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A Galactic Kind of Release

This non-linear thinking is not always very efficient, for transmitting tons of information,
in a small ambiguous space, there's just too many associations hitting from too many
complex directions, what a quick space-out, these elites, breeding in the next horny
generation, culling them away from these crazy non-conformists, with this linear thinking
made by these elites, for the ruling of the planet through intense violence, media illiteracy
thus encouraged in the schools so that subtle forms of non-linear deception can induce in
the other non-conformists a self-imposed kind of haze, with profit as the main principle,
and death as the main course for the useless eaters on the planet, everyone to be kept on
tight leashes with perfect blinders, for the dummies watching TV, so now just take me to
your leader! These humans, they're pretty silly, in their moments of violent excitement as
they release matter energy in such cumbersome and dangerous ways, do they really speak
Chinese, will they ever release this energy from empty space in a safe and kind way?
without any pesky wires like satellite information, will these silly humans find a way to
feed the whole planet without Morgan Stanley saying there must be a way for great
profits to be made? I can now read any mind, the moon is not really from this familiar
solar system, I can also concentrate information into just one tiny little symbol, so you
know dear Allen, I'm with you here now on the dry Martian plains, I'm with you right
here as these humans keep on fucking the planet.

SF county, Marin county, Trinity county, California, America, Earth, round about 2003

Alien Notes:


SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative: Star Wars started by Reagan and continued by Bush. Space defense missile system created for cold war purposes, but probably inspired by anti-alien concerns. Worth trillions to defense contractors.
Columbine: High school in Colorado where student massacre took place.
Oklahoma: site of first home-grown American terrorist attack. Over 200 killed.
Moloch: Fire god worshipped by idolatrous Jews. Children were sacrificed to him. Made famous in Ginsberg's Howl poem.
Padmasambhava: Founder of Tibetan Buddhism. An Indian adept.
Ramakrishna: Great Bengali saint in the 19th century who taught that all religions were one.
Vivekenanda: Ramakrishna's messenger to the west.
Teilhard: Greatest Christian theologian of the 20th century. The global mind prophet.
Dan Rather: News anchor on CBS news.


Melchizedek: Mysterious king of Salem who gave refuge to the patriarch Abraham. Considered an early emanation of Christ.
Amschel Mayer: Founder of the Rothchild banking dynasty which subsidized the industrialization of Europe and America. Quoted as saying: " Give me control of a nations's money supply and I care not who makes the laws. "
Marduk: The great Babylonian god who brought in a male dominated religion to the world over-throwing the female-oriented one of earlier civilizations.
Douglas MacArthur: American general who fought the Pacific war against the Japanese and advocated nuclear bombing of the Chinese during the Korean war.
John McCloy: Rockefeller lawyer who was governor of occupied Germany and helped merge Chase and Manhatten banks placing the Rockefellers in firm control of the U.S. banking industry. Was chief counsel for the JFK assassination whitewash of the Warren commission.
Robert MacNamara: secretary of defense under President Johnson. Advocated escalation of Vietnam war.
Machiavelli: Italien political theorist who wrote the first political science tract on how to stay in power through any means.
Brother Allen: Allen Ginsberg
Majestic-12: secret panel of military officials and scientists created by President Truman to keep Alien data secret to the public. Has grown so powerful that even current U.S. presidents are kept out of the loop.
Alfred Rosenberg: Chief Nazi ideologist. Not to be confused with Goebbels, chief Nazi propagandist.
Arthur C. Clarke: Famous British sci-fi writer. 2001: a Space odyssey.
Walt Rostow: National Security advisor under president Johnson. One of the chief architects of the bombing of North Vietnam.
Dean Rusk: Secretary of State under President Johnson. Apologist for Vietnam war.
Colin Powell: Current Secretary of State under George Bush Jr. Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under first president George Bush.
Lusitania: British passenger ship sunk by Germans during WW1. Almost pushed USA into the war at an earlier date. Later was found to have actually carried arms.
Gulf of Tonkin: Fake military incident near North Vietnamese coastal waters used by President Johnson to escalate Vietnam war and intimidate U.S. congress.
Federal Reserve: America's central bank. Privately owned and not answerable to the public.
Alexander Hamilton: Father of the first American central bank. Was shot in a duel. You can find his face on the American ten dollar bill.
My Lai: Site of massacre of Vietnamese civilians by rampaging American troops.
Shiva: The great male Hindu god.
Yamantaka: The Indian god of Death.
LBJ: Lyndon Baines Johnson.
JFK: John Fizgerald Kennedy
Council of Foreign Relations: secretive organization founded in the early 20th century where U.S. foreign policy is molded regardless of who the occupant of the White House is. Heavy Rothchild/Rockefeller presence.
Trialteralists: Members of the Trilateralist Organization. More public kind of CFR founded by David Rockefeller.
Green Tara: An Indian diety. The Goddess of Mercy.
Barry Goldwater: 1964 Republican canidate who ran against Lyndon Johnson. Goldwater advocted nuclear war against Russia. Lost in a landslide to Johnson. John painted Goldwater as a war-monger then escalated the war in Vietnam 5 months later.


Golgotha: Site of Christ's crucifixion.
Gnostics: Christian mystics who meditated like crazy. Enemies of the early Christian church.
Gopis: Intoxicated maidens who worshipped the Indian cowherd Krishna.
Gitanjali: A song written By Rabindranath Tagore praising the Divine life.
Goths: Germanic tribes that invaded the Roman empire.
Gregorian chants: First western music after the fall of Rome. A monastic past-time with spiritual connotations.
Al Ghazli: Famous Muslim scholar.
Hammurabi: Akkadian king who set down the " first " legal code.
Habakkuk: Jewish prophet who asked embrassing quesyions about why the world is so rotten if God is so good.
Haggadah: Jewish Passover prayerbook.
Eziekiel: Jewish prophet who went with Jews into exile after the Babylonian conquest. Was the originator of the messiah concept.
Durga: A wrathful Indian goddess. Another form of Kali.
Ba 'al: Chief diety of the Cannanites.
Ka 'aba: The holiest site in Muslim Mecca. A meteorite. No kidding!
Adonai: Hebrew for God.
Advaita: The non-dual path of Vedanta. Very difficult meditation practise. So don't ask.
Ahura Mazda: The Zoroastrian god of light. The enemy of Angra Manyu. The God of darkness.
Bodhisattva: A Buddhist saint who stays behind to help all. I use it in a generic sense for any saint.
Ahimsa: Ghandhi's concept non-violence as a form of love.
Nafeel: Hebrew for fallen one or one who came down from space?
Ba Xian: The eight immortals of Taoist mythology.
Bhakti: Someone who is devotional.
Avolokiteshvara: The bodhisattvah of compassion.
Confucian: Pertaining to Confucius thought.
Chaitanya: Devotional Bengali saint of the 19th century. The saint of the Hare Krishnas.
Dukka: The Pali term for suffering. Buddha preached it as the bane of existence.
Nicene creed: Council which solidified the Christian dogma for centuries to come. Convened by Emperor Constantine.
Jonah: Jewish prophet swallowed by a whale. Survived to tell the tale.
Kabbalistic: Pertaining to the Jewish Kabbala. The Jewish mystical tradition.
Kundalini: The serpent power that goes up the spine during meditation. All saints achieve kundalini.
Kali: The Indian goddess of creation and destruction.
Mount Kailasa: The holy mountain in Tibet deemed so by both Buddhists and Hindus. Go there and enlightenment is guaranteed. I'll get there someday!
Loyang: Site in China of famous buddah caves.
Lila: Sanskrit for divine play of illusory life.
Maituna: Sacred copulation position in tantric rites.
Maimonides: Great Jewish sage of the 1100's who put Jewish law into a systematic code.
Mishna: Jewish oral law put into writing.
Herman Melville: American writer who wrote Moby Dick.
Monte Cassino: The abbey that St. Benedict founded in Southern Italy. Pounded to rubble mistakenly by American bombers after German retreat.
Nebuchadnezzer: Babylonian king who destroyed the first Jewish temple.
Odin: Norse god of war.
Nyingma: First Buddhist sect in Tibet founded by Padmasambhava.
Nivneh: Capital of the ancient Assyrians.
Pleadies: Star constellation close to earth. Famous in religious and UFO mythology.
Puranas: Hindu scriptures written after the Upanishads.
Quran: The Muslim Bible.
Presbyterians: Protestant sect.
Ravana: The demon that plagued the Hindu gods.
Rilke: German avante garde poet who wrote about mystical revelation.
Saduccees: Liberal and wealthy Jews who embraced Hellenism during ancient times. Fought the more conservative Pharasees. Both groups condemned by Christ.
Sambogakaya: The invisible holy body in all of us. The form saints take to be seen in meditation. A Sanskrit term.
Seraphim: Hebrew for angels.
Siddhi: mystical powers.
Sefirot: Kabbalistic mind portals used in meditation.
Sukkot: Jewish festival of the tabernacles.
Synod: Any religious convocation.
Stupa: Buddhist monument set up to commerate the buddah's enlightenment. Looks like a bell-shaped statue.
Taliban: Former religious fanatics of Afghanistan. Destroyer of the Bamiyan buddahs and refuge givers to 9/11 terrorists. Originally funded by CIA to fight Soviets.
Vishnu: Indian god of the universe.
Tapas: Sanskrit for " penance. "
Wahabis: Radical Islamic sect funded by the Saudi Arabian monarchy which spreads a message of intolerance.


JAWS: Famous movie by Stephen Spielberg in the 70's about a shark that eats people at a resort town.


Nanna: The Sumerian goddess of the moon.

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The following comments are for "The ALIEN: Part Seven"
by gamblerman

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