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Gender, defines the collective state of being either male or female. Yet this is where the collective commonness of being either male or female ends. Sexuality is the being exclusively male or female not being both except by deciding to. But in recent times, this has changed. Sexuality these days is not exclusive anymore; in a shuffle of surgeon knives one can have a sex change to change his gender and sexuality. Gender, is a dragon that if not well tamed, will unleash discrimination that civil rights leaders have never predicted.
We live in a world where sexuality has become a goddess and gender the motor, and money the gasoline. The treadmill culture, be not deceived is not all about losing weight to prevent an early heart attack. It has some sexual connection to it. A lady will go to great lengths to lose weight to get a date. Now what about the male gender, not many men lose weight to get a date. Men are genuine at least they are losing weight to prevent a premature heart attack. This comes, after relentless efforts by the doctor warning the man of a looming cardiovascular failure. There is an ironic rhetoric that in the modern 21st century world, there should be no discrimination based on your creed, color oh dear even on one’s size. How sure is this argument really, picture this, a man married after some few months will start sulking when his wife of fifteen months starts to gain weight either due to pregnancy or married life pressures. Hey but the man is at liberty to gain weight all he wants and his wife should not even complain.
The point here is the female gender is pressured to have a desirable sexy body figure to appease and fan the sexual cravings of a man. While for all we know, the male gender can relax and let the body figure go to the dogs. There is sense of discrimination here. The female sexuality is more discriminated against in terms of physical appearance than the male. So next time you scoff at your wife for all those hair bills and beauty products she is spending money on reflect on that. True love poses this question to the male gender, “can you genuinely love your wife without so much being enamored by her physical figure and appearance.
The so called gender experts, ramble all over the world about women being the weaker sex, most probably because they have touchy jelly like emotions as opposed to men. But can we honestly define weaker sexuality of female based on something as superficial as emotions or who cries more men or women, you know what screw that. Men probably are weaker in emotions than we care to think. Here is the scenario men are visual oriented women are audio oriented. A woman will “melt” when you complement her, a man well, just a lady in a short skirt passes by and all the man sees is sex not even friendship leading to marriage later sex. Between the two scenarios, a woman is more into friendship and companionship the man is just thinking sex after work. Now who is the weaker sex between the two? I will leave that for you to figure. After all the male race birthed the playboy Casanova who liked to deceive many women to bed them but later desert them. Between the sexualities, who are weaker in emotions a man who gets turned on by any skirt or a woman committed to loyalty and friendship? Without bias, restraint defines the stronger sex.
Think of it in this way, a man and a woman married then suddenly the woman gets physically paralyzed, in such a case even physical intimacy with the husband might not be possible. The man now is starved sexually and boy, the hormones drive him to have extra marital affairs. Even the man’s pals suggest to him “a man’s got to live that means “a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.” Discard the loyalty of his first love now incapacitated, then trash the vow in sickness and health Slowly he drifts away from his first love to other women to feed his sexual urges. This is a classic example of the term weaker sex a male that has no restraint. Now here is a disparate scenario if it happened that the man was physically paralyzed. Chances are the woman will stick by him love him more, care for him to the last straw. That does not mean that all men are this disloyal, in fact there is a rare breed of men who will stick to a sick lady through thick and thin. But such men are gems very rare. The point here is you can’t define weaker sex or stronger sex by emotions but by loyalty, commitment and restraint to do wrong. That means male or female weaker or stronger sex is defined more by our actions and less by emotions.
In this world rife with showbiz culture, there is a trend in showbiz that defines marketability by age and looks. Sex appeal is the norm if you want your product to sell or album sales to skyrocket. A mellow voice of a teen sensation almost approaching twenty years coupled with a skimpy top that leaves nothing to imagination will prey on people’s emotions and the album will sell. No matter how much we would like to give it other names, let’s call a lion a lion not a big cat. It’s called sexuality marketing. Cleavage to show sturdy breasts of the new teen sensation makes the sales to sky rocket. A virile fertile male with tight pants and bare chest will make women go for the album or the product he is supposedly advertising. In both cases the advertisers have found a way of preying on the consumer’s fragile emotions just add a sex appeal and the company is back to liquidity once more. Profits, profits is all that matters to companies not morals or lack there of. Back to the teen queen phenomenon she at the top of her career, now fast forward to just even ten more years. She has aged probably in her thirties her figure is not stunning as it used to be after all there are new teen queens in her place. Her album is not selling as much fewer advertising gigs are coming her way. She gets a bit frustrated at that and decides, maybe if I just took more clothes and place the photo on the album cover the sales will rocket. But no way, ageing is an animal no man or woman can tame. Finally after all her attempts fail, the advertising executives tell her they don’t need her anymore. She is hopeless. Here is the crazy buzz to it though. The advertising executive telling her this is over sixty, and always at any photo shoot he is surrounded by beautiful women who are naïve enough to think he gets more handsome with age. Whilst in the same shoot there are male models nearing forties who still command a fat check and beautiful 20 something ladies to bed. Do you smell a rat here, double standards?
The point here is, the female gender has its sexuality exploited at teen years or mid twenties by the lure of sexually driven show business. Sexually driven show business, is all about looks the hourglass figure and age on your side. If female and on the wrong side of ageing say forty seven and “everything” has sagged you are put under a rag of gone and never be seen or heard of again. Its controversial but true male gender has more lasting power in a sexually polluted pop culture than female. Show us a fifty year old woman doing an underwear photo shoot and I will stop writing this article immediately. But you can bump on a fifty year old man not in good figure but is still attracting younger female attention, but he is not broke, hey he can even be in a photo shoot. Who cares about his fitness standards, these are set for women. A lady in a model agency nearly starves herself to death to be on a cover of a magazine. Full figure women are scarce in modeling. What about the men you ask. Well who cares, they can eat whatever they want.
Ageing is not a friend of the female gender, we hear most times men running off with younger women vice versa is almost nearly extinct. Video vixen is a vile word used to describe women we see on music videos nearly naked, here is the bothersome part though, all the men in the video are dressed, women naked. All are young women being preyed upon by the male gender to make the music sell. If you feel reading this article the take on the female gender discrimination and age is flawed, then here is a question. “How many of those women who were in the playboy mansion in the early seventies, and even late eighties are still there strutting their stuff. They got discarded reason; they were on the wrong side of age. Chances are, the men who frequented the mansion then even those who started it, are still there preying on the new young breed of the female gender coming in the conveyor belt disguised as show business.
After all that reading you might feel there is sympathy and bias to bash the male gender and sympathize with the female gender. To some extent there is, and it’s because of the male gender over domination of society.
But there is a different viewpoint here; we have our own moral code to make choices right or wrong. Take for instance a woman deep in a jungle who gets married and is constantly abused mentally and physically the husband. Chances are, growing up in such an environment and not knowing any different way of life and culture she might be predisposed to think that, it is her moral responsibility to be a second class citizen and a punching bag for her husband after all nobody has taught her any different. Now place this scenario in a western culture, where a mature lady gets abused and sticks to the relationship all this time knowing it is her right to not be abused. The western lady has knowledge that the jungle woman does not have, yet she still refuses to act blinded by fake “love” to walk out of the relationship. This is ignorance and stupidity, perhaps the best to do is to educate the jungle lady of her rights first perhaps she will make the right choice and walk out on an abusive relationship. Mind you, this is not even a gender issue whether male or female but a step of having the knowledge and making right choice. Being of different sexualities does not give anyone a lee way to exploit the other sex.
We are male and female to complement each other not to exploit each other. The female gender is thorough the male gender is more vision oriented. A man sees the future as he wants it to be, the lady sees the present and what is to be done to get to the future that the man sees. A man builds the house the woman decorates it because she is more detailed. Our different traits due to our sexuality serve to enhance our societal productivity. Loyalty and trust is a rare commodity in today’s society, no wonder, we hear quotes like all men are dogs and women are gold diggers. This is not necessarily the case there is a breed of male and female out there genuine and loyal. The urge to hide our flaws and not commit to each other, makes it comforting to just say such trivial statements. When a person does not want to make a decision for whatever reason either voting or giving a suggestion he is labeled as abstaining or non-committal. There is nothing like that, in fact not making a decision is making a decision.
Male or female, the most important thing to know is that we are not living in an ideal world where nobody gets hurt. Human race despite the gender or sexuality is a flawed race. Life is a chance and the best both genders can do, is to learn to accommodate each other and give second chances. Viewing my gender as beyond equal and more complex than the other is a cancer that exists to put down the different sexualities and shield us from confronting our own weaknesses, namely insecurities.
After all, the blame game ramble is easier to play than the buck stops here commitment phrase. If we have children who are exposed to the freak show that dictates one gender is stronger than the other, it just yields an inferiority complex that destroys esteem and soon don’t be surprised if you hear your child say. “Mum, Dad I feel like I am trapped in the wrong body I want to get out.” Nobody in this whole world is trapped in the wrong sexuality and gender. A dose confidence and being the best one can be, is the right altitude to strike back at the rogue pundits who want to convince you that only a certain gender accomplishes certain achievements. Come to think of it such pundits might be struggling to stay awake at night wondering if clients will “buy” into the nonsense they are telling them. Gender and sexuality plays no role in what one aspires to be. Confidence and self belief are the right ingredients to unrivalled success. Just be vigilant to know gender discrimination exists, and it might be directed to you based on your sexuality. Fight it with a spirit of excellence.


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The following comments are for "Discrimination"
by karugaj

Summary Sentences
The last few sentences of your articles bring everything to the surface at once. If one read just those last few sentences, I'll bet that that person would be compelled to read the whole article and see the truth in it.


( Posted by: ArsPoet2789ica [Member] On: May 31, 2007 )

You have a new fan
After reading your writing I would like to now declare myself your fan. I hope that you will one day publish your views in a book or e-book so that others may share in your keen insight into the female mind. Yes we do live in a double-standard world. If you look at these "stars in Hollywood" you would see though that through the use of their sex appeal they now have what most of the general population do not and that is money. Pamela Anderson is a millionaire, Anna Nicole Smith was a millionaire, Madonna and others used sex appeal to become independent, now they could choose to never show their bodies off again and still be financially stable. What is your opinion of them?

( Posted by: lovesessence [Member] On: June 8, 2007 )

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