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Giest #6 : Show Time
by Chrispian H. Burks (
Copyright All rights reserved.

Shot of Giest from behind, standing over the shadow of a body, his head hanging down.

Giest paced back and forth for what seemed like an Eternity. He always liked to get his head clear before they went out. He had gotten a tip about a group of Terrorists hiding out in a downtown warehouse. This would be routine for them. Still, he had a lot on his mind lately and wanted to be sure he had his head on straight.

Nathan stopped and took a deep breath, closing his eyes, focusing his mind and thoughts on what he had to do. He exhaled and came out of his room to meet the others waiting in the ready room. Everyone was geared up and ready to go.

The report he received wasn't anything out of the ordinary but there were enough variables that he decided to bring the whole team.

Caleb, Strom, Jade, Doberman, Cross, Chase, and Kode were all ready to go when he walked in.

Everyone knew the drill. The jumped in the vans and took off. It was show time.

* * *

Jeriko walked back from the window of the loft. Trusting people wasn't part of Jeriko's nature and he sure as hell wasn't about to start by trusting Twist.

"So, Cannon is it? What's this all about? Why did Twist feel the need to send you along?"

"No need to worry. It's nothing personal. Like you, I have a job to do. So how about we cut to the chase and get this thing over with." Cannon shot back.

Cannon stood over 7 feet tall. His shoulders were broad and his skin was partially covered in metal. Obviously a Razor Technologies job, his cybernetics appear flawless. None of that junk you get on the street. You could see the weapons that had been installed or mounted on this guy. Cannon was dead on the money. In some ways though, there was something about him that reminded Jeriko of Twist. It was more than a little unsettling.

"Fine with me pal, just stay out of our way and we'll stay out of yours."

Jeirko walked over to where the rest of his team was preparing. He couldn't help but keep looking over his shoulder at Cannon.

"Is everyone ready? I imagine Giest and his pals are getting ready to pay us a visit right about now."

Jeriko looked around the room to size up his team. Despite his temper, Jeriko was a solid leader. He took care of his own and kept them focused and in line. Only Tiberon gave him trouble, but never when they had work to do.

Boone nodded. "We're ready. I for one can't wait to see some action. It's been too long".

"I am ready. I can't wait to tear them apart" Tiberon said, flashing a sinister smile.

"How about you Siloette? You ready for this?" Jeriko asked

"I am indeed. I've been looking forward to some payback".

You could see in her eyes that she was itching to get down to business. Jeriko couldn't help but wonder if she was as deadly as she was beautiful. Cryogen was awfully proud of her. The cat-like hair on his neck stood up with excitement. He could feel the tension and electricity building. This was the best part.

* * *

The blinking alarm light on the security panel began to blink.

"Looks like we have company, look sharp people, its show time!"

Jeriko and the others made their way out on to the roof. The security system was spread out nearly five blocks in every direction. Giest tried to approach from the top and usually gained access from adjacent buildings. Looks like this time was no exception, at least Twist was right about that.

Cannon was no where in sight. He'd slipped out to get into position before the alarms went off. Jeriko for one was happy to have him out of his sight.

"Get to your positions" Jeriko commanded.

* * *

"No guards on the roof. Something's not right."

Strom looked around again to be sure he didn't miss anything.

"Doberman, you got anything?" Strom asked.

"No. This damn factory is putting out so much junk I can't even smell you"

"Cute. Just keep sharp, something is not right"

Suddenly there was a huge explosion in the center of where they stood. Everyone scattered quickly to take cover.

"Good shot Warhawk." Jeriko smirked. "Your turn Locke"

Locke limped up to the edge of the building to get a good look at where he would be landing. His wore a long trench coat and walked with a cane. He was young, but his leg was crashed when he was younger and he's always had to use a cane. Despite his physical inability to move about, Locke had the good fortune to be one of the rare Gene Templates who could Teleport, and with a blink and a flash, he was behind Giest.

Bane, Draizen and Tiberon all made the jump on their own landing in front of Giest and his time, while Hydroshoc, Sable, Warkhawk, Jeriko, Boone and Malek came in from the sides. Stark and Greko stayed back to watch for anyone trying to retreat.

"I was right. It's a trap" Strom said into his comm..

"Focus. We've got work to do. Everyone fan out. We need to clear a path and get the hell out of here." Giest ordered.

Twists goons didn't waste any time. They quickly took to beating on Giest and his team. Giest moved his team into a defensive position in a circle so they could watch each other's backs, but Jeriko had other plans. He'd brought enough people to double team most of Nathan's friends. Everyone was scattering and Nathan looked frantically around for a way out. He caught a glimpse of light out of the corner of his eye and as he turned to see it, he was struck in the shoulder by long, black spike.

Siloette threw another that hit him in the thigh causing him to go down on one knee. Malek came up behind him, put his hand on his shoulder and long needles shot out of the ends of his fingers. Giest focused his mind. He didn't like doing what he was about to do. Didn't want anyone to know what he's truly capable of. With a thought, his body began to fade and was replaced with a thick formless cloud of smoke. Malek lost his grip on him and ran. He had what he came for.

Across the rooftop, Cannon had been watching. He thought he was spotted for sure when Giest saw the reflection off his armor. But everyone was as distracted now as he could hope for. He was plenty strong enough to make the jump over to the other building. He made sure he was close to the side his target was on. He was ready to take the kill.

In a matter of seconds Cannon had made his way onto the roof top and grabbed his target. As he did so, he fired his arsenal of weapons into the lot of them, Giest and Jeriko's team alike getting their attention. Above him he held Chase, unconscious, in his massive grasp. With a quick motion he brought her down, back first, over his knee. He threw her twitching body onto the hard gravel of the roof.

"Twist sends his regards"

Kode was trembling. If he had reacted sooner, he could have stopped him. He tried everything to hold back the tears but failed miserably. As his eyes swelled, so did his anger. He lashed out with his power to communicate with electronics commanding all the circuits in Cannon's armor to seize up. Giest wasted no time and was on him in a flash. He pulled the spike from his thigh and ran it through Cannon's temple. As the goliath collapsed, Giest tossed his dying body off the side of the building.

Cross and Strom were both battle hardened men. They seized the opportunity to turn the tables on Jeriko and his Misfits. Caleb followed suit and it wasn't long before they had them on the defensive.

Jeriko smiled. He had done what he had come to do. He gave the signal for his team to retreat.

Giest knelt beside Chase. His heart sank as he scooped her up in his arms. Everyone stood around him, looking on, as he held her there.

Next issue, Picking up the pieces.
Giest Vol. 1 #6 : Show Time
by Chrispian H. Burks (Crowe)

Chrispian H. Burks
Lit.Org Owner / Founder
Blog - Twitter - Facebook

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The following comments are for "Giest #6 : Show Time"
by Chrispian

Giest # 6
Sorry it took me so long to get the next part of this out. I'll be cranking out more now that I got past this part.

Future stories will arc longer but focus on less characters so I can develop them more. I've had this event plotted since the beginning, though this didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, it's done now and I can get to the roots of the characters in a more intimate setting that is more my style.

Comments welcome!

( Posted by: Chrispian [Admin] On: February 27, 2003 )

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