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Dr Moore is a man in a crisis he authored. Its not as simple as it sounds, well Dr Moore is a government nuclear scientist, who has racked up debts due to his addiction to gambling. To his stunningly looking wife, he plays a perfect gentleman who cares for his family. But to gamblers he has a lust for money that can’t be cured. His policy is “just one more gamble and I will wipe out my debts.” Why would a man in his position have some many debts? His’ desire to own a casino in is botched when he loses his life savings to an anonymous racketeering scam. That drives him to get loans from dangerous loan sharks like the two local rival mob bosses. He got from one mob boss 2 million dollars and from the other 3 million dollars. Reason being, he never wanted his wife to know of his shadow deals or the gambling debts.
Given the mob operations are clandestine; he could be at temporary peace that at least his wife won’t know. But for the mob, when you fail to pay up the option is the death of your family. That scares Moore to death. So in an attempt to make a lot of quick money he gambles more and loses even more in the process. His state of mind goes to ICU. To get the mob off his back and of his families he has to pay within 3 weeks. All seems lost until he gets a mail stuck to his door. On opening it, he finds out that a terrorist group within New York is willing to offer him 10 million dollars if he can just sneak just 15 kilograms of nuclear material out of the nuclear facility where he works to their hands. The promise of 10 million dollars being his for a job he can do within few minutes is just too much. He says “to hell with patriotism I need to get the mob off my back and my families. Who am I kidding people will get killed with these weapon. So will my family and me if I don’t pay up” He painfully settles on the idea of giving the nuclear material to the terrorists. The only condition is they pay him on the spot no wiring transactions in the bank to avoid suspicion.
One dead of night while heading home, he finds a shiny black Ford Lincoln packed outside his house. It doesn’t look good, he finds out he got a visit from the elusive secretive Franchiti Donati one of the most violent mob heads in Brooklyn. On entering his house, he finds his wife unsuspectingly entertaining the dangerous mystery soft spoken guest. The sight of Donati raises makes Moore to almost faint but he contains himself. He knows Donati is here for his money. Donati tells Moore’s wife as he watches “your husband is hardworking Mrs. Moore but before he sleeps I need to talk to him outside.” “Okay I will consult you Mr. Donati if I want how to learn to beat unfair competition in my grocery business. Can you give me a small hint on that?” Donati tells her as the now frozen and startled Moore watches. “Its bloody and your husband know it.” She laughs it off thinking Donati is joking, not knowing he is a twisted mob boss and not a business consultant as he claimed. When Moore goes to talk to Donati outside, instead of being given a lecture on the importance of paying mob debts on time, he instead is taken by Donati on a horror rollercoaster. Donati removes a file of montages with pictures of dead victims and their families who failed to pay up his debts on time. He says with a heavy Italian accent “there is Roger he thought I was kidding when I told him I had already sold his two kidneys to an organs syndicate. And I had…we skinned him and shipped the kidneys to Thailand. I am a man short on time Dr. Moore, get me my money and live free.” Moore’s wife watches from the kitchen window but never suspects a thing. She thinks Donati is explaining business concepts to Moore. The Dr., shakes like a leaf as he watches Donati’s shiny Lincoln disappear into darkness.
He knows he either corrects his careless mistakes by perpetrating another evil, by selling the nukes to terrorists or him and his’ family will have their organs sold while they are still alive. Walking back to the house, his wife notices his sweating and shaking and asks him. “George Moore you are sweating in this winter.” Moore answers “I am having high fever let me rest Audrey.” Moore walks to the bathroom, turns on the shower to drown his conversation then calls the link man to the terrorists and informs them the place they can pick up the nuke weapon.
The following night Moore prepares the nuclear weapon in his lab at the US government nuclear headquarters then gets ready for the hectic task, of sneaking it out of the facility. To confuse the well trained and alert guards positioned at the gate, he leaves some harmless reactive material on a shelf and sets them to produce a ball of fire just at the time he drives out of the gate. His plan works perfectly, and as the guards frantically call for the special firemen unit to put out the reactive fire, Moore drives out casually with his nuclear material tucked at the dashboard. He sighs with relief as his tires touch the asphalt but even before he can light a cigar to celebrate; his car is rammed from behind and pushed to the side of the road. Then out of nowhere a horde of masked men get out and as a gun is aimed at his head. He receives a warning from the men and its from Fabricio Piero the other mob head he owes 3 million dollars. He is given 24 hours to pay up or he dies Moore realizes he is on borrowed time. One of the masked men holds the metallic flask carelessly, and asks him what he is carrying he says it’s an oxygen machine for his mother in law. The man replies tell her if you don’t get our money she will have to source for another person to be getting her oxygen. With the message clear and passed to him they leave a horrified Moore. With the nuclear material he had secretly carried needing the ice to cool, after it’s equilibrium was interfered with when his car was rammed he is in panic, but manages to reset the weapon then drive to where he is supposed to be given cash for the nuclear material.
On meeting the rogue paymasters who are supposed to be his ticket out of being a target for two rival mobs they waste no time checking and cross checking the weapon. Finally, they flash before his eyes a briefcase with what seems like a stashes of lots of cash. He smells relief from the mob tormenting him. The only condition is, he will have to retrieve the briefcase laden with cash from the river. So that by the time he swims to get it, the terrorists will have driven off, without Moore having a chance of deciding to follow them and possibly betraying them. So as they start the car, one of them throws the briefcase into the river and Moore dives immediately like a starved shark to go and retrieve his money before it’s swept away by raging currents. He succeeds in doing it, and gets out of the water, to his car where he opens the briefcase, and to his dismay, he realizes the notes are fake. Oh and some rogue terrorists have a real nuclear weapon the scenario is too much to handle that he gets three uncalled for accidental farts the his head collapses on his steering wheel. It’s a case of Moore getting out of the frying pan to the fire with volatile gasoline added. He sits motionless in the car and starts writing his obituary in his mind, knowing if he doesn’t pay Fabricio he will be door knob dead.
The following day with his time and options running out, he devises a plan where he can buy some time is by instigating a turf war, between the gang of Fabricio and Donati. Easier thought than done, nonetheless he calls Fabricio and Donati and invites each of them to a dinghy hotel in downtown Brooklyn, where he lies them he is going to pay what he owes them. That by all accounts is like committing suicide by Moore. Knowing very well neither of the two mob heads pick the money by themselves, his plan is to have a stand off between the two rival gangs even before he gives them the “money” which he does not have, just a briefcase stuffed with fake notes. When Moore arrives he sits at a dark corner then a fracas ensues and shots are heard. The result of two rival mob groups being in the same neighborhood the turf war clash as Moore had planned it works. Both gangs run off oh hearing police sirens and he deliberately gushes his foot with a glass. Then he calls the two mob bosses separately, secretly and lies that he got injured in the gunfight and that he needed time to recover. But that is the least of worries for the mob bosses, the fracas clandestinely instigated by Moore degenerates into a revenge war. The mob bosses now are desperate to kill each, other as their gangs run riot in turf wars. To make matters worse the police now begin to crack down on the bosses. This buys time for Moore to device another desperate plan to pay off his debts to the fugitive mob bosses and possibly get the nuclear weapon he “sold” to the terrorist back.
One evening, as he enters his house he finds mail thanking him for being such a generous giver of nukes that bugs him to realize, the grave mistake he made by being duped to selling the nukes to the terrorists. When they inform him their intention to strike a busy mall Moore becomes a nervous wreck. He knows that if a bomb explodes and eliminates people he won’t be able to live with himself. Plus his wife works in one of the malls likely to be targets. That leaves him with only one option blow the horn and save America but how, without him being busted and jailed for treason for life.
When transacting with the terrorists, Moore had inadvertently placed a concealed tracking chip on the casing of the cover of the nuclear bomb. But it is one thing to trace the nuke locality; it’s another to take on hordes of elusive terrorists, solo as one Jack Bauer does. He has limited time, filled with guilt and fear all compounded by the fact that just as he prepares to leave one early morning, he gets a visit from the fugitive mob boss Donati. He wants his money back. The Moore situation becomes complicated more when he becomes a target of the terrorists who want to silence him once and for all. So that they can carry on their evil plans without glitches or hitches. As Moore is driven by Donati to an unknown destination, a mini-van pulls in front of them and men with machine guns spray the car with bullets. Moore who is in the boot manages to pop open in the melee the boot and run off. For all the gunshots the only casualty is his torn shirt.
The result of that entire morning shoot out is a dead Donati and Moore who misses death by a whisker; he is like the proverbial cat with nine lives. The death of Donati brings a sigh of relief to Moore, but Fabricio is not done with him. Plus the terrorists still want Moore dead. To get out of trouble, Moore makes a call anonymously from a toll booth and informs the Counter Terrorist Unit that some nuke is in the wrong hands. He gives the tracking code to the authorities and before long the police hunting for Donati and the CTU begin search for the terrorists. The hunt for Fabricio is put on hold that gives him time to hide. When the search intensifies one of the terrorists realizes the only way to get out of trouble and get prosecution immunity, is to give to the authorities the source of the material they acquired. Moore realizes if the terrorist gives out his name to authorities his career will be over and be heading to prison due to treason.
The only option available is for him is to eliminate the terrorists before they spill the beans to the CIA but he has never taken the life of even a wild hog. He would rather let others kill for him. That is asking too much from him. So he secretly calls the terrorists and informs them that if they shut up, he can sneak them out of America via Mexican border since he is a respected government official that can weave out of borders without a search. The terrorists agree but to make sure he does not go back on his’ word they threaten to blow up the nuke in LA, should they realize they were duped by Moore.
When the D-Day for leaving the USA arrives they meet in a dark bar but matters are complicated when Moore stumbles on Fabricio in the bathroom. Fabricio is livid with Moore so he tells him to pay up or die. Moore realizes that if he does not find a way to lie to terrorists and the mob boss he might as well be pronounced dead man walking. So he actually cunningly lies to the mob boss that he was actually looking to pay him tonight. His suggestion is for Fabricio to follow his minivan to where the money is tucked. Under an old bridge near dense woods, before Moore makes the journey he calls the FBI anonymously and purports as another caller, that Dr. Moore has been kidnapped by the terrorists with the nuke. He gives him the location where they can find him and then drives the unsuspecting terrorists and a mob boss to the FBI’s trap.
Just as they are about to reach they are ambushed by the FBI and a shoot out ensues that leaves a mob boss dead and the fifteen terrorists are shot dead by the FBI including the mole who threatened to expose Moore as the source of the nuclear weapon. Dead men tell no tales. Once more Moore manages to escape with injuries but at least all his nemesis’ are eliminated in one sweep.
The only hitch is the nuclear weapon that he has trouble at first disabling because there is no ice to cool the weapon. Within no time he manages to disable the weapon and for all his troubles. The authorities patch up a story of how a mob boss, had colluded with terrorists to kidnap a nuclear scientist and coerce him to make a dirty bomb for them. That absolves Moore from any blame and strangely he becomes an American hero for preventing a nuclear catastrophe that only he knows, he started. He is given the 7 million dollars that he can spend with his now impatient wife. At least he now knows he can spend the cash without looking over his shoulders.
For all the troubles he created for himself, he ends up receiving the presidential Medal of Honor and the remnant mob that sought to kill him dies a slow death by infighting over leadership and being apprehended by the authorities. That gives a whole new meaning to the idea that people, do indeed become heroes by circumstances whether good or bad.



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by karugaj

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