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This hoorific episode contains Angela's first encounter with the Kawazin demon. He is quick with his tricks to try in fool and trap Angela, but she is swifter then he thought. However, it will take more then Angela's cunningness to save herself.

Part 5: Time To Play!

When she jumped in her car she felt like she was being rushed {but from what though} she felt a little obsolete inside her mind. Ever since she heard that mysterious and incomplete sentence she felt like something was luring her home. Everything seemed to make her feel stressed even the quiet, green neighborhood where Mr. Star lived made her feel even uncomfortable. Something, something was reaching out for her and attacking her inside, her mind making her feel terrible. Beyond her world, a force was enraging her and trapping her into a cage that made her feel terrified and trapped. For second she didn’t think she would last a second out there in traffic, but she managed to pass through the over populating streets of New York.

When she pulled up into the garage for the hotel she rushed through the glass doors up to her apartment. She moved eagerly.

“What’s wrong with me today. Why am I so uptight today, and all of a sudden?” she asked herself as she ran up the stairs. Then she unlocked her apartment and walked in and slammed her door. She walked over to her soft easy chair in her small living room and sat down. Her face was covered by her hands and her back tilted. She started to moan softly to herself for a moment and a few tears started to trickle down her face.

“Feeling a little rushed,” whispered a deep, soothing but familiar evil voice. Angela spun her head around and started to look in all directions. “Who’s there?” she asked in terrified voice. Her pink lipstick smudged hands gripped her seat. Looking everywhere she didn’t see anything. She turned around and she didn’t see anything in back of her or anywhere else.

“Over here my pet,” spoke the evil voice again. Angela whipped her head around again to see what was in front of her. Right in front of Angela sat the one who had been whispering to her. Truly, it looked identical to the demon she had seen on the tablet. The creature had a dark robe with a dark red cloak with a pare of bighorn sheep horns on each side of it’s head.

Angela was paralyzed with extreme fear. Just looking at the beast with it’s twisted evil grin made her shudder right down to her bones.

“Hello Angela,” the demon spoke with the same calm comforting voice as it did before with an evil grin.

“Who-who are you?” she asked in a cold scared voice.

“I’m glad you asked me that question. You can call me the Kawazin demon.”

“Are you the satin?” she asked feeling even more uneasy.

“Not quite, I am the demon of the Kawazin, you could say I am the spirit of wishes and request. You see all the worshipers of the Middle Eastern religions will all meet the spirits of death and destruction in the Earth life or the one after that. All who I grant my wishes to will do evil in the end.”

“What do you mean. I don’t understand?” Angela said in a confused shaking voice.

“I mean if a human does something great in this life here then they might be worthy enough to hold onto their souls for the next journey. If they do not strive for anything or do anything good their soul dies and rots with them.”

“Ok, I see but what are you doing here?”

“Well, you are the game hunter.”

“What’s that?”

“Must I explain everything,” he said in a frustrating voice clutching the top of his head. “Even though it is apart of my role I guess I have to talk. Another thing about me, I can not say anything that does not exist.” Angela nodded her head slowly starring straight at the Kawazin like a hawk watching it’s prey. She was almost to afraid to think about what he would do to her if she would try to say something that he would find not amusing.

“So you meen no matter what I wish for, it will come back and attack me?”

“Yes. But you see, you are the one who truly wanted that gem when it rolled out of that vace. You show great determination and strength Angela. Part of being the game hunter is to create five wishes.,” he said with a long evil smile. “Well then, what will be your first wish?” he asked.

“I don’t know, I know I don’t want to be greedy because a wish like that would get me killed.”

“Good thinking. I see you learn quick too. I’m feeling very generous today and I think I will do something you would like.”

“What?” she asked in a frightened voice.

“I will give you a demo wish to give you an idea of what kind of power you will have,” he said crossing his right ankle over his left knee.

“Alright. I want you to blow your terrifying head off right here right now.”

“As you wish,” he said. With a smile he pulled out a huge stainless steel Magnum Desert Eagle. He shoved the barrel in his ear with his right hand. With a blast of power he pulled the trigger. However, the gun shot was almost silent, and his head was still whole. The left part of his head had a huge gash in it and there was blood oozing down his side, and onto the white carpet floor. Angela’s floor was stained with blood and it looked kind of like red wine mixing with flour.

His devious smile turned into a teeth clinched snarl when he narrowed his eye’s on Angela. “Luckily I am for the most part immortal. And in other words, that hurt like hells fire.”

“This will be a real wish this time,” Angela said. She knew in the back of her mind that the only way to truly beat this guy is to know his weakness. Even though he was a powerful being he would still have some sort of weak point. “I want to know you,” she said sharply.

The Kawazin looked at her with his eye’s squinted. Then they opened back up and he smirked at her darkly. He then laughed a little bit under his breath.

“Very intelligent of you. I see your learning fast and I meen fast! You want to find out my weakness, my background, my likes, my dislikes all so professional thinking. Will have to take a trip to the under world,” he spoke tightening his left hand into a fist. Within a few seconds her head fell back against her soft chair. Her eye’s closed and her mind went motionless.

When she had awakened she was severely frightened. She was surrounded by a dead forest. There was almost know light but in the distance she could see lightning. However, as she sat there in the darkness she noticed every few seconds lightning would flash and whole forest would be highlighted with a blinding white-blue glow. There was white fog filtering through the air and it almost seemed like there was faint light coming from within it. She looked all around herself, sadly but all she could see was the outline of the dark forest.

“I see you have awoken,” spoke the voice of the Kawazin. Although she couldn’t see him. “Up here,” he said again. She whipped her head around and about 4 meters above her she could see him sitting in a tree with his legs crossed like an Indian. “I never thought you would wake up, your soul must have had problems with connecting with this world.

“Where am I!” she demanded looking all around.”

“You are in the frontier forest regions of the underworld. The name of this forest would be to hard for you to understand. However, in your langauge you could call this place the black forest. You had wished to know all about me and my weaknesses. Well, the only way you are going to find out is if you find your way out of this forest maze.”

“How will I know how to escape. I don’t even have a damn blasted map.”

“Your heart will guide you to glory, but that depends if your heart is loyal to you and if you are loyal to yourself.”

Slowly he vanished into the dark air with a twisted smile.

Colin Clifford

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