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Issue #1: Public School vs. Private School

It seems like whenever I sit down with the family for Christmas dinner, or at lunch with relatives as a matter of fact, this subject always comes up. Well, at least when my aunt is there. She continues to make false accusations about public schools, which drives me crazy! Her kids go to private school, so she has no idea what a public school is like anyway.

First of all, people who go to private school or have children that go to
private school have no right to make false accusations about public schools, and that goes both ways. Second of all, there are some things I think we all need to understand.

I am a public school student, and, having relatives who go to private school, I know most of what goes on in both. Personally, I like public school, but I'm not saying private school is a bad thing.

People sometimes fear public schools, saying everyone's pushing drugs, having sex, and getting a bad education. Now, I don't know about the city schools, but quite frankly that's over-exaggerating where I live. Yes, there are druggies. Yes, people have sex. Yes, some people flunk all subjects. But, let's take another look. Are the druggies pushing drugs to other groups of people, such as preppys? No. They keep to themselves. Are people unwantedly having sex? No. The people who do have sex do it in their own time, out of their own free will. Are we getting a bad education though? No. Those who are willing to learn do learn.

Actually, however, when you think about it, private school kids are more
likely to have the drugs, since they've got more money. I know in the one Catholic high school down the street the students grow their own drugs with Chia pets. So, actually, the drug issue can be worse in private schools.

In public schools, everyone is separated into different groups. What people do in those groups is up to them. We are not getting a bad education. The teachers are not the problem. When someone gets a "bad" education, they are usually unwilling to learn, therefore neglecting homework and schoolwork. You can't let this type of stuff influence you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with public school. (Besides, you don't have to pay those extra tuition bills!)

Now let's take a look at private schools. They get good educations there as well. Kidwise, they may or may not have the same types, but there are always the problem ones. Basically, private school is pretty much the same as public school. However, there are some major differences.

Well, let's start with the obvious. Some private schools have uniforms, most public schools do not. While having a uniform can save money, this does not promote your own fashion style. I like not having uniforms because you can dress in your own unique style. Of course, I'm not going to argue my point since that's not the issue.

Private schools are extremely small compared to public schools. That can create a huge problem. Let's think about this a minute. Public schools are crowded. Private schools are not. Now, once we public school kids get out into the real world, (a.k.a. college, universities, etc.) there will be no shock. We're used to being surrounded by tons of people and getting crowded into a teeny tiny space. The private school children are going to be shocked at how many people are in the world and how many people you can fit into a classroom.

Here's another difference. You can interact with all sorts of people in
public school: Latinos, African-Americans, people of other religions, etc. In private school, you don't get that kind of experience. You can't even make many new friends, since you'll be around the same people during your entire school experience. You may be stuck with all Catholics. And, in some cases, you might even be with only girls. What will happen when you meet all these guys in college? Now that's a scary picture. (And yes, that goes for all-guy schools too.)

My last difference: in private school, you don't have a lot of people to
compete against. In other words, you may think you're smart, but when you get out in the real world, up against a ton more people, you'll be in for a shock. In public school, it means something more when you're smart. Not only that, but you can be pretty sure you're not going to end up average in the real world, since you're up against a lot more people in public school.

Despite what people think, public schools are just as good, if not better,
than private schools. Public schooling is an experience everyone should have, but if you go to private school, realize that I'm not putting you down. You are who you are, and that's what makes you unique. It doesn't matter where you go to school, you will always be you. Even if you're not the prettiest or the brightest when you get out on your own, you will always be you, and that is a great feat.

So, next time you think about making an accusation about a school you've never even been to, think twice. Realize that your view may not be correct. Try to get an inside look at both types of schools, like I did, before you make your point. Trust me, it's better to have evidence to back up your accusation, unlike my aunt.

- Jen (July 20, 2001)

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The following comments are for "Jen-i-Vision Issue #1"
by PolkaDot*

cool, I loved it je- I mean pokadot, LoL. :) 8) I hink you should send that to the news paper girl! that was good, it showed a teenagers point of view yet still delt with the isues with the more audult world know as parents, lol ::Clashs of thunder and screams heard in background!:: heh heh... anyway that was soooo cool, keep it up and you might have a job the second you turn 14! hehe ;) :) 8) ^-^

( Posted by: Rachel* [Member] On: July 22, 2001 )

ive attended both public and private schools in high school, i got to experience the unique perspective of dealing with both. i dont know how it is in all areas of the world/usa, but on the east coast, there was definitely a difference. when i started out high school i started at a public school, and in my junior year, my parents switched me into a independent private school (in other words, it wasnt religiously affiliated.). i had to deal with many of the same problems in private school as i had in public: popularity contests, availablity of drugs, sexual inuendos, etc. what was different was the way that kids who had been going to private school almost all of their school age lives treated the new fresh from public school kids. it was horrible. i was completely ignore most of the time. it was really hard to make friends. i was the outsider, the lowlife, the public school kid. it didnt matter that my parents could afford to send me, it was the fact that they hadnt sent me from the beginning. i didnt have the hauty "im better than you are" attitude. i wasnt interested in the stoopid power struggles. i just wanted to make some friends (hopefully), and learn some stuff (even though we all know school sucks. heh =) ...)

the other problem was the level of schooling difference. in public school id always made A's and B's. id only ever gotten one D, in my whole education. when i switched to private school, they saw what great grades i was getting and immediately shoved me into all the advanced classes. had they been public school advanced classes, id have probably done fine. but the private school advanced classes were much farther ahead than the public school. not really in the difficulty of the classes, but in the way that they were taught. my new private school teachers rarely gave any real notes. they handed out crazy hard homework assignments and their tests were insane to pass. it was very hard for me to take. i went from those great A's and B's to D's and E's. i rarely got a C (unless it was art). i think their expectations were just way too high for the average students, whether it be private school kids or public.

aside from a few genius kids, most of those private school kids that had always been there, or other private schools, werent getting good grades either. ...makes me wonder why the teachers didnt re-evaluate their teaching techniques. i know i would if i were a teacher and the bulk of my students never seemed to excell.

i was half way into my senior year when i had a nervous breakdown during photography class, right before the christmas vacation started. two days before i had to go back to school, i had another nervous breakdown (about having to go back to that private school) and my parents freaked. a day later they yanked me out of private school and put me back in public. i finished out my senior year a much, much happier student.

my advice to anyone considering private school... investigate the school, the teachers, the standards. and then really think about whether or not its where you really want to be.

second: if youve been in private school all your school years, might as well stay unless you really really hate it. if youve been in public school, better stay there too, unless you really really really really really like a challenge. heh...

( Posted by: daisymonster [Member] On: July 31, 2001 )

Another view.
all my life, i was shunted between private and public schools. so i know what both are like, very, very intimately.
and i can tell you this.
i'm glad.
i'm glad that my parents didn't always have the money to send me to a private school, because tehy do get a little old. the uniforms, the cliqueishness, and the close-minded views can get a little old.
but by the same token, i am *so* glad that i got the chance.
if i had to stay in one or the other, i would pick private school every time.
well, almost everytime, but that's a different story.
the reason?
i like to learn.
i *don't* like having to wait up for the stupid kids, or for the kids that thing school is a joke.
in private school, you don't get that.
you *learn*... you learn at *your* pace, because, hell, you pay for your education, and you damn well better get your money's worth.
yeah, sure, i understand that most kids, sadly, in the US aren't too terribly interested in school. they'd rather be doing something fun and interesting...
but that's another thing.
in the small classes of private school, you get to do stuff the kids in public school never get the chance to.
the cirriculum has a much, much higher standard than public school, and usually, the teachers do, too.
if i could get a private school education, in a public school atmosphere, that would be like, heaven.
see, in public school, you've got all the kids that are only at school because they have to be, not because they want to be. and those kids make learning harder for everyone else.
yeah, sure, if you *want* to, you will be able to learn. but then if you do, you end up being the kid that's always either beat up for homework, or bullied because they're too smart.

there are pluses and minuses for both types of school.
but to me, a better eucation is worth cliqueishness.

( Posted by: nayami [Member] On: August 2, 2001 )

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