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This is the second episode in my huge story. If you haven't read the first part then please do, it will help you understand what is going on

part 2: The Awakening

A professor scientist of the University of Columbia patiently waits in the schools laboratory. Her name is Grace Allen, she was one of the leading professors at Columbia. Although she was also one of the youngest professors too. She was quite tall and thin and had curly long red hair that hung down to her shoulders. She was pretty for what she was but her plastic framed glasses and cloud white skin reduced her sexy looks. She was slouched back in a chair lazily. She had been waiting for a very special call for hours and yet she still even hasn’t heard a ring from the phone. She had almost fallen asleep about a half hour ago. She took a slow stiff sip of her coffee. The taste was it’s usual mocha self. After a small sip she set her coffee down in the far upper right corner of her desk. She folded her hands and put her head down on her desk.

“He’s never going to call,” she murmured to herself softly.

She closed her green eyes and started to doze off. Without warning a sudden electric ring broke through her mind. She jumped up from her seat and looked over at her aqua blue telephone, it rang again.

“Hello,” she answered softly

“May I speak with Ms. Allen?”

“This is she,” she answered in an excited voice.

“Good. This is Mr. Sprous the man who called yesterday. I have the gems and that amazing one I told you about.”

“Really,” she said with a bright smile.

“Yes really. I hope you have everything set up like I asked for.”

“I have everything you’ve requested for.”

“Excellent I will be over there in about a hour or so.”

“What! You don’t mean-”

“You better bet your butt I do. I specifically said that I wanted to start the procedure the minute I got into the country and over to the university.”

“As you wish. Anyway where are you calling form?”

“My cell phone. I’m in the middle of traffic right now.”

“Alright. I guess I’ll see you when you come in.”

“Wonderful, remember I love you. You are my goddess when it comes to lab work.”

“Thanks, bye.” Grace placed the phone back in place with a click. She was not really tired anymore it seemed as if a burst of high energy blasted open inside of her. She could feel a big jolt of excitement when he said he had the amazing looking one. This would be the first project that would make her more popular than Elvis.

Angela opened the door to her apartment and stepped inside slowly. She closed the door behind her and turned on the over head light. The room light up with life. She walked over to her small kitchen table and placed her bags down. The trip had made her to exhausted to start unpacking. The apartment seemed almost foreign to her because she had been gone for so long, but everything was still the same. She walked into her small bedroom and set her jewelry and hair scruntchy on her smooth wooden bureau. She collapsed back on her bed with her hair in a tangle. She was tired and laying down on her warm soft bed felt like heaven. This made her entire back relax. Laying down on her bed also made her mind and body loosen up a bit. For about fifteen minutes of heavenly resting she felt much better and then she got up to take a shower. She slipped off her pants and threw it with the rest of her clothing on her bed. She went inside her bathroom and turned on the water.

Over at the laboratory in the University of Columbia Grace prepares the X-ray machine. The lab at night was actually a spooky resort. Most of the lab was dark and very quiet. Grace’s foot steps echoed in the large room. The X-ray she was using was a different kind of X-ray unlike the X-rays used in hospitals. This machine was strictly used for non living things than looking inside people. This X-ray was used for looking through things like minerals like geodes and other stones. The machine was dark and very cold and heavy unlike other X-rays. It’s screens were on top of the machine. Yet the machine was quite short but very long and wide like a rectangle. The screens were clear but highlighted with red. The screen had rows of squares going horizontally and vertically across it. She would place the magical red gem under the screen and see what was inside of it. Although this mission made her have second negative thoughts. Grace wondered if this was a little scheme or a nasty trick.

“I see you’ve been very busy,’ spoke a familiar voice from behind her.
She spun around and past a few tables she could see the man who called her. In one of his hands he was carrying a brief case.

“Do you have the gems?”

“Of course I do.” He opened the black leather case with a metal snap. Before Grace she saw a huge lay out of gems she had only seen in her dreams. There were all kinds of gems in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some were carved like human eyes some were carved like human hearts. They were pretty and seemed to glitter in the pale lab light.

“They are, Wondrous!” she spoke in a very soft voice.

“Well I’m glad your pleased but take a look at this.” Jon reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a large blue odd shaped gem stone. The gem was about the size of his fist if not maybe a little bigger. He handed her the gem with a faint smile. She held the gem close to her face. She starred deeper into the gem. She started to notice something inside of it was moving. She started to see a small hurricane wind. She was astonished by it’s power. Then it changed into a red color and a new scenery appeared inside of it. A lightning bolt struck through a small desert landscape inside the gem. The desert landscape was dotted with palm trees and camels.
Grace’s mouth was open wide like the entrance to a cavern. Her eyes wide like little green and black moons.

“This is extraordinary. I guess you were truly telling me the truth. This stone, this ruby, this gem, this, this what ever it is it’s spellbinding.”

“Well now that you have seen proof of this secret gem you will start scanning it now.”

“Oh absolutely. I’ll start to night,” she said anxiously


“How much time do I have to work.”

“All the time you want,” said Jon in a pleasant voice. “Just make sure no one knows and keep this totally a secret. And one more thing,” he spoke walking out the door

“Yes,” she replied.

“If I find one chip on that gem you have there. I will have your throat on a silver platter. I’m clear on that one right.
Grace nodded with her mouth closed.

“wonderful, I’ll see you in a couple of days to check on how your work is going. Chow,” He said exiting from the room.

Grace stood still for a couple of seconds. Then with a smile she turned on the machine and slid the gem under the red checkered screen. Hopefully the first time around she would get a good shot of its insides. She stood away from the machine when suddenly it shook a little bit.

“What in Gods name is going on?” she thought. “What the hell is a matter with you,” she said in an angry voice.

She peered over the screen. Through the highlighted screen she could see a red light beaming brightly. The red glow was becoming brighter, and larger, and stronger. The light was so strong now it felt as if the light could burn her. She shielded her face from the machine in terror.

“What the hell is happening?” she screamed inside her frightened mind. The gem burned like a furnace. The glowing red ball had the power of the sun, it seemed like it was a little red giant star burning and bursting with live and powerful energy.
“My god what is that thing doing,” Grace shrieked sweating like a pig.

The gem was burning so powerful now that it started to eat right through the screen it was under. From out of no where a huge piercing heart pounding roar shook the room. Then a huge fiery holocaust explosion blasted into a fireball. The blast from the explosion threw Grace threw the air like a rag doll. Tables were flipped over and test tubes and beakers all shattered in the explosion. The explosion ripped through the floor and tore out the fire alarms like they were pegs on a wooden board.

Angela was stroking all the shampoo suds out of her hair when she suddenly felt a small rumble. Her eyes popped open with water running in them. She poked her head out from the shower curtains. She didn’t see anything. She shut off the water and then stepped out. The small rumble had ran a tickle of terror down her spine. Something was wrong.

Over in the holocaust lab things were starting to calm down, for at least the explosion. Tables and chairs were all smashed chemicals spilled and all the test tubes were shattered into tiny bits. Grace was laying flat on her stomach. Her lab coat and knee cut dress were ripped and her hair was tangled up terribly. Blood was running from her legs and arms. Her hands cut up. She picked up her blood smeared face shockingly. She looked around the room. All she saw was disaster. No signs of the gem. She tried to get up.

“AAAAAhhhh!” she groaned painfully. She was in to much pain to get up. She rolled over on her back. She began to moan and cry in pain. Through the smoke a figure began to move.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Something was in here. Grace looked over at a smashed table with a cloud of gray smoke clouding around it. A beastly face came emerging from it clearly. It’s head and face resembled a terrifying bulldog. Except it looked kind of like a person in the eyes and nose. The creepiest feature about the beast was it’s dark purplish black scales and scars that covered it’s face and body. Grace was terrified and she couldn’t move. She let out another shriek as the beast came closer. Soon the beast was standing right next to her. Grace looked up at it silently trying not to flinch like a frightened animal. The beast breathed softly. Then from its clinched jaws came words that echoed in Grace’s mind

“I see your in great pain. Would you like it to stop?”

“Yes,” she said faintly with blood dripping from her mouth and tears running down her thin cheeks.

“As you wish,” hissed the beast.

Grace started to feel a crushing sensation, a new pain. The glass pieces that nailed into her skin on her legs began to dig deeper into her flesh. The huge piece of glass that she had fallen on started to dig deeper also. She rolled over on her stomach again. Her pale white skin was red as can be, it looked like she had been out in the scorching sun for years. She could feel her body breaking down. She picked her head up once more. Her last thought. She could barely see anything. Through the mist of the explosion she could see the red gem toppled over on the floor. This made her think of Jon and what happened during the procedure.

“Jon. Youuu-!” she mumbled softly. Her head dropped forever.


A huge scaly scared up looking human foot clamped down on Grace’s hand. The bulldog creature had formed into a devilish humanoid demon. With a diabolical grin he stepped on Grace’s thin neck and crunched again.

“I’ll remember you for that little wish. Now I shall find my prey,” The demon said picking up the gem and walking through the destroyed lab knocking things out of his way.

Colin Clifford

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