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‘With Much Ado About Us’

By: Lexie (Alexandra Bruderlin) and Jacey (Jacey925)

Part: One

‘Sticky Things and Addictions’

Disclaimer: Huh….. well we DO own the characters. We made them up. Anything that you recognize, like the name of a city or something, we don’t own…. Duh. But yeah. Don’t sue us. We’re just creative, crazy, taken over by the devil girls who wanna write ;)


‘Ugh!’ Licia St.James said as she flung her long brown hair over her shoulder. ‘This sucks.’ She moaned, as she stamped her foot in a puddle.

‘Lici!’ Green eyed Catalin Dane’s screeched. ‘Don’t splash! I’m already soaked, I don’t need muddy water on me as well.’

‘Hey!’ Lici yelled over the thunder and lightning, her chocolate brown eyes flashing, ‘It was your stupid idea to come to Yemen and stand on a street corner. And what have we achieved??!?! Huh? Nothing. We’re stuck in the rain, cause there’s no cabs around, and nobody in this godforsaken place understands English!’

Catalin turned towards Licia, and gave her a thoroughly confused look, as she ran her hand through her soaked brown hair. ‘Um, Lici?’ she asked. ‘We aren’t in Yemen. Standing on the corner in front of the ‘Yemen International Airlines Travel Shop’ does NOT count as being in Yemen…………..’

Licia rolled her eyes, ‘Details, details.’

‘Kinda important details Lici.’ Catalin murmured. ‘For one,’ she said louder, ‘The fact that no one around here speaks English, is due to us being in China Town. Secondly, there’s no cab’s around, because we’re standing on a pedestrian ONLY street. And finally, We’re soaked because, YOU were meant to bring an umbrella.’

Lici looked at her, tilted her head to the side, and looked deep in concentration. ‘Huh.’ She said.

‘Huh?’ Catalin yelled, ‘All you can say is ‘Huh?’

‘Well,’ started Lici, completely ignoring Catalin’s ranting, ‘I don’t mind the rain. Look how pretty it is!’ she said, spreading her arms out and spinning in circles in the middle of the deserted street.

Catalin rolled her eyes again. ‘Lici, I think it’s time to go home.’ She said firmly.

Licia stopped spinning. ‘Whoa. Head rush.’ She put her head in her hands momentarily, and then looked up again, ‘Home?’ she questioned. ‘As in Rockville, Cat?’

‘Yeah. I dunno, I’m starting to miss and yeah….’

Lici rolled her eyes, ‘Yeah that’d be the reason, your boyfriend. Live a little. Be free like me…. Ohhhhh! That rhymes!’ Licia exclaimed. ‘Be freeeeeeeeee. Like meeeeeeee.’ She said starting to sing.

Cat smiled at her crazy friend, ‘Well you know, you’d have a boyfriend if you’d actually admit to yourself and Josh that you love him……’

Lici scowled, ‘I don’t love him! He’s my best friend. That’s it!’

Cat snorted, ‘Yeah yeah. Cause the whole town knows the truth, that you love him and he loves you but you’re both to scared to do anything about it, and you say that you’re just friends?’ she said in a rush.

Licia’s eyes opened widely, ‘Whoa there Cat. Breathe between words.’

Catalin rolled her eyes again, at Licia, ‘Look hon, deny it as much as you want too. But that doesn’t change the truth. Which is that you’re in love with Josh Scott……’ she paused, and then looked Licia straight in the eyes. ‘Can you honestly, say that you’ve never thought about dating him? Kissing him? Spending the rest of your life with him?’

Lici smiled, ‘Well, yeah.’ She said dreamily, ‘There was that one time when I had that dream…. Remember? How me and Josh were married………. That was, well, nice.’

‘Nice?’ said Catalin smirking. ‘Great interpretation. If I remember rightly, you were practically beside yourself with how much in love with him you were in that dream.’

Lici frowned, ‘Look, can we just drop it for now, please Cat?’

Catalin smiled at her, ‘Only if you promise to think about asking him out, confessing your true feelings, or dropping to the floor on one knee in front of Josh Scott, when we get home to Rockville.’

Licia rolled her eyes. ‘I’ll consider the first one. Now, lets go get me diet coke.’

Cat grinned, as they started walking towards the bus station, arm in arm. ‘You know,’ she said seriously, ‘You’re addicted to that stuff.’

‘Ahhh.’ Lici said wisely, ‘In time, you too will understand the joy that diet coke brings to life. It’s like an elixir of life. The Holy Grail. The treasure at the end of a rainbow…….’

‘I get it Licia. I get it.’ Catalin said grinning at her best friend’s childish nature.


Three days later, Licia and Catalin stood outside the doors of ‘Josh’s Café’.

‘Ahhhhhhhhhh.’ Said Licia, ‘The home of the best diet coke in the world.’

Cat rolled her eyes, ‘You do realise that it tastes practically the same everywhere, right?’

Licia spun around to face her, ‘Ah ha! See, you admitted it!’ she said, pointing at her friend.

‘Admitted what?’

‘You said ‘practically the same’. ‘Practically’. Meaning that it’s not exactly the same.’ Licia said wisely.

Cat sighed, ‘Can we just go in, please?’

Licia grinned, ‘Yup.’ She said as she pushed open the door to the café. ‘Joshy!’ she yelled. ‘Miss me?’

The tall, dark and brooding man behind the counter looked up. ‘Back from rehab so soon Licia?’ he asked in a bored tone.

‘I knew you’d miss me!’ Licia squeeled, as she went behind the counter to hug Josh.

‘Ah!’ he said with a warning look, ‘Not behind the counter, remember?’

Licia pouted, ‘Awwwww come on Joshy. Gimme a hug!’

Josh sighed, ‘Fine.’ He awkwardly hugged her, and then shooed her back to her rightful place on the other side of the counter. ‘So,’ he said, ‘You gave up that addiction of yours right?’

‘Oh,’ said Licia, ‘You mean the marijuana addiction. Yeah. That’s gone. Shame really….. but there comes a time, when it gets too expensive. You know,’ she said looking at Josh, ‘You should really think about it. It was a lot of fun while it lasted.’

Josh rolled his eyes. ‘I don’t do fun.’ he stated. ‘And you know what I was talking about. Diet coke?’

Lici’s eyes lit up. ‘Yes!’ she shrieked.

‘Geez,’ Cat said from a table on the other side of the dinner, where she was sitting with her boyfriend. ‘I do still need my hearing tomorrow Lici.’

Lici ducked her head, ‘Sorry.’

As Lici turned back to stare at Josh, Cat turned but to *her* *boyfriend* (it
was truly an act of kismet that she had a boyfriend at all - meeting Mark in the
first place had involved Lici - which would've been scary in itself but it had
also involved Cat's new skirt and a cherry yum-yum.)

"I'm sorry about Lici," Cat grinned. "We are trying to increase her medication,

Mark laughed. "No, I think she's funny. And considering she's best friends with
Josh...well that's even more amusing because he's such a vocal dude."

"I know. I'm just waiting till he asks her out," Cat said, stirring her Pepsi :p
with her straw.

"Ask him out?" Mark's eyes widened. "Whoa. Maybe it should involve something
sticky, like you and me did?"

Cat blushed a bit but laughed...

Part Two: ‘Imaginary Journals and Such’

Disclaimer: Huh….. well we DO own the characters. We made them up. Anything that you recognize, like the name of a city or something, we don’t own…. Duh. But yeah. Don’t sue us. We’re just creative, crazy, taken over by the devil girls who wanna write ;)


Licia sighed deeply as she sat down on the couch in her living room. Cat looked up from the where she was sitting in the arm chair reading a book.

‘What now?’ she questioned.

‘Nothing.’ Licia said, before sighing deeply again.

‘What?’ Cat asked sounding irritated.

‘Oh… nothing,’ said Licia, pausing. ‘I just…… I don’t know if I should talk to Josh about… you know.’

‘Ahhhh no?’ said Cat.

‘YOU know.’ Licia said glaring at her friend.

Cat rolled her eyes. ‘I know. You don’t know whether you should go talk to Josh about getting down and dirty and doing the horizontal tango with him, am I correct?’

Licia gasped, ‘You’ve been reading my journal again1’

Cat rolled her eyes, again. ‘Lici, you don’t HAVE a journal. You tried that remember? You kept writing about things you wished would happen.’

Lici stuck her tongue out at Cat, and rolled her eyes, ‘Well it worked for Bridget.’

"Yes, but Bridget was not only fictional, she was over the legal drinking age,"
Cat replied. "We aren't fictional."

"Details. Those are technical details," Lici replied. "And it's not really
valuable advice, Cat."

"Dress up in white and get your best friend to spill cherry yum-yum on you when
you fall down the stairs on formal night," Cat suggested. "That usually helps
you get a guy."

"I thought you promised never to mention that ever again?" Lici demanded.

"Did I?"

‘Uh, yeah…….. unless of course, in the last five minutes I fell down a whole flight of very steep stairs, and hit my head and got amnesia. Which is unlikely, cause I see no bruising!’ Lici said sticking her tongue out at Cat.

Cat sighed,, ‘Don’t be ridiculous Lici, it was only half a flight of stairs…. A whole flight would have caused at least two broken bones….. and of course you see no bruising. It’s on your head’

Licia glared at her, and then sat back down on the couch, mumbling, ‘I’m SO fictional…….and geez, just cause SHE isn’t over the legal drinking age, doesn’t mean that I’m not. Of course it depends on which countries laws we’re talking about…..’

Cat looked up from the book she was reading again, ‘Huh?’

Lici rolled her eyes, ‘What I’m trying to say, is if we were living somewhere else…. Say New Zealand, or Australia for instance, we’d… well I’d be over the legal drinking age……’

‘Lici?’ said Cat, still reading her book.


‘Shut up.’

Lici stood up, and sighed, ‘Let’s go to Mag’s house. We gotta try on the dresses again, remember?’

Cat smiled, ‘You mean, YOU want to stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself, and tell yourself how pretty you are in the bridesmaids dress?’

‘Well duh. Let’s go!’ Lici said, running out the door.

Cat stood up, ‘Wait! Lic! Your purse………. Damn it.’

Catalin caught up with Licia two streets over, and handed her her purse. ‘Oh.’ Lici said. ‘Thanks!’

Cat rolled her eyes, ‘No problem.’ She turned and grinned at Lici, ‘Can you believe our best friend is getting married?!?!’

Lici grinned back, ‘I know! This totally rocks! And Amy is such a nice girl too. She and Mag’s are like totally perfect together………. And also, the fact that there’s like double the bridesmaids, is pretty cool….’


Two Day’s Later………….


‘Lici! Hurry up, we’re gonna be late!’ Cat yelled up the stairs to Licia, who was in her room, finishing off her makeup.

‘I’m coming, I’m coming.’ Lici called back down. ‘Relax, it’s not like they’re gonna start without us…. We’re the bridesmaids.’

Cat rolled her eyes, ‘Hon, I hate to tell you this, but they can start without anyone, who isn’t the bride or groom……. I mean bride or bride..….. but I understand that you like to think that you’re the most important part of the wedding.’

‘Well yeah, cause I’m the most important part of everything.’ Lici said as if it were obvious.

Cat rolled her eyes at Lici who was walking down the stairs towards her. ‘Yes. That’s absolutely right.’

Lici smiled, ‘I’m totally ignoring the sarcasm in your tone.’ She said, looking into her purse.

‘Okay. Good.’ Cat said, ‘So, shall we go.?’ She questioned.

‘Yeah, that might be a good idea. We’re gonna be late.’ Lici said smiling innocently at Cat.

‘Argghhh!’ Cat said, glaring at Licia, ‘Did I not JUST say that?!?!’

‘Yeah, well. You know how much I listen…’ Lici said. ‘Okay, so do you have the speech?’

‘Speech!?!?!?!” Cat said looking at Licia shocked, ‘I need a speech?!?!’

Lici glared at her, ‘Well duh, it’s all kinda part of being a bridesmaid, and doing a SPEECH the rehearsal dinner….. oh god, I can’t believe you don’t have a speech prepared!!!!”

Cat grinned, ‘Relax. It’s in my purse!’



The next morning, preparing for the wedding


Josh and Mark were sitting, very paitently on the couch, in Lici and Cat’s living room.

Josh looked at his watch, gave Mark a look, who in return rooled his eyes; and then stood up.

‘Are you two ready yet?’ Josh called up the stairs.

‘We’ll be right down!’ Cat yelled.

‘You said that twenty minutes ago!’ Mark yelled back up.

Lici’s voice sounded, ‘This time we mean it.’

A few minutes later, Lici appeared at the top of the stairs, in the long lavender bridesmaids gown. ‘Girl number one is ready to go. Girl number two is still doing her hair.’

Josh grinned at her, and gave her a fully appreciative look over; starting at her hair which had been curled and put up, the low, v shaped neckline and down her legs to the stiletto heals. ‘Girl number one looks beautiful.’

Lici smiled back, fluttered her eyelashes, and said ‘Girl number one thanks you.’

A few more minutes passed, and finally Cat appeared, in the same dress as Licia. ‘Was it worth the wait?’ she said to Mark, who held his hand out to her, to escort her down the last few stairs.

‘Absolutely.’ He said, running his eyes over her body. He put his hands on her waist, and again eyed her from head to toe; beginning with her long brown hair that had been lightly curled and left loose, to the low neckline, and the slit on the side of the dress that showed her legs. ‘Wow….. just wow.’

Cat grinned. ‘I’ll take that as a compliment.’

Mark smiled back, ‘It definitely is.’

Lici cleared her throat, and clapped her hands, ‘OK, break up the lovefest. We’re meant to be at Mag’s in 5 minutes.’

A/N (Jacey) To be continued in the next chapter, featuring Mag’s and Amy’s wedding. (To be clear here, just incase ppl don’t realize, Mag’s and Amy, are (obviously) lesbians, and Cat and Lici are not. – Note: Josh and Mark………)

Part Three: ‘Kisses and Rhymes Don’t Mix’

Disclaimer: Huh….. well we DO own the characters. We made them up. Anything that you recognize, like the name of a city or something, we don’t own…. Duh. But yeah. Don’t sue us. We’re just creative, crazy, taken over by the devil girls who wanna write ;)


At the Wedding…


‘I’m booooooooooooored!’ Lici complained. ‘This is SO boring! I don’t see why we can’t start already!’

Cat rolled her eyes, ‘Duh. Cause no one can find Amy.’

‘WHAT?!?!’ came a cry from behind them.

The girls both spun around, to see Mag’s standing behind them with a look of horror on her face. ‘OHMIGOD!’ she wailed, ‘I’ve been stood up on my WEDDING DAY!’

Cat grimiced, ‘Uh honey. Sorry, sorry. I was kidding……’

Mag’s stopped crying and looked at her. ‘EVIL!’ she yelled, as she spun around and marched back into the room where she was getting ready.

‘Sorry!” Cat called out behind her, as the door slammed. ‘Opps.’

Lici grinned, ‘EVIL!’ she said, as she fidgeted in her seat. ‘OK, bored again.’

‘Ohhhh, look.’ Cat said, pointing towards two people, from where they were sitting at the back of the church. ‘It’s Jesse and Jill!’

Licia started giggling.

Cat turned to her, ‘What?’

‘Jesse and Jill…..’ Lici said smothering her laughing in her hands.

Catalin rolled her eyes, ‘Not this again.’ She said dryly.

Lici grinned, ‘No, no. I swear this one’s good. Jesse and Jill went up the hill to buy some new CD’s. Jesse said ‘Look!’ and dropped his book, and Jill said ‘I like Cheese’.’ She grinned at Cat. ‘See. Good huh?’

Cat rolled her eyes, ‘That one doesn’t even make sense.’

Licia sighed, and then turned on her seat so that she was fully facing Catalin. ‘Excuse me? Which part doesn’t make sense? They both like music, hence the CD shopping. Jesse works in a book shop, and reads all the time. He’s defiantly said the word ‘Look’ before, so that parts plausible; and we saw Jill eating pizza last week at Joe’s Pizza Place, so we know she like’s cheese. There – it makes perfect sense!’

Catalin shrugged, and said ‘Eh, I dunno. It didn’t flow as well as some of the other’s you’ve done.’

‘Yeah well,’ Lici said looking distracted, ‘They can’t all be winners. Ohhhhh look! There’s Josh. I’m gonna go hassle him.’

Cat grinned, ‘Awwwwww! You guys are SO cute! You just wanna go talk to him cause you looooooooooooooove him!’

Lici glared at her, ‘EVIL!’

Cat rolled her eyes, ‘Denial……..’

Lici stood up and headed over to Josh, but turned just before she reached him and said, ‘Is a river.’

Cat grimaced. ‘Damn. I was asking for that one.’


‘Joshie!!!!!!!” Lici squealed at she walked up to Josh and threw her arms around his neck! ‘Whatcha doing?’

‘Ahhh, trying to breathe.’ Josh said.

‘Ah. Gotcha.’ Lici said, removing her arms from around his neck, and standing beside him, so that she could rest her head on his shoulder. ‘Joshie?’

‘Not my name.’ Josh growled, putting his arm around her shoulders.



‘The Josh-inator?’



‘No. Why, oh why, are you so annoying?’ Josh asked, rolling his eyes.

‘That’s a rhetorical question, right?’ Licia said smiling.

There was silence for a few minutes, before Licia said, ‘Hey Josh?’

‘Yes Licia?’ Josh said smiling at her.

‘I’m boooooored.’ Lici said putting her arm around his waist.

‘No! Really? Now that’s something that NEVER happens to you!’ Josh said sarcastically.


‘Catalin!’ a voice yelled from the room behind where Cat was sitting. ‘Help!’

Cat rolled her eyes, and walked towards the door, and then knocked.

‘Come in.’ Mag’s voice sounded.

Cat walked in, and stopped in her path. ‘Whoa! You look so incredible Mags!’

Mags smiled at her, ‘Thanks….’ She paused, ‘Incredible enough, that if you were gay, you’d wanna marry me?’

Cat tilted her head to the side. ‘Hmmm. Nup. Sorry hon.’

Mag’s face dropped. ‘What! Why?’

Catalin grinned, ‘Cause there’s that shiny little rock on your finger that’s screaming ‘I’m taken! I’m taken. Don’t come near me!’’

Mags grinned at her, and lifted her hand to her ear. ‘Ohhhhhh! You’re right. It is screaming that!’

Cat grinned at her, and smoothed her veil down. ‘I’m so happy for you Mags.’

Mags smiled back at her, ‘Thanks honey.’


‘And, so anyway,’ Lici said to Josh, who was listening very patiently, ‘This guy comes up to us, and goes ‘Can I take your bags?’ So we were all like, ‘Yeah, sure.’’

‘Is there a point to this story, Lici?’ Josh asked rolling his eyes.

‘Yes. Shush now. ‘Anyway, we haven’t seen our bag’s since……….’

There was silence ,and Licia scowled, ‘You DO get it, right?’

Josh rolled his eyes, ‘Yes I get it.’

Lici smiled at him, then her face went serious. ‘You think I’m a freak don’t you?’


Lici rolled her eyes, and then scowled.

‘What?’ Josh said sighing loudly.

‘I want cake.’ Licia said pouting.

‘You can’t have cake. That’s for the reception.’ Josh said.

‘But I want cake nooooow.’ Lici moaned.

‘I’m all for the cake,’ said Cat, coming towards them, ‘But right now, we gotta go get ready for the ceremony Lici.’

Licia smiled at Josh, and said ‘Cya later.’

‘Yeah’ Josh said, shoving his hands in his pockets, ‘I’ll see you after the ceremony.’

‘I’ll be the one by the cake.’ Licia said kissing him on the cheek.

Cat rolled her eyes, ‘Enough with the cake already.’

They walked away and Cat grinned at Lici.

‘What?’ Lici said.

‘You liiiiiiike Jooooosh!’ Cat sang.

‘Well, duh,’ Licia replied, ‘He’s like, my best friend, other than you!’ and with that she marched into the room at the end of the church to help Amy with her veil.

Cat scowled, and muttered to herself, ‘I have SO gotta do something to get those two together!’


The Ceremony…


The ceremony, had so far gone off without any mishaps…… if you didn’t include Licia almost tripping over her dress half way up the isle, and Cat nearly setting her dress on fire with the candles.

Other than that, things were going perfectly, and Mags and Amy were standing before the priest, and were about to recite the special set of vows they had chosen.

The priest cleared her throat, and spoke to Amy and Mag’s. ‘Amy Dianna McGuire and Maggie Grace Linden, we stand here today, before God, your family and your friends. This is your moment, to give each other your promises and vows.’

Amy smiled at Mags. ‘Maggie Grace Linden. From the moment I met you, I’ve known you were the only one for me. We’ve had tough times, and we’ve had fantastic times. And we’ve gone through them all, together. I love you. And I’ll always love you. This is my promise to you.’

Mags smiled at Amy, and then spoke, ‘Amy Dianna McGuire, you are the light of my life. When things go wrong, you’re always there to comfort me, and when times are good, you’re always there to share them with me. I promise to always share happiness with you, always comfort you, and always love you. This is my promise to you.’

The priest smiled, and then spoke again, ‘Now, instead of the traditional vows, I believe Amy and Maggie have written their own. Amy?’

Amy nodded, and cleared her throat. ‘Maggie Grace Liden, Today begins my walk with you.’

Mags smiled, and wiped a tear from her cheek, ‘And mine with you.’

Amy grinned, ‘Where you go, I go.’

‘And where you go, I will go.’ Mags replied.

‘Where you stay, I stay.’

Mags smiled again, and replied ‘And where you stay, I will stay.’

Amy winked at Lici who was sitting on the edge of her seat hanging onto every word, and then turned back to Mags. ‘When you sleep, I will sleep.’

Mags smiled again, and replied, ‘And when you sleep, I will also sleep.’

‘When you rise,’ Amy said, ‘I will rise.’

‘And when you rise, I also will rise.’

‘I will pass my days within the sound of your voice.’ Amy said, tears falling down her face.

‘And I also, will pass my days within the sound of your voice.’ Mags said, wiping Amy’s tears away.

‘And my nights within reach of your hand.’

‘And my nights will also be spent within reach of your hand.’ Mags replied.

Lici turned to Josh, whom she was sitting next to, and whispered, ‘Well it’d be kinda difficult not to, if Amy’s near her hand, Mags can’t not be near her hand…..’ she stopped when Mags turned to glare at her and Josh clamped his hand over her mouth.

Amy continued, ‘And none shall ever come between us.’

Mags smiled, ‘And none shall come between us.’ She repeated.

Lici meanwhile had gotten rid of Josh’s hand and muttered, ‘Except maybe that guy down in Boston who makes the best pizza ever…….’ She stopped again, when Josh glared at her, and whispered, fiercely in her ear, ‘If you don’t shut up, I’m gonna do something that’ll make you regret ever opening your mouth.’

Licia winked at him, and muttered back, ‘Oh, really? You promise.

Catalin grinned to herself, and whispered to Mark, ‘Oh, here we go…..’

Just as Licia was about to open her mouth to say something else, Josh swooped down on her, and covered her mouth with his.

Amy grinned, and continued, ‘This I vow.’

Mags also smiled, and repeated, ‘This I vow.’

The priest, who was busy watching Josh and Licia, who were sitting in the front pew, making out, suddenly jumped to attention, after Amy nudged her. ‘Oh! Uhhhh. Ah, here we go. “I now pronounce Amy Dianna McGuire and Maggie Grace Linden wife and wife. You may now, uh, both kiss the brides…….’

Mag’s and Amy lent in to kiss each other at the exact moment, Licia and Josh drew apart, and Licia shrieked, ‘OHMIGOD!’ jumped up and ran down the isle.

Josh cleared his throat, ‘Uh. Sorry.’ He grunted. ‘I’ll just….’ He motioned down the isle with his hand, stood up and took off after Licia.

Mags and Amy grinned at Cat, who was sitting smiling proudly to her self, and then began walking down the isle as the priest announced, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I now give you, Mrs and Mrs Linden-McGuire.’


The following comments are for "With Much Ado About Us"
by Jacey

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