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As one of the 5 plus billion ‘lesser breeds’ the outrages wreaked by an increasingly out-of-control West makes my blood boil.

For far ,far too long have we suffered having the jackboots of the ‘master race’ grinding our faces , bodies and souls into the dirt.

First it was Slavery and Colonialism -which was an affliction we had to endure for hundreds of years.

Then in a stroke of supreme irony the post -War period (one that paid only lip-service to the notion of ‘Peace’) gave rise to ,among many others: the obscenity of the Katanga conflict and the utter ,unmitigated horrors of the Vietnam War .

(A war where more bomb-tonnage was dropped than during the entire Second World War .And one in which the worst form of chemical warfare was unleashed : Agent Orange, that wreaked untold environmental damage - and what is worse ,destroyed the DNA of countless Vietnamese -ensuring the birth of stunted and grotesque infants far ,far into the future.True to form though ,America has been utterly steadfast in its repudiation of any liability for its truly Final-Solution-type actions)

And now we are ‘treated’ to the horrendous tragedy of Iraq - a war fought for the sole and express purpose of filling the corporate coffers of the US and the rest of the ‘coalition of the willing’.

A pox on your and your ‘values’ . Especially the ‘freedoms’ you so blithely hold out to us ‘lesser breeds’ - like Mars-Bars and Candy to starving children.

After all that has happened ,can you blame us for wishing that a fate far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah’s befalls the entire Western world. And that each of you meet an end far more grisly and excruciating than the deaths you’ve so cavalierly meted out to so many of us .

There has to be a limit to our forbearance .We are but human.


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The following comments are for "Je t'adore"

Falling down Human
Here! Here! Lucie. I couldn't have said it better myself. And with such aplomb.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: June 5, 2007 )

Thanks for stopping by.Just want to say that few 'breeds' are 'infinite'.

My late father's professor, a renowned white supremacist ,of the 50s and 60s, was not off the mark at all.Which is very likely why a book - and the movie version of it = called "The Ugly American' lie in the rubbish dump of History ( as do the 3 million plus Vietnamese dead- they were barely human.)

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: June 5, 2007 )

My great-grandfather owned three slaves and their children before the American Civil war. I have his will which says so. His ownership of slaves has nothing to do with me or any legacy I might leave behind. Why is it people of other races put Caucasions in the indefensible position of past history? I resent it. I resent the implications of it. I resent the ramifications of it. I treat people the way I want to be treated generally. You want someone to defend Vietnam or Iraq or other wars of aggression. You want "me" to admit mistakes or take responsibility for my country's actions, past, present, and future. How would that help your feelings of inferiority? History is replete with 6000 years of warfare between mankind for a zillion different reasons. Shall we revisit all of them? NO? You want to be treated equally? So do I. And I am not. I don't know anyone of any race treated equal. Sorry pal, I had no choice where I was born any more than you did. I sure as hell didn't know I was "white" until I got older and black kids walking down the street told the kids "7 year-old second graders" Black and white that "us white kids were the devil". All I was before that was a poor white trash farm boy that lived in the hills,got two pairs of blue jeans, a pair of shoes, three hand-me-down shirts, and a couple pairs of socks for a whole school year. We got gov't cheese, lived on venison, squirrel,rabbit,raccoon and other animals you didn't dare ask the species of if you didn't want to get slapped silly. I am what I am. I am American. I am a Christian. I am a father. I am a husband. I happen to be white. I've made the best of my handicap. What is your excuse? I am proud to be an American. I am thankful every day for it. And for the record, my country has the wherewithall to enforce peace throughout the entire world if it so chose. Why we don't is beyond my reasoning. I guess our politicians haven't figured out that if you withhold food from your enemies until they are starved into peace bombs will have to suffice indtead. People don't have to act human to be human, but they have to behave like humans to be recognized as such. I love my life and wouldn't trade anyone for another. I alone answer to my God, anything else is just so much chaff. Shall we continue?


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: June 5, 2007 )

Yes Charlie. There is much resentment on both sides. (In an earlier era it may well have been pistols at dawn . But I've never handled a firearm .And come from an ethos that has always walked on with its head bowed before 'insolent might" .So shall have to find some other way .)

I don't know very much about the Christianity you speak of. However -please correct me if I am wrong - it seems to have much violence at the core of it.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: June 6, 2007 )

Maybe there are peaceful isolated tribes somewhere in this world who do not settle feuds with violence, but most of humanity is violent and self-destructive. It has absolutely nothing to do with one's religion, unless one's religion dictates violence as a means to an end. I think I could and can explain why there is such violence in the Bible, but the question then becomes one of forethought(God's) and intent. If you desire to know the best educated guess I postulate, then I will write my own piece in response. I may anyway. I became a Christian at a fairly young age, without any formal teaching or instruction from any denomination. That said, when someone attempted to beat me up, I fought back.It is a universal and fundamental drive of human nature to survive. So I fought back and got very good at it. I didn't start fights, I just finished them. I have tried to live that down my whole life, with some small successes.

As an aside, I did not mean to merely comment on comments about the writing. I make that mistake too often, however, the tone of your piece seemed to invite dialogue and opinion not directly related to the exact nature of your writing.

I cannot prove to you there is piece in my heart toward my fellow man no matter what his/her color or culture. I am to most people here an unseen face. threfore it is impossible for you to know who I am. I am not shy though. Ask me a question, I'll give you an honest answer. If what I say does not square with my Christian beliefs, that is not the fault of God or Christianity. It is mine alone. It still does not prevent me from believing in my Lord.


( Posted by: williamhill [Member] On: June 6, 2007 )

white trash
Let us not forget Pol Pot and Mao...

Wait a minute- They weren't white?

It takes a special talent to commit genocide upon your own people.

And let's not forget the Japanese atrocities in WWII against Koreans, Chinese, and any POW's.

To be inhumane is, all too often, to be human- no matter what color your skin may be.


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: June 6, 2007 )

Charlie and drsoos
First of all :thank you Charlie .That was very very moving .I took it in word by word ,several times and nor just once.

And you're absolutely right about the "tone of my piece inviting comments not directly related to my writing."

drsoos:thanks very much for the points you've made .

However re. the 'white trash' bit. Excuse my saying so ,but one couldn't come up with a worse ,more abusive epithet.

The poor may well be poor (invariably through no fault of their own) .But surely ,that doesn't make them 'trash'. ( I come from an ethos that finds trashing poverty truly abhorrent.)

The 'trash' and the vermin ,if any ,lie at the opposite end :the Paris Hiltons , the Kate Mosses and the rest of their ilk.Who've wreaked incalculable harm , by polluting the minds of millions all over .

Ah, but then they are called 'celebrities'.And ,it seems ,are venerated and made so much of.

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: June 6, 2007 )

trashing whites...
...may have been a more appropriate title for my previous comment.

I couldn't agree with you more r/e the use of the term "white trash" to describe the poor. It should be obvious that I was not doing so. Nice change of subject.

I also agree that colonialism and slavery were wrong, but they were (and are) not exclusively a "white thing". Neither are atrocities.

I'm no fan of Bush and oppose many of his actions.

About the writing: You express your views clearly and forcefully, but I felt that your reasoning was flawed- hence my previous comment.

Dialogue is key to understanding, even if agreement remains elusive. Thanks for sharing.


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: June 6, 2007 )

Thanks for the 'clearly and forcefully' bit.

( Though I can't see too many literattis (incl.Eng.Lit/C.W Ph.Ds ) working up very much enthusiasm for the style or content of my writing .)

I couldn't agree more with your very last line.Goes to the very essence of discourse , even where agreement might elude .

( Posted by: RJKT [Member] On: June 7, 2007 )

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