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A shot rang out from overhead. A young man cried out in agony as he stumbled backwards. “Mission successful, Sir.” He heard a low voice carry on the wind as heavy footsteps disappeared into the darkness.

The young man backed against the brick wall of the alley. His head pounded in unison with his heart. His breathing was unsteady. He sank to the ground.

Clutching his abdomen, he cried for help. ‘I can’t go like this,’ his thoughts ripped through his skull, ‘not now. Please, God, not yet.’

“Makani, is that you?” A gentle, feminine voice brought the young man back to reality.

“Acacia, help me,” He cried.

“Oh my god, what happened?” The woman rushed to Makani’s side. She did not wait for an answer. “Here, lay down.”

Makani groaned as Acacia helped him lay flat, “Rais. I need Rais.” His tears stung his pale face.

Acacia pulled out her phone and quickly dialed a number. “Rais, it’s… no, everything’s not okay…. He’ll have to tell you that one…. I—I don’t know. Just hurry.” She hung up the phone and looked down into Makani’s eyes. “Hang on, kid. He’ll be here soon. We’ll get you to Faunus’ and get you all fixed up. Okay?” Acacia unbuttoned Makani's tight, black shirt. “Oh my god,” she whispered when her eyes caught sight of the gaping wound in the young man's stomach.

Acacia slid Makani out of his shirt and wadded it into a ball. With her left hand, she pressed it to his wound. “Hang on, Makani.”

Makani let an ear-piercing cry escape from the back of his throat as Acacia applied heavy pressure to his wound. His eyelids were growing heavier and heavier as the seconds slipped by. He was unable to move. His entire body screamed in pain. He was cold. The blood loss was taking its toll on him. “Rais,” he mumbled as he saw a dark figure approaching. Makani tried to reach out to him. “Rais, I—I c—can’t…” A weak gasp broke his sentence.

Rais knelt down beside Makani. His dark eyes reflected the dying young man. Pulling Makani into his arms, he spoke in and almost demanding tone, “Who did this to you?”

Makani took a moment to respond. He had to catch his breath. “The Agency,” he said in a short breath. He felt his thin frame leave the ground. Rais' arms held him tightly. He knew he was finally safe again. “Rais.”

“It's okay, Love.” Rais spoke softly as he climbed into the back seat of the car still holding Makani tightly. He shifted his dark gaze to Acacia in the rear view mirror. “We need to get him to Faunus as quickly as possible.”

Acacia nodded and put the car in drive.

“Rais, I—I'm so…tired.” Makani could not speak any louder than a whisper.

Rais pushed a waist length, black hair out of the young man's face. “I need you to stay awake, Love.” He took Makani's hand. Rais bit his lip as he stared down at the young man. He moved his eyes to the wound on Makani’s abdomen but quickly looked away. “I'm so sorry this happened to you, Love. I should've been there to protect you.” He softly kissed Makani's forehead.

“My guard…” Makani gasped for air. His body trembled. Tears continued to roll down his angelic visage. He could not finish his sentence. “I—I…,” he choked.

“Sh,” Rais gently hushed the young man. “Don't say anything. Just focus on staying awake. Okay?”

Makani gave a weak, obedient nod. He knew he would not last much longer. He felt his life slipping away as each minute slowly passed. His vision grew blurry.


“Makani? No!” Rais yelled, “Acacia, hurry! We need to get him to Faunus. He's probably the only one on our side who’s willing to help him.” He frantically shook Makani and cried, “Wake up, Love. Wake up.” Tears filled Rais’ eyes. When was the last time he had cried? It had been so long, not even he remembered.

Rais caught Acacia's dark navy gaze in the rear view mirror. “How could you let this happen?”

“What do you mean?”

Acacia nervously pushed her blonde side-swept bangs out of her face. She kept her eyes focused on the road ahead of her.

Rais rolled his eyes and answered her question, “You were supposed to make sure nothing happened to him. You were supposed to bring him to me unharmed. What were you doing, anyway? Your little mishap screwed everything up.” Looking down at Makani, he sighed heavily and pushed a tear from his cheek.

“My little mishap? Maybe you shouldn't have fallen in love with a human. Ever think of that? You've put all of your kind in danger because you're in love. Love is for fools,” Acacia spat.

A chilling aura radiated from Rais and filled the car. He glared at Acacia through the mirror. “Jealousy can lead to madness, Acacia. You of all Vampires should know that.” His cold words rolled off his tongue with ease, “You were with him the entire time. Why didn't they kill you? You gave them hints. You told them our plans. You risked everything because you're jealous. You know they'll kill you once they've rung you dry of information.”

“You think I did this? What do I have to be jealous of? Mortality? I don’t think so. Rais, you're letting those damned human emotions control you.” Acacia stayed focused on the road while Rais said nothing. “It's a wonder the Agency hasn't killed you yet anyway. You walk mindlessly, blinded by love, down these streets hand in hand with a human. You're lucky; they probably don't even know you're the one he was waiting for.”

“And how would you know that?” Rais asked as he checked Makani's pulse.

“You can walk in daylight. They probably don't know that you're a half-breed.”

“Pull over,” Rais demanded. Something told him to get out of the car. This wasn't the way to Faunus’.

“What? Why?”

“Just pull the hell over.” As Acacia did as she was told, Rais climbed out of the car still holding Makani tightly in his arms. He began walking in the opposite direction they had come from.

Rais kept his eyes focused on his surroundings making sure no one was following them. He paused for a moment when he heard Acacia curse, “Just like him, you'll be dead by dawn!” Rais continued forward.

DJ '08

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The following comments are for "Guardian Ch. 1"
by DiviJordison

less is more
There are much more subtle things to write about than stabbings.

( Posted by: paperbackwriter [Member] On: June 4, 2008 )

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