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In this terrefying chapter things become a lot more dangerous for Angela. She has entered a new realm known as the dark forest. The Kawazin is pleased to see his plan is working.

Part 6: The Black Forest

Angela realized that she was totally on her own now. Instinctively she just wanted to go run and hide form all this. Multiple emotions started to stir inside her mid and she couldn’t peg them down. Fear, wonder, confusion those were most definitely some of them. The rest were almost unexplainable.

She didn’t have time for that right now, she took a deep breath and she started into the darkness. Seeing was very hard in the darkness. There was little light and she would have to make do with what she had. Her arms were spread out in front of her and her feet toes pointed in opposite directions from each other. Inside her mind she figured that the only way out was to get to where the unstable lightning was.

Her stomach was as hard as a rock, she could barely hear herself breath. Her eye’s were like the eye’s of a panther starring straight ahead and not even flinching. When she took a step she could vaguely hear the sounds of her feet stepping on moss and tree branches. Instinctively she kept her silence and listened very carefully to everything around her.

A few hours had passed and yet she hadn’t even come close to the light. Poorly in front of her she could see a bolder with the outline of moss on it. She crept up to it and slowly started to climb it. Her fairly, strong hands gripped a branch she could barely see and she pulled herself up onto the smooth round bolder. With a grunt she climbed over the bolder and up the side of an even larger rock. Luckily this one had large stone points sticking out of it like poles sticking out of the ground.

When she had finished her struggle up to the top she could take a break on the hill of the forest. Her legs crossed like a meditating monk and her head dropped with her hands on her thighs. She closed her dark eye’s and she took a breath. This dismal forest had her all confused, she began to think about what was going on around her.

Hoo! H-H-Hoo-H-HooHoo-Hoo!

Without hesitation she lifted her head up and brushed away her bangs with a few right fingers. High up on a branch she could see a great horned owl. He stared at her with his gazing yellow black eye’s. Although, this owl had swirls of white colors in its feathers. In the dark it seemed like the owl glowed. She slightly smiled at the owl. Then the creature turned it’s head half way around keeping a sharp eye straight on her. Suddenly, the raptor turned away and flew away into the darkness.

“What the hell is an owl like that doing out here in this horrid place?” she asked herself.

Crack! Snnap! crrrckkk! The sounds of branches and other plants snapping under foot. Something else was out there in the forest with her, and this was no owl. The though sent a cold shiver up her spine. Slowly she got up from where she was standing. She grabbed a large stick that was lying down beside where she was sitting. With a loud crack she broke off the smaller end with her foot. Now the other end was sharp and jagged. The other end was a bit heavier and could be used as a club. She slowly moved into the darkness keeping her right foot forward and balanced on the other one.

“Aint nobody going to take my life. Nobody’s going to hold me down. I’ve got to keep on moving,” she said to herself softly as she brought her staff up close to her face. Her breathing became heavier and heavier as she got deeper into the thick woods.

This new part of the forest had less light and it had a lot more trees with long limbs. In her heart she knew she could make it out of this place alive and that demon would pay. A sudden crash broke behind her. Angela swung her head around and she didn’t see anything. Without warning a dark figure lunged itself at her and knocked her in the center of her stomach. She flew backwards and went tumbling down the side of a hill. Luckily she held onto her club tightly. When she came to the bottom of the hill she found herself lying down next to a marshy looking pond. She got up rather quick and angry. She now knew something was in here with her. Suddenly the dark figure came jumping out of the trees. The figure landed a few meters from her. Slowly, the being got off all four limbs and stood up straight like a man. Apparently the humanoid figure had an outline that looked exactly like a man. The figure looked kind of like the figure of a black man with big ears and a large nose.

“I see your not from around here. Are you,” spoke the figure walking towards her.

“Who are you?!” she demanded angrily.

“Nothing more but another being like you. But I sense you haven’t been sent here to have your soul destroyed,” he went on walking towards her. Then ghostly and horrificily the lightning flashed and she saw her adversary. He looked like he had been badly burned around the face. He jumped at here again this time she could see a shine of a knife. She quickly side stepped and the hellish thug went right into the swamp.

Angela knew this was the time to scramble like a frantic mouse. She went running away from the water, her ears she could hear the splashes of the blade wielding thug climbing back out. Still, she ran and didn’t stop running until she came out of the woods. Now she was on the edge of a beach front. There were a few trees here and there, but she had more light then she did before. There was a full moon shining over head. In front of her there was a frozen lake with the glowing moon light reflecting off of it.

She slowly placed a foot on the edge of the ice. The ice was thick, very thick. With some added force she started to apply more pressure to the ice. She didn’t hear anything. She continued across the ice but still going at a slow speed.

“Why is there just a moon here shinning,” she asked herself.

Uuuuuhhhhhh! Angela’s half closed cold eyes sprang open and were now as wide as marbles. Something was groaning and it was close to her but what could it be now. This all seemed to weird, the lake was frozen but she was perfectly warm but she was breathing white steam. Suddenly she heard a roaring scream from in back. This sent another cold shiver up her brittle spine. Sweat was trickling down the back of her neck like raindrops rolling down a window.

Crack! a decaying hand broke through the ice. Then another hand shattered through the ice. Angels stepped away slowly. Then another hand came striking through the ice right behind her left foot. The gruesome hand grabbed her ankle and started to pull back on it. She almost fell over but she held her position. Then another hand came plunging through the ice and grabbed her right foot. The hands were cold and they felt horrible on her skin. With pour uneven balance she fell backwards and crashed on the ice. She struggled to get up but the hands were cooling her limbs down. Suddenly a huge hand came smashing through the water. The huge hand was just a few inches away from her. She could feel the cool water dripping off of the limb and onto her face. The gigantic hand made itself into a fist and then tried to hammer down on her body. She stuck her staff up and the fist landed on the strong end. Luckily the staff didn’t shatter. She used the other end of the staff to cut the hand holding her left foot. With great speed she kicked the other hand that was holding her left foot. The hand released her and faded away into the dark lake. Suddenly, the rest of the huge fist lifted it’s wrist out of the water and showed most of the lower part of its arm. Without hesitation she got up and dashed away from the fist. The fist came down and shattered the ice and sent cracks through out the entire lake.

Angela was breathing very heavy and didn’t want to believe that the decaying claws of the water existed. Shattering through the ice came one of the owners of the decaying hands. The beast looked like a giant evaporating mummy. Some sort eve yellowish green fluid started to pour out of it’s nose and eye sockets. With all her might she swung the club end of her staff and knocked the beast to the ice. She jumped over the puddle and started jogging down the lake. Now she was close to the other side of it and this meant big relief. Suddenly another zombie-like beast came crashing through the ice. The beast grabbed her and Angela felt true fear strike her heart. The beast began to crush her wrists. She tried to pull away but she couldn’t. Another one sprouted up through the ice without warning. This one came walking over to her with a sword held in one hand. She swung one of her feet back and hit the decaying monster in the knee. The creatures leg fell off and apart. Suddenly the one that was holding her released her. She fell back on the ice and felt the cool water that started to pool at the surface of the ice. The water chilled her right down to her bones. She jumped up and darted straight for land.

Colin Clifford

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