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An eerie silence surrounded us. I saw white figures in a dimly lit room. Ghostly shapes were veiled as white silhouettes, similar to being covered by white sheets on a moonlit night. I was dismantling the switch when I recalled the dream in full detail. Events that unravel first in a dream to precede the actual sequence throw a large wrench into the machinery of ordinary science.

Incident at the Morgue
Clark Nelson
1431 wds

Incident at the Morgue

I had a dream detailing images from the afterlife late in the fall of 2002. My dream opens with a vision of stacked, shiny steel, bleacher style seats. There were some seven rows of descending long bench seats. I was sitting toward the left end of the top most bleacher seat. I looked forward and saw the rear profiles of several people below. We were all facing the same way, each seat forward slightly lower than the last. Turning to my right, I noticed we were sparsely filling the descending bleachers. We were scattered in stair case fashion throughout the small room. One, two or three individuals per bench were sitting several feet apart. An eerie silence surrounded us. I saw white figures in a dimly lit room. Ghostly shapes were veiled as white silhouettes, similar to being covered by white sheets on a moonlit night. I looked for features like hair, eyes, ears and noses. I found none. I then focused directly down beside me and examined the shiny metal bench. I thought it was made of stainless steel or some kind of aluminum.

Everyone there, including myself, seemed to be watching and waiting for some kind of show. The area in front of the last bleacher seat row was the stage. We were waiting for the main performer to begin. I felt we were members of the same sports team, each having a specific job. One person was about to demonstrate an important play. As we waited in anticipation, I noticed someone slightly to my left and below was now laying on their right side. He or she seemed to be folded in a half fetal position and sleeping. “Very odd, sleeping at a time like this,” I thought. Nobody was moving or talking and I surmised this to be strange behavior for a group this size. I did not think much about the dream until the next day.

My daily assignment usually began with one or more work orders. My job as a hospital electrician was generally agreeable and the pay good. I was accustomed to working with power and lighting in busy clinical settings. Priorities were always an issue in a building this size. On this particular day, I was summoned to the morgue shortly after lunch. I arrived with my tool cart and greeted the two attendants. Their immediate request involved repairing the light switch just inside what they called the “cold room.”

The cold room was actually a walk-in refrigerator. Cold storage preserved the bodies for up to several days prior to release. Top to bottom, three rows of narrow bunks made of stainless steel lined the interior. A thick, massive insulated door allowed large transport carts easy maneuverability through the opening. Unfortunately, one had recently missed the doorway and struck the inside light switch. Since I always carried replacement switches, this relatively common failure was a quick fix. I shoved the necessary pliers and screwdrivers into my pockets, grabbed my flashlight and went inside the dark room. “Great, I’ll be out of here in no time,” I said to myself. My flashlight provided only limited visibility, so I decided to prop the door slightly ajar. I wanted to minimize the amount of escaping cold air while maintaining enough light to see effectively.

I was dismantling the switch when I recalled the dream in full detail. Wham! I felt the weight from a ton of bricks had fallen on me. I cocked my head to the left, trying to peer into the darkness over my shoulder. I felt an intense chill go up my spine. I could hardly hold my feet in place. Quickly snatching the wires off, I hastily exited with the broken switch. I pushed the door closed and retreated to the safety of my tool cart. I pressed both palms down hard on the top of the cart to stop them from trembling. Heart racing, I replayed the dream sequence in my mind at least three times. I had paranormal dreams before, but this one went way off scale to ring the bell. I desperately looked for the other two attendants. I discovered I was very alone. I spent the next ten minutes trying to recover. I had to overcome the wow and fear simultaneously. I stared at the closed door, unwilling to return.

I retrieved the new switch from my on-board stock and slowly prepared it for installation. “No way that I want to go back in there,” I muttered. I was fighting to reassure myself, “This will only take a few minutes.” I instinctively looked upward, praying to Jesus for strength through this. This was my job and I was determined to finish. I gathered every ounce of courage, gritted my teeth and opened the door. Standing in the doorway I paused long enough to look inside. I could see ten to twelve bodies lying on shiny steel shelves along the walls. Most were covered with white sheets, some half covered and one or two still wore street clothes. I again propped the door open, this time wider to allow more light. “At least they’re not coming after me,” I told myself. I proceeded inside to install the new switch. Hands trembling again, I struggled with the wires and screws. Resisting the urge to flee, a feeling of calming warmth came over me next. I mounted the switch and secured the remaining screws.

I understood the dream now. I was indeed a part of the team. Moreover, I was the star performer. I (we) were watching and waiting for this moment. I was demonstrating the play on stage for everyone to see. I fastened the cover plate all the while knowing I needed to think about these events more seriously. The entire episode had been overwhelming. I snapped the new light on and off to test it before leaving the area. I collected my tools and left without looking back. All things considered, I was happy this job was over.

My dream encompassed a certain precognition of future events that spanned possibly 12-hours in advance. There are several physical elements to mention in retrospect. First, the cold room provides a cold storage facility for the dead while they undergo evaluation prior to transfer to the funeral home. Cold conditions may enhance paranormal activity by reason of temperature and humidity. Cold and dampness, from condensation in this case, are often associated with ghostly encounters. I perceived metal bleacher rows resembling the shiny, stainless steel shelving. White sheets covering most corpses in the dimly lit room permeate the dream scenario. Some consciousness or residual energy exhibits passive haunting by the recent dead. A bit more subjective are the stage and team building interpretations. We cannot fathom the depth of their comprehension. A team concept, wherein one collective attention is manifest, is the widest alternative answer.

Two separate pathways toward the future became known to me. The first is the course taken solely by the mind’s eye during sleep. Thoughts are free to roam independently of time, moving from point A to point B immediately in non-linear fashion. My calendar background provides a spiritual container vehicle to glimpse my own future. The alternative route through time is the ordinary physical way. In this case, I could not be in two places at one time. Participation with the entities occurred when we were in attentive, sitting positions versus me standing in front and performing the installation. The mind took a spiritual shortcut path, the body a material one, and the conclusion of both ended with me (us) watching myself.

In this rather macabre parallel story, a dream is set against an actual incident. I must suggest one final observation. When I pleaded for God’s strength, I was a lost soul scared out of my wits. I had no impressions they were destined for either heaven or hell. I saw no demons, no fires of retribution or grandiose white light beckoning anyone to enter. The scene was evidently one from the other side portrayed in quiet solitude. Purgatory concepts of watching and waiting are applicable here. I admit the warm feeling was followed immediately by my participation in the context of teamwork.

Spiritual stuff goes beyond the limitations of traditional science. On the surface, preoccupation with calendar patterns is a logical process and acceptable in the scientific discipline. Events that unravel first in a dream to precede the actual sequence throw a large wrench into the machinery of ordinary science. Hence, I resort to altered supernatural meanings in order to explain how this is possible.

Are you a pastor, educator or a student of the Holy Bible? seeks anointed people to review and contribute to the Ages of Adam ministry. Ancient lunar/solar calendars like the Jewish and Mayan calendars provide the background to understanding early time. Ancient calendars of the Holy Bible use differences between the moon and sun, numerical matching and a 364-day calendar year to describe X-number of days that match with X-number of years. Ages of Adam is a free read at

Clark Nelson is webmaster for and author of Ages of Adam and sequel, Holy of Holies. Contact for more information. © Copyright 2006 Clark Nelson and All Rights Reserved.

morgue, afterlife, dream, eerie, silhouettes, team, sleeping, cold room, ghost, paranormal, entities, watching, macabre, purgatory, heaven, hell, spiritual, calendar, science

Clark Nelson is webmaster for and author of Ages of Adam and sequel, Holy of Holies. Copyright 2006 Clark Nelson and All Rights Reserved.

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Blog this instead Opinion
I've read SEVERAL of your pieces in which you have categorized as opinion, and as Penelope has noticed, I too, have noticed that opinion is really not the best place the work you have submitted thus far. There are several options available when you submit and I am sure you can figure out what would be best suited for your work besides this category. I would suggest putting what you have submitted so far into the blog section if you can't figure out a category.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 24, 2007 )

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