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According to, polygamy is defined as : ´the practice of marriage to more than one spouse simultaneously.´ And in light of the recent situation in El Dorado, Texas, one might wonder that in an age in which some monogamous relationships can be trying, and unless one is born into a polygamy atmosphere, why complicate matters by being married to several persons all at the same time? Does the phrase, 'rooster in the hen house come to mind?'

Especially at a time in which one only has to tune in to the local evening news to note how jealous some persons in our midst can become upon learning that his/her monogamous mate has been known to be unfaithful. Do some instances of domestic violence sound familiar?

So those involved in a polygamous type of relationship must be quite strong to cope with such high emotions such as: jealousy, envy, and the mere notion that with every given day, they are all vying for the attention of that one person they are all married to.

Time and time again I have heard many people say that the Supreme Being they believe in give them what they can cope with or handle. And maybe some can cope well with being in a polygamous situation, while others might choose the monogamous route.

And most persons we associate with on a daily basis prefer the less complicated, and non cult like monogamous route, including this writer. For in a time when it can be a bit of an ordeal trying to find the ideal mate anywhere, even on the better dating websites the internet has to offer, all most individuals want is someone who appreciates them enough to want to be around them as often as possible.

Coming home at the end of a day to a houseful of other persons with whom you are sharing one mate might not be for everyone.

Peace and unity begin with all of us- Judy Ramsook

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The following comments are for "Polygamy 101"
by JudyRamsook

my harem...
Hi Desvelado,

And thanks. I don't like incest either. As for the Australian incest couple, I used to think that older people who knew better, were supposed to discourage younger ones from doing the wrong thing.

Shame on that guy.

( Posted by: JudyRamsook [Member] On: April 11, 2008 )


Polygamy makes me hot! The fantasy is fantastic...or the naughtiness of it all! But I especially like the idea of Polyandry much better....that's hot too, way hotter when its one wife and several husbands. Yeah. And then there is the the thought of two men going out it, gay hot male sex, that turns me on too. Oh, and let's not forget dirty secrets of powerful men (in high politic jobs) who have secret sex with female and male prostitutes....oh, that's really naughty, forbidden, and oh so titillating!

Yep, the mainstream media loves SEX HOT TABOO subjects like these to harp on and focus on and go on and on and on and on and on and on about....yep, it gets everybody dirty, so bad. So fucking exploiting and great source of higher so called "news shows" ratings.

I am personally disgusted once again by the media and all the nothing of pure distraction it has to offer the average GUN HOLDING RELIGIOUS BLUE COLLAR WORKERS WHO ARE BITTER ABOUT LOSING THEIR JOBS AND BEING LIED TO AND FUCKED OUT OF THEIR COMFORTABLE FREE and AMERICAN DREAM LIFE BY AMERICA, POLITICIANS and the MEDIA! MEDIA LIKE POLITICS offers only distractions, lies, no depth, no solutions, no real facts, no nothing, and more of more nothing but boy oh boy can it get TITILATING and boy do those ratings sore! While the FOX NEWS assholes go on and on about how awful it is that Barack Obama tells it like it really is...and the media and politics just can't have that, oh no, truth has no place in America anymore, not in politics, not in the media. There is only spin, and more spin and desire for higher cable news ratings...there is only manipulation, lies, and more lies, half-truths, half-facts, twisted facts, spin facts, and lots and lots of distraction and titillation!

The end of all clear cut straight forward truth is over. Barack Obama will not be electable because he speaks the truth. Truth is too painful for the American consumer, viewer, voter, ignorant by choice and bitter for having to work at Walmart for slave wages, no health care, and not being able to meet the mortgage payments anymore, because the American worker (the blue collar backbone of old America) has been sold out by Corporate America in exchange for slave workers in third world countries that don't demand things like livable wages, health benefits, and a decent American dream way of life! Bitter? Oh, no, the American folk aren't bitter, Obama doesn't know what he's talking about does he? But millionaire Hillary and millionaire McCain know better, yep, their in touch with the American folk and what their values, yep, yep, yep, the media says so, Fox news (Hannity and Colmes tools) tell us so and it must be true. The sky is purple and the ocean is polka dot. Truth is what the media makes it out to be, truth is no longer alive and well in America, and if you dare speak it, like Obama dares to do, then, well, you see what happens next?

The general American cable news viewer of Fox News and others like it that buy all the constant bullshit they are fed day and day out by the LIARS of the media, and the mouthpieces for the lying politicians in America, are brainwashed idiots.
They make me sick and feel bitter towards politics, media and liars in positions of power.

The rest of America I have no problem with. In fact, I like most everyone else.

Titillating polygamy, oooh! Just think all that naughty naughty...forget the real issues...forget everything else going on...forget that people are getting dumber for lack of being able to get a higher education in this country due to the cost of rising tuitions, and forget that blue collar workers that made a living wage and belonged to good protective unions are now a thing of Americas past...turned into slogans of disgust by the far right clever morons that managed to convince the majority of the religious but decent people of America to vote for their own destructors in these past couple of presidential elections.

Ah fuck it! Not worth ranting much stupidity and self-destructive bitter morons still voting. The end is near. America as it once was is a dead.

By the way, this is a rant, not a whole lot of super writing, just a lot of free flowing free associative thought and rant and rant, coming out a place of shear frustration and rage after listening to tonight's evening news on cable television.

Now, I am going back to my meditating. Lighting my incense, chanting, praying, and visualizing a more caring free just and joy filled world filled with truth, while re-reading one of my favorite books called "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying " by Sogyal Rinpoche. Much better reading the second time around these 10 or so years later. Also, I think I will watch the late show tonight with Conan O'Brian. Now he makes me laugh. Laughter is what this world needs 400 million more tons of everyday. Soon I will be laughing. Laughing is good.


( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: April 16, 2008 )

Ooops...I was writing a rant to post under my own name for tonight. I just read your piece and it got me to thinking. I posted my original draft here by mistake. Didn't mean to go off too long here, but my own RANT (my FINAL DRAFT) will be posted tomorrow night...if I could I would just delete this previous comment here. It really doesn't fit it in with your style. Carry on. Don't mind me.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: April 16, 2008 )

Polygamy 101
Hello JudyRamsook,
Never read your works before but I certainly will now. This really gives people something to think about.

As for my view, (if you really care to hear it. Ok, Ok I'll tell you. just kidding) I have no problem with anyones choices in life as long as they do not include physical or sexual abuse, sex with children, incest or any situation where there is not mutual consent. However, I do find it intriguing the thought of multiple partners. I'm not at all a jealous woman so I would probably fit in that situation pretty well. I believe love, in all forms, is a gift to be explored. Come on baby, lets take an adventure! Again just kidding.

Nice work,

( Posted by: TAMMYHENDRIX [Member] On: April 16, 2008 )

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