member] On: July 18, 2004 )

Bush was the one who called Islam a 'fake religion' right on national television. Bush is the one who has been raining bombs on people he knows are not responsible for a terrorist incident he helped stage. Bush is the one who is allowing Israel to destroy the lives of people who have inhabited Palestine for century upon century before the European Jews forcibly settled there with the help of the British. Bush is the one who is sacrificing the lives of working class people for the wealth of himself and his buddies, while they gain nothing, while hearing insane indoctrination about terrorism we have brought on ourselves. Bush is the one who is trying to push through a Prohibition-style Constitutional Ammendment banning gay marriage (which is a personal matter of religion). Bush is the one who makes billions from oil but sabotages education and reduces civil rights in order to derail citizens' right to display dissent. Bush is the one who brought a Defense Secretary into his cabinet who has been shown to have approved torture, and particularly perverse torture at that - as well as approve bombings with unacceptable civilian casualties according to a predetermined doctrine, every time such bombings were to occur. The doctrine went right out the window.

Bush is the one who forced the CIA to more or less frame Iraq for WMD's, making the nonexistent evidence fit like a Procrustean Petard because Bush and Rumsfeld demanded it.

With his brother helping him cheat in Florida by preventing Blacks from voting - which he did again later in his own re-election bid against Cuban-American Janet Reno, disabling the new voting machines - and his cousin falsely announcing his victory in order to illegally influence uncast votes - Bush has shown contempt and hatred for the American People and the Democratic Process.

How can people not put two and two together? The man is a whore, liar, coward, murderer, war criminal, warmonger, bigot, racist, thief and cheater. He's scum of the earth and was NOT legitimately elected. The media will not talk about the truth and neither will the politicians. The Americans who continue to follow the media and the politicians are fools and ostriches who don't want to see that their political party (as is its alternative) is hostile to the public interest.

Humanity cannot live like this. This bastard parasite needs to be removed from office hell or high water.

( Posted by: The Alienist [Member] On: July 18, 2004 )

Read this BOOK
Al right folks....maybe if you don't believe The should read this book. It is hard to come by...and costs about 49$. It is called "Sound the Alarm from Saudi Arabia", by tom Griffith. It was written in the 80s and basically talks about the US plan to bomb several places by having planes crash into them. Don't believe me...check it out!!

( Posted by: Serendipity [Member] On: July 19, 2004 )

Right On.....
Hey Alienist I'm with you, I know you speak the truth even if many of these folks on here choose to look the other way and believe everything is just A-ok!!! We know better. I've talked with my sister on this topic many times and we cannot figure out how people are able to swallow the b.s. of this complete and total moron that stole his way into the white house. Can you shed some light on that because I just don't get it? And did you hear the latest reports out of Europe that reported that the "missing" ballot boxes were found and counted....and YOU GUESSED IT Bush lost!!! Big surprise hey? I've never seen a more disgusting display in any administration to date!! Now my EX (emphasis here on Ex) boyfriend wants me to provide "proof" that the ballot boxes of the democratic precincts were stolen. How would I get the "proof" this goofball wants and isn't this another ploy to simply NOT see the truth again? And he can't figure out WHY I don't want to get back with him....gee can you say irreconcilable differences! Let me know where I can get his "proof" if you can.

The other thing I want to address here is the fiasco that the press caused considering Bill Clinton. Remember how they harangued him and harassed him for all kinds of crimes and evil deeds??? Well guess turns out he's been completely vindicated and proven innocent but our lovely little press doesn't think it's interesting enough to report or that they and the losers up in Washington don't owe this man and his family an apology. Please, they ought to have a press conference and beg forgiveness of him and the American people that had to listen to their horse sh*t for untold months.

Anyway this whole war-thing makes me sick and I am in the Navy Reserves. I was so embarrassed by that scandle with the detainees in Iraq that was earlier revealed that I didn't want to 'fess up that I was a part of the military. To make matters worse I have to listen to the most ignorant slams against democrats...calling them socialists and communists and you name is just disgusting to listen to. I guess my military career will be short-lived!!

We can stop the hatemongering, as some put it, by voting Bush OUT of office...that's a good start!!

( Posted by: LilMystic [Member] On: August 20, 2004 )


Be careful not to go to

The second link is a Republican link that mimics the name of the progressive link so that people who type the wrong thing will be misled, and channeled right into right-wing propaganda. It was established much more recently and is meant to be deceptive, just like so much other stuff they do.

You can also try my recent links in defense of this article. Just look at me in the members list and look at everything I've written, links are there and other materials.

Let me steer you here as well:

( Posted by: the alienist [Member] On: August 20, 2004 )

Will these people STOP at nothing to mislead people....I'm sorry but this attempt at manipulation disgusts me. You absolutely have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to figure these people and their agenda out! Sorry about the mini vent session but it is quite frustrating.

( Posted by: LilMystic [Member] On: August 20, 2004 )

I agree and have been looking for a way to connect 9/11 to Bush as I believed he was the cause.July 18, 2006 My friends and fellow human beings, I am pleading that from 11:45 p.m. July 31st until 12:15 a.m. August 1st that everyone in the international community shut everything off except their porch light, then light a candle and go outside either by yourself or in a group. Then for 30 minutes, create a unity of silence for peace, or do a chant, or a prayer, or sing a song, or do some qi gong, meditate, do some woo-g-gong, do them all, or get creative and create your own cry for peace. The reason for the dates I choose, are as follows, the first one is to create an end to the violence and chaos, destroying our humanity. The reason for the second one is to show we are being blessed with a new day, a chance for a new beginning, another chance to create ultimate peace. The reason for the lighting is simple, to light the way for peace. I fear we are on the brink of World War 3, and if we do not stand together as human beings creating one whole to send the message we are for peace and will not allow you to continue your rampage of chaos, in your attempt to divide us. We will be well on our way to World War 3, as it seems that war is becoming a first course of action, instead of last, or my personal favorite, not at all. We need to send a strong message to that intent on creating the end. So please I beg you all to hold on tight to your humanity, let no one weaken or take it from you, it is yours-you own it. No matter what happens in those 30 minutes, or anytime after that, the only response will be one of peace. Every time we counter act with violence we add to the destruction of humanity, as well as help chaos grow. If challenged, close your eyes, take a deep breath, as you exhale say come what may-I am standing for peace-come what may we will greet with nothing but peace. If you still feel the need to respond, by all means do so-by digging even deeper inside you so you can turn up the volume on peace. Whatever you do, do not allow them to entice or trick you into relinquishing your humanity, adding to their chaos, taking your goal for peace from you, will it be hard to do, probably, impossible, no. These masons love to rule and feed off of chaos, the only intervention is a unity of peace, so that we must become, if we want to restore the world to the peaceful state the majority of us desire. Please pass this message on as it has a lot of people to reach-and needs your help to reach them. Then when the time comes PACIFIC TIME, join in with the rest of the world for 30 minutes combining all that is in your heart with every ounce of your passion to help create a great force through silence, prayer, chant, qi gong, meditation, woo-g-gong, song, whatever you choose fill the atmosphere, at the same time release your anger as it will transform into good and allow forgiveness, it will leave very little to no room for war or the end. We need to create a good so strong that it alone will reset the Dooms Day Clock, giving us more life than it ever did being set by man. It is time for all of us to put our differences aside, remember it is our differences that make life so colorful and worth living. For if we were all the same-think how boring life would be, a never-ending monotony in itself. It takes more than just lumber, or just glass, or just nails, to build, it is the same for humanity, it takes all of our diversities to build a strong, proud, accepting, tolerant, understanding, and peaceful community for humanity to flourish. So united we must stand, because divided we will fall. And they depend on us being divided, even if they have to do the dividing, but only if we allow it. I however am intent on keeping us united, the greater our understanding of one another becomes, the stronger our humanity will become, creating all of us together as one unwavering force of humanity. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU Ė NO MATTER WHO YOUR GOD IS. Please even if you cannot respond or act as requested, or even if you will, either way, please pass this information on. It would be greatly appreciated if those with the knowledge to translate this to other languages would do so and pass it on, as it has a lot of ground to cover, I have faith that if all of us unite, the ground will get covered, and a miracle will take place-the miracle of peace and love, as it will over whelm all intent on dividing us, then from this day forward, question anyone who wants to plant a seed of hate. I know of no one that wants their family involved in war, because of that I know our chances of creating one world using all of our diversities to create one humanity will allow the birth of world peace for all.

( Posted by: tncotr [Member] On: July 20, 2006 )

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