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Dappr Dan recently suggested I start a new fun thread, a la the ones we used to have a couple of years ago, so I wondered if anyone would be interested in this one.

We've been talking about getting together for years, but distance & funds have been a problem for most of can do it online. Get to know everyone, have a drink or two (if memory serves will be more than two for some of!) Formal dress optional...I promise not to wear my famous flannel pj's and substitute my au d' Ben Gay for my sexist perfume (honest...I do wear it around the house when the mood strikes me!!!)

We can all tell something about ourselves so we can get to know each other. One catch must be in rhyme...long or short doesn't matter and we can reply to each other more than once.
Are you intrested?

Hopefully, we will bring back our old friends (ARE YOU LISTENING CHRIS & AERYN?) as well as get to know new ones better.

What say you?


Grandma Bea

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The following comments are for "It's Party Time Again!!"
by Beatrice Boyle

I can't rhyme and I never got into the threads, so I must politely decline - although I'll probably read what's going on.

Nice to see you stirring up the soup. There's some amazing rhymers around here.

Definitely do not wear the p.j.'s. I think you should wear the bathing suit I saw in the Lit.Org Photo Gallery. The one with the special story. You will be sparkling!

( Posted by: gomarsoap [Member] On: May 6, 2007 )

Bea, all, excuse my hackneyed rhyming shaggy dog story, woke up with it rattling round my head this morning and it kind of wrote itself… will return to share something of a more personal bent later, but in the mean-time there’s this, to get the ball rolling… in no way based on any kind of personal experience whatsoever… honest ;)

Picked myself out a second-hand suit
Jacket and shirt and black tie to boot
Course, the buttons are odd, and the elbows are patched
Whole ensemble’s outdated, un-ironed and mismatched
I’ve no fancy footwear to go with this clobber
I’m wearing my usual steel-toed clod-hoppers
And transport being a problematic factor
I’ve no car to speak of, so came here by tractor!

The valet, he flatly refused me his service
The looks of the doormen were making me nervous
So I parked it myself, round the back of a pub
Popped in for a couple then went on the club
“Sir,” said said doormen, “we can’t allow you in here
You’re dressed like a tramp, and frankly stinking of beer.”
They took me by the arms and then gave me a heave
“Sorry sir, but we’ll both have to ask you to leave”.

I sat on the curb, contemplating my lot,
Life is but a sad veil of tears, is it not?
Inspiration struck! I had a grand idea!
Get in through the window! The one at the rear!
So, in through the window, little out of breath
Made it out of the kitchens, disguised as a chef
Road the dumbwaiter, up to the first floor
Disposed of my disguise, then in through the door

The joint there was a-jumping, party in full swing
But I’d forgotten the gift I was supposed to bring
I’d better act fast, better think on my feet
So I went picked the lock on the adjoining suite
Raided their mini bar, for bottles aplenty
Filled up my pockets, which were otherwise empty
Headed back to the party, where, greeted with cheers
I soon turned out my pockets and dolled out the beers

-Ah come on, I only stole for the greater good
I’m actually a little bit like Robin Hood!-

And that’s how I got here, the rest you all know
Who called security? Balls! I’d better go…

To be continued , indefinitely….

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 6, 2007 )

Off To A Hot Start
Well, I think I know one guy who is interested.

( Posted by: gomarsoap [Member] On: May 6, 2007 )

It's party time!
Oh Oh…hide the wine…
Here comes Bea and she looks fine
All dolled up in silk & pearls
She can’t wait to dish with the girls.
Who’s that handsome gray haired guy
That’s making all the young girls sigh?
Oh, that’s gomarsoap dancing by.

There goes Ivor our rhyming wit
He is always a great big hit!
But Joan always keeps him in line
She’s his special valentine.
My old friend Bob Collaci’s here
He’ll keep the peace, never fear
Nae dear, you sexy thing
What a lot of joy you bring
To men who read your saucy poems
(They wish you graced their own sweet homes!)

There’s Lucy & Wanda & Shannon too
Having a cozy drink or two
That’s a lot of talent
In that little group
H’ya gals…what’s the scoop?

Dappr Dan and Nitz Kitty are having a ball
(Didn’t know he was so tall)
I haven’t seen Tina and Pen
I worry about them like a mother hen
And I know two other people we miss
Our dear old friends, Aeryn and Chis!

So many people are starting to come
I wonder where they’re coming from?
I hope we don’t run out of wine
I can just hear the guys cry and whine
There are so many new friends I don’t know
It’s great that they’re helping Lit to grow
Let’s ask them to tell us who they are
And try to find Lit’s next star
I want them all to please feel free
To open their hearts
Cause we’re a family!

So polish off those dancing shoes
The ones you hardly ever use
And ask us old broads for a dance
(We hardly ever get the chance)
We may be old …but we’re not dead
You’d be surprised to know
What’s inside our head
C’mon you young ‘uns
Show us you’re moves
And have some fun…kick off your shoes
We’re having a party…come one come all
To Lit’s famous members Ball!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 6, 2007 )

It's Party Time
That's the spirit guys
Jump right in...
Don't be shy
C'mon the rest of you
I'm sure you all
Would love to mingle
At Grandma's Ball

Feel free to roam
And have a drink
And give all
The pretty girls a wink
Just don't try to drink and drive
We all want you to get home alive

The joint is jumpin
The music's loud
Are there any rappers
In this crowd?
Who'll be next to
Say hello
We want to meet you
Before you go
Step up to the plate
Just to say hi!
Don't spoil this party
And make Grandma cry!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 7, 2007 )

thread take two

Could never catch the knack of dancin’
Not got the face for fine romancin’
And sure, I’m no celebrated wit
The end of the bar is where I sit

My conversation’s not up to much
My manner of speech, drunk double-dutch
Stubbornly riveted to my seat
Occasionally tapping my two left feet

I spend most parties nailed to my chair
Folks say “who’s that miserable git over there?”
“Just our Shannon, he’s a wee bit odd.”
“Grumpy old bugger! Unsociable sod!”

Others, more willing and more able
Tango, as I slide under the table.

But this is not just any old ball,
It’s a poets party, for one and all
This is not the time to drown in beer,
When friends, both old and new are here

Seen as from flirtin’ I’ve retired
And my “moves” leave much to be desired
A sudden thought popped in to my head
I’ll provide you folks with some music instead!

Don’t panic, I’m not about to sing
But with me my fiddle I did bring
And I believe, our illustrious host
Grandma Bea, has a voice to boast

I know there’s a few musicians here
Don’t be shy, come gather near
Move your arses, let’s have some tunes
From siren songstresses to players of spoons

We’ll improvise lyrics, riff reels of the cuff
‘Til the dancers collapse, all crying enough
Let’s make this, our poets’ ball
A glorious jamboree free for all…

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 7, 2007 )

Bea"s Party
I am like gomarsoap not good at rhyming
so i will sit back enjoy the party.

( Posted by: wanda [Member] On: May 7, 2007 )

It's Party Time!
Thanks Lucy, a bunch for this
And I'm throwing you a great big kiss
For jumpin in and having fun
You know I appreciate it hun
I just may sing an Irish tune
(Hope it doesn't make you leave too soon)
Shannon, do you know
"Who put the overalls in Mrs Murphys' chowder"?
(Don't drown me out by playing it louder!)
After that I may sing "Danny Boy"
I'm known for that, so....enjoy!

Now will anyone else
Step up to the plate
And if this kind of
Music you hate
Feel free to join in
And show us how
You guys do it
But do it...NOW!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 7, 2007 )

Bea's Ball (thread)
Reunion of one and all
said Lucie's invite to Bea's ball,
so I have donned my smartest suit
drawn like all rats by pipers flute.

The piper who has called this tune
normally shows at full of moon,
a youngish girl with sting like bee,
I doubt that she'll remember me.

I'll gatecrash, I lost the invite
I'm sure I will get in there all right
for I could waffle into hell
by casting out my poets spell.

So here's the door, so where's my friends
and will I ever make ammends
for posting on another site
when all at Lit read all my trite.

Oh, Lucie's here, I hear her chime,
she's brought her Sam, have I got mine?
This angel on my arm is Joan,
first time she's seen my second home.

Joan, there is Bea, with pint in hand,
it's her to blame you understand.
for without her we would not be
invited to Lit Org's party.

Now who's that guy who's coat is torn
and features looking old and worn,
you'd think he climbed in a window
(they'd never let him in you know).

This atmospher cannot prevail
for all I've seen is rhyme and ale.
How long before this party swings
is everyone too old dear things.

Oh there goes Lucie spinning Sam
.. oh no it is another man,
and Sam has disapeared with Bea!
do I detect a mystery?

Old Gommarsoap is off the hook
it seems he's going to sit and look
or maybe cross our Wanda's track
oh, there she is, and winking back.

I see potential in this ball
so shall we join with one and all.
I know they're old and past there best
but be polite, for we're just guests.

So Joan, my love, shall we now dance
for with our rythm we'll enhance
the party spirit, that's for sure,
let's join the oldies on the floor!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: May 7, 2007 )

Thanks for the invite, sorry about the typo's. forgot you can't go back and edit after you press enter!


( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: May 7, 2007 )

Bea's Party
there's one in every crowd; its my turn I guess.

As I sat here drinking tea, the iced with lemon kind
And writing out a few bills, then behold what did I find
A quickly dashed note from non other than Miss Lucie
Just to say “You’re way late, Hurry!” Not very juicy.

Then I followed the link to Bea’s party, that familiar lounge
Where so much wit and charm can still be found
“What of me”, you might ask. “What’s his life story?”
Well, I hesitate to share; my tale is twisted and gory

I fear if you knew me, you’d all scatter to the winds,
Mind the women and children, not all sharks have fins.
You see, I’ve lived a thousand life-times, all in a single night
Stood in darkness crying and laughed while others cried.

I lost the will to struggle, and won when I should have died.
I've worried myself sober and bled for a place to hide.
I've journeyed through the badlands, stolen horses and robbed trains.
I've been caught up and beaten, and I’ve frozen in the rain.

But I know of nothing better than the worst things I have done,
I've clipped the wings of angels and they've kept me on the run.
If wine is our choice then please pour mine blood red
It goes well with the moldy bits that I scrape off my bread.

And tell the jailer, if you will, that I’m a half decent guy,
Of course it’s the other half of me that’s better to let pass by.
So, knowing what I’ve told you am I still welcome in?
You’ll barely notice my leering eye and wart on my chin

But, alas, my tank has run empty, just fumes left I’m afraid
It’s all I can manage, these meager lines that I splay.
So I’ll take that dark corner, near the door in the back
And wait for that crazy old witch that I always attract.

May I buy the next round?

Cheers: BW

( Posted by: BWOz [Member] On: May 7, 2007 )

Peeking In The Window
I guess I can't come into the party because I won't rhyme, but at least I can peek in the window while I sit outside with my 12-pack of Blatz.

And now, I even got some music to dance to.

From the looks of things, there's some real rapscallions in there.

Enjoying the goings-on.

( Posted by: gomarsoap [Member] On: May 7, 2007 )

Couldn't Help Myself


Damn, I hate to miss a party
especially one that's arty.

Even though I'm shy
couldn't help but stop by.

I'm armed with a 12-pack -
10 for me & 2 to share.

Holy shit,
don't tell me that's Claire!

( Posted by: gomarsoap [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

thread take three

Better late than never, as they say
And now this party’s underway
Lucie’s taken to the floor
The crowd are crying out for more

Bea’s Danny Boy’s a great success
Brought a tear to my eye, I must confess
She says now we’ll play something louder:
A song called Mistress Murphy’s chowder

-Few eyebrows were raised at the name of that song
But come chorus the whole gang’s singing along!-

Can this continue? I’m not really sure
There’s a crick in my neck and my arm’s getting sore,
Brian’s slunk in and he lurks near the back
Hey! The scoundrel is dealing a game of blackjack!

-Wait, did he just say that the next round he’d buy?
I take it all back, he’s one helluva guy!-

A Vaudeville atmosphere now largely prevails
Due, in most part, to the number of ales
And assorted spirits the crowds have consumed
Any sense of propriety’s hopelessly doomed

And Ivor’s arrived, with his usual aplomb
Sporting a magnum of Dom Perignon
And with himself feeling pretty content,
‘Cause wrangled it out of the club’s management

-His wit and his blag, they could not refuse
And handed him over a brace of free booze!-

I caught sight of Gomar, a moment ago
Says he’s just popped in for a nightcap, although
This party’s a way of sucking you in
And he might well succumb to the clamour and din

‘Specially if he drinks them ten beers by himself
Ah well, what the hell, I’ll drink to his health
Sláinte, Gomar! Sláinte to you all
Now get up there and dance ‘til you’re ready to fall…

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

It's Party Time!'ve sure got stamina the way, Sam has a real twinkle in his eye...or was he thinking about his beloved car? happy you and Joan joined wouldn't be a party without you!

Shannon & Brian...we Irish sure know how to party...just hand us a beer...a fiddle and a lively tune, and we're off to the races!'ve been holding out on DO know how to rhyme! And YES...Claire was there in spirit...she always is!!

Wanda...that's ok...we're just happy you joined us.

OK everyone...let's change the rules a bit. If you think you can't rhyme ( CAN!) we'll let you in if you can rhyme the first two lines...after whatever comes naturally...but join in the fun...the last party lasted almost a week!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

A note to my dear friends
Sorry to say , I am not there
I can not be for I'm still here
I've been waiting for my date
Looks like he's going to be late

If in fact he does not show
I'll grab a cab and off I'll go
to join the party and have some fun
In place of two , there will be one

I do not drink , I'll dance instead
while wearing a lampshade on my head
Don't need a drink to make me sing
I'm old but still can shake my thing

Do not fear, I will be there
dressed in bling with spikey hair
If my date shows, what a surprise
I know you won't believe your eyes

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

thread take four

I have to admit, I’m starting to feel
On less than an entirely even keel
My vision has doubled, my knees have gone weak
It’s an effort to stand, or coherently speak

My legs are like jelly, I’m hugging the wall
If I attempt any movement I’ll certainly fall
Crumple on the floor, flat on my face
My evening will end up in perfect disgrace

I can’t quite recall where it was it went wrong
Last I remember, I was playing a song
Then buying a whiskey and raising my glass
Next thing I know, I’d collapsed on my arse

-That’s not so bad, but I largely expect
There’s more to this business than I recollect!-

I did something bad, that’s what I’m betting
Judging from some of the looks I am getting
And it’s more than likely that I made a pass
At some innocent, unsuspecting lass

Or spilt someone’s drink, or started a fight
I just can’t remember, try as I might
Did I take off my clothes and dance on the table?
Sweet Jesus Christ! I’m not feeling too stable!

Did I lose the tractor at blackjack? Or worse
Attempt to recite my own hackneyed blank verse?
Or- Saints preserve us- sing Ireland Unfree
Near deafening the assembled company?

Oh, someone take pity, I’m not feeling well!
Of my former self, just a shadow! A shell!
My head it is aching, I’m feeling dog sick!
I need to lie down and to do so damn quick!

I don’t have the stamina, I can’t hack the pace
As I stagger blindly, all over the place-

Hey, is that Kacee, a lampshade on her head?
I go to say hi, but just hiccup instead

-And I have been told, that these balls at their peak
Can keep on going for a nigh on a week!

I cannae do it Captain! I don’t have the power!
Unless I can pass out for at least an hour
Under the coats in the cloakroom I’ll crash
Then return when recouped to Grandma Bea’s bash

Provided, of course, I’m invited back in
And I didn’t commit some grievous sin
Whatever it was, I am quite contrite
On tonic water and coffee, the rest of the night… ;)

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

Party Time
I know I am late
I promise I wont be dead weight,
I like to dance
so lets begin with a little jig
as I take a swig.

( Posted by: wanda [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

It's still Party Time!
Here's lookin at you
My friends so dear
I'm so happy
That you're all here
And just so you know
I'm keepin tabs
I've arranged for everyone
To ride home in cabs
Cause I love you
Each and every one
I wouldn't want accidents
To spoil the fun
So we'll be safe
When this party ends
So keep on dancin
And drink hearty my friends


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

Call a Cab?? thread
Ride home in cabs?
that just cannot be
with me drinking spirits
that I got for free
and half of the guest
legless on the floor
I'll think we'll stay over
for a few days or more!

You know I'm tea total
and never buy drink
but when freely given
a few pints I can sink
and even when sober
I am rather loud
so I'm in my heaven
with this roudy crowd.

Have you all noticed
how me and Joan swing
and stick close together
in near everything
But don't let that fool you
although we're a pair
we'll both share in drinking
with anyone there

Especially with poets
they're one of a kind
but some still are missing
that we have to find
so Lucie keep writing
to all that we know
where's Dan and the temptress
just where did they go?

There's plenty of spirits
for some have seen Claire
now where is she hiding
what does she now wear.
Ok Joan, I'm ready
to dance until dawn
We'll show all these oldies
how youngsters perform!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

Party Time
Come on people lets get this party a rocking
I think someone knocking,
There Lucie on the floor
dancing her way to the door,
I see Shannon over there sipping on some Irish Whiskey
look out ladies he might be getting frisky,
Come o people the party still young.

( Posted by: wanda [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

Haven't posted in a while
Saw Bea's thread, had to smile
Emailed an old friend for a date
Dear Poetryman, Don't you be late

I'll be wearing my fancy dress leathers
Diamonds, pearls, and Ostrich feathers
Bob's in a leather tux riding his bike
Wind in our hair, what's not to like?

full tank of gas and a huge grin
on my way toward trouble again
it's been years since I've had a date
remembering the last time she was late (.)

pulled up to her place around seven
saw what appeared to be an angel from heaven
wearing leather and smelling so devine
she climbed aboard and became mine

we sped off into the sunset
and if you wonder why we aren't there yet
We almost had some trouble
with a guy driving a vet

Here we are , bike parked ,walking in the door
I want to dance, let's get out on the floor
I'd rather slow dance so maybe we'll wait
Wonder what my friends will think of my date

collaboration Nitz Kitty and Bob Shank

and for those of you who want to know who Bob is this says it all.....

You Can't Hurt Me

Resounding echoes awaken the child
demons in the attic beckon unto him
stark fear grips his Vick's laden chest
shivers vibrate rusty springs of down

footsteps creak closer upon loose floorboards
while steamed filled pipes play taps
a somber teddybear snarls
causing the world to be still

foolish nuns, God doesn't want to "get me"

the sting of a ruler splinters a left hand
blood spurts upon faces of laughter
evil little boy too wicked for a mother
affliction runs in the family

Florence became flop because she always fell
polio never whipped her ass
just abused her now and then
she healed with a smile

Even humility has its price

Jimmy Dean wore sunglasses
maybe his eyes were bloodshot
or maybe he was a child of an alcoholic
and they became part of his attire

degenerate eye disease, masturbation
spattering or battering
does it really matter when you can't see
or understand the difference between ADD and ADHD

Psych 101: Crack can be Prosac

Iron gates surround a new residence
protecting the innocent who peer from outside
rehabilitation means refining bad habits
like those on the outside who have mastered them

twelve years of bars and games people play
provide an education unto itself
seclusion can be the deciding factor
between murder or suicide

self righteous judges choose life

recidivism is a revolving door
of vicious cycles with no engines
only propellers called co-dependants
or co-defendants, take your pick

life repeats itself over and over
only the circumstances change
yet the merry-go-round stops
when the flowers are arranged

Why are most tombstones gray

scared, afraid to die
are you saved?
from what, ourselves
you can't hurt me....

Bob Shank

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: May 8, 2007 )

Party #5
It’s been said I don’t know when to stop
When I vowed I’d touch not one more drop
I may have just slightly exaggerated
[My good intentions have evaporated]

Drinking’s the curse of my native land
It’s in my blood, you understand
There’s really nothing I can do
So I’ll have another…. In fact, make that two

This boozy condition’s not really my fault
Don’t blame me, blame the single malt
Connemara Cask is damn fine stuff
Not surprising I finished face down in that trough!

Back in the bar, there’s some couples still swaying
Though it seems that the music has long since stopped playing
I could remedy that, but now here’s a riddle:
What in God’s name have I done with my fiddle?

Must be here somewhere, in the general debris
The shorn heels and specs that got lost in the spree
Silk scarves, feather boas and assorted shoes
Kicked off by those rocking to rhythm and blues

Ah well, it’ll turn up in due course I’m sure
No doubt buried beneath all the junk on the floor
I’d not be surprised if our the errant guests
Were down there as well, hidden under that mess!

But it’s hair of the dog and I’m ready for more
I’ve off to join Wanda up there on the floor
I’ll be forced to sing, with no fiddle to play
“Whiskey you’re the devil, you’re leading me astray…”

…And as for that toast, I might well suggest
To Bea! To beer! And to all of the rest ;)

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 9, 2007 )

Party #6

What an entrance! I am impressed!
Would you look at threads in which Kacee’s come dressed!
His and hers, with her hot new date
All leather and feathers and looking just great!

Ivor and Joan haven’t broken a sweat
And I have not even seen them sit down yet
Bea’s still resplendent in silk and in pearls
Wanda’s still dancing, executing twirls

Lucie’s composed and is clapping along
How does she manage? That vodka is strong!
Me, I must look like an unmade bed-
Hey! Who threw that olive, right at my head?

It’s not safe in here, projectiles abound!
Think I’ll pop outside, for a quick look around
Go say hi to Sam, still out by the car?
And while I’m up I might as well... pop to the bar...

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 9, 2007 )

Party fun
Hello, hello to everyone
Now we're here to join the fun
Dance till we have blistered feet
But first the Buffet, I want to eat

A taste of this a spoon of that
After the party , I'll be so fat
Let me have some Chimi Chongas
Oh wait, I just spied Bea's famous Lasagna

The desserts all look so gooey and yummy
I'll jump up and down to get more room in my tummy
Bob, pull me away from this food table
Dance me around the room while I'm able

Shannon and Wanda are fiddling and dancing
Lucie, Sam, Ivor, and Joan are in the corner romancing
I wave to B.W. and Gomarsoap across the room walking
Oh, there is our dear Bea greeting and talking

Haven't been drinking , thought I saw Claire
Nothing uncommon, I see spirits everywhere
A warning to Lilia, she'd better Beware!
If she goes for my man , I'll pull out her hair

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: May 9, 2007 )

Time to eat!
Great...they finally
Brought out the food
Gomar's first in line
Way to go dude!
Shannon, my boy
Come join in the line
Put food in your stomach
And soon you'll be fine

I think we all
Should take a break
Have some salad
And a little steak
I think all of you guys
Are really the best
But it's time to give
Your sore puppies
A rest!

C'mon Brian, Ivor,
Bob and Sam
Put down your beers
If you will for Gram
We girls have slaveed
Over a hot stove all week
We have a surprise for dessert
But you can't peek!
I promise you it will be
The hit of the night
It's a tasty dish
But you can't take a bite!

Oh Oh, there's a knock
At the door
More people are coming
So clear the floor
And grab a plate
Before the food is gone
Or there won't be enough
For everyone!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 9, 2007 )

More food
Lucie, I haven't had a date in so long
right now I don't feel like sharing
I'd love to hear Bea belt out a song
Bob on his own would be daring

I've already eaten , Bea
Can't figure where I've been
At a tasty buffet I've had my fill
of Italian food and also Mexican

If Bob will waltz me around the floor
we'll three step, dip, and spin
I'll be able to work some food down
so I can fit more in...

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: May 9, 2007 )

Desert Promise? thread
Com'on Joan, it's time to eat
we're back of the queue for this fine treat,
age before beauty, you know the way
but there's plenty of food for all today.

I wonder about the suprise for desert
(maybe it's Nae with a cake for a skirt)
We can't take a peek or even a bite?
What is Bea's juicy dish tonight?

At last we've reached the front of the queue
did you notice that Bea took enough for two
who's that she's feeding behind the bar
I didn't know grandmas would go that far.

Never mind, we must fill our plates
and gobble it down for the music waits
Then a quick dance but put on a spurt
for we must be ready for Bea's desert!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: May 9, 2007 )

...i think my, my, my
when peeping virtual door
one eye on its edge
really wanting more

drinking, eating... merrily
could this place be the spot
for me?

a break from hum-drum
and everday that writes...
this "thread" of sorts seems
to add some spice

on who can i call
to break me in
hand me cake,
make me laugh
take a spin

on the dance floor?

( Posted by: innarae [Member] On: May 9, 2007 )

Full Circle Party
Just when I thought I'd had my fill
the bar-man stepped up with his usual drill
It's pay-up time, we're not a charity house
for the likes o'you, who grumble and grouse

I looked him over through the bottom of my glass
"Your jobs not done yet, better feed the mass"
He gave me the evil stare, pure trouble and plenty
I popped my hand from pocket with a fresh twenty

"that'll keep ya employed" I tried not to gloat
Misery loves company -- and this is His boat
So drink up one more, don't let the glass settle
Next rounds on my, this time in a kettle.


( Posted by: BWOz [Member] On: May 9, 2007 )

Welcome to the party, Innarae!
Hi Innarae
We're so glad
That you came
Go have a drink
And dance yourself lame

Bring all your friends
We haven't met yet
They'll all have a ball
I'm willing to bet
We need some new blood
For this party to grow
We're a friendly bunch
As you will soon know
We may be a bit loud
And a trifle unsteady
But ask us to dance
We're always ready

Let's drag Brian
Away from the bar
Get him something to eat
Before he plays his guitar
I wonder where
The rest of the guys are?

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 10, 2007 )

still partying

It could be the grape or the wheat and the rye
Or that song on the jukebox that’s making me cry
I’m a soppy old soak, when all’s said and done
Trust me to start blubbing in the midst of the fun

I’m not so depressed, I wouldn’t want you to think
That at all, I’m just feeling a bit worse for drink
I get sentimental when I’ve had a few
And the music that’s playing is making me blue

I’m all teary-eyed when I think of the past
And the good friends I’ve left back at home in Belfast
It has nothing to do with the couples a-kissin’
Reminding me of the ex I am missin’

I am absolutely, emphatically not
Pining away, not one miniscule jot!
Not thinking of her, smooching that slimy bastard
While I’m sitting here getting steadily plastered

Perhaps I should follow Grandma Bea’s advice
Partake of some food, some fresh salad and rice
After all, as a strategy it’s kind of risky
To subsist on a diet of Caffrey’s and whiskey

Can’t remember the last time I actually ate
So here, hold this glass and pass me a plate
A free meal’s a free meal, at the end of the day
So bugger the plate and hand me that tray!

There’s nothing alive to improve a man’s mood
Than fine ale and fine friends and a big heap of food
Well… maybe one thing, but the chances of that
Are what we in trade refer to as fat…

Hang on, where is Lucie? Did she go away?
Ah, she left me my fiddle and a note to say
She will pop back in so we better not stop
The party until we are ready to drop

And to judge from the guests and their beaming smiles
They will not be dropping for quite a while
And new folks are arriving, their places to take
Come in, don’t be shy, here, have some cake

Céad míle fáilte romhat, to you all
Before you know it, you’ll be having a ball
I’ll tune up my fiddle and play us a song
Soon have you all dancing and singing along

See, I’m feeling much better, I’m doing alright
And ready to party long in to the night
Rocking and reeling until we’re all spent…
Though the first song I’m playing’s a lovers’ lament

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 10, 2007 )

Darlin' where are you?
Come on Shannon
crawl out of that fog
start playing your fiddle
cause I wanna clog

I brought my clog shoes
and am ready to dance
Hey, everybody
line up take a chance

A welcome to Innarae
we're glad you are here
come have some food
and a cup of good cheer

Sit with the group
join in the talk
If it gets too hot
we'll take a walk

I think my date
may be a little mad
I asked him to join in
He hasn't -too bad

Poetryman left
and hasn't come back
Sure hope I won't
have to leave in a hack

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: May 10, 2007 )

hey bea...

shannon,nitz kitty too
feel welcomed already
much thanks to you

shiraz in a shot glass
goes down really smooth
head up to the stage
after charming the room

grab a hold of an old mic
slide in classically arranged
bill withers, anyone?
his effect hasn't changed


when I wake up in the morning luv
and the sunlight hurts my eyes
and something without warning luv
bears heavy on my mind

then i look at you
and the world is alright
with me
just one look at you
and I know it's gonna be


come on, empty your cup
fix your clothes, get up....

Then I look at you
and the world is alright with me
just one look at you,
and i know it's gonna be


( Posted by: innarae [Member] On: May 10, 2007 )

Make room at the bar!
Got a call from the neighbor
That this noise must cease
Or likety split she'll call the police
But no sooner had she started to scold
I invited her in and lo and behold
She's at the bar but she's not alone
Shannon's filling her glass
And she's holding her own!
The last time I saw
That feisty old shrew
She was drinking Champagne
Out of her shoe!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 10, 2007 )

Party Time
The party is in full force
my voice is going hoarse,
Poor me a shot of jack
I fill a comeback.

Shannon and the old shrew
are the floor
watch their feet soar.

Lucie and Sam
swaying to the music
under dim lights
as he recites a poem
to her delight.

( Posted by: wanda [Member] On: May 10, 2007 )

still at it
Innarae’s karaoke! Man, what a voice!
And singing Bill Withers was an inspired choice
Folk who were napping, resting their heads
Leapt up like Lazarus, back from the dead

And as for Bea’s neighbour, feisty is right!
Looks like I’m in for one hell of a night
She’s knocking back cocktails could knock out a horse
She sure is a devil when in comes to the sauce

And as for her dancin’, Jesus, Joseph and Mary!
The only word to describe it is quite frankly scary!
She’s ordering absinthe, and that’s lethal stuff
Shouting: “And damned be he who first cries enough!”

I could do with a rest, but that’s some faint hope
Says she won’t allow me to sit there and mope
Get up, shake a leg, join the rest of the group
Who she’s organised in to a line-dancing troupe!

Kacee, don’t you worry, if your date don’t back
You certainly won’t have to leave in a hack
I’ll give you a lift, anywhere you like
‘Course a tractor’s not got the panache of a bike-

And it’s not up to much when it comes to horsepower
The damn thing only goes thirty-five miles an hour!

In the meantime don’t waste them fine party togs
Show us your moves, and show off them clogs
Wanda’s up next and about to regale us
With a tune to stomp to… if our legs don’t fail us

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 11, 2007 )

The party has started and I’m a bit late, but I'm only lookin' for new drinkin' mates
Oh, my goodness look at Aunt Bea
She started the thread after hearing from me
Tis’ grand to see all that you’ve done
And now it’s time that I submit one

I must admit I neglected to check
Then this morning I thought “what the heck”
I’d see if something reminded the crew
Or planted the muse in a poet or two

When what to my burning red watered eyes
I see’s reunion with pleasant surprise
Well here my friends is just a small taste
Put together this morning in haste.

More will follow it’s not just a quirk
As school has ended now I must work
To make some money for next semester
Unless I hit Lotto then I’ll buy the beer.

( Posted by: daprdan [Member] On: May 11, 2007 )

Party still on?
Been sitting here for hours, messing with my shoes
Losing out on all the pretty people and all the good news
Won’t sit another moment don’t make wait,
Please tell me it’s not over and I’m not too late.
I would love to share in a dance with you all
Come now bring it back, who else can we call?

( Posted by: nae411 [Member] On: May 11, 2007 )

Hail Hail the gangs all here
Hail, Hail, the gangs all here (almost!)
To have some fun and spread good cheer
It's about time, Dan you showed your face
We've been looking for you all over the place!
Better late than never I always say
We're happy you came out to play.

Nae my pet, Ivor bet his shirt
That YOU were going to be dessert
Now that you're here you really shine
Happy to see you dear friend of mine!

PEN...PEN!! I'm soo happy you came
We've missed you here...the move's to blame
You've been soo busy you need some fun
Come...say hello to everyone!
Kick off your shoes...have a drink
And give all these handsome guys a wink
And if you're up to it maybe perchance
They'll come on over and ask for a dance
Tho most by this time aren't able
There's three of them already under the table!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 11, 2007 )

who's under the table?!
‘Lo thar Nae, and howdy Pen
Just grand to hear your voice again
And hello Dan, I’m glad to see
You stop in for a drink or three

Come over, let me fill your cup
You’ll forgive me if I don’t get up?
My legs ain’t working anymore
That’s why I’m down here on the floor

Not that *hic* I’m remotely drunk
Though underneath the table sunk
Wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea
At most I’ve had one measly beer

Anyone says different and it’s slander!
Filthy lies and propaganda!
I’m not even *hiccup* feeling
Tipsy. Look, you’re on the ceiling

How’d you do that? That’s one neat trick…
Come down, you’re making me feel sick!

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 11, 2007 )

Time for dessert!
Okay...It's time to fess up
That dessert teaser was a set-up
To get you all to leave the bar
(I know how fond of it you boys are)
And try to get you to eat some chow
And give your liver's a rest for now
Somone was going to jump out of a cake
But then I decided to give you a break
Cause some of you would have a heart attack
Or at the least be taken aback
At the sight of this curvacious chick
(Might even make some of you sick!)
She'll do anything for a giggle
Even give her hips a wiggle
And I'm sure all of you would agree
It would have been a castastrophe
Especially with her brand new knee
For the gal in the cake would have been..

You were all expecting a sweet young thing
And relished the pleasure that it would bring
So forgive me for this little ploy
And keep on dancing...go...enjoy!

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 11, 2007 )

a very special party
I can’t say I’m familiar with Dapper Dan

Or Chris or Aeryn or the Wu Tang Clan-

I know but one thing and that is this-

Old friends are golden and new ones are bliss!

I sat in the corner and did my own thing. I got so embarrassed I slipped on my ring. You may think while invisible I missed gobs of fun- but you’d never believe all my seen unseen fun! Happy eleventy-first!


( Posted by: drsoos [Member] On: May 12, 2007 )

Good night All
The party was great
but I'm winding down
Think it's about time
to get outa town

I called my son
he's on his way
to pick me up
but first I'll say

Goodnight dear friends
I had a ball
I'm glad I got
to see you all

I really would
love to stay
but tomorrow is
Mother's Day

Hugs and kisses to you all
I must go outside and wait
First I'd like to dedicate
the party to Psycho 6058

Wayne, You are missed

( Posted by: nitz kitty [Member] On: May 12, 2007 )

Party of Life
Good night Nitz Kitty,
glad you came in.
Hope you'r day gives you
plenty of reason to grin.

Lucie, she's a saint,
of that I'm pretty sure.
To do her special work
One's heart must be pure.

Shannon, thanks to you
I find reasons to wonder
as I read your words,
a little spell I come under

Well, my pockets are empty
and my eyes feel like glue
I feel a nap coming on
under the pool table will do

G'night all,
sweet dreams and fare winds
I'm sailing off for now
But I'll land here again.


( Posted by: BWOz [Member] On: May 13, 2007 )

the horror, the horror!
By pen, my fiefdom for a pen
My ‘Muse’ has come for me again
Everybody, if you will
Say hello to my friend Jill

How long’s she been lurking there?
Watching with disapproving air
She’s brought black coffee in a pot
Says to drink it while its hot

‘Cause she’s not standing here all night
While we still have a song to write
Says if she has to ask me twice
She’s going to get a lot less nice:

“No good lazy drunken louse!
Shiftless bloody rotten souse!”
As she beats me round the head
With a stale loaf of French bread-

Her language can be quite unpleasant,
Calm down Jill, there’s ladies present!

-Okay, okay, Jill, I surrender
My skull is starting to feel tender
I’ll sober up and lend a hand
Do a run through with the band

And, if it’s alright with all of you,
Our song we would like to debut
So clear the stage and hand the mic
Over to The Violet Stryke…

[Then I think we’ll be making our goodbyes
And be off before the rotten veg flies!]


True of you, a duet of sorts.

[*his **hers ***his & hers]

*I’ve heard it said that there’s ladies abroad
Who’ll test a man’s metal, put a man to the sword
But I never thought it was true... of you

*Many’s the feller whose swallowed the lies
Of a heavenly creature with emerald eyes
But I never thought that it could be true… of you.

**A rare breed of gent, or so the stories tell
Not only makes promises, but keeps them as well
But I know that ain’t true… of you

**The men in these fables support and provide
They don’t break the law and then wind up inside
But we both know this ain’t true… of you.

***Tell me it’s honestly over this time, forever and ever amen
And I…
Swear that I’ll never darken your doorstep again
And I …
Swear that I’ll never darken your doorstep again.

*The girl’s in them old songs they stand by their man
He’s holding her hand when the shit hits the fan
And I thought this was true… of you

*She’s not just a lover, she’s more than a friend
The one thing in the world on which he can depend
And I wanted this to be true… of you.

**To stand by your side would be all very well
But you promised me heaven and took me to hell
You know this is true… don’t you?

***Would it be this way, do you honestly think?
If there was room in your life for aught but the drink
Answer me true… why don’t you?

***But tell me it’s honestly over this time, forever and ever amen
And I…
Swear that I’ll never darken your doorstep again
And I …
Swear that I’ll never darken your doorstep again.

*You know that I love you, I wrote it in song
Back when we young, before life went wrong
You remember it too… don’t you?

*I’d make you happy whenever I’d play
These days I can’t stand to see you this way
Smile for me one time… won’t you?

**A girl can't live her life on music alone
I hated those nights that I spent on my own
Tell me, my sweet… where were you?

**Your pipedreams they never took us very far
Only place they brought you is back to the bar
And you’d stay there to doomsday too… wouldn’t you?

***So tell me it’s honestly over this time, forever and ever amen
And I…
Swear that I’ll never darken your doorstep again
And I …
Swear that I’ll never darken your doorstep again.

***So tell me it’s honestly over this time, forever and ever amen
And I…
Swear that I’ll never darken your doorstep again
And I …
Swear that I’ll never darken your doorstep again...

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 13, 2007 )

The last dance
This party's gone on
For several days
It's time for some people
To mend their ways
And sober up..go home
To their houses
With a believeable story
To tell their spouses!
I've no money left
I've spent it all
To wine you and dine you
At this poets ball
The chow was good
The drinks devine
Hope you enjoyed it
Pals of mine

But the taxes, the tips
The tables that broke
The glasses shattered by
Some drunken old bloke (You know who you are!)
Have to be paid before we leave
(Only the ladies get a reprieve!)
So pony up the piper
The managements getting a little hyper
Wondering who''s going to pay the bill
And I assured him...YOU ALL WILL!

So the cabs are waiting
To drive you back
(I know most of you
will hit the sack!)
Some came as strangers
But soon became friends
I hope this comeraderie
Never ends

I want to thank you one and all
For being good sports at Grandma's Ball
And the next time when your doorbell rings
And another invite your postman brings
Mark the calendar
Save the date...
Bring your dancing shoes
And don't be late!


( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: May 14, 2007 )

thank you card
Goodnight Grandma, and God bless
We made merry [and much mess]
Thanks to you for throwing this bash
Don’t worry a thing about the trash
We’ll settle the debts before we go
[Poets are gentlemen, you know]

It’s been a pleasure, been a blast
Headaches’ll fade, the memories last
‘Cause the important thing is, when the party ends
We come here as poets, but we leave here as friends…

( Posted by: AuldMiseryGuts [Member] On: May 14, 2007 )

Thank You Card
Thanks for the wonderful party. I have to agree with Shannon we came as poets but we leave as friends. Thanks again

( Posted by: wanda [Member] On: May 14, 2007 )

i wake up to the smoke
memories... a party's end
i've danced myself silly
voice need be quiet to mend

i carry in my heart
my first virtual joy
with friends from all over
i'd no desire to play coy

just let my hair down
wrote my troubles away
thanks everybody....

A Lovely DAaaaaaaaaaay!
A Lovely DAaaaaaaaaaay!
A Lovely DAaaaaaaaaaay!

( Posted by: innarae [Member] On: May 15, 2007 )

Don't stop the party just yet!
One might think
that I am here to raise a stink,
But as long as there's no politics or anyone deserving of blame,
I promise I'll be slightly tame

ArsPoet2789ica is my screen name
because Archibald MacLeish needs someone to follow him in poetic fame
Let me carry poetry's eternal flame

Some may say
that philosophy will drive one insane,
But ever since I my blue cat journal met my pen,
I've never been more sane

All the quality writing time I spend
makes the pages of many journals rapidly fill to the end-
But I still have a life:
My endless experiences constantly drive me to write

Don't take me for a spy,
even though now I tell y'all that my friends inspire characters in my mind-
I have secrets to keeping identities concealed,
but surely you have suspected that my Laurence is real!

The chapters in one's life
are eras in their own right:
My friends help me sew the stitches of my time


( Posted by: ArsPoet2789ica [Member] On: June 2, 2007 )

Scandle Thread???
This part swung for one and all
as one expects from a Grandma's Ball,
but now it's time to say farewell
I'm sure there's tales for all to tell.
So maybe in another thread
we'll learn who took just who to bed
and who was drunk beyond belief
and who's good cheer turn to true grief.
I know a missed a lot of fun
when other matters made me run
to things that would not really wait
things decided just by fate.
But in the scandal thread I know
I'll hear the gosip some may sow
about how Bea just set the scene
for every one to live their dream
with other's wives and husbands too
the wickedness comes shining through
when fed with alcoholic drink
true nature rises to the brink
and lets folk play their favorite game
then sober, hang their head in shame.
So Grandma, start another thread
and let the aftermath be said
we saw you creeping off with him
so come, confess to all your sin.
It's only me who's snowy white
It's only me who didn't fight
It's only me who plays at home
For I can only handle Joan!

( Posted by: ivordavies [Member] On: June 3, 2007 ) lips are sealed!
Now, Now Ivor...I've always been a "don't kiss and tell" gal...I wouldn't dream of exposing you all with what I saw and Vegas...your secrets are safe with me...unless of course, a publisher magically appears and offers me a small fortune for what I know...after all...a gal's got to eat!!!

In the can all breathe easily!!

My lips are sealed.

( Posted by: Beatrice Boyle [Member] On: June 3, 2007 )

What is this?!!!!
A thread....and what an entertaining one at that. Enjoyed the read.

( Posted by: TheRealKarmaTseringLhamo [Member] On: August 7, 2007 )

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